Tours to Tsumeb, Namibia: what to visit and see



Tsumeb is a town in northern Namibia. Its peculiarity is a well-developed agriculture. Tourists will find Tsumeb interesting for its unusual for Namibia cityscape. Many note similarities between its architecture and small German cities.

Geography and Climate

The city is located 400 km from the capital. Together with the cities of Otavi and Hrutfontein, it forms the “Otavi Triangle”, which is characterized by developed industry. Many tourists traveling in Namibia are surprised by how different the north of the country is from other parts. More than 100 years ago, Europeans discovered large deposits of ore, copper, lead and zinc in the region. Since then, cities began to rebuild using traditional European architecture.

At the same time agriculture was actively developing here. The climate favored the cultivation of crops. The coldest time from May to August is +16-19 ° C, precipitation is almost non-existent. During the summer months the temperature rises to +25 ° C, sometimes up to +31 ° C .

Tourism in Tsumeb

Tourists will be interested in visiting this city. There are several diverse cultural and natural sites:

  1. Lake Ocikoto. This place is primarily known for the fact that the ghost of a drowned soldier is often seen near it. But if you omit the mysticism, the lake is a great place for recreation. It is located near the highway B1 and has a well-developed infrastructure: cafes, restaurants, entertainment and a beautiful beach.
  2. Open-air museum “Cultural Village”. The museum presents the life of the indigenous tribes of Namibia: their homes, utensils, clothing and even a cattle yard.
  3. Arts and Crafts Gallery. The modern museum has a charitable mission and young artists can exhibit here. In the gallery you can see ancient works of art and get an idea of the art of different indigenous tribes. The gallery has a souvenir store, which sells the work of local artisans. Here you can buy really unique souvenirs.
  4. “The Great Old Lady. This is the name of the old mine where mining operations were once conducted. Tourists can go down into the mine itself and see the old machinery. The tour guide talks about the history of industry in Tsumeba and the mine itself.
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Hotels and Restaurants

Tsumeb is visited by quite a few tourists, so there are hotels and lodges of varying levels. Lodging prices start at $30, and the most expensive room can be found at the Ghaub Lodge at $215. Popular hotels include:

  1. Minen Hotel 2*. It offers rooms with free Wi-Fi, a TV and a bathroom. Rooms are provided for guests with pets. The hotel has a restaurant, casino, bowling alley, and outdoor pool. The average room rate is $80.
  2. Travel North Guesthouse. This guesthouse has earned high praise from its guests. There is private parking and a mini golf course on site. Each room is comfortably furnished and has a flat-screen TV. A double room with one bed will cost about $60.
  3. Tsumeb Guesthouse Kamho. The guesthouse offers a comfortable stay for a low price. Kamho has a garden, a swimming pool and a bar. The hotel is located just 400 m from Soccer Stadium. Each room has its own bath. Room rates start at $31.

There are only a few cafes and restaurants in Tsumeba, and you can manage to visit them all during your short stay in town:

  1. Copper Leaf Spur Steak Ranch Bar specializes in African cuisine and grilling, while they have light breakfast dishes on the menu.
  2. Sindano Court Cafe. The menu at this cafe consists of pizza and fast food. The establishment has its own garden and is great for a bite to eat and a break from walking around the city.
  3. Etosha Café & Beergarden Steakhouse. The advantage of this place is that it has a spacious terrace and all the tables are in the shade. The tasty cuisine and good service enhance the pleasant impression of staying here.
  4. Dros Steakhouse. This place attracts by its atmosphere. The interior uses deep colors and the main material is wood and red brick. The menu has a lot of meat dishes and a good selection of drinks. There are always many locals lounging here.

Airport in Tsumeb.

There is a small airport 2 km from the city center that serves domestic flights. Tsumebe airport has modern technology, so you can use an electronic ticket to check in. Thanks to the presence of an air harbor in Tsumebe, tourists are able to quickly and inexpensively reach any major city in Namibia.

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Tsumeb Airport.

How to get there?

In addition to air transport, you can also use road transport. To do so, take the B1 national road, which runs through the center of the city.

The Big Journey through Namibia

Big trip across Namibia


Rules of entry to Namibia

In order to enter the country, you must provide a PCR test done at least 7 days prior to your arrival in the country.

We invite you on a great trip to Namibia! This itinerary covers the most interesting places of the country as much as possible. You will spend 13 days on safari and excursions, and stay in comfortable 4-5* camps and lodges. You will see the main attractions of Namibia: the Namib Desert, Swakopmund and Etosha Reserve. You will get to such inaccessible places as the waterfalls of Epupa, cheetah farm in Kamanyab. Visit Mount Ejo Reserve, home to rare black horse antelope and black and white rhinos.

Namibia in 13 days: Excursions and Safaris

Tour itinerary: Windhoek – Sossuflei – Sesriem – Swakopmund – Spitzkoppe – Kamanyab – Epupa Falls – Etosha National Park – Waterberg Plateau – Etosha National Park – Mount Etchu – Ochivarongo – Windhoek.

Tour itinerary

Tour type: individual.

Tour dates in 2022-2023: any (May and New Year holidays are possible!).

Tour duration: 13 days / 12 nights.

Cost of the tour per person:

Price includes:

  • program accommodation;
  • All meals mentioned in the program;
  • transfers by specially equipped 4×4 off-road vehicles (maximum capacity of 5 people);
  • Russian-speaking guide along the whole route;
  • Cheetah feeding in the nursery;
  • all safaris in Etosha and Mount Etosha National Parks;
  • night feeding of lions;
  • 15% tax;
  • Windhoek sightseeing tour;
  • Epupa Falls tour at sunset;
  • Excursion to the Spitzkoppe granite mountains;
  • ATV ride through the sand dunes;
  • light lunch in the desert;
  • Visit to the exotic village of the locals Ovahimba;
  • Excursion to the Sossusvlei Reserve.

Extra charges:

  • international airfare;
  • meals, not mentioned in the program;
  • drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic);
  • Tips for guide and driver;
  • medical insurance, luggage insurance and trip cancellation insurance;
  • Personal expenses (communications, laundry, spa).
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Swakopmund, Namibia

Program of the tour

Day 1 Windhoek – Sossouvlei

Distance: 400 km.

Arrival in Windhoek – the capital of Namibia, an attractive city surrounded by high mountains, located at an altitude of 1650m above sea level.

Departure to Sossouvlei, a land of beautiful monumental dunes, a natural reserve, the oldest Namib Desert (80 million years old) with the highest sand dunes in the world, reaching 350m, stretching to the horizon.

Accommodation in a lodge.

Included: accommodation with breakfast and dinner.

Windhoek, the capital of Namibia

Day 2. Sossouvlei .

Distance: 150 km.

Early drive to the dunes of the Namib Desert (Sossusvlei, Dead Vlei). If you wish you can climb the dunes, from which you will have a fabulous view of the desert. Visit to the beautiful Sesriem Canyon located in the territory of the reserve.

Included: accommodation with breakfast, guided tour to Sossusvlei, paid entrance to the park.

Day 3. Sesriem-Swakopmund.

Distance: 350 km.

Transfer to Swakopmund, the pearl of Namibia. It is a resort town located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, founded by the Germans in the 19th century. Beautiful alleys, palm trees, parks and gardens, ocean, museums, souvenir and antique stores, modern stores, numerous cafes and restaurants – all this creates a special atmosphere of this lovely resort town.

Arrival in Swakopmund. Optional guided tour of the Cristal Galery, a museum with an interesting collection of rocks and minerals, or of the local history museum, the largest in Namibia. Free for rest, walks evening.

Accommodation with breakfast included.

Swakopmund, Namibia

Day 4. Swakopmund .

Distance: 150-200 km.

Early breakfast, departure to Walvis Bay, Namibia’s main port, for an excursion to Sandwich harbor. This unique place where the dunes seem to fall into the ocean, is located near Wallfish Bay. An unforgettable jeep ride along the coast and dunes of the Namib Desert, breathtaking scenery, places where the ocean and the dunes meet. A light lunch in the desert with champagne and oysters.

Optional activities for travelers include museum visits, ATV rides, scenic flights, shark fishing from the shore, and more.

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After lunch time for relaxation or additional activities.

Included: accommodations with breakfast, light lunch, tour of Sandwich Habor.

Day 5. Svakopmund – Spitzkoppe.

Distance: 150 km.

After breakfast, an excursion to Spitzkoppe – the granite mountains stretching to the north-west of the town of Usakos. Spitzkoppe (1728 meters above sea level) is rightly called the “Matterhorn of Namibia” and is often compared to the famous mountain of Switzerland. You will learn about the life of the people of the Damara tribe who live here, about the plants of this region. On foot we head to one of the most amazing and favorite places for tourists – the cave paintings of ancient people.

Overnight in one of the most beautiful hotels in Namibia, the Milky Way, the stars of this place are the most photographed in the world!

Included: accommodation with breakfast, dinner, Spitzkoppe tour.

Sandwich Habor, Namibia

Day 6. Spitzkoppe to Kamanyab.

Distance: 350 km.

Early departure towards Windhoek, stop in Kamanyab at the cheetah farm.

4pm cheetah walk, 4.45pm cheetah feeding.

Included: accommodation with breakfast, dinner, cheetah event.

Day 7. Kamanyab – Epupa Falls

Distance: 470 km.

At sunset visit the waterfall Epupa . Formed by the waters of the Kunene River, striking waterfalls cascading from a height of 60 meters, pouring into many channels, form small but very beautiful bodies of water. Return to the hotel at sunset.

Included: accommodation with breakfast, dinner, visit to Epupa Falls.

Epupa Falls, Namibia

Day 8. Epupa Falls.

Breakfast. In the afternoon visit to the exotic village of Ovahimba locals, where you will learn the lifestyle, habits and traditions of the Himbs – beautiful and proud people who still live by the strict ancient rules of their tribe (extra charge, upon agreement on site).

Included: accommodation with breakfast, dinner, guided tour from the hotel.

Day 9. Epupa Falls – Etosha National Park

Distance: 360 km.

Early breakfast. Transfer to Etosha National Park, the largest natural reserve in southern Africa established over 100 years ago. Here you will find 114 species of mammals, 340 species of birds, 50 species of snakes, and many exotic plants.

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Stop at the west end of the park, on top of a mountain hill.

Beautiful views, watching the waterhole from the top of the mountain!

Included: accommodation with breakfast, dinner, entrance to the park.

Etosha National Park, Namibia

Day 10. Etosha National Park

Distance: 300 km.

After breakfast we drive through Etosha National Park. On the way new meetings with the animals and birds inhabiting the park, observation of their life.

Free time for rest, swimming in the pool.

Afternoon safari from the hotel.

Included: accommodation with breakfast, dinner, entrance to the park, hotel safari.

Day 11. Etosha Etosha National Park – Waterberg Plateau

Distance: 285 km.

Departure towards Otjiwarongo. Plateau Waterberg is 50 km long, up to 16 km wide, and 200 m high. The Waterberg Plateau is a part of the Kalahari Desert. The fauna of the plateau is very diverse from the savanna at the foot, to the subtropics on the plateau itself. In the afternoon safari in search of rhinos.

Included: accommodation with breakfast, dinner, safari in search of rhinos.

Accommodation : Waterberg Wilderness Lodge.

Etosha National Park, Namibia

Day 12. Etosha National Park – Mt Etchu

Distance: 150 km.

Breakfast. Morning hike to the plateau.

Departure to Mount Etchu Lodge which is located in the heart of the Okonjati Game Reserve. This is one of Namibia’s first private reserves. The reserve has more than 8000 different animals – zebras, giraffes, rare black horse antelope (sable), elephants, white and black rhinoceroses, etc.

Mount Etchu Lodge – place of historical significance, it was here that the Declaration of Independence of Namibia was signed in 1989.

Dinner. Overnight feeding of the lions.

Inclusions: Accommodation with breakfast, dinner, morning walk on the plateau, feeding the lions at night.

Day 13. Ochiwarongo – Findhoek.

Distance: 270 km.

Early breakfast. Guided sightseeing tour of Windhoek, a beautiful city with a mix of Western and African, ancient and modern culture (tour time depends on departure time).

Optional: stroll through the city, stores, market of wooden products of local craftsmen.

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