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Bnei Brake tours

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Jerusalem – City of Three Religions

Ein Bokek Beach Vacation (Dead Sea)

Bethlehem and Christian Jerusalem.

Masada Fortress and the Dead Sea.

Caesarea, Haifa, and Acre.

Christian Galilee – Nazareth

Spa Day in Hotel Lot (Dead Sea) with lunch

Rest day in Crowne Plaza Hotel Spa (Dead Sea), with lunch

Jerusalem Christian

Sakhnes – Warm mineral lakes

Stalactite Caves and Monasteries

Jerusalem Review with a visit to Yad Vashem Museum

Underground Jerusalem

The holy shrines of Bethlehem

Ein Gedi Reserve and the Dead Sea

Mini-Israel, Latrun and Jaffa, Abu Ghosh

Haifa, Zichron Jacob, Caesarea

Rosh Hanikra, Haifa, Acre.

Golan Heights. Banias Reserve.

Jericho and monasteries of Judean Desert.

Rest day in Hod Hotel Spa (Dead Sea)

David Hotel Spa Day (Dead Sea)

Jerusalem the sanctuary of three religions (in mini groups)

Christian Jerusalem – the holy and eternal (in mini group)

See all the attractions of Bnei Brak!

The amazing and unique Bnei Brak does not seem to attract many tourists. There are no clubs, restaurants, or movie theaters, and on Saturdays most of the streets are closed and the stores simply do not open.

Yet tourists from all over the world come to Bnei Brak, the religious center of Israel. The city lives mainly Orthodox Jews, which left its mark. Many historical monuments and mosques, the amazing atmosphere and the quietness of the streets will long remember you.

However, in many sacred places strangers simply will not be allowed, so we recommend ordering a tour in Russian from Bnei Brak.

You can continue to study the religious life of the country, going on a trip to the monasteries of the Judean Desert or to the Christian Galilee – Nazareth.

Takayama. Journey to Little Kyoto

Or you can diversify your experience by visiting, for example, the spectacular Eil Gredi Reserve with stunning waterfalls and magnificent views.

Also noteworthy are the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, an outstanding historical monument, complemented by the beauty of Israeli nature.

Bnei Brak is not rich in entertainment, but thanks to its good location you can see many sights in Israel.

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