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7 best beach resorts in the UAE

Where to go on holiday in the UAE

Figuring out where best to vacation at sea in the UAE. What are the beaches at the resorts, what to do and what to see.

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Beach holidays in Dubai

Where is the best place to vacation in the UAE if you want to combine a beach holiday with shopping and excursions? Dubai is a versatile city, it will suit you best, especially if you are there for the first time. It’s convenient to go on excursions to other emirates, and in the city itself there is something to see on your own – we visited the beaches, Deira and the Old City, the singing fountains and Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and the Aquarium. You can live in Dubai on a variety of budgets, from fairly modest to luxurious. Learn about the best hotels in Dubai with a beach.

Shopping in Dubai is great, there are plenty of shopping malls. In addition to the famous Dubai Mall (it can be seen as a separate attraction), visit Dubai Marina Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Outlet Mall Dubai, as well as the markets in Deira.

For those who want to live by the sea, we recommend Jumeirah, because it has great long beaches. Jumeirah is home to the Burj Al Arab and the Atlantis Hotel and Waterpark. Another beach district in Dubai is Marina Beach, the local Manhattan. Expensive yachts, glass high-rises, very beautiful.

The answer to the question of where to vacation in the UAE with a child, the answer is the same – it’s best in Dubai. There and the beaches are good, and the entrance to the water is smooth, and infrastructure is well developed. There are water parks and amusement parks for children – Wild Wadi and Wonderland.

The beach at Dubai Marina. Dubai Mall. The famous aquarium can be seen for free, but only partially, from the outside.

Interesting video! TV host and blogger Anton Ptushkin gives a video tour of the rich life in Dubai:

Beach vacations in Abu Dhabi.

Some people think it’s better to vacation in the UAE in the capital, Abu Dhabi. It is much like Dubai: the same ultra-modern city with skyscrapers, too, there are good beaches and shopping centers, you can go on excursions.

Если хотите просто лениво возлежать на пляже, то в Абу-Даби есть все для этого. Пляжи хороши и подходят даже для маленьких детей. Отзывы туристов об Абу-Даби >>

What to do and see? A must-see is the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque, the sixth-largest mosque in the world. A marble shrine with 82 domes and 1000 columns it can hold over 40 thousand worshippers. Go to Ferrari World, Al Mushrif Children’s Garden, Hili Fun City and Waterworld – a lot of fun and excitement for the kids.

Clear water in Abu Dhabi (Photo: Michaela Loheit / A huge funnel on the Dawwama tornado slide at Yas Waterworld.

Beach Vacation in Sharjah

Some tourists believe that in the UAE at sea is better to rest in the emirate of Sharjah. It is the cultural center of the country and the ideal place for a relaxed family vacation. There is no noisy entertainment as in Dubai, but a lot of greenery and excellent beaches. It’s also cheaper to live in Sharjah and it takes 30 minutes to an hour by bus or cab to Dubai! It’s true that there can be traffic jams in the morning and evening, keep that in mind.

Castel Sant'Angelo: shrine, fortress, Papal residence and prison

The beaches are clean and the entrance to the sea is smooth. The sea bottom is sandy and gentle, so Sharjah is suitable even for babies and toddlers, as is the case almost everywhere else in the UAE.

However, Sharjah has strict laws – you can only sunbathe in your swimsuit on the hotel beaches, where you have to pay to enter if you are not staying at the hotel. Men are not allowed on public beaches on Mondays.

Alcohol is also banned, but you can drink in the hotels. For some, on the contrary, this is a plus.

What to see? It is the oldest emirate, so there are many museums – archaeological, ethnographic, historical. For children we have the green Al Majas Park, the Desert Park, a national park, the Adventureland theme park, an oceanarium and a water park.

Beach in Sharjah (Photo: sophiemachin / Sharjah Desert Park (Photo: / @chinkinthearmour)

Beach vacations in Fujairah

Here’s where it’s best to vacation in the UAE for families with kids or those who love solitude! The emirate of Fujairah is very, even too peaceful and quiet – no mass tourism or noisy entertainment has reached here yet. But in the capital of the emirate and at resorts close to it a lot of good hotels, including all-inclusive.

It is worth going to Fujairah just for the beach holiday, snorkeling and diving. The emirate has wide and clean sandy beaches – all owned by hotels. The best beaches are in the north, it’s also best to snorkel and scuba dive. Al Aqah Beach, Dibba Al Fujairah and Shark Island are the preferred beaches. The climate is milder, and you can vacation at any time of year except summer.

What to see? See the fort and the old town, the Fujairah Museum and Madhab Ethnographic Park, the mosque and the

Heritage Village. Visit the gardens, waterfalls and healing springs.

Snoopy Island, Fujairah (Photo: nate2b / Al Aqah Beach in Fujairah (Photo: _ _steven.kemp_ _ /

Beach Vacation in Ajman

Ajman is an alternative to beachside Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Yes, there are no earth-shattering skyscrapers, grandiose mosques and amusement parks. However, if you want just a quiet and relatively inexpensive holiday in the UAE by the sea, then this emirate is for you.

The beaches are clean, with fine white sand. Private closed beaches are well cleaned, there is all the infrastructure. Many hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Another advantage is that the laws are not as strict as in Sharjah, plus you can buy alcohol in a bar, restaurant or store.

What to do? The list of things to do is sparse: visit the history museum and the old fort, see the mosques and the shipyard, go to the camel race and visit the mineral springs. If you get bored, go to Dubai or Sharjah, they are close by.

Beachfront in Ajman (Photo: tutanh_blog / Camel on the beach in Ajman (Photo: Shelley M Lantz-Burrell /

Beach Vacation in Ras Al Khaimah

This unpopular with tourists, but very colorful emirate of the UAE can be a good rest – it has the same long beaches as everywhere else on the Persian Gulf. And then there are the beautiful canyon of the Hajar Mountains, the sand dunes, the desert villages, the ancient valleys (wadis) with oases and archaeological sites, the mangroves and the picturesque hills.

There are no skyscrapers and luxury malls, but a lot of nature and cultural and historical sights. The infrastructure is well-developed – hotels, stores, cafes, all enough. You can stay in the usual hotels on the first line, and in non-standard accommodation – for example, to live in the reserve Al Wadi or in a Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert. In general, if you are bored with the other emirates and do not know where to go to the UAE to rest, come to Ras Al Khaimah – a very authentic emirate!

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Holidays by the sea in the UAE

The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah in Al Wadi Desert (Photo: / The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert)

Beach vacations in Umm Al Khaimah

Where else can you relax in the UAE in a diverse way? In the emirate of Umm Al Khaiwain there is not only a leisurely beach holiday. There is a lot of entertainment for almost all categories of tourists. The infrastructure is very developed, but the resort is quiet and peaceful.

What to do and see? If you are interested in historical sites, check out the excavations of the cities of Tel Abraka and Ad Dour, the old fort with the museum and the watchtowers, the mosque of the 19th century and the market. If you want an active tourist, go scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, horseback riding or fishing. You can ride a catamaran, a boat and water skis.

We recommend going to the water park and the Dreamland entertainment complex with its green parks, sunbathing terraces, water and land rides. The kids will love it!

Where to vacation in the UAE

The beach at Umm Al Qaiwain (Photo: niketa579 /

When to rest in the UAE

The Emirates have a dry subtropical climate and it almost never rains. Beginning in May is unbearable heat and lasts until September. Despite the fact that the prices for tours at this time are reduced, it is better not to go to the UAE in the summer, the air temperature can exceed +50 ° C in the shade.

Holidays in the UAE is best in October and November, when the thermometer drops to +30°C. Prices for holidays in these months are the highest.

In December, January, February and March the cost of travel decreases as well as the temperature – to +25 ° C. The water also cools a little, but for many it is not critical. In April, the heat slowly begins to return to the Emirates.

15 best resorts in the UAE

Every year, the UAE resorts are becoming more and more attractive to visitors. The state consists of 7 emirates, each of them has its own interest for tourists. But as a whole, the country rich in oil fields can provide a high level of service to vacationers.

You can come here throughout the year – you will be able to sunbathe, and swim, and be on excursions, and shopping. Luxurious hotels, polite staff, plenty of attractions, lots of entertainment – all this makes the choice in favor of the UAE sound.

You may prefer a big city such as Dubai, or come to spend time in a small and quiet resort, either way the UAE lives up to your expectations. Let us tell you about the most popular resorts in the country in more detail.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is the city most often chosen by tourists for recreation. And it deserves it. Dubai is a real fairy tale, it has everything, as in a magical fairy tale. In addition, the resort has another advantage.

The UAE – a Muslim country, the rules of conduct here are quite strict. But it is in Dubai is the most liberal attitude to the guests, and you will feel free and comfortable here. To enjoy the beach holiday, it is best to come to such complexes as Jumeirah and Mamzar.

Those who are most lucky to stay in the hotels next to them. Entrance to the beaches is paid, but prices are low. But at your service all the amenities, from cabins to change and ending with special cabins with air conditioning. In addition, there are huge parks, where you will find a variety of entertainment, designed for adults and children.

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Dubai has a very unusual architecture, and a tour of this city, both by day and in the evening, will bring you a lot of pleasure. And, of course, a lot of joy will bring shopping. After all, every shopping center – a whole world with a huge selection of goods.

Do not doubt, you will be treated more than attentively, it will be possible to bargain, many buyers are very cheap to buy branded things. It is also worth visiting the special markets where gold jewelry is sold. And you will enjoy water parks, museums, diving centers, aquariums, amusement rides and much more.

    – 5 restaurants, adult and children’s pools, children’s playground, free shuttle service to shopping malls and the beach – rooftop pool and all-day dining, free shuttle service to the beach – located on the promenade of Jumeirah Beach Residence, 1 line, private beach, several restaurants, bars, cafes by the pool and on the beach

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah, UAE

A grandiose engineering structure, which is located near Dubai. You can stay right there – Palm Jumeirah has enough hotels – or you can just come here for a tour. The island is made in the form of a palm tree, such rugged outline allowed to make the coastline much longer than it would have been at the island of round shape.

In addition to hotels and entertainment centers, there are many villas, where the rich and famous people live. Built the island of stone and sand – these materials were used so much, that would be enough to build a wall along the equator. But concrete and metal were not used. It took a short time to create an artificial island.

At Palm Jumeirah is: one of the world’s best water parks, magnificent dolphinarium, and a stunning marine aquarium. Tourists can also sunbathe on the beach, swim, visit spas, go on a boat trip. And of course, there are restaurants and nightclubs. You can get around the island by cab or by monorail.

Usually, once here, guests tend to get to the water park – it’s open from 10 am and closes when the sun goes down. If you stay at the hotel “Atlantis”, then the water park will be free for you.

    – private beach, unique wellness center Rayya, panoramic view of the Persian Gulf – 71 000 sq.m. territory, 500 meters long private beach, the suites overlook the lagoon or the Persian Gulf – private sandy beach, several restaurants and bars, 2 outdoor pools


Sharjah, UAE

This resort is the third largest in the country. A very interesting option, it has both its pros and cons. If we talk about the disadvantages, the most significant of them – strict mores. You will need to watch your clothes, behavior, and you can not buy alcohol, even in the hotel.

Everything else is a plus. It is in Sharjah that the most monuments of history and culture are located, which was evaluated by UNESCO. So even if you do not go beyond the emirate – an excursion program will be rich.

Beach holidays do not disappoint. Sharjah is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, no other emirate will not give you such a luxury – to bathe in both. The best beaches are Al Khan and Al Corniche. It reigns here impeccable cleanliness, infrastructure is developed.

The prices at the resort are just pleasing – they are much lower than in Dubai. Another place you will not forget is the National Park. It will seem to you that you are in paradise. The huge area covers an area of 63 hectares.

There is a lot of greenery, the ponds are cool, there are special recreational areas, children will enjoy the attractions. Also here you can see an emirate in miniature, which attracts all guests of the park. In short, you can combine a great beach holiday with a tour of the main attractions of the country, and still save money.

    – on the shores of the Persian Gulf, an area of 13,191 sq.m., a large outdoor pool with a water slide – its own beach area, several pools, including 2 children’s, all day snacks at the pool bar
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Kalba, UAE

Located in El Fujairah Emirate. A small resort with magnificent beaches with golden sand and warm waters of the Gulf of Oman. It has a true oriental atmosphere. Beautiful mangrove forests with their rich wildlife. You will long remember seeing huge sea turtles.

If you’re in Kalb during the winter months, you’ll see a wide variety of migratory birds that choose to wait out the cold in their homeland. They have even created a nature reserve to keep both the animals and the birds safe. Visitors to Kalba can take a boat trip and admire the mangrove forests. It will be interesting to see the old fort.

It was built in the 16th century when the Portuguese had power in the city. It is also recommended to visit the local museum of local history. It has a collection of archaeological finds, many exhibits that show how people lived in the past centuries. Fishing plays an important role for the inhabitants of Kalba.

Anyone who wakes up early can see the fishermen going out to sea. And of course, the cafes and restaurants will always offer dishes from fresh seafood.

The choice of housing in Kalba is not so great, but you can still find suitable options – and standard rooms and individual villas. Tourism at the resort is growing, but there is a special task – to provide guests with a high level of service, without harming the nature.


Ajman, UAE

A relatively small Arabian city, the capital of the emirate of the same name. But even here you can have a good rest. On the spacious beaches – snow-white sand. Infrastructure will satisfy even the picky tourists, and in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf will be happy to swim with children and adults.

You can just bask in the sun, or you can have fun, water-skiing, playing volleyball, or give preference to diving. In Ajman, there are new neighborhoods – there are modern hotels with very comfortable rooms.

There are also historic streets, walking along them, it is easy to imagine what the city was like in the past. If you wish, you can easily get to Dubai or Sharjah, see the sights there, visit the entertainment centers and then come back.

The drive will be comfortable, as the pistes in the UAE are excellent. The pride of Ajman is the Historical Museum. It is located in the ancient fort of the 18th century. In the early 19th century the fort was destroyed during the bombardment of the British ships. It was later used as the residence of the sheikhs. The museum was opened in 1981.

Here you can find out about the history of the Emirate and view archaeological finds, weapons, wax figures. Also noteworthy are the ancient watchtower, the Mosque of Sheikh Zayd, the residence of Emir of Ajman. Will please walk along the waterfront, visit the market and the camel race.

    – private sandy beach, 200m long, large infinity pool and spa – suitable for families, children’s pool and 2 heated pools, several restaurants and lounges


Fujairah, UAE

Another very popular resort. You will lounge on the beach and swim in the Arabian Sea, which is part of the Indian Ocean. The population here is smaller than in other emirates. There are no huge cities in Fujairah, either. But agriculture is well developed, there are ancient attractions, and tourists are welcome at any time of year.

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And with the environment is all right – oil and gas are not produced here. In short, a real oasis in the UAE. Guests love to come here – the beaches and hotels are well equipped, the sea is beautiful. Especially those who do not strive for a noisy holiday and can do well without the prestigious nightclubs will like it here. This is more of a family resort. The climate here is subtropical, in summer the temperature can reach +45-50C. There are sometimes dust storms.

But in the middle of the fall begins the high season, which lasts until spring. In this case, the water even in the winter months remains heated to +30 C. In the main city of the emirate of El Fujairah only about 50 thousand people live. There are the sights of the 17th century and the old Portuguese fort. It is worth visiting the Archaeological Museum and the Al Badia Mosque, which is more than 500 years old.

    – First line, diving center, outdoor and indoor pools, nightclub – panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, first line, outdoor restaurant on the beach

Haur Fakkan

Hawr Fakkan, UAE

Perhaps one of the quietest and most peaceful resorts in the country. Located in the east of the UAE. Those who are keen on fishing will like it here most of all. Fans of fishing from all over the world come to Korfakkan.

Here they can catch king fish, tuna and other sea creatures. For the rest of us, a quiet and relaxing holiday awaits. Beaches and warm sea, scuba diving, walking through the palm groves. Good local park Corniche, near the dam of Rifais you can see the flooded houses.

The resort is notable for its well-groomed waterfront. You can observe the fascinating contrast – the old harbor neighbors the modern port. As the resort is part of Sharjah, the “strictest” emirate, do not be surprised that alcohol is not sold here, and women are advised not to walk the streets in open clothes. There are no big shopping malls but there are some good stores here – you can buy things, fruit and souvenirs.

Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

This city is the capital of the emirate, located in the north. While vacationing here you can swim in the waters of the Persian Gulf. It has everything to make you have a good time. Lots of cultural sites, old places of interest, wonderful natural scenery, lots of fruits and vegetables, healing springs.

You’ll find snow-white sand on the beaches here, few people compared to Dubai, and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. But if you like action, you’ll also find something to do.

There are many sports centers, there are tennis courts and soccer fields, there are golf clubs. You can rent a yacht or boat and go on a boat trip. Good local cafes serving delicious Arabian cuisine – it’s hard to resist the gluttony.

At the markets you can buy everything from spices to gold jewelry. Take a tour of the National Museum, which is housed in an ancient fort. Here you will see exhibits that were once found by archaeologists, many of them more than 3 thousand years.

Also presents a rich collection of weapons, tourists admire the magnificent jewelry. Mosque of Mohammed ibn Salim is also of interest. It is the largest of the ancient mosques of the UAE.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Daya Fort. It was built in the 16th century and nowadays it has been restored. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Persian Gulf.

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