Travel to Pag, Croatia

Travel to Pag, Croatia

Looking for a destination that combines sea and entertainment , but with a small budget? The island of Pag in Croatia is ideal! Beautiful beaches, some equipped and others natural, wild and unrestrained nightlife with unusual clubs full of young people looking for long parties.

A guide to Pag: where it is, when to visit and what to see

Where is it

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Where is it

The island of Pag is located in the Adriatic Sea a few kilometers from the Croatian coast, namely in the central part of Croatia or in the Dalmatia region. It is the fifth largest island in the country, but the most famous and popular.

How to get there

– By car: You cross the Italian border in Trieste, drive along the coast and soon, arrive in the peninsula of Istria to the port of Recogn, only about 150 km from Trieste. The ferry to Sieglen leaves every half hour – By ferry: there is an option to take the Ancona to Zadar, about a 9 hour trip at night. From Zadar, continue by car to the Paski Bridge, which connects the island at the southern point. If you are traveling without a car, you can take the ferry and bus

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How to get there

– From Milan or Rome: there are no direct flights. The stop will be in Paris or Frankfurt and then arrive in Zadar in 5 hours. Pag is located 50 km from Zadar. The trip will take about two and a half hours by Antonio Tours or Flixbus bus, the ticket price is 7,00 euros – From the main European capitals: there are direct flights to Zadar from Paris, Frankfurt and Budapest. Flights last about 2 hours

Climate and best time to visit

– Climate: Mediterranean with average temperatures of 7 to 28°C, rainfall throughout the year and sea temperatures around 24°C – Best time: from late May to September for excursions and visits to the beach – Period to avoid: as it is a predominantly maritime destination, from October to April conditions for beach life are not suitable – Tip: given the frequent summer storms, do not forget an umbrella and a light jacket. Pag is also a place of entertainment, so bring clothes suitable for clubbing evenings

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11 places to visit: Beaches and attractions

1. Kukurina: a sandy beach in the north of the island that is suitable for children, as the sea is shallow

2. Zrce: Novalja beach, famous and popular mainly for its clubs and active nightlife, but crowded even during the day

3. Planjka: a beach in the north of Pag near Stara Novalja, mostly pebbly and shallow.

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11 places to visit: beaches and attractions

4. Strasco: is located in the south of Pag and offers 2 km of gravel and sand with a large pine forest. It is equipped for families, but is also popular with those involved in water sports

5. Rucica: located on the eastern side of the island and ideal for nature lovers, it is well hidden and secluded and can be reached through the rock of Kanjon

6. Beritnitsa: located on the eastern side of Pag, is a long sandy beach of golden and reddish colors, washed by crystal clear water

7. Ninska Laguna beach: it is a lagoon that stretches between the islands of Pag and Nin with golden and white stripes of sand, shallow waters and clear water

8. Salt Museum: presented tools that tell the history and methods of extraction and production of salt from the sea

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11 places to visit: beaches and attractions

9. Scrivanath Tower: the only surviving of the 9 towers defending Pag, built in the 15th century. Preserved to this day in its original form.

10. Palazzo Ducale: located in the main square of the island, built in Renaissance style. It’s worth mentioning that it is very well preserved.

The Museum of Lace: tells the history and traditions of lace, the traditional industry of the island. It is located inside the Doge’s Palace.

Nightlife: Where to go in the evening in Pag

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Nightlife: Where to go in the evening in Pag

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The island of Pag owes its fame above all to its nightlife, comparable to that of Ibiza, to the extent that it is called Croatian Ibiza, but with a low cost of living. Over the years, Pag has become a very favorite place for young people because of its discos and nightclubs of various types, such as pubs and lounge bars, which are concentrated mainly between Novalja and Zrce beach, where you can dance all night, starting with long aperitifs and ending with a foam party already closer to the morning.

Best pubs, clubs and discos

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Top pubs, clubs and discos

– Papaya: the main open-air nightclub on the entire island of Pag, located in Zrce with a capacity of over 5,000 people. It is open every day from 10:00 am to 7:00 the next morning and often hosts festivals – Aquarius: is a beach bar in Zrce which offers outdoor pool parties that start with aperitifs and then turn into a whole night of music – Noa Beach Club , also in Zrce: is an elegant nightclub located on stilts overlooking the sea, with several dance floors and some lounge areas and private VIP areas equipped with sofas, pools and massage areas – Calypso: was the first club on the island, opened in Zrce. It is about 30 years old and still very popular today, it hosts several music festivals, is divided into several floors and includes many bars and dance floors

How much does a vacation in Pag cost? Prices, offers and tips

Pag has a fairly low cost of living and, which allows you to travel at low prices without missing anything. Since the island is a tourist destination, the prices on the island are slightly higher than elsewhere in Croatia, but it is still possible to stay for an average of 40.00 euros per night in a whole apartment, a trip to a cafe will cost an average of 15.00 euros and flights cost about 30.00 euros .

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In addition, the beaches and discos have free access, with the exception of music festivals, which require the purchase of a ticket, but also at a low price. If you want to explore the island in complete autonomy, car rental is also possible from 10.00 euros per day.

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