Travel to Denmark: see and do

Denmark travel guide

In Denmark you will see fjords and bays, old manors and wide wooded plains, many modern and provincial towns.

Features of vacations in Denmark


Denmark has an eventful history. This country is inextricably linked with the Vikings. And this fact attracts inquisitive tourists to the elegant, well-kept part of the world. A trip to Denmark is sure to turn into an entertaining adventure, as the country has plenty to see and visit.

A Miniature World in Billund

In the heart of Denmark in the small town of Billund there is a colorful world built of plastic bricks. For small travelers, this unusual park is a real discovery. Made of familiar to many designers Lego cars, cranes and ships can swim and ride, and on the territory of the park meets Indians, pirates and knights. The realistic setting of Legoland will delight not only children but also their parents.

In this fabulous place kids can get their first license to drive an electric car, meet real pirates and ride a fire-breathing dragon. In total, the park has over 50 attractions for adults and children from 3 to 13 years.

Legoland is open from April to October from 10:00 to 20:00 (attractions until 18:00). The ticket for an adult costs 309 CZK, for children from 3 to 12 years the price is 289 CZK. To explore all the interesting places in the park one day is not enough. It is therefore advisable to find a few suitable accommodation options in advance, so that the next day to complete the inspection of Legoland.

Odense, or the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen

On the island of Funen, Odense is a delightful place to stay.

What money to bring?


Denmark is quite an attractive country for tourists. It on its small territory, partly consisting of islands, is able to offer travelers a variety of recreation. And tourists do not need to bother with the choice of season for travel, as vacation in Denmark is possible all year round.

As for the currency to be taken on a trip, it may be a Danish krone or euro. However, not all tourists from Russia, Ukraine or the Republic of Belarus will be able to buy the necessary amount of Danish kroner in their native city, so they can safely take the euro. However, tourists should note that It is possible to transport currency of no more than 10 thousand euros across the Danish border without a customs declaration. Otherwise, you will need to put a little effort and fill out a declaration to avoid problems.

In extreme case you can take dollars with you on the trip and then exchange them to crowns. It should be noted only that exchange rate of dollar – Danish krone is extremely unprofitable for travelers in Denmark. And it is impossible to pay with dollars in the country. Euros also have to be exchanged for local money on arrival. In Denmark you can buy only souvenirs for the pan-European currency.

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With the rubles it is so It is impossible to pay for services or shopping in Denmark, exchange to Danish kroner is rather problematic. Therefore it would be a good solution to convert it before the trip to euros, dollars or t… read in full

Shopping in Denmark


Despite the fact that Denmark is famous for national goods of the highest quality purposefully go to the Kingdom for shopping is not at all reasonable. That’s because the prices in this country are quite high. The best option can be an accompanying pleasant holiday a little shopping.

Stores in Denmark will surprise even the most avid shopaholic with a variety of designer brands. The largest cluster of boutiques, shopping centers and authentic shops in the capital city of Copenhagen. Tourists can make sure of it during a walk along the pedestrian street Strogen. On it the largest department store of the country Magasin du Nord is located, where you can buy absolutely everything. More expensive shopping center Illum awaits tourists here.

All over the world Denmark is known as the home Lego. If travelers come to the country with children they simply must buy at least one set of this educational toy. In the capital it can be done in the company store on Strogen Street. Not find a store selling the constructor simply impossible. Because in his windows are installed huge Lego pieces.

Another place where you can buy a 100% original constructor is a small town Billund. It is in the factory, which produces a favorite toy of many boys, and therefore open a brand store. It is located right next to the Legoland Park. An amazing discovery for customers will be the possibility… read more

Rent a Car in Denmark


The main transportation lines of cars for rent in Denmark are located on the left bank of the River Daugava. In Denmark it is one of the smallest countries for renting a car. The rail network is spread throughout the country. Trains are beautiful and comfortable. But the disadvantage of this type of transport is that it is not cheap, and besides, you must adjust to the schedule. Travel between cities in Denmark by bus is a little cheaper, but also many do not want to be tied to a schedule. So I want to say that transport in Denmark, as convenient as a car just does not exist. I am referring to those people who do not like bicycles. Especially, that the roads in this country are very good and it is a pleasure to ride on them. But we must remember that many Danes prefer to travel by bicycle. And this two-wheeled transport has an advantage on the road before cars and buses.

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Also you should remember that in Denmark the allowed speed in cities is 50 km/h, not 60. But on country roads it is allowed to drive up to 80 km/h, and on highways up to 130 km/h.

In order to rent a car in Denmark the driver must be at least 20 years old and have an international driving license. Also you will need a credit card to pay for car rental, cash is not very popular in this country. If you are planning a trip at the weekend, it’s better to book a car in advance. And it is better to choose a small size model, so it would be easier to park. In fact, in the cities of Denmark the streets are narrow. Moreover, this concerns. read completely.

Useful information


Denmark is a small Scandinavian country, which can surprise even the most demanding travelers. The level of tourist service in the Danish kingdom is quite high. Even in cozy little towns such as Svendborg, tourists can easily find a cheap place to stay with a decent level of service, a restaurant or cafe with a delicious menu and an exciting sightseeing program.

Tourists will be impressed by the variety of recreation at the resorts in Denmark: here you can explore modern and historical sites, plunge into the fun nightlife of the capital, go sailing on a snow-white yacht or make your first ever bicycle ride.

Visitors to popular Danish resorts are often tourists with children. For the little travelers visiting Denmark becomes a real adventure. Medieval castles, Legoland and snow-white beaches will conquer travelers of all ages.

The most popular transport in Denmark

By the way, the main mode of transport in Denmark is a bicycle. Bicycle paths are kept in perfect condition in all cities of the kingdom. And to rent a bike is simple enough. Tourists need to look at a nearby rental station, choose a two- or three-wheeled transport and pay a rental fee of 9 to 15 euros per day. The three-wheelers are usually equipped with a child’s seat, which is more like a cart built into a bicycle.


With what currency is better to go to Denmark?


First of all it is worth mentioning that Denmark has its own currency – Danish kroner. And the money with which tourists come to this country (euros or dollars) is best exchanged for Danish kroner in specialized exchange offices. They are called Currency Exchange and are scattered practically all over the city. You will see them everywhere – at the central railway station, on the pedestrian street and, respectively, on the main street.

You categorically shouldn’t change currency at hotel reception desks because the exchange rate there is really not profitable. The fact that each hotel seeks to earn on currency exchange, so of course offers the rate that it is convenient. Also in Denmark it is quite easy to pay in euros. In fact, in ninety percent of the stores and restaurants, as well as in a cab you will take the euro. But be sure to take into account that the change will give you in Danish kroner and at the rate they set themselves! It is not recommended to pay for euros in Danish McDonald’s, because there is a special rate, which is the lowest.

Bonifacio is a city in the south of Corsica, France.

If you do not want to bother your head with problems – where the best exchange rate in Denmark and where to change the currency, you can just pay your expenses by credit card. But in this case, however, there are peculiarities. The fact is that by the rules of payment by credit card must be accepted everywhere. But many stores, for example, to credit cards in countries other than Denmark are indifferent.

10 things to do in Denmark

Nina Akimkina

Kronborg Castle is world famous thanks to Shakespeare and his “Hamlet”, which takes place here. The castle is located on the island of Zealand near the town of Helsingør. Now inside is the Danish Maritime Museum, dedicated to the development of the Danish Navy from the Renaissance to modern times. Every year at the summer solstice in the castle theater troupes from different countries put their versions of “Hamlet”.

2. Learn about Scandinavian life

Fünen Village in Odense is an open-air museum with contact pigs, horses and sheep. The original idea was to recreate the Scandinavian village as it was from the 16th to the 19th century and as the great storyteller saw it. The houses here are real – the old buildings were collected from all over Denmark. Farmers live in them, farming as their grandfathers and great grandfathers did. You can see old women with wooden spinning wheels, shepherds guarding their animals. In the paddocks you can meet the horses of the ancient Frederiksborg breed.

Walk through the streets of the village and admire the green half-timbered houses. Visit an authentic blacksmith or pottery workshop, taste beer in the local brewery, and in summer you can catch a real village festival.

3. Escape to the ends of the world

People come to the Faroe Islands to get in touch with nature and feel like they’re at the edge of the world. And when you get bored, you can always return to a comfortable hotel and enjoy the charms of civilization. Faroe Islands are also called Sheep Islands – there are indeed a lot of sheep, along with the extraction of herring, they constitute the main source of income of islanders. Tourists are offered warm sweaters and skeins of quality wool – the best gift for needlewomen.

Here a real paradise for rock climbers, lovers of natural rock beauty and fishermen. Cultural life is represented by folk festivals, seasonal festivals and local round dances. For gastronomic tourists, the Faroese will offer dozens of species of fish, whale meat, dried or dried lamb.

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4. Birdwatching in Tu National Park

If you want to see a piece of unspoiled nature, head to Tu National Park. You don’t have to walk through the park – you can ride bikes or ride an Icelandic horse. Meadows and dunes are home to nesting birds, including some rare ones, and the luckiest observers can see dancing cranes with their own eyes. In addition, there is a beach – you can swim and sunbathe, and the local club will provide the necessary equipment for windsurfing. The coastal village has a North Sea Aquarium and you can always buy fresh fish. History buffs will enjoy learning about the legacy of World War II by exploring exhibits at the Hanstolm Museum Center and visiting bunkers scattered around the island.

5. Visit the home of Lego

Constructors “Lego” familiar to everyone, but not everyone knows that the birthplace of the famous toy – Denmark. Located in the tiny town of Billund “Legoland” – today the amusement park, attracting annually at least a million children from around the world. The park opened in 1968, becoming the first such theme park in the world (there are now six). Legoland is built of 46 million Lego cubes of various sizes.

6. Taste royal life at Frederiksborg Castle

The royal residence of Frederiksborg was built in the 18th century on the island of Zealand. It is a true northern palace with a park, lake and flowerbeds, considered the most beautiful castle belonging to the Danish royal family. The wonderful place is accessible to visitors only one month a year.

Tourists are allowed into the castle only in July, when the monarchs go on vacation. The highlight of the park is the Norwegian Valley flowerbed, dotted with statues of fishermen and farmers (about 70 statues). You can appreciate the quality of fruits and vegetables from the greenhouse – this harvest is served every day to the royal family. And inside the palace, you can explore the rooms from the attic to the basement. Don’t forget to take an audio guide (Russian is available). And be sure to see the gallery with portraits of Danish kings.

7. Walk the edge between the cliffs and the sea

Danes and tourists love the cliffs of Møns Klint for their incredible beauty. The main attraction here is the long walk along the narrow edge of the pebble beach between the white, glistening in the sunlight rocks and the emerald sea water. The combination of colors defies description, but add to that a sliver of green from the trees growing on the rocks. During the walk, you can find ancient fossilized mollusks that have lain deep in the rock for millions of years.

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It is impossible to get lost here, caring Danes have posted signs everywhere. The acquaintance with nature can be continued by climbing up the rocks in search of thickets of wild orchids, of which there are no less than twenty varieties. You can finish the walk at the geo-center of the same name at the top of the rocks – it is an interactive museum, presenting the history of the rocks from the Cretaceous Period to the present day, and a 3D cinema.

8. Drive to Sweden over the Øresund Bridge

The Øresund bridge-tunnel allows you to quickly get from Copenhagen to Sweden’s Malmö. You can leave the Danish capital by train or car, go through the tunnel on the artificial island of Peberholm, cross the natural island of Saltholm and reach the city of Malmö. Both names of the islands arose during the construction process, the first translates as Pepper Island, the second as Sol Island. The industrious Danes created a small nature park on Peberholm.

Trains travel part of the way through the tunnel, and then leave on an artificial rock island, and then follow the lower tier in the direction of Sweden. There is a toll for all modes of transport across the bridge, plus a passport is required. Cars drive on top of the structure, passengers have a breathtaking view of the Eresund Bay. Photos from the top of the bridge are better – the train passengers are disturbed by the glimpses of the overlaps. To look at the bridge from the side you can climb to the observation deck in Malmö.

9. Enjoy the Baltic Sea

There is a version that the island Bornholm, which lies in the waters of the Baltic Sea, inspired Pushkin and became a fairy tale Bujan. It’s worth coming here for the Baltic waves caressing the snow-white sand of the deserted beaches and the mysterious grottos hiding in the rocks. After listening to the cries of Baltic seagulls, go into the silence of the forest, where there are comfortable paths, one of them leading to a waterfall. Once you’ve explored the nature, move on to see the old round mills, fish smokehouses, check out the Bornholm Art Museum, and be sure to reserve a table at an old restaurant on Støre Torv Square.

10. Appreciate Danish brewing

The Karsberg brewery was founded in 1847 by Jacob Christian Jacobsen, naming it after his son Carl. Now the old brewery is out of operation, but it serves as a museum. On the vast territory is an entire kingdom, where you can look at the production facilities, residential quarters, learn about the brewing process and, of course, try the beer.

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