Travelling around the world by car

My auto travels around the world

With the first car in the family, we started driving to other cities and countries. We loved it so much that I carried over this fan experience from traveling with my parents to my family trips with my wife and kids. And I’ll tell you this – I’m resting while driving. Because Moscow traffic jams are just freezing, and I love the track, it’s movement, the thought of a distant goal. Yes, of course by the end of the trip I get tired, it’s understandable. But it never stops me. But even trips within +/- 700 km are without any fatigue. In Peter, I go easily and without stress. The main thing is that the weather is nice.

In general, there were many trips in the family (let’s count mine with my parents, and mine with my wife and children). It was both in their cars, and on rental cars during vacations at sea. Each trip deserves a separate memory, perhaps someday I will write about it in a blog. It will be beautiful :) Unfortunately, neither Yandex maps, nor Google Maps do not allow you to enter how many points you want when laying a route with an overlay on the map, so a number of screenshots missing a few intermediate points and routes and the mileage is approximate (probably + / 100 or 200 km in total). In the meantime, a little details (see screenshots at the top left first and then clockwise): 1) July-August 2012. Route Moscow-Peter-Lahemaa-Tallinn (with the loop on Saaremaa)-Riga (with Jurmala in the loop)-Vilnius (with Trakai in the loop)-Minsk-Moscow. Mileage about 3100 km. Car – Skoda Octavia WTC Sport Paket Milotec. 2) My farthest trip, which the system does not allow to draw in one trip. July 2010. The route Troitsk-Moscow-Brest-Warsaw-Częstochow-Zlaty Stok-Prague. From Prague Departures Prague-Karlovy Vary-Heb-Prague, Prague-Kutna Gora-Prague, Prague-Karlstein-Prshibram-Prague, Prague-Dresden-Prague. And on the way back from Prague-Cooks (further through Wroclaw) to Warsaw-Brest-Moscow. The rough estimate is 4500 km, but I think it’s about 5000 km! Car – Skoda Octavia WTC Sport Paket Milotec. 3) September 2011. Trip is not on vacation, but on a business trip. But allowed to drive! And me and my colleagues got high “for all the money”! Route Moscow-Krasnogorsk-Brest-Domachevo (border crossing was free there, without traffic jams) Lyublin-Krakow (from Krakow loop in Auschwitz)-Częstochowa-Warsaw-Brest-Moscow. Mileage of about 3300 km. Car – Skoda Octavia WTC Sport Paket Milotec. On this trip, associated my mega record – I spent that day behind the wheel 15(!) Hours. I was replaced for only one hour by a colleague and almost at the end. 1500 kilometers in 15 hours (with a 3-hour rest in Lublin, a such a city in Poland) – it’s the edge of endurance. I was wildly exhausted. And do not want to repeat it again. There was one problem on the trip. On the way back in Smolensk region I ran into a sagging torn-down stretch of the “lane-change” sign, torn down by someone and lying in the middle of the road. My colleague flew over it, and I hooked – ripped off the left wiper blade with the meat right at the base of the lever and badly scratched the left front roof pillar, grille, a little fender. Not critical, but shocking. Had to paint and fix it later. 4) April 2013, nice trip in Dad’s new car Kia Ceed JD SW 1.6 manual. Route Moscow-Troitsk-Brest-Warsaw-Kazimierz-Dolny (with a loop in Lublin)-Brest-Troitsk-Moscow. Mileage about 2800 km . Easy trip. We drove through the rural Poland – the region is called Małopolska (Lesser Poland). Very authentic and pastoral. Of the funniest thing – it turned out that the Kia has a cutoff of fuel supply when the rest of the mileage is reduced to 50 km, and turns off the engine. I then hoped to reach Russia – was almost on the border in Belarus, and the car with 50 miles left mileage and turned off. Good thing I had a full canister. But it was sudden. 5) July 2002. Our very first long-distance trip in the family by car – and at once to the sea. Route Troitsk-Boguchary (overnight stay next to the traffic police post at the parking lot) – Dzhubga (with a loop in the nearby Lermontovo)–Boguchary-Troitsk. Mileage about 2900 km. Car – GAZ 31029. Surprisingly, but Volga has NOTHING broken down. That’s what the love of the car (and the purpose of designers-engineers) for long runs means.

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It was easy and relaxed all the way. The only thing we did, was already in Dzhubga to be on the safe side, we changed the fuel pipes and the filter under the hood (there were old cracked ones), because it was hot, it was summer. I do not know what. Amazing and memorable trip. 6) July 2004. The second “long-distance” trip of our “Lastochka”-Volga. Route – Troitsk – Pushkin’s mountains (with a loop to Pskov and Izborsk)-Velikie-Luki – Troitsk. Mileage came out about 1600 km. The car in general has not shown itself in any way. Worked like clockwork. I don’t know how it is now – but before Riga highway M9 was terrible – horrible ruts and complete absence of gas stations (only once in 50 km in the Tver region, especially). And those terrible gas stations that were there – only tanks to fill up :) But Volga was stable. Beautiful girl. :) 7) May-June 2014. The most “white nights” and my month-long business trip to Helsinki by corporate car. Itinerary Moscow – Vydrapuzhsk (rest 1.5 hours) – St. Petersburg – Helsinki – Espoo (there were many trips to Helsinki and surroundings) – Helsinki – St. Petersburg – Moscow. Car – Service Skoda Octavia A5 1.4T 122 hp DSG-7. In general I have no problems with the car. Funny fuel consumption on the highway (sometimes showed 5.7 l/100 km!). Mileage of about 2300 km . Such good roads, that I did not have time to get tired, even Moscow-Peter. In Finland tariffed roads and a pleasure to drive. 8) July 2016. The route Moscow-Minsk-Moscow. In general, easy! Car – Skoda Octavia A7 1.8T Chocolate. Mileage – about 1500 km . For this beauty with cruise control such a trip is like eating sour cream. I admit – and 205 km/h was going. :) With 4 people in the car – quite.

Then there are the trips by rented cars on vacation. Also interesting.

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