Travel around Denmark. City of Kolding.

Travel around Denmark. City of Kolding.

On the southeastern side of the Jutland Peninsula, in the Kingdom of Denmark is an old town called Kolding. Kolding is the tenth largest port in the Danish state , it sits on a long fjord, and opens into the Little Belt strait, where you can clearly see the bridge of the columns to the north and the horizon of the coast of the island of Funen. The water in the harbor is clean and clear, and on weekends there is a line of yachts, which after a while head for the city. Among other things, Kolding is the most important navigational hub in the Baltic Sea.

Kolding has a rich history, it emerged in the XII century, at that time it was a place of trade, due to this access to the sea was protected. In the XIII century, the Duchy of Schleswig separated from Denmark, and Kolding became a border crossing point. Later Koldinghuis Tower was built, which burned down in 1808, then was reconstructed and modernized in 1990. In 1864, the borders of the state of Denmark were redrawn, which sealed the autonomy of the Duchy of Schleswig from Denmark.

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Travel around Denmark. City of Kolding

The city’s ranking rose considerably when Kolding became an important transportation hub . Between the establishment of Copenhagen as the capital in the 16th century and the era of the “travelling kingdoms” many Danish kings frequently visited the city, and before that time Kolding was little known . Then came another important event, the beginning of the construction of bridges over the Little Belt, and the three cities of the Kingdom of Denmark: Kolding, Vejle and Fredericia were called the “Kolding Triangle”.

This played a big role for the economic development of the city, it could now be compared to Copenhagen. Today, the “Kolding Triangle” forms the most important transport link. Many highways and railroads of Western Denmark pass here, in this place cross European highway E 45 and the highway E 20. Attractions of the city are of great interest for tourists from many countries, they introduce them to the culture, history and identity of the Danish state.

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Travel around Denmark. City of Kolding.

In 1863 a monument to the Danish defenders of the war in Southern Jutland was erected in a beautiful picturesque place, surrounded by five kinds of trees that symbolize the unity of the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland . And after the end of World War II in 1945, a memorial to the fallen Danes was erected. This memorial was built in the form of a bell tower, and in the summer at certain times you can hear the chime of the chimes as a reminder of those terrible days associated with the war.

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One of Denmark’s most famous museums, the Trapholt, opened in 1988 and is located in a beautiful park overlooking the Coldin Fjord. In the museum you can see a large collection of furniture made by local designers in the Danish style, a number of sculptures by contemporary Danish artists, and a cube-shaped summer house by the famous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen.

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Travel around Denmark. City of Kolding

The museum also features exhibitions of various ceramics and textile handicrafts. This is the only museum in Denmark where all kinds of modern and applied arts are represented. In the center of Kolding is a museum Koldinghus, which has its own unique history of creation. In 1268, Koldinghus fortress was built as a protective border between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Duchy of Schleswig.

Later in the 16th century it was rebuilt and reconstructed, and the great tower of Koldinghus was built around 1600. At that time the Danish king often stayed here. This is where you’ll find exclusive and unique collections of silver and faience ware and some memorabilia from former wars. In an ancient building, where there used to be a children’s sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis, is a medical museum, which tells us about the early activities of Danish nurses.

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Travel around Denmark. City of Kolding.

It is not unreasonable to visit the mini-town of Kolding, where you will feel like a real Gulliver. The town itself is presented as it looked in 1860-1870, but on a scale of 1:10. Immediately behind this mini-town is the Farm Museum, where visitors can get an idea of life in Denmark in the good old days, see the old tools that used to work the land. And also enter the dining room, where the then cooks prepared delicious food for the farmers.

Children in Colding, too, will not be sad, they will be very pleased if you visit the Toy Museum, which houses a variety of toys, preserved from the past to the present time. The city also has a beautiful botanical garden, where you can see rare and beautiful species of plants from many countries around the world and an irresistible House of Camellias.

In Kolding there are often held various festivals, artists from different countries come here. Life in this city is always busy and interesting.

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Kolding is a small provincial town located near the border with Germany. You can start your city sightseeing from its main street. Here you’ll find a few large stores, exhibition galleries and you can also visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum. You can learn more about the history of the city in the Museum of the History of Colding, which was opened in the walls of the old castle. The construction of the castle itself is striking in its grandeur. In the halls of the museum you can see collections of military ammunition and displays of ancient documents.

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Another architectural structure under state protection is the Royal Castle. It was built in 1268 and was intended to protect the borders of the Kingdom of Denmark. Over five hundred years the castle has changed its status several times and was rebuilt. Originally, it was an austere Gothic building; even today, in some parts of the walls, one can still recognise signs of masonry characteristic of the Gothic style. The castle had two wings after it was finished, and in 1534, its structure was expanded to include two more wings. This led to the formation of a beautiful inner square, the perimeter of which was surrounded by defensive moats. In 1597 the castle was badly damaged by the fire and was completely reconstructed a few years later by order of Christian IV. In the western part of the fortress the Great Tower was erected, the Knights’ Hall appeared, and a new church was built to replace the destroyed chapel. During the reign of Friedrich IV the castle was transformed from a Gothic palace into a Baroque palace, and its appearance as well as the interior decoration was changed.

The building was badly damaged by a fire at the beginning of the 19th century and its reconstruction began in 1930. The castle that we can see today is the creation of architect Viggo Norn.

In Kolding there are several beautiful old churches preserved, some of the most popular attractions are the churches of St. Nicholas and St. Michael. They are commonly regarded as a single architectural and historical complex, these churches were built in the same period – at the turn of the 12th – 13th centuries. In the Middle Ages the city repeatedly suffered from fires, and the two churches are among the few that managed to survive that unhappy period. They look much the same now as they did in the early years after their founding. The churches are still active and regularly hold services. Copyright

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Art aficionados will love the Trappholt Art Museum, with paintings from various periods. This museum is often used for various art exhibitions and cultural events, and admission to most of them is completely free.

Nature lovers will love the Botanical Gardens, it is considered one of the most interesting and largest in Denmark. Now it is possible to see a lot of rare plants, brought from different parts of the world. The garden has several greenhouses, which are available to visitors all year round.

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An ordinary stroll through the city can also turn into a fascinating excursion. As noted earlier, virtually all of Calding’s medieval monuments were destroyed by fires, after which the city was painstakingly rebuilt by local craftsmen. The historic streets are now filled with beautiful 16th- and 17th-century buildings that offer interesting stores, souvenir shops, and restaurants.


One of the most unusual museums in the city is Kolding Miniby, its main exhibits are miniature models of historical houses. This open-air museum is located in a beautiful park and accurately recreates some of the historic streets of the city. Here you can admire scaled-down replicas of many famous landmarks, as well as take lots of spectacular photos.

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The Hartevaerket Museum is housed in a beautiful historical building and is dedicated to an important part of the city’s communications, the water supply. In this museum you can see an old model of the waterworks and many of the exhibits can be touched, so the museum is very popular with tourists with children. Part of its exhibits are presented outdoors in the garden.

Cultural attractions in Kolding

Trapholt Art Museum

The main historical symbol of Kolding is the ancient castle Koldinghus, it is considered one of the most beautiful in Denmark. The very first defensive fortress on its site was built back in the 13th century, over time it has expanded significantly and turned into an impregnable castle. Each new owner supplied it with new additions and reconstructed it at his discretion, even now the fortress has remained thick stone walls. At one time it was a royal residence, by order of the royal family a lush garden was laid out around the castle.

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Now within the walls of the castle works an interesting historical museum, it has a large collection of furniture from the 16th century, as well as works of art from different periods. Among the exhibits of great interest are the silverware and ancient ceramics, as well as a collection of handicrafts. The picturesque garden, which surrounds the castle, in the warm season is a place of various historical festivals and reconstructions, in the summer it is decorated with a special landscape composition.

Hotel Koldingfjord Kolding

In the city there is an interesting museum Trapholt, which acquaints visitors with the works of famous Danish artists and craftsmen. The basis of its exposition consists of beautiful handmade furniture, which local craftsmen made for wealthy aristocrats in the 17th and 18th centuries. Absolutely all pieces of furniture shown in the museum were made by hand. Also, the museum has an extensive collection of paintings and sculptures, and part of the museum halls is used for temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. The museum occupies a beautiful historical building, which in itself is a valuable architectural monument.

In the city there are several unique ancient churches, the most famous are the Church of Sankt Nicolai Kirke and the Church of Kirche St. Michael. These churches were built at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries, and over the hundreds of years they were destroyed and rebuilt several times. Today there is little left of the original appearance of the churches, they are valuable monuments of late medieval architecture. More cultural attractions

Entertainment in Kolding

Dänemark Christiansfeld

The main attractions for visitors to Colding are still walking through local parks and exploring natural attractions, so active tourists are best advised to visit the city in late spring or summer. One of the most beautiful is the Geographical Gardens botanical garden, which is historic. On the territory of the garden have been preserved several beautiful old buildings, and of great value are also growing here rare herbs and trees.

In spring and summer, you can always admire the lush flower beds in the garden, its territory has comfortable paths for strolls. There is a small zoo on the territory of the extensive garden, where you can see animals from different parts of the world. Most of them are very friendly and not afraid of people. Visitors are allowed to feed the animals, and some even take them in their arms. It is also worth noting that the botanical garden has large greenhouses with exotic plants, so it will be interesting to visit it at any time of year.

Tourists with children will love the picturesque city park Legeparken. It also has a beautifully landscaped park with many playgrounds for children, as well as wooden benches and tables. The park is a popular place for city folk to have a nice family picnic or to have a rest in one of the cozy cafes.

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Lovers of long walks should visit the picturesque foothill area Marielundssoen. Here are preserved incredibly beautiful old forests, which were once available to visit only members of the royal family. These forests are still home to rare species of animals and birds, so tours through them promise to be incredibly exciting. This natural area is also famous for its beautiful lakes, which always attract anglers. More about the attractions

Colding’s attractions for families with children

In Caulding, tourists with children will be able to arrange an interesting educational vacation, and the city has many great family attractions and beautiful parks. If the kids are partial to creativity, you should definitely visit the Nicolai for Children center with them. It is private, here for the kids every day spend interesting workshops, in which they can learn a variety of creativity, and also for visitors to the center spend interesting educational activities. It is best for visitors to the art workshops to sign up in advance.

The city has excellent conditions for outdoor recreation, a great place for family holidays would be a park Legeparken i Kolding. This park is located on the lakeside, from the others it differs a variety of playgrounds, which are designed exclusively for children. There is a favorite of all children sandboxes, and various gymnastic equipment and swings, and many other attractions that are sure to please children. There are comfortable benches everywhere in the park, and both kids and their parents will feel comfortable here.


One of the most beautiful places in the city is The Geographical Gardens, which is always full of tourists and locals with children. The garden is quite large, and during the warm season it is decorated with luxurious blooming lilac bushes and elite roses. There are lots of interesting surprises waiting for visitors in the picturesque garden. Children will love the playgrounds equipped for them, and adults can borrow an interesting book from one of the original open libraries and, resting in the shade of trees, enjoy reading.

Those who prefer active entertainment should visit the park Den Geografiske Have Kolding. This park is also very beautiful and well-groomed, it is equipped with unusual attractions for visitors to test their strength and agility. Many of the rides are suitable for both children and adults, in this amazing park you can successfully combine a walk through the scenic areas with active entertainment. More children’s attractions

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