Tours in Sihlangu, South Africa

Tours in Sihlangu, South Africa

Tourist trips to Africa are always interesting because each time you can discover something new during such a trip. After all, the culture of the local tribes, their customs and traditions are unique and have always attracted the attention of researchers. So, a very popular holiday in South Africa in June, when tours in the country are markedly cheaper and you can save a lot of money. The only disadvantage is that the nights are getting cold, because at this time of the year in this part of the world winter reigns.

If you want to explore not only the architectural sights of the Republic of South Africa, but also want to see the beautiful nature of this country, the best time to go is in December when it is the height of summer. This time of year especially like eco-tourists, which are increasingly choosing to vacation in little-known towns, such as Sihlangu.

Sihlangu is located in the northeastern part of South Africa, in the province of Mpumalanga, which is considered the largest agricultural region of the state. Here they grow up corn, wheat, sunflowers, sugar cane and many other things. For a long time, the province was considered backward area, requiring permanent subsidies. But thanks to the rapid development of tourism industry, its economy has undergone significant changes for the better.

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Tours in Sihlangu, South Africa

Sihlangu has only relatively recently become a city, but the change of status has not had much impact on its appearance. Therefore, many people still call it a village. The locals have been engaged in farming and cattle breeding for centuries. The income from the sale of their produce is often barely enough to live on. The reason for this is recurrent drought, which leads to a small harvest.

Ecotourism has helped to change the situation for the better. This trend in the tourism industry is now successfully developing in many African countries. In particular, such recreation is well organized in Kenya, where there are many national parks, mountains and reservoirs. As for Sihlangu, tourists are interested in the fields here. Many want to see how to work the land with simple tools, and perhaps even work a little yourself.

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Not far from Sihlangu there are large meadows where local shepherds take their cattle. During the sightseeing tour you can not only watch how the animals are pastured, but even participate in it. In addition, for a fee the traveler will be taught to milk the cows. There are also separate workshops where the production of leather.

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Tours in Sihlangu, South Africa

Most local hotels are small houses with all the necessary conveniences. There are often car rentals near the hotels. Here you can rent a vehicle inexpensively. However, many foreigners use bicycles, which are more convenient, especially in rainy season, when the roads are muddy.

Nightlife Sihlangu is interesting because at this time of operation began clandestine clubs, which are staged cockfighting. Officially this entertainment is prohibited, but in fact, such a business thrives and no one interferes with its development. At such spectacular events everyone makes a monetary bet on this or that rooster.

The main disadvantage of Sihlangu is that there are no beaches. Therefore, those who prefer to sunbathe and swim, going to the southern part of South Africa, or even choose to rest in some other country, such as Tanzania, the tours here get no problem, it is only necessary to wait until there are burning offers.

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Tours in Sihlangu, South Africa

Tours in South Africa

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The Republic of South Africa is a unique wilderness, washed by the Indian Ocean to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The rich past of the country where man first appeared amazes travelers the world. It is home to nomadic tribes, which the Dutch, Dutch and British colonists repeatedly tried to conquer. Excursion tours to South Africa are an introduction to the stunningly beautiful nature and its inhabitants.

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Entertainment for one and all

South Africa is a country of contrasts, where thousands of tourists come every year to have a new unforgettable experience with the animals on safari. It is a true extraordinary world pearl of nature. Among the state’s popular attractions are:

  • Durban, Africa’s largest port. It is a resort city with bustling bazaars and sandy beaches. Tourists come here to visit the largest Hindu temple, Sri Ambalavaanar Alayam. There are several historical and scientific museums, a dolphinarium and a national park.
  • Cape Town is a city recognized as the most beautiful in the world. It is a must in any tourist program. You can enjoy all its beauty by climbing the picturesque Table Mountain.
  • Kimberley is the unrecognized diamond capital. There are many deep mines where the precious mineral was mined. Here is the “Big Hole,” a huge sized quarry dug by hand.

Despite the fact that South Africa is always associated with drought and unbearable heat, it is the greenest point on the planet. In its depths there is a lot of gold and other resources, making the country the richest in the world.

Rest on snow-white beaches

South Africa has the best beaches for a relaxing vacation. It is a true tourist paradise with hammocks between the palm trees and a warm ocean. Lovers of doing nothing on the sand can go to:

  • Camps Bay, the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean near the foot of the Twelve Apostles. This is where you can see the Lion’s Head and Table Mountain.
  • Durban’s northern beaches are a favorite place for relaxing by the water and are frequented by tourists and locals alike.
  • Clifton is a touristy fashionable suburb near Lion’s Head. There are many comfortable hotels along the sandy shoreline.

Traveling along the shores of the Atlantic or Indian Ocean, tourists will discover many amazing places with sullen cliffs, rugged waves, beautiful beaches inhabited by people and wildlife.

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Safari among the wildlife

Despite the many tourist destinations available in South Africa, most tourists come here for safaris through national parks and reserves. This is a unique opportunity to experience the nature and wildlife of Africa. Traveling through South Africa is a must-see:

  • in the Kruger, the oldest park, where unique animals, plants and birds are found. Elephants, giraffes, and cheetahs can be found in a vast area riddled with roads that are used by tourist jeeps to tour the area. The park resembles a small state in its size.
  • Pilanesberg is a national park near the popular Sun City Recreation Center, which is tucked away in the crater of an extinct volcano. Wild animals from different regions of South Africa have been resettled here for three decades.

Tours in South Africa are a unique opportunity to discover an unknown part of the world that can surprise the most sophisticated traveler. It is a place of incredible beauty of natural attractions with a variety of flora and fauna. is a marketplace of author tours from travel experts and private independent guides. Author tours are spontaneous and vibrant opportunities, offering to take the most from every point of the itinerary. We are in favor of a relaxed approach to group travel that is more like meeting up with old friends.

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