Travel USA: Delta Junction, Alaska

Travel USA: Delta Junction, Alaska

Deltah Junction is a city located in Alaska, about 160 kilometers from Fairbanks, Alaska. Approximately the number of residents is not more than nine thousand people, and it should be noted that this figure is quite impressive for a city in the state of Alaska, since most of the cities are small, and only the state capital and its surrounding areas can boast a population of more than ten thousand people.

The main feature of the city of Dalta Junction is that it is located in the Tanana River Valley, which is very fertile. From here, Della Junction offers an amazing and scenic view, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Surrounded by three mountain ranges, the town looks like a fortress, protected from outside influences, both natural and human.

The mountain ranges include the Alaska Range in the southwest, the White Mountains in the north, and the Granite Mountains in the southeast. Only on the west side is the city open to the public. On the west side flows the Delta River, which is also a spectacular sight.

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Travel USA: Delta Junction, Alaska

Various minerals have been found in the river area, some of which have become, over time, the hallmark of the town of Delta Junction. These include coal, molybdenum and even gold.

Also a major feature and at the same time one of the most popular and interesting sights in Delt Junction is the Donnelly Dome. It was created by nature itself and that is why it arouses such admiration and such genuine interest among all tourists. The glacier that moved from the Alaska Range cut the sides of the standing mountain and ended up with the dome.

The main activities of the residents of Dalta Junction are the maintenance and upkeep of the military camps that are in the state of Alaska. Also locals are engaged in such areas as agriculture, mining and extraction. Tourism is also an important part of the economic life of Dalta Junction.

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Travel USA: Delta Junction, Alaska

Like most cities in the state of Alaska, Delt Junction is a city that aims at constantly attracting tourists to its area . And despite the fact that the city does not have as many attractions as other cities or countries that are more familiar to all tourists who like to travel every year, the city of Dalta Junction is famous among tourists for its very clean air, pleasant atmosphere, gorgeous and very picturesque nature, which in itself is already the main attraction of this area of Alaska USA.

Most tourists come to this city by rail, which connects the two cities of the state – Fairbanks and Dell’s Junction. Agricultural products are transported regularly throughout the year by the same road.

For lovers of fishing or hunting, the city has everything you need. You can sign up for a tour and visit the most “fishy” places, or you can try yourself as a fisherman or hunter. The locals, if you need anything, are also happy to help you. Their hospitality and friendliness knows no boundaries here in Dalta Junction.

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Travel USA: Delta Junction, Alaska

Most of the locals see the tourists as a source of income that they can exploit at any cost. To attract tourists a small airstrip was built to serve as a charter flight to take in all the sights from a bird’s eye view.



Alaska is a land of primal, wild beauty, riddled with fjords and swept up to the clouds by the enchanting beauty of snow-capped mountains.

Days Programme description
Day 1 Flight to Anchorage. Russian speaking guide at Anchorage airport, transfer to the hotel, accommodation.
Day 2 Departure from hotel at 12:00. Anchorage sightseeing tour. Transfer to Denali National Park with stops in Vassila and Talkeetna. Hotel accommodations. Anchorage is a thriving modern city, the main tourist, transportation and commercial center of Alaska. It is home to nearly half of the state’s total population. After the city tour, transfer to Denali National Park. On this day you will begin to explore the amazing nature, wildlife, and vast expanse of Alaska. Along the way you will stop in the villages of Wassila and Talkeetna. Overnight at Denali National Park Lodge.
Day 3 Departure at 05:00 a.m. for a tour of Denali National Park. A light lunch is offered during the tour. Free time in the afternoon. Early in the morning you will take a trip through Denali National Park. This is one of the main places of interest in Alaska, a huge biosphere reserve of about 25 thousand square kilometers. Here you will have the unique opportunity to be surrounded by untouched wildlife, tundra and see wild animals: elk, deer, bears, wolves, and many birds. You can enjoy magnificent views of Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America (6,194 meters). A light lunch will be provided during the tour. Optional in the afternoon, you have the opportunity to fly over Mount McKinley in a small plane. (Not included in the total tour.) Overnight at Denali National Park Lodge.
Day 4. Transfer to the city of Fairbanks. City tour with a visit to the Museum of the North. Visit Chyna Hot Springs (bathing) and Museum of Ice and Ice Sculpture. Hotel accommodation. In the morning you will travel to the town of Fairbanks, located in the heart of the Tanana Valley. The city is known for the largest temperature difference on the planet: from -55°C in winter to +37°C in summer. During the excursion you will learn about its rich history connected with the discovery of gold mines at the end of the 19th century, see the segment of the engineering wonder of the world – the Trans-Alaska pipeline, which length is about 1300 km, visit the famous “Museum of the North” at the University of Alaska, where you will learn about culture, history, nature, fauna and ethnography of Alaska. In the afternoon you will visit Chyna Hot Springs, similar in properties to the famous Carlsbad hot spring, learn about the unique ecological area of Chyna Hot Springs, and bathe in the spring. You will also visit the ice and ice sculpture museum. Overnight in Fairbanks.
Day 5. Steamboat cruise on the Chena and Tanana Rivers. Visit to the gold prospector’s camp. Return to Fairbanks. Morning cruise on the Chena and Tanana Rivers on the steamboat Discovery. You will visit a sled dog school, an Indian fishing camp, and an Athabascan village. After lunch, learn about gold mining in Alaska. About one thousand tons of gold were mined in Alaska during the gold rush years, and the process of extracting gold has hardly changed in the last 100 years. Not only will you learn all about gold mining, but you’ll also try to pan for gold yourself. You may not get rich, but you will feel the excitement of a true gold prospector. Overnight in Fairbanks.
Day 6 Departure from hotel. Transfer to Tonsin with a visit to Wrangell and St. Elijah National Park, stops in the villages of North Pole, Delta Junction, Glennalen. In the evening we have dinner at the Russian tavern “Tonsina”. Hotel accommodation in Tonsina Village. On this day you will leave Fairbanks and travel south along the legendary Trans-Alaska Pipeline on the scenic Richardson Trail through the tundra and Kupper Valley for unforgettable views. The day also includes a visit to the country’s largest national park, Wrangell – St. Elias. In addition, stops in the townships of North Pole, Delta Junction, and Glennallen. In the evening, dinner at the former army barracks, now the Tonsina Russian Roadside Diner. Overnight at Tonsina River Lodge.
Day 7. Check-out from the hotel. Transfer to Valdez. City tour. Transfer by ferry to Whittier. River trip on inflatable rafts on the Kenai River. Hotel accommodation in Girdwood Township. In the morning you will drive to Valdez, a town in southern Alaska that is an important oil port. The road will take you on a scenic route through the famous Thompson Pass, which has the highest snowfall in Alaska. Waterfalls and the Worthington Glacier are among the magnificent scenery. In Valdez you will see the oil terminal, which is the southern end of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. From Valdez, you will take a ferry on the calm waters of Prince Williams Bay toward the town of Whittier. During the ferry trip, you’ll see magnificent views of glaciers and lush forests, and in the water you’ll see an abundance of marine life – whales, seals, sea otters, and many birds. When you arrive in Whittier, you’ll be transported to the gorgeous Kenai Peninsula, Alaska’s center for fishing tourism. You can float down the Kenai River on inflatable rafts with instructor-guided equipment. The Kenai River is Alaska’s most popular sportfishing destination. In the evening you’ll head back to the comfortable Alyeska Hotel in Girdwood Township. Overnight at Alyeska Hotel.
Day 8 Transfer by train to Seward. Visit to Kenai Fjords National Park, cruise around Resurrection Bay. Return by train to Girdwood. This day you will travel by train to Seward, located on the south side of the Kenai Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean. You’ll visit Kenai Fjords National Park, which encompasses more than 2,700 square kilometers. You will take an unforgettable walk on the waters of Resurrection Bay, sail up close to slipping glaciers (which big cruise ships can’t afford), see blocks of ice crashing into the water, and sail past clear blue glaciers. You will also be able to observe numerous marine life: whales, orcas, killer whales, otters, and various waterfowl. After the cruise, return to Girdwood also by train. Deluxe double-decker carriages with glass roofs make this an unforgettable trip. Overnight at Alyeska Hotel.
Day 9 Departure from hotel. Transfer to Anchorage airport.
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