Tours in Morocco. Get a taste of the East

Tours in Morocco. Get a taste of the East

1150€ + flight (booked before August 15 for 990€)

IMPORTANT: for tourists with vaccination certificate only! Included: Accommodation in hotels and riads, excursions with all entrance tickets, transfers, all transfers within Morocco, desert ride on camels and jeeps

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We are going with you to the country, which is familiar to all of us since childhood. From the cartoon “Aladdin” and the TV series “Clone”. From the tales of “One Thousand and One Nights. In 10 days we will travel through half of the country and enjoy the local color, taste the local food, ride jeeps and camels in the desert, meet the sunrise and sunset in the desert, walk through the bustling streets and bazaars and take time for great pictures.


Welcome to the Kingdom of Morocco!

Casablanca, the “City of White Houses” is the largest city in Morocco, larger in population than even Rabat, the capital.

Casablanca is associated by many with the 1942 movie of the same name, and the song “Casablanka” which was once played out of every television station.

-For me, Casablanca is a city of powerful energy. It was here, standing on the oceanfront, that I felt the power of the place’s energy for the first time.

We met the arrivals at the airport, then went to check into the hotel and for dinner.

We have dinner at a restaurant with a beautiful view and meet the team.

Tonight we’re going to literally absorb beauty. That includes wow views and wow meals. And for that, we’re going to travel to Oualidia.

Oualidia is a village 3 hours from Marrakech. It is stunningly beautiful, especially the lagoons and beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

Since ancient times, powerful people came here to rest, and King Mohammed V even built a villa there, where he celebrated various important dates. Today, Oualidia is known primarily for its oyster farms. Since 1957, up to 200 tons of Japanese oysters a year are harvested here, and it is the main source of income for the city.

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Picnic on the ocean with the freshest oysters and Moroccan wines?

In the evening we will go to the next city, Marrakech.

That morning we will watch the sunrise from a bird’s eye view! Before the balloon flight we will have a delicious breakfast and fly! We’ll greet the dawn on a bird’s-eye view. Your heart will beat fast in your chest and the views will take your breath away.

(The flight is not included in the tour price. Optional).

We return to the hotel, have time to grab another breakfast and go on a tour of Marrakech, where we will visit its main attractions: .

  • The exquisite Bahia Palace,
  • The lively Jamaa el-Fna Square and the mysterious quarters of the oldest part of the city, the Medina.

Ouarzazate is the city of “Moroccan Hollywood. After all, most of the films whose names everyone knows were shot here.

Not everyone has heard of Ouarzazate, but such masterpieces of cinema as “Gladiador” by Ridley Scott, “Asterix and Obelix” with Gerard Depardieu in the lead roles. And also – “Babylon”, “Gladiator”, “The Mummy”. And as a bonus is the series “Game of Thrones”, which has already made history. All of these movies were filmed here, so the local scenery is familiar to us all.

Lunch in Ouarzazet. Departure along the breathtaking scenic high mountain road of the High Atlas to Marakech.

Early breakfast, departure for the desert along the scenic route and mountain roads of the Middle Atlas.

On the way to the Sahara, we will stop at a ski resort, the Ifrane National Reserve, where we will be surprised by the nature of Morocco itself. Ifrane is a town in which nothing gives away its belonging to Morocco. Completely built in the European style, with gabled roofs of houses covered with tiles, and reminiscent of a Swiss village. Ifrane is known not only as the “Switzerland of Africa,” but also as the most peaceful and environmentally friendly place not only in Morocco, but also in the world.

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At sunset arrival in the Sahara. – Accommodation in Berber tents – Dinner – Overnight by the fire under the starry sky and to the rhythms of the darbuka drums – Discover the flavor of the Sahara Berbers

We’ll have to get up before sunrise to catch the most beautiful light for our photos! We will have a morning photo session in the desert. After that we will have a hearty Berber breakfast and the best part is still to come.

We will ride on camels in the desert and take a breeze tour in jeeps and visit the ancient Berber settlements. In the midst of these sandy strips you will discover a world of dunes, sun and tranquility. Moments like this will stay in your memory forever.

Next we will go to Midelt, a small town in the foothills of the Middle Atlas Mountains. It is considered the capital of mines and apples. Besides apples, this region produces nuts, plums, pomegranates, peaches, raz, and even wheat.

We will have a fascinating walk through the city and look at the structure of their lives.

And the main attractions of Ifrane are its lakes, hands and National Park with magnificent cedar groves, almost tame Berber macaws and a huge number of birds.

Tours in Morocco. Get a taste of the East

Author’s tour in Morocco

Unforgettable days of emotions in a positive company, the most beautiful ancient cities, fascinating sunsets, authentic cuisine, beaches, mountains and, of course, the majestic Sahara Desert with its dunes and camels.

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Having been to Africa once, I decided that I had to come back with you to discover its unexplored corners together. Together with our team, we have created a tour to Morocco, which will open for you a new world of charm of the East. Vivid days of impressions, fun and views that take your breath away!

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The emotions of a lifetime: Meeting the dawn on top of a dune in the Sahara Desert, the Moroccan cuisine that combines the culinary “traditions of the West and the East. The local bazaars, hammams and filming locations of your favorite movies. A kaleidoscope of delightful emotions and impressions awaits you!

Our professional photographer will take stunning pictures of your vacation and all the sights from different angles, without distracting you from sightseeing. He will be able to catch unexpected shots that you will be happy to look at after returning home and share with your friends on Instagram.

The great Sahara desert, the high Atlas mountains, the mesmerizing Essaouira on the Atlantic coast, unforgettable Marrakech and fascinating Casablanca, the shooting point of dozens of Hollywood movies, the fortress of Ait Ben-Haddou, and of course the famous blue Chefchaouen!

“Our tour is the stories with which you dilute everyday life. We, as professional geographers, guarantee quality. You’ll be energized with emotion, and professional photos guarantee the authenticity of the stories you’ll brag about to your friends!”

Today begins our unforgettable journey, we meet you at Casablanca airport and immediately plunge into the charm of the East! Today we will stay in a wonderful hotel and we will finish our day with a dinner together where we will get to know each other.

This is one of the most memorable days of the trip! We are going to the Sahara! Our way goes to the town of Merzouga, and not far from there the great Sahara begins! We will stay overnight in wonderful Berber tents in the desert (with all the comforts). And our night will probably be the highlight of the trip as we will be watching and shooting the countless stars in the night sky, and the more persistent can wait for dawn on the huge sand dunes to catch a wonderful picture: the desert sun rising over the dunes!

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Today you will see the real East. One of the most famous cities in Morocco and the Arab world. Shrouded in legend and history, beautiful neighborhoods, the ancient Medina, the famous Jama El Fna Square, the Bahia Palace, the Menara Gardens, all this will appear before our eyes today! It seems as if all the charm and legends of the East are united in one place, and that place is Marrakech.

Do you want to see more? What places will we visit? When will we be in the famous blue city? Open the full presentation by day and let’s go catch some emotions!

Let the oriental fairy tale become reality in your trip!

We’ll prepare for you a luxurious photo and video report, which you won’t be ashamed to show to your Instagram subscribers.

Accommodation in 2-bed rooms with luxurious views of the ocean, desert, mountains and historic streets of cities in riads or hotels no lower than 4*. See some photos of hotels and rooms below.

Business class airfare, 5* hotels, premium car, optional individual tour around the country (without a general group)

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Arrive best on the 1st day of the tour before 6:00 pm at Casablanca airport, fly back in the evening from Marrakech on the last day. You can always stay late if you want to :) We can help you to choose the options. There are direct flights from Moscow to Casablanca.

You’ll stay in authentic riads and/or 4-star hotels with views of the streets of eastern cities, mountains, ocean, and spend a night under the starry sky in the Sahara with camels.

You won’t go hungry! There will be both classic versions of the dinner, and the national Moroccan cuisine, you will try Chorba – spicy chicken broth cooked with herbs, Harira – this soup in Morocco is prepared from lamb with beans and generously flavored with coriander. And of course the world famous Moroccan tajine – a dish cooked in a special clay pot and slowly stewed over the fire. Tagine has a truly oriental taste, with spices and flavors, and is suitable for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. mmmmm already in anticipation.

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If you want to go with friends, this is a great option. The more of you in the company, the bigger the discount. It’s just important to make this clear right away so we can check to make sure there are plenty of seats available on the tour.

My name is Daniel Egorov, I am a Master of Geography and a member of the Russian Geographical Society.

For two years I have been organizing various business trips and expeditions, as well as various events: from city day tours to tent camps, and later I have been engaged in socio-economic analysis of the African continent. After living in Africa for only a few months, I fell in love with it forever, and decided with my team to discover the most beautiful countries of this continent for you!

It was decided to make one of our stops on the way to explore the amazing and mysterious Africa in the charming and fairy-tale eastern Morocco! Let’s fly to discover the fairy tale together with us!

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