Tourist route through Azerbaijan: the best places to stay with your family

Travelling to Azerbaijan by yourself – prepared itinerary of Azerbaijan

Itinerary of Azerbaijan (10 days): Baku (3 nights), Sheki (2 nights), Lenkoran (4 nights).

Visa: not required for Russian citizens (up to 90 days).

Transport inside the country: by car or by bus.

Total budget of the trip (without the cost of the flight, per person): 1,130 AZN ($732, at the exchange rate of 1.5 AZN per $1).

Learn how to go to Azerbaijan on your own, whether you need a visa to Azerbaijan, how much a trip to Azerbaijan costs, what sights to see in Azerbaijan. We’ve prepared this Azerbaijan travel itinerary especially for you. We’ve picked out the most important, best, interesting and popular sights of Azerbaijan and included their photos, short descriptions, and information on how to get there and how much it costs. Use our free itinerary to organize your trip to Azerbaijan.

Flight cost Moscow – Baku – Moscow:

Day 1. Baku.

Arrival in Baku at Baku Heydar Aliyev Airport. There is a 24-hour H1 bus from the international terminal to the metro station “28 May”. The cost of travel is 1.3 AZN (you must buy a transport card BakiKART for 2 AZN, it can also be used to pay for bus and metro travel in the city).

The cost of hotels in Baku ranges from 15 AZN per night for a bed in a hostel to 150 AZN for a good room in a 5-star hotel (for example a 2-bed room in 3 * Nemi Hotel in 2016 cost 56 AZN per night with breakfast).

Current hotel prices:

Approximate budget for the day: 100 AZN (hotel – 56 AZN, bus to the airport – 3.5 AZN, sightseeing tickets – 8 AZN, dinner – 15 AZN, pocket money – 17 AZN).

Prices in restaurants and cafes: salad 3 AZN, lentil soup 3 AZN, piti soup 5 AZN, mutton shashlik (180 gr) or kebab 5-6 AZN, side dish 2 AZN, tea (500ml) 4 AZN, wine (750ml) 7 AZN.

Name How to reach Cost
The old city of Baku called Icheri-sheher is the main historical area of Azerbaijan’s capital with its main places of interest. This area is surrounded by a majestic fortress wall, carefully preserving the unique architectural monuments, which became the most important cultural heritage of the whole country long ago. Sights worth seeing: Maiden Tower, Juma Mosque, Kichik Gala Street (where an episode of The Diamond Hand was filmed), Shirvanshahs Palace. Metro station: IcheriSheher. Ticket to Maiden Tower: 4 AZN Ticket to Shirvanshahs Palace: 4AZN
Nagorny Park is a memorial complex and park located above the coastal part of the Azerbaijani capital, from whose observation decks a vast panorama of the city can be seen. From here you can see the Baku Bay, Seaside Boulevard, Icheri Sheher historical quarter, Maiden Tower, Shirvanshahs Palace, FlameTowers skyscraper complex, Azerbaijan State Flag Square, Crystal Hall (venue of Eurovision). Funicular from Seaside Boulevard: free of charge. Bus: 6, 13, 18, 193 to the Flame Towers stop. Free of charge
Seaside Boulevard: Freedom Square (Azadlig), Government House. Metro station: Sahil. Bus: 88, 120, 124, 207 to the Park Bulvar stop. Free of charge .
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Day 2. Gobustan, Baku

Gobustan Reserve can be reached by cab or by rented car. It is located about 60 km. from Baku.

The cost of renting a car in Baku is 45 – 55 AZN per day and you can book it in advance or on the spot. Websites to rent a car in Azerbaijan:,,

To compare the cost of rent a car and find the best rent option you can here:

Petrol costs 0.7 AZN per liter.

Approximate budget for a day: 150 AZN (hotel – 56 AZN, car rent – 55 AZN, petrol – 11 AZN, sightseeing tickets – 3 AZN, dinner – 15 AZN, pocket money – 10 AZN).

Name How to reach Cost
Gobustan, the petroglyphs and mud volcanoes on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the most memorable sights in Azerbaijan. The reserve, located just 50-60 km from the capital Baku. Cab, car, bus to the city of Gobustan (then by cab). Gobustan Museum ticket: 3 AZN Volcano visit – free of charge.

Day 3. Yanardag fire mountain, Ateshgah fire-worshippers temple, Baku

We visit the Yanardag Fire Mountain, the Ateshgah Fire Worshippers Temple, and the Heydar Aliyev Center.

Approximate budget for the day: 155 AZN (hotel – 56 AZN, car rental – 55 AZN, petrol – 7 AZN, sightseeing tickets – 9 AZN, dinner – 15 AZN, pocket money – 13 AZN).

Name How to reach Cost
Yanardag Mountain, the name literally translates as “burning mountain”. Yanardag is one of the most amazing natural attractions of the Absheron peninsula. It is a flame-covered mountain slope, which cannot be put out by rain or sand, burning for several millennia (30 km from Baku). Cab, car. Ticket to the mountain: 2 AZN
Temple of eternal flame (fire worshippers) Ateshgah – the true exotic of Azerbaijan. It is known about it almost all over the world. It is located 30 km from the center of Baku, on the outskirts of the village Surakhani. Cab, car. Ticket to temple: 2 AZN
The Heydar Aliyev Center is the symbol of modern Azerbaijan and, without exaggeration, a masterpiece of modern world architecture located in Baku. The Center is divided into three parts. One part is occupied by Heydar Aliyev Museum which has three floors with a collection of exhibits describing the life and activities of the Azerbaijan leader. Another part of the center has exhibition areas with galleries with expositions on archaeology, history and folk art of Azerbaijan. Metro station: Nariman Narimanov. Ticket to the center: 5 AZN
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Day 4. Maraza, Shemakhi, Sheki

On this day, a big move is planned. The town of Sheki is located 275 km. from Baku, it is considered one of the oldest settlements in the Caucasus.

You can also get to Sheki by bus from the Baku bus station (website of the bus station:, one way ticket costs about 5 AZN, or by train to the Belokani station (17 km. from Sheki), then by cab, the cost of such a trip (train + cab) will be approximately 10-15 AZN.

Since we rent a car, we plan to stop at Maraza and Shemakha on the way to see the local sights (mausoleums). We will also use these stops for rest.

The cost of hotels in Sheki ranges from 30 AZN per night in a hostel to 90 AZN in a 5-star hotel (for example, a 2-bed room in 3 * LT Hotel in Oguz (20 km. from Sheki) in 2016 cost 40 AZN per night with breakfast). Find a hotel

Approximate budget for the day: 145 AZN (hotel – 40 AZN, car rental – 55 AZN, gasoline – 25 AZN, dinner – 15 AZN, pocket money – 10 AZN).

Name How to reach Cost
Diri Baba Mausoleum is located in a very picturesque area, among rocks and forests, near the village of Maraza. It was built in 1402 (the inscription inside the building tells us about it) and it looks as if it was “embedded” in a rock by its creators. It is a unique two-storeyed construction, which is now protected by the state. It combines the functions and architectural elements not only of a mausoleum, but also of a mosque. Bus, cab, car. Free of charge .
There are as many as two mausoleum complexes with the name “Yeddi Gumbez,” which translates to “Seven Domes.” Because of this there is often confusion, although the clue to this situation is simple: the newer complex, built in the 1810s, copied its older prototype, built in the 17th century. The original Yeddi Gyumbez is located 6 km from the town of Shemakha, near the village of Kelakhana. It used to include nine mausoleums, but only seven have survived to this day. Bus, cab, car. Free of charge .
City of Sheki. There are many historical and architectural sights, but the pride of the ancient Sheki is the majestic Royal Palace of Sheki Khans, built in the XVIII century without a single nail, with luxurious murals and openwork windows, in a stone citadel. Also of interest are numerous caravanserais, the Juma Mosque (18th century) and the minaret of the Gilein Mosque (18th century). Bus, train, cab, car. Ticket to center: 5 AZN.
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Day 5. Sheki, Kish, Sheki

All Sheki sights are located very compactly in the old part of the city and the route is easily passed on foot.

Approximate budget for the day: 125 AZN (hotel – 40 AZN, car rent – 55 AZN, sightseeing tickets – 4 AZN, dinner – 15 AZN, pocket money – 11 AZN).

Name How to reach Cost
Sheki: Fortress, Palace of Sheki Khans, Gileili Minaret, Caravanserai, Juma Mosque. Cab, car. Ticket to Sheki Khans Palace: 2 AZN
Kish village church – 12th-century Christian church in the village of Kish, 5 km north of Sheki city. Cab, car. Church ticket: 2 AZN

Day 6. Sheki, Baku, Lenkoran

Coming back to Baku (275 km), returning our rented car (as we won’t need it for our rest in Lankaran).

We take a bus to Lankaran (270 km from Baku).

You can get to the bus station in Baku by metro – the station “20 January”.

The bus to Lankaran takes about 5 hours, the ticket price is 5-6 AZN. One can also take a cab (one seat costs 15 AZN, the whole car costs 60 AZN), a train (the journey will take about 9 hours) or a plane.

It is not recommended to buy bus tickets beforehand as it is necessary to find out on site which buses go where and how much they cost (on-the-spot payment is possible; also it is possible to hitch a ride to Astara for instance).

The average cost of hotels in Lankaran is 65 AZN per night in a 4-star hotel (for example a 2-bed room in 4* Qafqaz SahilHotel in 2016 cost 68 AZN per night with breakfast). Find a hotel

Approximate budget for the day: 120 AZN (hotel – 68 AZN, gasoline – 20 AZN, bus to Lenkoran – 6 AZN, dinner – 15 AZN, pocket money – 11 AZN).

Name How to reach Cost
Lankaran, situated on the shore of the Caspian Sea, is not only an ancient city but also a beautiful one. The great number of beautifully preserved sights from the 8th-19th centuries and the immense cultural heritage has made it a famous tourist center. Bus. Bus ticket: 6 AZN
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Day 7. 8, 9. Lankaran

Days of beach leisure and leisurely strolling around the city.

Estimated budget for 3 days: 300 AZN (hotel – 204 AZN, dinners – 45 AZN, pocket money – 50 AZN).

We recommend you to try the local national dish Levengi: chicken or fish stuffed with a mixture of crushed walnuts, onions and other spices. The approximate cost is 10-15 AZN.

Name How to reach Cost
Lankaran: gate to the city (fortress), house (palace) of Mirahmad Khan (history museum, on request), monument of samovar, market (must buy nuts, Lankaran tea, fruits), beach. By bus, a cab. Bus fare around the city – 0,2 AZN Taxi fare around the city – 2AZN
Additional attractions (by request): – Hanega. Cult Muslim institution is well-preserved till our days. This is a whole complex of mausoleums and mosques, hidden from prying eyes by the fortress wall. Hanega is situated on the bank of Pirsagat River, near the ancient road from Shemakha (where the Shemakha queen who caused the death of the king in “The Tale of the Golden Cockerel” was from) to Iran. – Thermal springs (need to clarify the possibility of travel and visit, as as of June 2016, they did not work). Cab.

Day 10. Return to Baku.

Back to Baku. We get to the Lenkoran bus station by cab and take a bus to Baku.

The bus to Baku takes about 5 hours and tickets cost – 5-6 AZN. You can also take a cab (one place costs 15 AZN, the whole car – 60 AZN), a train (the trip takes about 9 hours) or a plane.

The timetable can be found on the website of Baku bus station:

To Baku Airport we take bus H1 from metro station May 28 (1,3 AZN).

Approximate budget for the day: 35 AZN (bus to Baku – 6 AZN, dinner – 15 AZN, pocket money – 14 AZN).

All sightseeing attractions on one map

Photos at

Useful information and travel tips:

POPULATION: 8 million people, of which 90% are Azerbaijanis, 3.2% – mountain nations (Lezgins, Avars, Kurds, Udins, etc.), 2.5% – Russians, 2.3% – Armenians, 2% – other nations.

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LANGUAGE: Azerbaijani (Turkic language group), but Russian is well known by adults and urban children.

RELIGION: Despite the fact that religion is separated from the state, most of the population are believers, mostly Muslims.

CURRENCY: The Azerbaijani manat. Currency exchange offices are located throughout Baku and other major cities, credit cards are accepted for payment in many major supermarkets in the capital. The use of both credit cards and traveler’s checks is virtually impossible in the province. U.S. dollars are unofficially widely circulated in all areas.

REGULATIONS FOR ENTRYING: Citizens of Russia and most CIS countries do not need a visa to Azerbaijan. A foreign passport is required. Staying in the country for more than 10 days to 90 days – within 10 days from the date of entry must apply to the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan ( for registration at the place of stay (the hotel can carry out this procedure).

CUSTOMS RULES: Import and export of foreign currency is not limited, the declaration is obligatory. It is allowed to take out of the country their personal belongings, handicrafts and goods purchased in the country. The export of any antiques (including precious stones, coins, manuscripts and other works of art) without the permission of the appropriate authorities is prohibited. The transit of narcotics, weapons and ammunition (except for hunting weapons, for which a permit is issued), literature and videos that offend the morals and state system of the country is prohibited.

Azerbaijani authorities consider it a criminal offense to visit Nagorno-Karabakh, controlled by Armenia. If a tourist has been to Armenia and there are stamps of that country in his passport, it is almost always inevitable that he will be questioned about what he did in Armenia and whether he visited Karabakh.

For convenience, it is recommended to have a smartphone with an app installed for viewing offline maps (Osmand or Maps.Me), to add and find the sights listed in the itinerary.

We also recommend installing our travel apps on your smartphone:

You can get your money back on BakiKART at the following metro stations: 28 May and Nariman Narimanov.

Locals are very responsive, do not be afraid to ask for advice and help, usually everyone is willing to help completely unselfishly, whether it’s the capital or a small village.

You are free to rebuild this itinerary on your own (change places, add, exclude sights and places to visit).

Please send all your wishes, suggestions and comments to the email address:

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