Top Unique Hotels of the World

The world’s most unusual hotels (50 photos, descriptions)

Our today’s top will be interesting, first of all, to those who on vacation seeks to get the maximum impressions. Rating of the most unusual hotels in the world can strike the imagination of even a sophisticated guest.

Who said that the greatest interest are attractions, beaches and excursions, and there is nothing interesting in the hotel? Any of the unusual hotels is worthy of the closest attention.

The Giraffe Manor (Kenya/Nairobi)


The unity of nature and man is at the head of this African hotel. “The Giraffe Manor is located on the grounds of a giraffe sanctuary. The comfortable English-style mansion is available for the proud animals, who roam around quite freely and may well greet tourists by peeking out the window in the morning.

Icehotel (Sweden/Yukkasjärvi)


Icehotel is built every year 200 km away from the Arctic Circle. Each year different designers and architects work on the creation of frosty apartments. Therefore, the appearance of “Icehotel” is never repeated. Only the temperature inside the rooms is the same – minus 5-10 degrees. The guests sleep in sleeping bags lined with fur. Few people come to the coldest hotel in the world for more than one night. Fortunately, there’s a traditional warm hotel next door.

Capsule Inn Akihabara (Japan/Tokyo)


A distinctive feature of a capsule hotel is the minimal size of the rooms. The room itself is a capsule made of highly durable plastic. Amenities include a radio, TV, alarm clock, wireless Internet, and a bed. You can swim in the public area. The Capsule Inn Akihabara’s main advantages are its cost-effectiveness and its location in the heart of Japan’s capital.

Aqua Expeditions (Peru)


The floating hotel offers guests 12 deluxe suites. It is not a cruise ship, but drifts along the shores of the Amazon River, allowing guests to enjoy the picturesque scenery of Peru. It has everything guests need for comfort – a bar, a restaurant, and stores.

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Hoshi Ryokan (Japan/Komatsu)


The oldest hotel in the world has been in operation for 13 centuries. All these years it has been owned by one single family. Rooms are quite modestly furnished, although accommodation costs about $350 a night.

Eh Hausel (Germany)


– The smallest five-star hotel in the world. The Eh Hausel has a living area of 53 square meters. The width of a hotel room is only 2.5 meters. At the same time the hotel enjoys enormous popularity. Reservations have to be made several months in advance. There is a spa area, a fireplace and luxurious furnishings.

Pierre-Stéphane Dumas Transparent Project (France)


The room in this unusual hotel is a half-transparent sphere. Inside there is a comfortable bed, a bathroom and a music center. Meals are included in the price. One night in the most transparent hostel in the world will cost 130 euros.

Hotel Everest View (Nepal)


– The most alpine hotel. The building is located at an altitude of 3,880 meters above sea level. Guests are guaranteed the most breathtaking views of Everest. Those wishing to climb the famous mountain peak can be taken by helicopter.

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa (Australia)


Gives guests a unique opportunity to get close to the surrounding luxurious nature. On the territory of the hotel complex there are small villas, which use only eco-friendly energy. The menu includes only organic products and water from springs untouched by civilization.

Poseidon Undersea Resort (Fiji)


– The most unusual hotel in the world is located under the water. It offers 24 pods and 48 bungalows on the shore. The capsules are situated surrounded by picturesque coral reefs at a depth of 15 meters. The base of accommodation is a former research station.

Hotel de Glace (Canada/Quebec)


Located in Quebec City, Canada. The structure is made entirely of ice. Beds and other furniture in unusual rooms are also made of ice, and to keep guests warm at night, they are given sleeping bags and heat the fireplace. The hotel has a bar, chapel and gallery with ice figures. True, it does not work long, from January to March, so look for free dates and book tickets in advance.

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Magic Mountain Hotel (Chile)


Magic Mountain Hotel is a beautiful hotel in the reserve Huilo Huilo in Chile. It looks like a volcano but water pours from the top. The outside is covered with moss and resembles a gnome or hobbit house. A rope bridge leads to the entrance. It has all the amenities as well as a sauna, restaurant, mini-golf and other activities.

Palacio del Sal (Bolivia/Uyuni)


This architectural marvel is located near the Uyuni salt marsh in Bolivia. It is built of salt blocks, the furniture and sculptures are also made of salt. The air here is full of trace elements and is good for your health.

Malmaison Oxford Castle – (Oxford)


Malmaison Castle in Oxford used to be a prison, but now it’s a luxury boarding house. The rooms are the former cells of prisoners. But now they offer maximum comfort: showers, TV, and a bar.

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)


– one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. It has an unusual design: three towers 200 meters high have a huge terrace, on which the gardens and swimming pools are spread. The main pool of this design seems to have no boundaries and falls into an abyss, and to swim in it you need to be brave.

Propeller Island City Lodge (Berlin)


– is the realization of the crazy ideas of the author Lars Stroschen in Berlin. Each room has a unique design: a fully mirrored room, a prison cell, a room turned upside down, flying cage beds, a coffin bed, a guillotine bed. In a word, welcome!

De Vrouwe van Stavoren (Netherlands)


This lovely hotel is nestled in a picturesque location near the old port in the Netherlands. Its exotic rooms are made of huge wine barrels with the volume up to 14.5 thousand liters in which used to age the French wine. Inside, the necessary furniture, a shower and a living room fit freely.

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Kakslauttanen (Finland)


– An ideal place to watch the stars and northern lights. The original rooms are made in the form of cozy igloos, which are equipped with modern technology. Through the transparent roof all night you can watch unearthly landscapes of Lapland.

Treehotel (Sweden)


– This is not a banal hut in a tree, but a unique art object, located in the Swedish forest. Five parts of the hotel – “Red Cone”, “Mirror Cube”, “Bird’s Nest”, “Cabin” and “Flying Saucer” are suspended between trees at a distance of 50 meters from each other. It creates the feeling of flying, and the view is beautiful.

Corsewall Lighthouse (Scotland/Corsewall)


If you are going on a trip to the UK, it makes sense to pay attention to the unusual lighthouse hotel, which is located at Cape Corswall in Scotland. The lighthouse was erected in 1815 and has quite an interesting history. The thing is that before the construction of the lighthouse, robbers often built fires on this place, thus attracting ships, which, of course, were robbed. Later it was decided to stop this outrage and built a real lighthouse on the cape, which has kept its appearance unchanged to this day and is still in operation.

Top Unique Hotels of the World

Lovers of new experiences are always in search of adventure. Many believe that the history of a country or city is best described by its landmarks, but hotels and hotels also hide a lot of mystery. People from all over the world can experience each other’s culture during their stay. Some hotels are specially styled for a certain time (Renaissance or Modern), they can be equipped with antique furniture and paintings, or vice versa – finished to the highest standards of modernity.

1888 Hotel | Sydney, Australia

Top Unique Hotels of the World - Photo 2

1888 Hotel | Sydney, Australia

The hotel is remarkable in that it is designed especially for bloggers and amateurs. The name comes from the year of the first box camera from the company Kodak, now there is a tradition to have a free night drawing every month for those who take the best photo of the hotel and its surroundings and make a post with it on Instagram. So, thanks to the social network absolutely anyone can get an unforgettable vacation in one of the best hotels in the world, and users with an audience of more than 10 thousand subscribers are guaranteed to get a prize.

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Armani Hotel Dubai, UAE

Top Unique Hotels of the World - Photo 3

Armani Hotel Dubai, UAE

The hotel’s location is an exceptional feature. It is located in the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa and occupies less than 11 floors. Due to such a location visitors have access to a large number of infrastructure facilities – stores, restaurants and bars. Nearby is the Dubai Mall, and in the hotel equipped with a modern art gallery. Apartments are equipped with the latest technology and exceptional design, because developed the interior design of famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

The Oberoi Udaivilas, India

Top Unique Hotels of the World - Photo 4

The Oberoi Udaivilas, India

The hotel was built in the style of a royal residence, both externally and internally: there are butlers, rooms with private pools, lots of courtyards with gardens and fountains. Entrance to the residence is accessible through Lake Pichola, which visitors traverse by boat. There are relaxation areas including a spa , a gym and special rooms for yoga and meditation under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Mercer Hotel Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Top Unique Hotels Worldwide - Photo 5

Mercer Hotel Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, close to the Cathedral. This district is famous for its lively streets with many monuments and museums, national cafes. If you are eager to explore the Liceu Opera House and History Museum, why not head to the Nevermind Bar, Chalito Rambla, or the trendy local pubs?

Archipelagos Luxury Hotel Mykonos, Mykonos, Greece

Top Unique Hotels Worldwide - Photo 6

Archipelagos Luxury Hotel Mykonos, Mykonos, Greece

The hotel is located 10 km from the old aorta of Mykonos, on Kalo Livadi beach, overlooking every corner of the hotel. The decoration is based on the Cycladic landscape and the building itself is shaped like an amphitheatre, respecting the Mykonian architecture. Private beach with crystal clear water guarantees a quality rest for the visitors, and for a complete relaxation we recommend to visit the wellness studio. For lovers of architecture there is an ancient church in the traditional Mycon style.

Royal Palace of Caserta with park, Italy

Fregate Island Private (Fregate Island, Seychelles)

Is one of the most luxurious hotels, characterized by a high level of service (for 40 visitors, 100 people). Located on a private island instead of the usual rooms – private villas in the middle of tropical nature, as well as in their own small gardens – especially for families. Villas are built in Thai style, trimmed with silk and high quality Egyptian cotton.

Top Unique Hotels Worldwide - Photo 7

Fregate Island Private (Fregate Island, Seychelles)

There are many amazing hotels in the world with their own culture and inexpressible atmosphere. You must visit them all!

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