Travel ideas for romantics: TOP 11 most romantic places in Romania

13 most romantic places in Romania

13 the most romantic places in Romania

13 most romantic places in Romania

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A unique blend of fairy tale palaces, enchanting cities, hidden natural wonders and amazing landscapes, Romania has the perfect backdrop for romantic escapades. Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of its landscapes, lured by fascinating places and seduced by its wonderful architecture. When you want to escape your routine, discover amazing places and fill your spirit with love, wonder and enlightenment, choose one of these fascinating places and start organizing your dream trip.

The Old Center of Sibiu.

Chosen by Forbes as one of the most idyllic places in Europe, Sibiu’s Old Center has a special charm. Boasting attractive Baroque and Renaissance architecture, the city invites you to discover its art galleries, relax in its attractive terraces and restaurants, and view the city from the Council Tower. Have breakfast at Pardon and Bistro Café and discover deliciously prepared shells made with a secret recipe and mouthwatering homemade cheesecakes. If you’ll be in the winter, the magical Christmas Fair is sure to mesmerize you.


Brookenthal Palace.

“Transylvania’s Garden of Eden,” Brukenthal Palace in Arigga is the perfect place to enjoy the romantic atmosphere in 18th-century decor. A former Baroque summer residence, Bruckenthal Palace boasts the only Baroque park in Transylvania and a wonderful Orangery, which is now a glamorous guesthouse. There is a garden cafe and restaurant where romantic candlelit dinners can be arranged. Indulge in sumptuous meals in a seductive setting.


Brasov is a city of wonders and stunning views. In Brasov, the city meets nature, creating amazing scenery. Settled in the foothills of the Timpa hill, the city surprises with its centuries-old Remparts, its small streets adorned with libraries, restaurants, cafes and museums and its extraordinary Gothic church. Nevertheless, the panoramic views are second to none. Take the cable car to Timpa Hill and be prepared to be carried away. Don’t miss the scenic ropeway or the beautiful ropeway museum, its delicious cupcakes and handmade souvenirs.

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Brasov in the evening © Andrew / Flickr

Targu Giu.

Târgu Giu, located in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, is a beautiful town in the Oltenia region that houses the masterpieces of contemporary sculptor Konstantin Brancusi. In Konstantin Brancushy Park, next to the Ju River, couples stop under the Kiss Gate to celebrate their love. On the columns of the gate, two semicircles stand as a symbol of a kiss, of two halves that form one soul. If you visit your lover, don’t pass by without kissing each other.


Kissing Gate, Tyrgu Jiu | © Ştefan Jurcă / Flickr

Sighisoara Citadel

Among Europe’s most beautiful fortresses, the citadel of Sigishoara is a charming place you could easily fall in love with. Its small, cobblestone streets, decorated with colorful houses, inspire the medieval atmosphere of the era. Inside, the charm of the old days, when the citadel was filled with artisans, merchants and fine people, makes you feel like they’re back in time. Don’t miss the scenic views from the clock tower and capture the beauty of the surrounding city. In July, during the Medieval Festival, the old atmosphere comes alive with its brave knights and the wonderful ladies of the citadel.



Sinaia is a charming Prahova Valley resort that turns into a colorful winter resort at the end of the year. Nevertheless, stories of kings and queens are told in Sinai all year round, at Pelesh Castle. The former summer residence of King Carol Ist of Romania, the 19th-century castle is a gem of German neo-Renaissance architecture. Its more than 150 rooms showcase a variety of architectural styles, from Art Nouveau to Roccoco to Morrish styles. Nearby, Pelisor Castle preserves the heart of Queen Marie, one of Romania’s favorite monarchs. A place of love and royalty.


Castle Cantacuzino

Cantacuzino Castle, located in Busteni, is one of the hidden gems of Romania, is an elegant place where romance is mixed with history and stylish events. The 20th-century building was built by George Cantacuzino, former prime minister of Romania. Today, the castle and its gardens have a restaurant, gift store, art galleries and a grand ballroom that creates a romantic atmosphere through exquisite decorations. Whether you just want to visit, take part in one of the classical music events or celebrate your wedding day, Castle Cantacuzino will walk you in.

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One of the most beautiful cities in Romania, Oradea’s baroque and Art Nouveau architecture is sure to capture your attention. The majestic buildings are inviting for an evening stroll, when small lights add a romantic note to the atmosphere. Near the city, you can indulge in luxury spas. The area is well known for its thermal waters, recognized internationally for their therapeutic effects. You can spend your day in the pool, get a relaxing massage and enjoy a relaxing time.


Tunnel of Love

A place filled with magic, the Tunnel of Love is an amazing place. Located on the railroad connecting the town of Karanebes to Buzari, the now abandoned place has been transformed into a green tunnel and a natural wonder. A remote place where lovers can hide from the rest of the world.

Chase Autumn.

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A small village in southern Transylvania , Viscri is an authentic place, a unique combination of Saxon heritage, beautiful homes, warm people and a royal touch. Prince Charles himself fell in love with the village and bought the traditional house, now converted into a guest house. The bucolic setting is perfect for those who want to spend some time in a century-old village decorated with quaint homes.


The cultural and artistic capital of the region of Moldova, Iaşi is an attractive city with an outstanding Palace of Culture, one of Romania’s most iconic buildings. The impressive monument houses four of the city’s museums, which showcase the city’s history and art. However, one of the most idyllic places in the city is Copo Park, where the poet Mihai Eminescu used inspiration for his poems. However, if you like flowers, the Rose Garden of the Botanical Garden is a must see in Iasi.


Gura Portiţei.

The sandy beaches of the Black Sea could not be excluded from the list of romantic places in Romania. Its seaside resorts offer everything from quaint beaches to hipster resorts to the Black Sea’s largest port. But in Gura Portitei, you’ll find a true sea treasure. White sandy beaches, crystal water and a soothing atmosphere. Whether you choose a rustic guesthouse, a modern hotel or just a hike to the beach, this is the perfect place to relax by the sea.

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Heile Nerei

Nerei Gorges is a natural reserve. Over 600 species of plants and trees create a natural haven, a place where you can get lost in the wonderful forests, admire its blue lakes and the impressive Bigair Falls. A place to explore, to capture the beauty of the mountains and allow yourself to marvel at the wonders of nature.

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Peljes Castle

Each of these Romanian cities is special, with its own history and unique tourist attractions, its own charm at any time of year. And they are also incredibly romantic. Newlyweds or just lovers will feel very comfortable here, settling in one of them or taking a tour of all six.

Sighisoara – a town from a fairy tale

Sighisoara is one of the best preserved medieval towns on the old continent. Walking under the full moon through its beautiful and somewhat mysterious cobblestone streets will be unforgettable for couples in love. On the hill where the Church on the Hill is located, there is also the Tower of the Clock. You can climb it after climbing the 300 steps of the student staircase to see the entire city, whose historic center was included in the UNESCO heritage list in 1999. You can settle in Sighisoara in a historic building, in rooms with a medieval interior.

Sibiu – city in the heart of Romania

The city of Sibiu, protected by the beautiful Fagaras Mountains, is appreciated by romantics of all ages due to the medieval atmosphere of its historic center. Winding streets, gothic churches, guilded towers, imposing buildings, shady passages, defensive walls and powerful watchtowers remind one of the old times, when Sibiu was an important Saxon fortress in Transylvania. The Council Tower and the Cathedral Tower, which you can climb, allow you to see the entire city, and the Brukenthal Museum allows you to explore its unrealistically intricate history. Couples looking for privacy can find a secluded spot in the Fortress Park, beautiful and quiet.

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Brasov – the pearl of the Carpathians

And Brasov is a symbol of the Middle Ages, when it was a strong city that did not let itself be overrun by numerous invaders. Today it has exchanged its militancy for romanticism, embellished with legends and tales in which love plays a major role. There are tall towers here too (the White Tower and the Bastion of Weavers), where you can rise above the city. Walks and hikes in the city, a cable car and stunningly clean air in Poiana Brasov – what else do lovers need? And then there’s the crazy water park.

Timisoara – little Vienna on the banks of the river Bega

Foreign tourists unanimously assert that Timisoara is very similar to Vienna, though in its miniature version. With wide streets and boulevards, majestic squares, colorful historical center, elegant palaces, parks and botanical gardens. If you want to get away from it all, you can visit the Banat Museum and stop off at one of the old houses. For two! And what a sunset on Faleza Begay!

Târgu-Mures – the medieval spirit of Transylvania

Quiet and bohemian Târgu-Mures offers a journey through time through its medieval streets, between pastel-colored houses, cathedrals, churches and palaces. Victory Square and Rose Square are places where locals like to gather in the evening to chat and breathe in the amazingly clean mountain air. And in the afternoon, after visiting the ancient fortress, you can sit together in a cafe and enjoy a very tasty cake “Dobos”.

Bucharest – a little Paris

Bucharest has theaters and museums, parks and botanical gardens, as well as many opportunities for entertainment and recreation. For a taste of Romanian culture, the Ateneum or the Romanian Opera are worth a visit, followed by a stroll in the Hărăstrău, Cismigiu, Alexandru Ion Cusa or Carol Park. Bucharest’s huge boulevards only accentuate the resemblance to Paris, and the historic city center is delightful at night. Romance is here at home!

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