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When to go to Kenya? The best time to go

Almost every tourist asks the question, when is the best time to go to Kenya? After all, it’s a hot African country with an amazing wealth of wildlife, picturesque beaches near the Indian Ocean and the colorful shores of Lake Victoria. The main danger awaiting tourists here is precipitation. They alone can spoil the impression of the trip, so to choose the season when it’s better to go to Kenya, it is necessary to take this feature into account. However, the abundance of exciting excursions, exciting safaris and warm waters of the ocean will make the rest unforgettable in any case.

Trip to Kenya

Best time to rest in Kenya in 2022

Despite a great beach vacation, Kenya’s main attraction is the many safaris. Local tour companies offer visitors to the country to go on an incredible adventure in one of the local national parks. The animal world of Africa is an amazing ecosystem, and in this country it is presented in all its glory.

Kenya, wildlife, relaxation

Travel to Kenya, wildlife, the best time to vacation

Another popular destination is beach tourism. It does not matter the season of holidays in Kenya, in this country always has a bright sun, and the ocean welcomes tourists with gentle waves. People with diseases of the cardiovascular system is better to refrain from traveling in the rainy season: high humidity can provoke a flare-up of disease. However, the prices for tours and excursions during this period are lower, which may be a solution for those looking for cheap exotic tours.

A hot Kenyan summer in the middle of winter

Kenya, sightseeing programs

Winter marks the first part of the high season in Kenya. As early as the second half of December, the rains end, giving way to a true arid African summer. Temperatures do not drop below +30 oC. A winter Kenyan adventure can be perfect for New Year’s Eve or Christmas. Winter is definitely the best time to travel to Kenya in 2022: this time of year is both suitable for sightseeing programs and beach vacations.

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Spring – rainy season

But in the spring in this African country, the climate is not suitable for everyone. It rains for almost 3 months, especially a lot of rainfall on the Indian Ocean coast and in the mountains. The high humidity can be an obstacle to a comfortable holiday. The cost of tours at this time is much cheaper, so even the rains do not scare away tourists from exploring the culture of the country and its wildlife. Among the most popular excursions

  • sightseeing tour of Nairobi,
  • A visit to Nairobi National Park,
  • Walks with lions in the Masai Mara Game Reserve,
  • A visit to the seaport of Malindi and many others.

Kenya, Nairobi sightseeing tour

Sultry Summer

Deciding when to go on vacation to Kenya in 2022, you can safely choose summer. If in June it still rains, then in July the sun shines bright and the air ceases to be excruciatingly humid.

In summer, beach tourism in this country is truly paradise and carefree. Hotels, located right on the shores of the Indian Ocean, offer vacationers everything they need for maximum relaxation.

Travel to Kenya, sultry summer, beaches

Autumn – continuation of summer

Kenya, autumn, velvet season

Autumn in this country is no less beautiful and picturesque. It rains only in October, and September is the velvet season. Among other attractions in the fall, it is especially interesting to watch the migration of birds. The sight of thousands of African birds rising into the sky can be a truly captivating experience.

Another popular destination is fishing at Lake Victoria. Tourists leave exceptionally rave reviews about autumn vacations in this country, and they can definitely be believed

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