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Excursions in San Francisco

We would like to say thank you very much to the professional of his business, a man who not just knows everything about this wonderful city, but loves it with all his soul.

We would like to thank Ilya for this wonderful and memorable city tour! Really, Ilya is just a super guide-accompanyor, the tour went great with him +++++, I wish we had such nice and at the same time professional guides more often! Thank you!

Ilya was very attentive, he took care of all our needs, did not drive us crazy, stayed where we wanted, and gave us good information. We had a great day, we had a lot of impressions.

Kirill, thank you very much. I liked the tour very much. We learned a lot about America, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and especially the interesting history of the university! We recommend it to everyone.

I flew to San Francisco to visit my daughter. She has a small child, so she could not show me the whole city. We found on the internet a guided tour “All facets of San Francisco in one day. We liked the reviews, and we were not mistaken. The tour guide Ilya is very erudite and has lived in the city for a long time. The duration of the tour was 6.5 hours. We drove up and down the entire city. Ilya showed the most impressive and beautiful places – neighborhoods, museums, bridges, the oceanfront and the bay. We got out of the car and took pictures at the most interesting places in the city. Ilya talked a lot about the history of California and the city. All my questions were answered. We visited the town of Sausalito, located by the ocean. We visited a cafe there, had a good and inexpensive meal and a cup of coffee. Went back to San Francisco and visited the most famous park “Golden Gate” and 2 other parks. We watched seals on the bay promenade. We were lucky with the weather, visibility was good, so we had lots of impressions. It was a pity the time flew by like in a blink of an eye. Thank you, Ilya, for a wonderful time! San Francisco is a city of contrasts. It both surprises and loves you. The climate, the hills, Mother Nature herself – the ocean on one side and the bay on the other. All this is insanely beautiful. Everyone who comes to this city, I recommend taking an individual guide with a car. It will be more expensive than, for example, an excursion on a double-decker bus, but it’s worth it. And, then you can walk around the city and the wonderful places that you liked the most.

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It was very interesting as a first time visitor to San Francisco. It was comfortable to be able to drive around, and get out at a few spots for photos and a short walk. It made me wonder what I would have liked to see more of and get a better picture of the city.

All in all excellent, all declared in the program have seen and heard. What was missing was a certain amount of energy from the guide, to get the best possible picture of the city and the most important places. Michael is punctual, polite and a good storyteller.

Great tour! In 4 hours we were able to get a detailed picture of the city and see all the main places. The itinerary is perfect, Cyril covers the city comprehensively in all aspects. Maximum amount of information you can get in 4 hours.

Had a great time on the tour with Kirill. He adapted the itinerary to our needs and recommended places worth seeing. Excellent knowledge of the region and told us a lot of interesting things. The best recommendations.

Thank you very much Ilya for the tour! And for all the time he kindly gave us and was very helpful! The tour is interesting, inspiring as much as possible to walk around the city. Really saw as much as possible all areas of the city, which helped a lot to get oriented. Ilya attentive and caring guide! I highly recommend it!

Thanks to Vitaliya for the tour – very easy and positive style, caring for our guests, interesting nuances and unusual details diversified our trip and allowed us to learn more about San Francisco and its inhabitants. We can safely recommend to everyone who wants to learn something new and interesting and at the same time not to be overwhelmed with a bunch of historical facts.

This is Vostrog! San Francisco is truly an incredible city where one wants to go back. We made stops at the most popular tourist attractions and we always had time to take pictures and buy souvenirs.We saw all the main buildings and neighborhoods, for dinner Kirill advised us Italian district and we had a great dinner for a small price, and he also advised us a few interesting places on our route.Very grateful for the tour, we had one day and we were able to get a good idea of the city.

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It was really good to have a good tour. We learned a lot of interesting things not only about San Francisco itself, but also about how Americans live, barking hacks for US travelers, all sorts of interesting facts about the life of the tour guide himself. We were a little unlucky with the weather and Tatiana easily figured out how to modify the tour to make it comfortable. The day after the tour we had our backpacks stolen, and Tatiana did not leave us in trouble and helped us to solve the difficult situation. Special thanks to her for that. I highly recommend this guide, have a great time and learn a lot of interesting and new things for yourself.

Kirill had a great online tour. Thanks for the flexibility in content and time. The whole team really enjoyed it. We hope to be able to visit SF after the restrictions are lifted.

Private Guides in San Francisco

In the tour business in California since 1998. I organize professional tours. I assist in making itineraries, choosing hotels. I will do my best to make you feel at home in our city!

Hi! I have lived in San Francisco for over 30 years. I have my own limo and tour company. We work with people from all over the world. I am always especially glad to have guests who speak Russian, and am ready to tell you the most interesting things about California, show you the highlights of San Francisco, take you on a tour to the Wine Country or the Silicon Valley. We can arrange any themed excursion to your liking. Welcome!

My name is Katya and I have lived in Los Angeles for several years. I love this city as if it were my favorite man. I know it like no one else! After my tour you will not only get acquainted with all the main sights, but you will also start navigating in Los Angeles easily and on your own!

My name is Mikhail, I’ve been living in San Francisco since 1992. I am a civil engineer by education, so I can tell you a lot of interesting things about the city and its famous buildings. I love San Francisco very much, am constantly exploring it and hope to share my love and knowledge with you. I don’t overload with dry trivial facts. My tours are a fascinating, vivid and memorable search for “secret” treasures that only the locals know about. I can tell a good anecdote, show unconventional places not visited by tourists and, of course, I promise an interesting story. See you soon in San Francisco!

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Excursions in San Francisco

Vertigo. Alfred Hitchcock in the title of his famous film formulated the main feeling that grips a person in San Francisco. A Russian guide will tell you that the city stands on forty-two hills (a far cry from the capitals of the Old World), and that Lombard Street is recognized as the most winding street in the world. An ordinary ride on the local aerial streetcar turns into an attraction, bringing to mind the phrase “roller coaster. On a tour of San Francisco and its environs, the vertigo continues from the height of the hills, the beauty of the views of the bay, and the mottleness and pace of city life.

The times of rapid development of the nearby territories and the influx of population was replaced by epidemics of plague and cholera, and the incredible construction projects were carried out after the devastating earthquakes – so the topography passes into history, which saved a lot of ups and downs for San Francisco. Tours in Russian offered by the citizens of San Francisco let you see the city from the inside, through the eyes of people who lived there for a long time. The city of millionaires and fashionable hotels of the Snob Hill and the capital of beats and hippies, which started its history with the mission of pious Franciscans and grew thanks to thousands of thirsty immigrants of the “gold rush” times – San Francisco tours present it from completely different angles, because every district here has its own face.

Even if you are not the first time in San Francisco, tours in Russian with the author’s routes will open completely new sides of the city: they will take you to the cinematic places, secret beaches and iconic places which will be shown by Russian-speaking guides. It’s not for nothing that William Saroyan wrote about San Francisco: “If you’re alive, San Francisco won’t let you get bored. If you’re dead, San Francisco will bring you back to life.”

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San Francisco

I think to understand what San Francisco is all about, before you leave, you should definitely listen to Scott McKenzie’s track of the same name, which became the anthem of the hippie movement in its day. That relaxation and the mood the song creates is what you should take with you to SF. Scott speaks the truest truth about the people, the positive vibes, and the streets of the city. San Francisco was once a hippie city and has probably retained that vibe throughout. Well, let’s not forget that California is totally legalistic, with all the consequences that entails. Good people with flowers in their hair – that’s what you’ll find there:)

And by the way, don’t believe the people who say you can call San Francisco “Frisco.” That’s not exactly true. Locals don’t really like this nickname of the city, of course, they won’t admonish you, but it will most likely show them your low level of cultural awareness of the city. Better just say SF.

How to get there

Taking into account the fact that we live on another continent and there are no more déjets, the only way to get there is by plane. If you are from the region of Russia, of course, it is better to look at flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here you can’t overbook earlier. All of the prices I’m quoting below are two months in advance, but that’s not enough. If you can, it’s better to choose airfare four or six months in advance. In general, the logic is clear and works with any airfare, perhaps:) Here you can monitor prices so as not to miss a chance.

By plane

San Francisco has only one international airport, so if you fly out of Russia, you will land here.

There are several ways to get to SF.

  • You can buy a ticket from Moscow / St. Petersburg to San Francisco, which will cost you about 35 thousand rubles round trip for one person (if you book two months before the expected date).
  • or buy a ticket from Moscow / St. Petersburg to New York (about 23 thousand rubles round trip per person), and then from NY to San Francisco (about 11 thousand rubles).
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The second option is good and will allow you to save money, but only if you plan your travels wisely. It is preferable that you arrive and depart from the same airport, so you don’t have to spend time/money/nerve to move. Also, when making your own flight connections, consider unforeseen circumstances, such as occasional flight delays at San Francisco airport due to heavy fog. Again, prices vary and are highly dependent on booking dates. Flights are operated by major Russian companies: S7, Aeroflot. If there is a connection en route, then European carriers: AirBerlin, AirFrance, Lufthansa, etc.. Flight time together with connections could be 20-30 hours. Here you can see flight times and prices.

How to get to the city center

The airport is located 21 kilometers from the city center. If your flight is not too late (more precisely if it’s not between 12 am and 4 am) you can easily get there by subway, otherwise there are trains every 20-30 minutes depending on the time of the day. Get on such transport can be directly at the airport in the international terminal, on the third level, there is a boarding platform. The trip, say to the center, the main street of the city Market Street, will take about 40 minutes and will cost 8.95 USD.

The subway connects to the BART network of underground electric trains, which will also take you to the suburbs of SF. A map and schedule can be found online or on the subway.

There is another option – the bus. It runs around the clock and stops at the first, second and international terminals. The cost of the trip is 6,50 USD. The bus ride will take about 50 minutes without regard to traffic jams.

A cab will cost 40-50 USD. However if you don’t have bulky luggage and you didn’t arrive late at night I advise to take metro – comfortable, fast and cheap. Although for security reasons it’s better to take a cab if you have a late flight and it only takes 15 minutes by car from the airport to the city center.

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