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Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh, located at the mouth of the Karnaphuli River. Chittagong is considered the most famous tourist center of Bangladesh, which is a must-visit for all visitors traveling in the country. The reason for this is the good location of the city: between the picturesque mountainous areas and the sea. The surrounding area boasts not only a beautiful seashore with numerous shoals and islands, but also a huge number of ancient monasteries belonging to different cultures of the original hill tribes who live in the hills of Chittagong.


Chittagong is located in a tropical monsoon climate zone. Summers are rainy and hot, with temperatures ranging from about 23 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes as high as 40 degrees Celsius. In winter it is cool and dry and the average temperature ranges from 12 to 25 degrees. The most acceptable time to visit Chittagong is from October to February. It is highly discouraged to visit in April or May, as the high temperatures and humidity will make the stay here very uncomfortable.

How to get there

Chittagong has an international airport that receives flights from Sylhet and Dhaka, as well as from Calcutta, Muscat, and Kuwait.

The train station is on Station Road, and the city can be reached by car or bus.


Where to stay

There are plenty of options for overnight stays in Chittagong, hotels are inexpensive, a room can be rented for $20-30 per person.

The best hotels in the city are considered: Hotel Agrabad 5*, Well Park Residence and The Peninsula Chittagong. Those who want to find a mid-range hotel should consider the Hotel Al-Faisal, Hotel Golden Inn, Hotel Bandargaon or Hotel Saint Martin. An economy hotel is the Hotel Miskha.

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Buses, cabs, rickshaws and cyclorickshaws are the most popular local public transport. You should ask the driver about the fare. So if you want to get to Miskha you’ll need to be extremely careful on the roads.

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Telecom & WI-FI

Phone service in Bangladesh does not meet modern standards. You can find pay phones in the main streets, hotels, post offices.


Chittagong is a large modern city where you can easily find both large shopping centers with brand name clothing and small souvenir shops with keepsakes.

Those who like active shopping, it is better not to linger in the malls, and go to the “live” local markets, where you can find goods for every taste. Bargaining here is not only allowed, but also necessary. First, the price of goods can be significantly reduced, and secondly, you will not be considered ignorant of the local sellers. Bargaining here is not a sign of bad manners, bargaining is a tradition.

What to Try

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes offering Indian, Thai, Chinese, European and national cuisines. Locals love spicy, greasy food, but it can be quite heavy for unaccustomed Europeans. For this reason, tourists are advised to dine at the hotel and visit restaurants, avoiding street stalls that offer local delicacies and sweets.

The local cuisine is based on spicy rice, lentils, fish, vegetables, and meat. Surprisingly, the color of each dish depends on the spices and seasonings. Among the most common national dishes are “dum” – baked meat, vegetables and rice in a pot, mutton kebab in a flatbread called “kati roti”, pilaw or pilaf, lamb ribs “chap” and potato flatbread “puri”.

The sweet dishes include “roshgolla” curd balls, “mishti” sweets, and “shemai” sweet vermicelli. Sweets are drunk with milk tea, sour milk drink “Lassi” or fruit juices.

Attractions in Bangladesh

The main attractions of the cities and regions of Bangladesh, as well as places of interest to tourists, with descriptions and photos. Location of these interesting sites and places on the map. The most popular sights are: Buddhist Vihara in Paharpur, Dhaka Zoo, Lalbagh Fort, Star Mosque, Madhabkunda Falls, Bangladesh National Museum. The ranking is based on your visits.

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Top Sightseeing Attractions (18)

On the map of Bangladesh – City not listed Architecture and monuments

The term “vihara” originally referred to the refuge of wandering monks and later to a Buddhist monastery. The monks led a wandering life without permanent housing, and only spent the rainy season in huts of temporary construction. It was considered an honorable thing to shelter a monk and provide him with shelter.

On the Map of Bangladesh – Dhaka Entertainment

The National Zoo of Bangladesh is located in Dhaka, Mirpur district. It is one of the most popular places where locals and foreign tourists enjoy spending time. Established in 1974, the National Zoo has been improving for many years and is considered one of the best zoos in Bangladesh.

On the map of Bangladesh – Dhaka Architecture and monuments

Lalbah, or Fort Aurangabad, the Mogul Fortress Palace, is located in Dhaka, on the Buriganga River in the southwestern part of the old city. The rivers that washed the walls of the fort have long since gone south and run a long distance from here. Construction of the fort was begun in 1678 by Prince Muhammad Azama during the time of the fort’s construction.

On the map of Bangladesh – Dhaka Architecture and monuments

The Star Mosque, also known as the Tara Mosque, is located in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, in the old part of the city. The Muslim temple is decorated with decorative elements, and the stylization of the stars of blue in its interior gave the mosque its name. According to documents, construction under the protectorate of Mirza G.

On the map of Bangladesh – Sylhet Nature

Madhabkunda Falls is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh. It is one of the largest waterfalls in the country. It is located in Barlekha Upaliza at a distance of 72 km from Maulvibazar, and 72 km from Sylhet city. Huge boulders, surrounding forest and adjacent streams attract many t.

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On the map of Bangladesh – Dhaka Museums and exhibitions

The National Museum of Bangladesh, officially opened on November 17, 1983, is one of the largest museums in South Asia. Its predecessor, the Dhaka Museum, was founded on August 7, 1913. The National Museum is devoted to archaeology, classical, decorative and contemporary art, history, natural

On the map of Bangladesh – Dhaka Architecture and monuments

In December 2008 to the east of the capital of Bangladesh, a replica of the Taj Mahal mausoleum was opened in Sonargaon. The initiator of the construction was Ahsanullah Moni, a well-known film producer in his country. The purpose of the construction, according to him, was to show the Soo.

On the map of Bangladesh – City not listed Architecture and monuments

The historic mosque city of Bagerhat is an example of medieval architecture and is located in the southwestern part of what is now Bagerhat district at the junction of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers. The ancient city, formerly known as Khalifatbad, flourished in the 15th century. The city has an area of 50 sq. km. It is home to most of the n.

On the map of Bangladesh – Dhaka Architecture and monuments

The town of Dhamrai is situated 20 km northwest of the capital. It is known for the preserved buildings of Hindu temples, built in the 15-17 centuries, and workshops where they produce souvenir figurines in the ancient way. The craft workshop itself is housed in a large colonial-style building in Sh.

On the map of Bangladesh – Bogra Architecture and monuments

Mahasthangarh is one of the earliest archaeological sites of urban architecture found in Bangladesh. The village of Mahasthan in Bogra district contains the remains of an ancient city called Pundranagara or Paundravardhanapura. The remains of a limestone slab with an inscription of six lines.

Development of speleotourism

On the map of Bangladesh – Dhaka Architecture and monuments

With the rapid growth of Dhaka in the late 1950s, there was a need for a mosque of greater capacity for the city’s growing Muslim population. The Baitul Mukarram Mosque Society was established in 1959 to oversee the project. The land that was chosen for the mosque is n.

On the map of Bangladesh – Cox’s Bazar Entertainment

Dulahazra Safari Park is located along the road from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar at a distance of 50 km from the city and is an animal sanctuary. It is inhabited by many wild and tame elephants. Bengal tigers, lions, crocodiles, monkeys, bears, and many species of birds can be found here. Dulakhas.

On the map of Bangladesh – Chittagong Museums and exhibitions

Chittagong Ethnological Museum is located on the busy shopping street Agrabad. It is the only ethnological museum that provides an insight into the lifestyles and heritage of the various nationalities of the country. It was established in 1965. The museum has collected rare objects used.

On the map of Bangladesh – Dhaka Architecture and monuments

The Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection is one of the oldest buildings and a historically significant landmark in Dhaka. It was built by the Armenian community in 1781 and is located in the Armanitola area of the old city. Rich merchants from Armenia came to the Indian subcontinent in the 12th century.

On the map of Bangladesh – City not listed Nature

The Sundarban mangrove forest is the largest in the East. A group of islands with mangroves are also grouped under this common name. The protected forest area in Bangladesh covers 6,000 square kilometers of surface in the southwest of the country. It is home to 333 plant species, in.

On the map of Bangladesh – Dhaka Architecture and monuments

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Sonargaon is the old capital of the ancient kingdom of Bengal of Isa Khan, even before the division of the state into the western part, which is under the protectorate of India, and the eastern part, which is actually the state of Bangladesh. Ancient Sonargaon has preserved many old buildings from that period.

On the map of Bangladesh – Chittagong Nature

Foy Lake is an artificially created body of water in Chittagong. It was formed in 1924 after the construction of a dam and was named after one of the partners who built the railroad. The main purpose of creating the water reservoir was to provide fresh water to the residents of the area. The lake is located in a row.

On the Map of Bangladesh – Chittagong Active Recreation

Patenga Beach is located about twenty kilometers from Chittagong and is close to major attractions and infrastructure, including Shah Amanat International Airport and Isha Khan Naval Base. It begins at the mouth of the Karnaphuli River and extends to the Bay of Bengal. Suppliers.


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