Travelling to Vienna for New Year’s Eve

New Year in Vienna: where to celebrate, what to see, prices, reviews

New Year in Vienna

Going to spend New Year’s Eve in Vienna 2022, know that it’s best to get there early, in time for the start of Catholic Christmas. Austria is a classic European country with a very strong Christian tradition, which is why New Year is not as big and revered a holiday for Vienna residents as Christmas. Your trip should begin no later than December 23-24, then the visit and the New Year in Vienna will be just fabulous!

Well, let’s try to make an approximate program of New Year’s trip to interesting places of the Austrian capital.

Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Vienna

Options for a New Year’s holiday in Vienna, which you can organize yourself:

1. Candlelit dinner on Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel. You can book tickets here →

2. Holiday concert and dinner at the Kursalon: Tickets online → 4.

4. The best Austrian dinner and party with friends in Vienna can be booked here →

The best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Vienna in the open air:

1. New Year’s Eve Path

The so-called New Year’s Trail in Vienna can be found in the Old City on Rathausplatz, and another part of it is in the Prater, a huge park that serves as a recreation area.

What is the New Year’s Trail in Vienna? It’s a itinerary for locals and tourists alike, along which you can find the best local attractions – performances, amusement rides, orchestras, shows, top gastronomic specialties, hot punch, Viennese sweets, and delicious Viennese coffee. This route starts its work from the opening of the Christmas Markets, around mid-November, but becomes most crowded with visitors on December 31, from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. on January 1.

On the very New Year’s Eve, of course, it is necessary to find yourself on the Town Hall Square of Vienna’s Old Town, which on December 31 miraculously transforms into a huge entertainment center: People of Vienna and tourists visiting this cozy city on these days do not miss the opportunity to take part in the best Christmas entertainment that goes on the square.

Here, be sure to sample the delights of Austrian gastronomy and restaurants: hot, fragrant Viennese punch and delicious Viennese pastries and desserts (such as Zacher cake). And don’t forget to dance with a companion (travel companion), spin to the sounds of the Viennese waltz or some incendiary rock, pop or folk tunes, hang out to the creak of vinyl discs during the performances of famous DJs.

On New Year’s Eve, the citizens of Vienna also try to spend their first morning on the New Year’s trail. On Town Hall Square to the sound of New Year’s Eve concert of the Vienna Philharmonic (on recording) begins the so-called hangover breakfast of citizens.

2. Prater

The Prater is also very easy to find – head for the Lepoldstatt. In its southern part, between the Danube and the Donau Canal, lies the beautiful recreational area of the Prater – Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel, the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, the Fair, over 250 rides and merry-go-rounds, the roller coaster, the culinary scene and even Austria’s largest discotheque, the Praterdome. It has everything you need for a quality holiday.

Booking online: The best entertainment in Vienna

3. The Classic Mile on the Graben Straßen

The Graben Straßen leads tourists from St. Stephen’s Cathedral to the Hofburg. Once here on New Year’s Eve, you’ll be part of Vienna’s classic open-air ballroom studio. In the afternoons, the city’s ballroom schools hold free master classes here to teach the art of ballroom dance.

The fun-loving people of Vienna highly recommend checking out the Classical Mile on Graben Street for New Year’s Eve. Should we listen?

Book an impressive New Year’s Eve excursion in Vienna

New Year's Eve in Vienna

New Year’s Eve fireworks

Spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks every year at Heldenplatz and Prater. Get there early for the fireworks because there are quite a few people and it always feels massive, which is not good for tourists who want to get a good look.

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New Year in Vienna: What to see

The first thing to do is to take a few days to see the sights of this beautiful imperial city, which has long been home to famous royalty – for example, Emperor Franz Joseph the First and his august wife, who had an affectionate name from loyal friends – Sisi. Of course, we are talking about old Vienna and its luxurious baroque buildings, the famous Schoenbrunn Palace.


Schönbrunner Palace (Schönbrunner) is the former summer residence of Empress Elisabeth (Sissi). The palace is open from 8:30 am every day and the last visitor leaves at 5:30 pm (if you decide to stop by between November and the end of March).

Address: Schlossstraße 1130 Wien


Right next to the palace you can admire the Schlosspark, a beautiful park with its classic landscaping that is open from 6:30 to 17:30 (between October and February). Here you can stroll as the great emperors of the great empire used to do: unhurriedly, importantly and with dignity.

New Year in Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn how to get there

There is a special station in Vienna on the U4 subway route, Schönbrunn (Schönbrunn), named after the palace itself.

The best tours and attractions in Vienna: tickets

3. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Another exciting itinerary that is definitely worth including in the New Year’s program in Vienna is a visit to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the symbol of the city. It is a very worthy building, considered the most important Gothic building in Austria. Here you can spend hours participating in all kinds of excursions that are held on the territory of the Cathedral, but the most interesting moment of the stay, in our opinion, is climbing the 343 steps, which will lead you to the tower of the cathedral! Here, a bird’s-eye view of Vienna is most magnificent!

New Year in Vienna, St. Stephen Cathedral

Tickets must be booked in advance.

  • Address: Stephansplatz 1010 Wien.
  • Opening hours: Open from 09:00 to 17:00, on weekends from 09:00 to 15:00.

How to get to St. Stephen’s Basilica

The subway line U1 and U3 can take sightseers to Stephansplatz and the cathedral is right in front of you!

New Year’s Eve entertainment in Vienna

Also in your program of New Year’s Eve in Vienna is worth the obligatory visit of some entertainment: a concert, opera, operetta, musical. Theaters in Vienna are not stingy with their repertoire during the holidays – you can choose anything you like.

And here’s a list of other great New Year’s Eve treats from us:

  • A boat trip on the Danube:Here you can pick up a Danube stroll and book tickets for the desired date.
  • A waltz blitz course at a waltz school (prefer the waltz schools on Stephansplatz)
  • New Year’s Gala Evenings at the Vienna City Hall
  • Ride the Majestic Imperator train (palace on wheels)
  • Enjoy the traditional New Year’s Eve program in the Vienna State Opera with Johann Strauss’ Die Fledermaus operetta: You can book tickets for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve concerts in Vienna here

Hofburg: Grand Ball

Another scenario: you can refuse from all these plans and have a look at the Grand Ball in Hofburg Palace traditionally held on New Year’s Eve! In truth, this pleasure is not cheap (the best tickets – 450 euro, if you want to dance – 150 euro, the cheapest – 10 euro – not to participate, and just to watch), but the impressions will be great!

Grand Ball Hofburg Vienna, New Year

Dress code: ladies – long evening gown, gentlemen – tuxedo, tailcoat, gala suit (no tie).

The Hofburg is not only worth visiting for the Grand Ball, but also for the royal treasury (tickets can be booked here). tickets can be booked here ), or to listen to beautiful classical music – works by Mozart and Strauss performed by the Hofburg Palace Orchestra. Try to book tickets for the concerts here.

Hotels in Vienna for New Year

The choice of hotels in Vienna is quite large. But for New Year’s Eve it is better to stay in the center of the city or somewhere nearby, so you can walk through the streets of the night and return to your room when you want. Among the new hotels in Vienna, you can find some that smell of fresh paint and new furnishings:

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Ruby Lissi Hotel & Bar (address: Fleischmarkt 19/Laurenzerberg 2) – located in an 18th century historical house, a short walk from St. Stephen’s Basilica. An excellent choice if you like to visit cafes, cultural sites and museums.

2. ibis Wien Hauptbahnhof (address: Canettistrasse 8) – 15 minutes walk from Belvedere Palace and half an hour from the Vienna State Opera. It is an excellent choice if you appreciate the convenience of getting around the city, want to see more sights and get to know Vienna better.

Novotel Wien Hauptbahnhof (address: Canettistrasse, 6) – 800 m from Belvedere Palace, 20 minutes walk from Vienna Opera House, 3 minutes from subway station. It has a sauna and fitness center and a nice restaurant. Breakfast is continental, buffet.

4. Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere (address: Arsenalstrasse 10 ) – located 600 meters from the Military History Museum. The Andaz Hotel features a restaurant, private parking, fitness center, wellness area, sauna and bar. Family room with a terrace, room service with food and drink delivery, currency exchange.

5. Roomz Vienna Prater , Leopoldstatt – new budget hotel, opened in 2018, ideally located, 3 metro stops from the center, near the Prater Park with the ferris wheel. Free Wi-Fi, fitness center, buffet breakfast are on the list of services, and you can also eat at the hotel during the day.

6. The niu Franz (address: Dresdnerstrasse 111) is a brand new, stylish hotel half an hour walk (2.6 km) from the Prater Park, free Wi-Fi in every room, beautiful garden around the hotel, bar and sauna in the hotel, luggage room, ticket service. Interesting places – the Vienna House of Art (Hundertwasser Museum), the Vienna Exhibition Center, the Austrian Bank Art Forum – are within a twenty-minute walk.

Brigittenau district, where The niu Franz Hotel is located, is an excellent choice for those who like to get acquainted with the monuments of architecture, appreciate convenient public transportation and enjoy walking around the city.

HoHo Hotel, Janis-Joplin-Promenade 26

Prices for New Year in Vienna

Many tour operators offer New Year’s Eve tours in Vienna. The price of a week trip for two, with accommodation in 3 * – 4 * hotels – from 500-700 euros, depending on the number of services. However you can organize a trip to New Year’s Eve Vienna by yourself. To do this you must book a hotel or apartment in advance, get a Schengen visa and make a program of New Year holidays. We hope that we can help you with this.

New Year in Vienna: reviews

According to tourist reviews, Vienna is one of the best European cities for New Year’s Eve. First of all, you can feel the holiday atmosphere on the eve of New Year and New Year’s Eve, and secondly, Vienna – the former capital of the great empire, which know how to celebrate holidays with a special magnificence and glamor: Christmas and New Year’s balls, concerts of orchestras of classical music, New Year’s celebrations in palaces and ancient churches – this scenario you probably will not find anywhere else in Europe. Of course, it requires a certain financial cost, but they are quite justified.

Another plus in favor of a New Year’s trip to Vienna is a wonderful local cuisine: its flavors can’t be described in words, all must be tasted in person every day and in plenty!

Holidays in Vienna in January – where to go and what to see, how to dress and what to buy

Vienna is a city of classical music and architecture. Despite the fact that the Christmas holidays have already died down, January will not get you bored and let you see the Austrian capital in its true appearance, without the hassle and queues to the museums.

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The Austrian capital in January offers holiday concerts, plays and operettas, and the ball season goes on with its dizzying waltzes, gowns and palace etiquette. Traveling to Vienna in January? Take a look at this article. We’ve put together some useful tips for your trip.

New Year's Eve 2022 in Vienna.

Are you coming to Vienna for New Year’s vacations?

The weather

The weather in Vienna in January is changeable. This is the coldest month of the year. The average temperature is +2⁰C during the day and -4⁰C at night. During brief thaws, the air warms up to +5⁰C. But during serious cold spells, the thermometer will fall to -14⁰С.

The strong wind (7-14 m/s) and high humidity (80-90%) often creates discomfort, there is a feeling that it is colder outside than it really is. Therefore, going on vacation, take clothing that protects not only from the cold, but also from the wind. Be sure to take a lightweight down jacket, a scarf, a hat and gloves. Shoes must be durable, waterproof and slip-resistant.


Dress warmer – in January it is windy and snowfalls occur.

In Vienna you will not encounter large drifts. Snow is not uncommon here, but does not stay around for long, usually falling and then melting. Blizzards may occur, and flights may even be cancelled.

It rains when the temperatures are above zero. Therefore, it is not superfluous to bring an umbrella on a trip.

Statistically, every third day in January is cloudy, every third is sunny, and the weather is unstable on the rest. The length of daylight hours is 9 hours, at 18:00 it is already dark.

Weather conditions in the Austrian capital in January and New Year's Eve 2022.

The weather in Vienna in January 2022 – forecast by weather forecasters.

“In January in Vienna, damp and dank, the temperature jumps from -5 to +5 degrees. Warm clothes won’t hurt. Young people dress simply and conservatively – according to the weather, preferring to wear parkas, down jackets or coats.

Excursions in January Vienna

Start your acquaintance with the Austrian capital with a sightseeing walking tour “Vienna Daily Walk”. In two hours you will have time to consider the main sights, learn interesting facts about the life and culture of the Viennese. And the most important – you will orient yourself in the city. The cost of the tour is 20 € per person.

Based on statistics of popularity and analysis of tourists’ reviews we recommend some more interesting excursions in Vienna in Russian:

“Cruise on the Danube”. This is a daily walk on a cozy ship on the longest and most majestic river in Europe. You look at the Austrian capital from an unusual perspective – from the water. The cruise runs four times a day – you can choose the most suitable time of departure: 11:00, 14:30, 16:00 and 17:30. Adult ticket costs 30 €, children’s ticket – 15 €. Duration – 1 hour and 30 minutes.

History of Vienna without boring facts and dates (€160 for up to 5 people) – an option for those who prefer an individual format to explore the city. For 2 hours the guide will show you the iconic sights, tell about the historical and cultural heritage of monarchs, the lifestyle and character of Austrians. You will see Stephanplatz, the old street Kohl Markt, the Habsburg winter residence, the Rose Garden, the Vienna University and, if you wish, try coffee “Melange” in the legendary Café Demel. Duration – 2 hours.

“Fairytale Forest – Vienna”. This bus tour lasts 4 hours and takes place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. You will see the beauty of the Vienna Woods, Heiligenkreuz Monastery, the aristocratic town of Baden, the ruins of the majestic Lichtenstein Castle, and take a boat ride on the underground lake. The cost of the tour – 55 € per person, for children under 11 years old – 45 €. Boat trip is optional (paid separately – 11 € per person).

Do you want to learn about all possible excursions in Vienna in Russian? The best choice is on the websites and They are two of the largest online supermarkets of excursions. They have flexible booking conditions, a wide range and prices by 15-20% higher than those of travel agents and offline distributors.

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Before ordering a tour you can read descriptions of all programs and choose what you really want to see photos and reviews of tourists, and set a convenient date.

Individual walks

Vienna has plenty to do, even in the cold season:

  1. Visit the giant ice rink in front of the Vienna City Hall. This year, it will be 8,000 m² in size. Tickets for adults cost 7.5 €, and for children 5.5 €. For preschool children admission is free. Opening hours are from 9:00 to 22:00 daily. Rent of skates is at an extra charge.
  2. If you are traveling with a child, go to the outskirts of the city to the Hyndle Chocolate Factory. Here you can see the production process, taste the chocolate and receive a gift. Adult ticket costs 6 €, children’s ticket – 5 €, extra charge for the tour – 2 €. You can get to the museum by public transport – Baden streetcar from the Opera House to the bus stop Inzersdorf/Personenbahnhof or from the terminal station Reumannplatz (U1) by bus 66A to the stop Willendorfergasse.


A trip to the Heindl factory is for sloppy eaters.

  1. For sport lovers will be interesting to visit the popular ski resort Semmering, located an hour’s drive from the capital. There are eight slopes of varying complexity, ski elevators, training centers, cafes and restaurants. Working rental center. You can get there by train from the central railway station.
  2. Opera is recommended only to connoisseurs. It costs a lot of money. Tickets for “La Traviata” on January 29, 2022 will cost 100 €. There are also cheap seats from 16 €, but they are located far from the stage and the view there is severely limited. By the way, on the Opera building hangs a huge screen, it often broadcasts concerts and performances. You can watch and listen for free, though not live, but still very impressive.

Opera in Vienna.

You can watch opera for free from the screen on the street.

  1. You can see the opera house from the inside without going to the performance. You just need to get on a daily 40-minute guided tour for 7.5 €.

“While walking around winter Vienna, you need to replenish your energy, so you can’t do without a snack. The most delicious Viennese sausages are made at the Bitzinger sausage stand at Albertinaplatz, 1010 Wien. The main dish here is served with mustard, ketchup, and pickle.”


Shopping and souvenirs

In January, stores sell off their winter goods to make room in their windows for spring and summer collections by March. In the second half of the month you can buy shoes and clothes with 50 percent discounts on Mariahilfer Straße.

Shopping centers are open from 09:00 to 18:30. On Saturday, they close half an hour earlier. Sunday – day off.

When you return home, family and friends will be pleased to receive gifts from you. What souvenirs, where and for how much to buy in Vienna?

  1. Manner” waffles – at “Manner” store near St. Stephen’s Cathedral (3-10 € depending on the size of the box).

Manner waffles.

Did you remember to buy souvenirs? Waffles are a great option!

  1. Candied violets – at Demel and Blühendes Konfekt (20 € for a sweet in a branded box, in a regular store a bag with the exact same violets would cost you 3 €).
  2. Mozart candies – in supermarkets and the United colors of chocolate dessert chain (4-10 € per box).
  3. Zacher cake – in grocery and souvenir stores, or better yet – in a café near the hotel with the same name (24-34 € depending on size).
  4. Austrian coffee – (4,90 € for a 250g package)
  5. Mozart Chocolate Liqueur – in wine stores and supermarkets (17 € for a 0,5 liter bottle)
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Mozart Chocolate Liqueur – delicious!

  1. Pumpkin seed oil at the Vienna Naschmarkt on Kettenbrückengasse (15€ per bottle).
  2. Austrian wines (Riesling and Eiswein) in all wine stores and supermarkets (6-20 € per bottle).
  3. Viennese porcelain from the Augarten manufactory – the trading places are the Augarten Castle, and the store at Stock-im-Eisen-Platz 3 (30-100 € for a small vase, 20-100 € for an animal figure, 200-100 € for a tea set).
  4. Frey Wille enamel jewelry at Gerngross, Mariahilfer Strabe, 42-48 (€200 for an alloy ring).


For the fashionistas a gift from Frey Wille.

  1. Swarovski crystals – in almost any shopping center, in the Swarovski department (from 5 to 50 € per pack, depending on size).

“On Saturday go to the Neustadtmarkt flea market, where you’ll find everything from groceries to antiques. By the way, haggling is encouraged here. There are seafood restaurants nearby.”


January in Vienna is a time for special events. All events, other than dance evenings, are timed to music:

  • On January 1, there’s a New Year’s Eve concert at the Vienna Kursalon. Starts at 5 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. Tickets cost 63-130 €.


Listen to classical music in the concert hall Kursalon.

  • Throughout January, there are daily classical music concerts at the Cursalon. Starts at 20:15. The cost is 50-104 €.
  • January 1 – New Year’s concert of the Vienna Philharmonic. Venue – Musikverein (Golden Hall). The beginning at 11:15 – 13:45. The concert will be broadcast live in over 90 countries. Ticket prices € 35 to € 1090.
  • On January 1 you can celebrate the new year in the historic wagon on the lookout wheel in the Prater (amusement park). From 10:00 to 22:00. A 3-course dinner on request.
  • Until January 13, 2022 there will be an exhibition of the famous Dutch painter Pieter Bruegel at the Vienna Museum of Art History. Opening hours from 10:00 to 18:00. Tickets cost 20 €.
  • On January 8, The Gold of the Rhine will be performed at the Vienna State Opera. Richard Wagner’s opera, conducted by Axel Kober. From 18:00 to 21:15. Ticket prices 17-259 €.
  • From 10 to 13 January, the city will host the Vienna Autoshow 2022 at the Messezentrum Wien. It will feature new models of cars. The exhibition will be open daily from 09:00 to 18:00.


New cars at the Vienna Autoshow.

Vienna is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. So you can not save much. However, the vacation in the second half of January will be cheaper than in the first decade of the month ≈ 10-15%. Here are the average costs that you are likely to face in January 2022, if you are going to vacation in Austria:

  • Round-trip airfare from Moscow ≈ 22,000 ₽ – find out the current airfare on →
  • transfer from Vienna International Airport to the hotel ≈ 3 100 ₽ – book transfer via →
  • Hotel 4* accommodation per day with double occupancy ≈ 7,000 ₽ – find a nice and cheap hotel at →
  • medical tour insurance for ≈ 55 ₽ per person per day – arrange it through the service →
  • Cost of five-day tour to Vienna for two in a hotel 4 * ≈ 60 500 ₽ – look for ready-made tour on and get promo code to buy it →
  • Ticket for one trip on public transport: 2,2 €;
  • Vienna schnitzel with potato salad – 15 €;
  • A slice of Sacher cake at the café of the same name – 8,3 €;
  • Cappuccino (Café Sacher) – 5,3 €.


“Zacher” is a popular cafe among tourists.


New Year vacations in Vienna in January are unlikely to please you with warm and sunny weather, but the festive events and a variety of excursions more than compensate for this shortcoming. The first half of the month – the time of New Year vacations, so you can go on a trip with the whole family. The main thing is not to forget to bring some warm clothes, an umbrella and a good mood.

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