Traveling around the United States: the city of Wasilla, Alaska

Traveling around the United States: the city of Wasilla, Alaska

The city, which is located in one of the U.S. states of Alaska, baro Matanuska-Susitna, is called Wasilla. This city is one of the largest cities in the U.S. state of Alaska , its total area is more than thirty square kilometers. In terms of population this city is in fourth place, second only to such cities as : Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage. The total population is about 10,000 people.

The city of Wasilla is most closely associated with one of Alaska’s former governors, Sarah Palin, who was elected mayor of Wasilla in the late 20th century and three years later was re-elected to the same position. During the period in which Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, she transformed it into a small economic town, and she managed to increase the number of jobs, which was generally beneficial to the development of the city. Already in 2006 the Republican Party of Sarah Palin was nominated for governor of Alaska, USA.

U.S. Voyage: City of Wasilla, Alaska - Photo 2

Traveling around the United States: the city of Wasilla, Alaska

Since becoming governor of the state, Sarah Palin has been serious and dedicated to the development of the entire state and, in particular, the city of Wasilla. She has repeatedly stressed that this particular city should be the center of the economic business culture of all of Alaska. Sarah Palin, while serving as governor, paid much attention to problems that arose in the city of Wasilla.

In particular, she promoted road repairs , during her administration the very first supermarkets and hypermarkets opened in the city. It is now one of the most developed places in the country, visited daily not only by tourists, but also by locals, who come to buy a variety of products and items from local stores.

There are many rumors about the town of Wasilla and it certainly attracts the attention of tourists who come here every year in search of a picturesque place to stay. It should be noted that the climate of the city is not suitable for every tourist. If you are used to resting where it is warm, the city of Wasilla will disappoint you. Here the highest temperature, which was recorded in January 1995, was only about minus three degrees.

Warm embrace of cold Norway

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Traveling around the United States: the city of Wasilla, Alaska

The rest of the time it is snowy and quite cold . But most tourists note that the cold – absolutely no obstacle for those who crave adventure, who want to ride in the dog sled and so on.Despite the persistent winter, it is very cozy and comfortable . After a walk in the frosty air you can sit in a cafe and drink strong and hot tea or coffee.

Tourists are taken care of here . For accommodation are different as to the quality of service, and are in different price categories of hotels and hotels. You can also rent a room or a house from individuals. Very important role in tourism of this city of Alaska plays an open air traffic , through which a great number of small streams, mostly consisting of small planes and helicopters that make daily flights from one city to another.

If you come for a vacation in Vasilla, you can also visit several other nearby cities as an excursion. This greatly affects the tourist flows from other countries. Thus, on a single trip to Wasilla you can visit other places of interest that are located in other cities.

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Traveling around the United States: the city of Wasilla, Alaska

City of Wasilla is extremely attractive for tourists . Its picturesque nature and the opportunity to ride Husky dogs attracts more and more tourists every year. And many people come to the town of Wasilla, and definitely return here next year. This place has become a favorite destination for those who have once visited it.

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