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Ethiopia is not the most favorable country for tourism, but there is also something to see. Its rich historical heritage draws people from all over the world. Ethiopia’s natural attractions are depicted in many photos, both in popular science magazines and travel blogs. If you’re curious about how and what the oldest state on the African continent lives on, then don’t hesitate: arm yourself with a list of the most significant places and hit the road.

Ethiopia is not the most favorable country for tourism, but there is also something to see. Its rich historical heritage draws people from all over the world. Ethiopia’s natural attractions are depicted in many photos, both in popular science magazines and travel blogs. If you’re curious about how and what the oldest state on the African continent lives on, then don’t hesitate: arm yourself with a list of the most significant places and hit the road.

Top 10 popular attractions in Ethiopia

So, among the ranking of the most interesting and frequently visited places in Ethiopia, it is worth highlighting the following:

  1. The capital city. Addis Ababa concentrates a few of Ethiopia’s entertaining sights that are sure to interest those who want to explore the country. In particular, it is the square of Menelik II, the former ruler of the country. There is also the Temple of St. George, and just a few blocks away you can visit the former residence of the governor – the royal palace built in 1894, which is prescribed the title of the most beautiful architectural structure of the capital. Take time to visit the Archaeological Museum and the National Museum, whose extensive collection of exhibits reveals the rich history of Ethiopia. In addition, the guests of Addis Ababa are strongly recommended to climb the best observation point of the city – Mount Entoto, which offers an amazing panorama of the city. Here is laid out a nice and well-groomed park, as well as the opportunity to visit the ancient St. Mary’s Church and the Historical Museum.
  2. The city of Aksum. Once it was the cradle of the Axum Kingdom. Here are concentrated a few attractions of a religious nature in Ethiopia. In particular is the Church of Mary of Zion. On its territory there are three structures that were constructed in different periods of time. Moreover, here is stored the greatest relic of Christianity – a carved casket with the tablets, the Ark of the Covenant. An interesting feature of Axum are also the stelae, giant basalt columns, the purpose of which remains unknown, but the theory is that they marked the burial sites.
  3. Lake Tana. This body of water is the largest in all of Africa. The Blue Nile begins here. There is a great diversity of flora and fauna in the vicinity of the lake. Among the local inhabitants there are even hippos. Characteristically, there is life here, including parasites – the waters of Thane are literally swarming with these creatures.
  4. Blue Nile Falls. The river, springing from Lake Tana, irrigates the lands of Ethiopia for 800 km. And just 30 km away you can see a unique spectacle – the cascading waterfalls. After Victoria, they are the largest in Africa. The waterfalls bear the names of the nearest villages – Tees-Ysat. The height from which the water falls is up to 45 m and the width of the waterfall is up to 400 m.
  5. The volcano Erta Ale. Locals call it “the road to hell,” and the name is interpreted as “smoking mountain.” This volcano is one of the few volcanoes on the entire planet that are constantly active. This is due to the fact that it is located in the heart of the Afar triangle. Constant eruptions and several lakes of red-hot lava in the area are common in this area. The temperature never drops below +50 ° C, but the spirit of adventure drives travelers from around the globe, just to stand over the mouth of a volcano and take a piece of volcanic rock as a souvenir.
  6. Temples in Lalibela. For a long time this place has been a center of pilgrimage and an object of religious worship. This is not surprising, because there are 13 ancient temples that are carved right into the rocks. Their construction dates back to the XII-XIII centuries, during the reign of King Lalibel, who sought to make them similar to Jerusalem.
  7. Ras Dashen Mountain. This is the highest point in Ethiopia with a height of 4,533 m. The first place those who can’t imagine their life without mountaineering and trekking come here. The trail that leads to the summit goes through Symen National Park, so you can not only enjoy the colorful views, but also learn about the Ethiopian flora and fauna.
  8. The Great Rift of Africa. This unique natural phenomenon is considered one of the most mysterious places in Africa. The rift is steadily growing, so scientists believe it will split the continent in the distant future. Today, its expanses and gorges enjoy their landscapes lovers of outdoor activities.
  9. The Mursi tribe. It is quite famous not only in the field of ethnographers and cultural studies. The peculiarity of the tribe is the tradition to wear clay plates of impressive size in the ears and the incision above the lower lip. This is considered a local measure of beauty.
  10. Fasil-Gebbi Fortress. In the XVII-XVIII centuries, this architectural structure was home to rulers of Ethiopia. Fasil-Gebbi is a complex of buildings that included castles, temples, and palaces for the nobility. Most of them have survived to this day, causing genuine interest among tourists.
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There is a country, a trip to which the tourist will not provide a rich and luxurious vacation, but offers something more. And that is Ethiopia. It is ideal for those who are interested in primitive culture and untouched nature. There really are such natural sights that take your breath away. What is only worth seeing the striking Ethiopian highlands and enjoy its unusual landscape. Or visit the many wilderness areas with untouched nature. In Ethiopia you can visit several primitive tribes and experience their culture. They continue to drive their economy as they did thousands of years ago. Also in Ethiopia there are often bright festivals, which should be visited by every guest of the country.

To get to know this country better, every tourist should visit the main attractions of Ethiopia.


The ancient city of Axum.

This city is located on the very outskirts of the country. The city itself is not very remarkable, but its history and the sights that confirm it attract a large number of tourists to these places every year. As legend has it, Cyclops people lived here and built large obelisks. You can admire these structures even now. According to reliable sources, the son of Solomon ruled here too.

Ethiopia - the ancient city of Aksum.

The fortress of Facil-Gebbi.

This fortress is a whole complex. It consists of several buildings, which were built in the 17th century. These are beautiful and majestic castles and palaces. All of them are protected by UNESCO. The buildings are built in several styles. Here you can see the stunning Indian palaces, castles and temples of Arab and Nubian culture. Now every tourist can visit this complex and get acquainted with the ancient architecture.

Ethiopia-Fasil Gabby Fortress.

Church of Saint George in Lalibela

In the city of Lalibela there is another architectural landmark from the 12th century. The entire church is built directly in the rock, to be more exact, it is cut out in it and goes deep into several tens of meters. Such an idea belonged to the king himself. He wanted to turn the city into a religious area and started with this church. But the idea never materialized beyond it. But now every tourist can admire this church and visit the inside.

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Ethiopia-Church of St. George in Lalibela

Baths of Fasilidas in Gondar Ethiopia

It used to be prestigious for kings to build their own baths. So did Fasilidas in the 17th century. It is a very beautiful architectural landmark that has found its use today. Now, after the services in the temples are over, the pools in this baths are filled with water and the locals bathe in it. Visitors to the country can also get in on the action.

Ethiopia-Bani Fasilidas in Gondar Ethiopia

Erta Ale Volcano, Ethiopia.

This is an amazing volcano, the trick of which is its constant growth. It has been active since ’67. From time to time, its lake of red-hot lava, which is located in the crater, throws it out and erupts. And with each such eruption, the mountain rises even higher. The volcano is now up to 600 meters high. And it’s still very restless.

Ethiopia-Ethiopia Volcano Erta Ale

Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia.

Another natural landmark, which is known throughout the world. And all because it is quite unusual. When scientific researchers looked at the surface of this volcano, they compared it to the surface of Jupiter. In 1926 there was a very large eruption. After it, the whole surface of the volcano is covered with a bright yellow with a purple tint lake. This is an amazing sight that every tourist should see.

Ethiopia-Volcano Dallol.Ethiopia

Symen National Park.

This park is an ideal place for ecotourism lovers. Not only is there excellent nature, but also the animal world. For a start, you should visit its different zones. These are the savannas, the desert, and the mountains. Also in the middle of the park is its main attraction. It is the peak of Ras Dashen. It reaches more than 4.5 thousand monsters in height. The most extreme tourists can climb to the top and admire the beauty of the reserve from a bird’s eye view.

Ethiopia-Simen National Park.

Lake Tana, Ethiopia.

This is the largest lake in the country, which is the beginning of the Blue Nile River. For Ethiopia this lake serves as the main waterway. Initially, it provided only drinking water and fish for the population. Then a hydroelectric power plant was built on it. Now the lake also provides the country with electricity. And the pyrope of this area itself is very beautiful. A large number of islands with wild pristine nature can visit every tourist.

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Ethiopia-Lake Tana.Ethiopia

Lake Abbe Djibouti

Another beautiful lake is located in Ethiopia. Only it is salty. But it is not the lake itself that is interesting, but the landscapes that surround it. Those tourists who get into these places, call them unearthly. The fact is that there is limestone here. From it entire towers and pillars have grown on the shores. The whole area is volcanically active, which is why there are periodic clouds of steam.

Ethiopia-Lake Abbe Djibouti

Sof-Omar Cave.

In Ethiopia there is another interesting national park, which should be visited by every tourist. But it is possible to look there not only at nature, but also at these amazing caves. Here the river flows, which for many years tried to force its way into the rock. That’s how these natural caves were formed. For Muslims it is a sacred place, and every tourist can rent a boat and visit the stunning corridors of the caves.

Ethiopia-Soph-Omar Cave.

Awash River Ethiopia.

This river flows along very beautiful banks. There are whole plantations of cotton and cane. During the rainy seasons, its waters are significantly flooded, which contributes to the fertility of the soil of the banks. Also near the river is a beautiful nature reserve. Here you can see animals such as antelope and gazelles. The nature of this river is a real paradise for lovers of such attractions.

Ethiopia-Awash River. Ethiopia

The waterfall of Tees Ysat.

This waterfall is located on the Blue Nile River. Locals consider it the most beautiful natural attraction. The power of this full-flowing river is displayed at this very spot. There is a famous tourist town not far from it, so it will be quite easy to get to this place. Every guest to this amazing country should come and admire this wonder of nature.

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