Traveling around the United States, New York State, Troy City

Traveling around the United States, New York State, Troy City

Interested in American history? You can turn your imagination into reality without waiting for the invention of a time machine. You just need to visit Troy, NY, USA.

Located on the east bank of the Hudson River, Troy maintains close ties with the neighboring cities of Albany and Schenectady, together they form what is known as the Capital District. The urban population is approximately 50,000.

Before Europeans came to the area, it was inhabited by Mohicans. The Dutch arrived in the 17th century when the capital of the United States was formed. In 1816 the settlement was given the status of a city.

Traveling in the United States, New York, Troy - Photo 2

Traveling around the United States, New York State, Troy City

Troy, as is customary in the U.S., gets its resounding name from the historic Troy, a city described by Homer. Because of its textile industry, Troy also became known as the “city of handkerchiefs. In addition, the city was for a time the second-largest steel maker in the country .

The city has many examples of Victorian architecture and ironwork, as well as original Tiffany-style stained glass windows.

Troy has also left its mark on movies . So, in the center of the historic part of the city a lot of movies were shot, like “The Age of Innocence” (1993) or “The Time Machine” (2002).

Among the historic sites of the city are the Cash Bazaar, whose steel constructions are decorated with white marble, the court building of grey granite, the public library in the style of a Venetian palazzo with marble bas-reliefs. Many buildings in the imperial, Italian, Greek, Gothic, and Romanesque styles can be seen in the city center. An example of the Second Empire style is the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall.

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Traveling around the United States, New York State, Troy City

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Also a famous landmark in the city is the 19th century Payne Mansion. The city is also famous for its 19th century Payne Mansion, better known as “The Castle. It has been called the city’s most extravagant building. It is in this historic building where the film “The Age of Innocence” by M. Scorcese was shot.

Of architectural interest is the neo-Gothic Woodside Church. It is now home to a contemporary art center.

The authorities of Troy are making significant efforts to preserve the historic buildings .

There is an “Antique District” in the center of the city on River Street . Here you can visit the many galleries and cafes. The city hosts a variety of outdoor events in cafes, parks, and coffee shops. Since 2000, the Farmer’s Fair, held every Saturday in the summer on River Street and in the winter at Uncle Sam’s Atrium, has been popular. Here you can buy a variety of foods and handicrafts – pies, honey, syrups, textiles, china, woolen goods, photographs, and paper. The city also celebrates Flag Day in early July. The celebration includes one of the largest parades in the United States .

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Traveling around the United States, New York State, Troy City

The patriotic parade in honor of Uncle Sam is also very popular, usually timed to coincide with Samuel Wilson’s birthday in mid-September. The butcher, who supplied meat to the U.S. army during the War of 1812, was recognized as a symbol of America. He is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, which is a treasure of the city.

Thanksgiving Day is a turkey race . In 1916 it was a small local competition, but now it has grown into the largest race of northern New York.

Weekend Night is a monthly cultural event held on the last Friday of each month. There are about 30 cultural events on the streets and galleries of the city during this time. Stores stay open all night and restaurants accept visitors .

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From July to August there is a theater project called Bakerloo . It aims to promote the creativity of young actors. Its repertoire includes plays by Shakespeare and other great playwrights in the best theatrical tradition.

When you visit Troy, you can say with confidence that you have seen American history with your own eyes . The original and enchanting town of Uncle Sam is the perfect setting for this.

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Traveling around the United States, New York State, Troy City

U.S. Sights Troy, New York.

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