Trapani in 3 Days, Italy

Trapani sights: what to see in and around Trapani

Trapani, one of the largest cities in Western Sicily and a great starting point to explore the island. It has its own airport, port and train station, so there are no problems with transportation. Attractions in Trapani are varied and interesting. The city is the capital of the province of the same name, very rich in various kinds of interesting places. With which we will introduce you now. The starting point for all routes to Trapani attractions is the railway station.

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Sightseeing in Sicily - Erice

Name in native language: Erice Charm, traditions and stories from the past, beauty and wonder. You can feel it all yourself during a walk through the streets of Erice, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Erice is known for its many temples, it was known as the city of a hundred churches. However, there are actually fewer, but many of them must be visited. In addition to the Norman-style church of San Martino and the church of San Albertino degli Abbati, we will highlight the oldest church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. In addition to the temples, Erice offers fantastic views of Trapani, the sea and the Sicilian hinterland. And most importantly, the unique, mysterious atmosphere of the place, seasoned with mists and highland coolness.

Coordinates: Latitude: 38.0380897521973 Longitude: 12.5873508453369

Itinerary by car

Drive on Via Virgilio and on Via Capitano Salvatore Poma in the direction of Via Giovanni Battista Fardella

Drive on SP31 in Via Antonino Miceli (Casa Santa)

Head in Via S. Anna towards Strada Provinciale 31/SP31

Turn right on Strada Provinciale 31/SP31.

Continue on SP3. Head on Via Vito Carvini in the direction of Via G. Fontana (Erice).

Salt Museum

Salt Museum

Name in native language: Museo delle Saline The famous Trapani Salt Museum is located in the heart of the Trapani Saline Reserve. It is a private family business located along the route known as the road of salt. The museum is located in the building of a former farm from the seventeenth century, which was used to grind salt, with its large windmill. There are antique tools used by the people who worked there, as well as a collection of documents and old photographs. Through the tour, visitors can discover the stages of salt processing, how it has evolved over the centuries and admire the exhibition of original artifacts.

Coordinates: Latitude: 37.9779472351074 Longitude: 12.5031356811523

Go south on Piazza Umberto I in the direction of Via Osorio

Turn left in Via Osorio

Take a gentle left in Piazza Giangiacomo Ciaccio Montalto

Turn left in Via Virgilio.

Continue on Via Libica

At the traffic circle take the 1st exit on SP21.

Turn right in Via Garibaldi in Nubia/Strada Comunale Paceco – Nubia

Continue on Via Garibaldi in Nubia

Turn right in VIA CHIUSA – NUBIA

Opening hours: Daily from 9:30 to 19:00 Price: Entrance fee to Trapani Salt Museum €2.50, discounts for groups of at least 30 people (€2) and students (€1.50). Classification: Museum.

Salina Trapani

Trapani Salinas

Name in native language: Riserva Naturale Saline Di Trapani The Salt Lagoon is located in Western Sicily, on the coast connecting Trapani to Marsala. A unique site opposite the island of Mothia, on the famous “salt road” which offers visitors many opportunities such as: a visit to the Infersa plant and museum, the salt lakes; a visit to Isola Lunga. The beautiful lakes have become a haven for flamingos and herons, of which there are many. In addition, at sunset you get magical pictures with mills, birds, mountains of salt and lakes.

What to see and visit in Brussels

Coordinates: Latitude: 37.9782218933105 Longitude: 12.5093383789063

Head along Piazza Giangiacomo Ciaccio Montalto in the direction of Via Ilio

Take Via I Dorsale Z.I.R and the SP21 towards Via Garibaldi in Nubia/Strada Comunale Paceco – Nubia (Paceco)

Turn right in Via Garibaldi in Nubia/Strada Comunale Paceco – Nubia

Continue on Via Garibaldi, Nubia

Your destination will be on the left

Mode: Round the clock Cost: Free Classification: Reserve

Santa Margherita Beach

Trapani Sights

Name in native language: Baia Santa Margherita Before arriving in San Vito Lo Capo and passing through the village of Castelluzzo, you can admire one of the most unspoiled stretches on the west coast of Sicily; we are talking about the stretch of coast that goes from Monte Cofano to Macari. Here is the beautiful gulf of Santa Margherita Ligure. It’s a beautiful place with clear water. It’s a good alternative to the beach of San Vito Lo Capo especially when the north-easterly winds blow, and definitely a must for those who like to explore the natural beauty of our land. The beach is quiet and served by a small bar; you can also rent umbrellas and sun loungers. Thanks to the small train that connects the beach to the parking lot, you can visit all the little coves along the coast. Some of them are sandy and others are rocky or made of pebbles. This bay is very close to the Monte Cofano Nature Reserve. An unforgettable experience for young and old. The beautiful sea and the breathtaking nature make this side of the coast a small paradise where you can enjoy fantastic sunsets.

Coordinates: Latitude: 38,1252784729004 Longitude: 12,7287826538086

Drive on Piazza Giangiacomo Ciaccio Montalto towards Via Avvocato Giuseppe Palmeri 1 min (300 m) Drive on Via Giuseppe Mazzini towards Via Marino Torre 1 min (500 m) Drive on Lungomare Dante Alighieri towards Strada Provinciale 20/SP20 (Casa Santa) 8 min (3,5 km) Continue on the SP20. Take the SP18 and SP16 to the place 33 min (27,6 km).

Florio Winery


Name in native language: Cantine Florio Deep in the heart of Sicily’s sun belt lies Marsala – warm land, mineral-rich soils, sea breeze and plenty of golden sunshine. Florio Marsala has been produced in this land for nearly two centuries. Here you can taste the famous Marsala, a geographical wine that is famous all over the world. Coordinates: Latitude: 37,7868156433105 Longitude: 12,4453134536743

The Trapani – Marsala train departs from Trapani train station at 16:01. It arrives in Marsala at 16:41.

Then walk 1.6 km to Via Vincenzo Florio, 1, 91025 Marsala TP, Italy

Udine in Italy: the picturesque north of the country

Mode of operation: Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 18:00, Sat from 09:00 to 13:00 Cost: 13 euros per person Classification: Winery

Church of the Soul in Purgatory

Church of

Name in native language: Chiesa del Purgatorio The Church of Purgatorio is located in the heart of the historic center of Trapani, near the port. The Baroque church was built on the site where in 1500 there was a small church of St. Sebastian, whose statue was restored in 2000.

In 1574, the small ancient church of St. Sebastian underwent restoration and remodeling thanks to alms and grants. In 1601, a composition of statues of souls in Purgatory was created, from which it got its name. In the twenties of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, the facade, plaster and paintings were redecorated and the temple was solemnly consecrated in 1711. Coordinates: Latitude: 38.1252784729004 Longitude: 12.7287826538086

Trapani 91100 Trapani TP, Italy Take Via Osorio south on Piazza Umberto I and turn right in Via Osorio.

Turn right in Via Osorio

Turn left in Via XXX Gennaio

Turn right in Corso Italia

Turn left in Via Ruggero di Lauria Ammraglio

Turn right in Via Biscottai

Continue on Via Pesci

Turn right in Via Turretta

Turn left in Via S. Francesco D’Assisi

Via S. Francesco D’Assisi 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Conca Bastion Trapani

Trapani sights. Bastion

Name in native language: Bastione Conca Trapani The most picturesque promenade in Trapani. From here you can see the most beautiful sunsets in Sicily. Many cafes and restaurants make it a great choice for an evening stroll. Coordinates: Latitude: 38,0167541503906 Longitude: 12,5083150863647

Trapani 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Go North on Piazza Umberto I towards Passo Stazione.

Turn left onto Passo Stazione.

Continue on Via Vincenzo Bellini.

Turn right in Via Spalti

Turn left in Via Regina Margherita

Turn right in Viale Regina Margherita

Turn right in Viale Regina Margherita

Turn left in Viale Regina Margherita

Continue on Via Giuseppe Garibaldi

Turn right in Via Torre Arsa

Turn left in Via Mura di Tramontana Ovest

Via Mura di Tramontana Ovest 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

San Lorenzo Cathedral

Trapani Cathedral

Name in native language: Cattedrale di San Lorenzo The Cathedral of San Lorenzo is one of the most important buildings in the center of Trapani. It was built in 1421 and since then it has undergone various modifications and renovations. It has one floor and three naves that you can only see from the inside, from the outside you can only see the beautiful facade. The dome is beautiful, but its condition has deteriorated a bit over time, the colors have faded. The exterior stands out like most of the other buildings in this city because of the color of its stone, which with its light color, gives the building simplicity, elegance and brightness. Its Baroque interior displays an impressive beauty. The cathedral’s paintings depict major events in the city’s history. Moreover, inside you’ll find very valuable paintings including a “crucifixion” by Van Dyck and precious sculptures like the dead Christ by G. Tartaglia. Coordinates: Latitude: 38.0159606933594 Longitude: 12.5078268051147

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Trapani 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Go south on Piazza Umberto I in the direction of Via Osorio

Turn right in Via Osorio

Turn left in Via XXX Gennaio

Turn right in Corso Italia

Continue on Via Sant’Agostino

Turn right in Via Torre Arsa

Turn left in Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Turn right in Via Ximenes 18 m Via Ximenes, 4 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Il Barbagianni Brasserie

Trapani Brewery

Name in native language: Il Barbagianni A cozy barbecue style restaurant. Lovely owner and friendly staff. Great food: sandwiches burgers. great beer. Coordinates: Latitude: 38.0168418884277 Longitude: 12.5148372650146

Trapani 91100 Trapani TP, Italy Follow Piazza Umberto I south on Via Osorio 45 m Turn right on Via Osorio 300 m Turn right on Via XXX Gennaio Your destination will be on the right 70 m Via XXX Gennaio, 15 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Museo Conte Agustino Pepoli

Trapani Museum

Name in native language: Museo Regionale Conte Agostino Pepoli The Museo Pepoli is rich in artistic artefacts from the 19th century and earlier. Works by Gagini, Roberto di Oderisio, coral sculptures, works by local artists and ceramic masters are represented. You can also see a real guillotine and a scaffold.

Coordinates: Latitude: 38.0189247131348 Longitude: 12.5423316955566

Trapani 91100 Trapani TP, Italy Follow north on Piazza Umberto I towards Passo Stazione 45 m Turn right onto Passo Stazione 150 m Passo Stazione turns left into Via Vito Carrera 45 m Turn right onto Via Vespri 1, Continue on Via Alcamo 350 m Turn left in Via Generale Ameglio 70 m Turn right in Via Pepoli Agostino Conte/SS113 450 m Via Pepoli Agostino Conte, 180 91100 Trapani TP, Italy

Trapani in 3 Days, Italy

The famous provincial town of Trapani is one of those cities that can be easily explored even if you have a few days. Here you will find ancient necropolis, ancient cities, and the extraction of sea salt.

Its historic center is very characteristic and is surrounded by churches and Baroque buildings, among which are some interesting museums. The windmills along the coast have long been a symbol of the region.

Everything is surrounded by a beautiful promenade, a crazy coastline and long streets that are equally characteristic and ideal for shopping and nightlife.

According to legend, a sickle that fell from the hands of the goddess of fertility Ceres, turned into a piece of land resembling a semicircle . This is how the place where the Greeks built Drepanon (sickle) came to be.

Trapani in 3 Days, Italy - Photo 2

Trapani in 3 Days, Italy

1 day

The first day can only start with a good Sicilian breakfast with great coffee and a huge variety of desserts at the local patisserie.

Visit the Cathedral of San Lorenzo , the most important place of worship in the city. Its construction began in the XV century and was finished in the XIX century. You can’t help but recognize it for its elegant Baroque and Neoclassical style and its distinctive structure. It also holds beautiful paintings by Caravaggio inside.

Trapani in 3 Days, Italy - Photo 3

1 day

A minute’s walk away you can also visit the Church of the Anime Sante del Purgatorio, another Baroque masterpiece from the Spanish era, with an imposing and equally elegant structure.

Trapani in 3 Days, Italy - Photo 4

1 day

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Walk down Via San Francesco d’Assisi and in a minute you will reach the San Rocco Museum of Contemporary Art, managed by the Diocese of Trapani, which has a significant collection of contemporary art, mostly sacred, with 130 artists from 22 different nations and only 200 works.

3 Days Trapani in Italy - Photo 5

1 day

Have lunch at any of the nearby restaurants, perfect for a typical Sicilian fish lunch, where you can eat the best local dishes served in really generous portions.

After lunch, walk along Via della Cuba, you will reach the Museum of Optical Illusions MOOI , an interesting and fun place where you can let your imagination run wild with the most bizarre photographs.

Next, 5 minutes on foot along the alleys of the center, head to the extended Lungomara of Dante Alighieri and enjoy a pleasant walk south, watching the beautiful Sicilian sea as the sun begins to set.

After walking about ten minutes, you will reach Piazza Mercato del Pesce, a large square surrounded by arcades and with a fountain in the center, where a fish market was once founded.

3 Days Trapani in Italy - photo 6

1 day

Near Piazza Mercato del Pesce you will encounter the Spiaggia delle Mura di Tramontana, an impressive stretch of coast surrounded by the walls of the ancient city of Trapani, where you can relax while admiring the beautiful sunset.

End the day with dinner in a restaurant or café, indulge in an aperitif and appreciate the local Cous Cous or any seafood dish.

Day 2.

Start the day with a cup of coffee and croissants at the lounge bar.

Dedicate the day to some sights located in the historic center with direct sea views, easily reached by walking to Piazza Generale Scio .

Walking along a long walkway overlooking the sea you can reach the Civic Museum of Torre di Ligni, inside the Ligni Tower, an ancient watchtower used to defend the city, whose rooms now house a rich collection of archaeological finds such as anchors, amphorae, helmets, artefacts and tools.

Trapani in 3 Days, Italy - photo 7

Day 2.

Also, from the terrace you can admire a magnificent view of the coast of Trapani and a glimpse of the Egadi islands.

Trapani in 3 Days, Italy - photo 8

Day 2.

After a walk to Villino Nasi , historic villa from 1898 belonging to Nunzio Nasi, politician of Trapani. Inside there are a series of frescoes and a large library with nineteenth-century wooden furniture.

Trapani in 3 Days, Italy - photo 9

Day 2.

Returning back, on foot in about 7 minutes, you will reach another interesting maritime attraction, the impressive Castello della Columbia , an imposing medieval fortress. The first construction is attributed to the Trojans in 260 B.C. and later rebuilt by the Aragonese in 1280. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful and ancient examples of architecture in all Sicily and inside it preserves, still in excellent condition, a maze of rooms and corridors filled with coats of arms and historical evidence of Carthaginians, Romans and Aragonese.

3 Days Trapani in Italy - photo 10

Day 2.

Dine at a local restaurant with the finest Sicilian delicacies and fresh fish dishes accompanied by good local wine.

After resting during lunch, you’ll be ready to head to the salt marshes, the town’s most popular attraction that will keep you busy throughout the day.

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A 1,000-hectare nature preserve awaits you among the windmills, and the salt marshes, home to migratory birds and pink flamingos. You are in for an experience and the views are truly unique.

But a visit to the salt pans would not be complete without a visit to the unusual White Gold Salt Museum, which will introduce you to the history of the salt trade going back to the Phoenicians, full of events and vicissitudes, to better understand the important role it has played over the years in the city’s economy.

3 Days Trapani in Italy - photo 11

Day 2.

The museum features working tools, old photographs and artifacts such as old wooden blades of mills, all accompanied by descriptions and stories.

At the end of your visit to the salt baths and the museum it will be time for dinner, choose a restaurant where you can further immerse yourself in Sicilian culinary culture.

Immediately after dinner, stroll along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, a long street surrounded by elegant Baroque buildings that become even more characteristic in the evening. Here you can choose between different types of rooms. You can have a drink at the lounge bar or try an excellent homemade gelato.

Trapani in 3 Days, Italy - photo 12

Day 2.

Day 3

For breakfast, try homemade ice cream and good local coffee.

The third day should be devoted to Erice , medieval walls, impregnable cliffs. At 4 km from the mountain there is a charming village farm. Erice is 13 km from the city, located on top of the mountain of the same name.

Trapani in 3 Days, Italy - photo 13

Day 3

Take the Trepanji cable car to Erice, old houses, stone lanes and beautiful views of the sea. From the cable car, enter the historical center through the Port of Trapani and start by visiting the Cathedral of Erice and its bell tower, built in the 300’s with different architectural styles, from which remain a very simple exterior, but a surprisingly elegant interior.

Trapani in 3 Days, Italy - photo 14

Then walk to the Castle of Venus and Torretta Pepoli , an ancient Norman fortress and its tower, built on the ruins of a Phoenician-Roman temple to protect the citadel. The view from here is insane.

Trapani in 3 days, Italy - photo 15

A few steps from the castle there are restaurants and bars, taste the local cuisine. Appreciate the famous Genoese and almond desserts.

For the rest of the day, relax by strolling through the alleys and squares of this magnificent village, enjoying the ancient and distinctive atmosphere. Here you can buy souvenirs and local products in the many stores you will encounter.

Back in town, follow Corso Mattarella, which in 20 minutes will lead you to Via Fardella, where you will spend the rest of the evening. A very modern place near the historic center, full of restaurants, pubs, lounge bars, ice cream parlors and more.

For dinner, you can choose a pizzeria, with a wide variety of flavors, from the most classic to the most innovative and sophisticated.

The best time to explore the city is from April to November . When planning a trip to Trapani pay attention to the festivals. The festivals will make your trip more interesting and unforgettable.

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