Top 9 best day trips from Paris

Top 10 Day Trips from Paris 2022

Top 10 ideas for where to go from Paris for a day trip. Options for all tastes – kids, adults, and fans of painting and scenery will love it.

Travelers flock to the French capital from all parts of the world. As one of the greatest cities, Paris has much to offer the visitor, even unique places and things to see. But thanks to the books and movies we’ve known since childhood, we know a lot about the outskirts of Paris, we’ve heard about the beauty of Brittany, the oysters of Normandy and the sparkling wines of the Champagne province. Therefore, travelers sooner or later face the question: devote the whole vacation to the capital or dedicate a few days to the Loire castles, Reims Cathedral and the Versailles Park?

Despite the fact that this city can be enjoyed endlessly, it’s still worth taking a break and go to the provinces. The main thing is to know exactly where you can drive yourself without problems, and where it is more profitable to book a tour for one day.

Excursions in Paris and surroundings

The most interesting tours are itineraries from locals on Tripster . We recommend a daily walk around Paris with a group (2 hours, € 20 per person) or the 7-hour “Grand Batman of Paris” (€ 300 per tour, from 1 to 6 people). Bonus from Tripster: Before booking the walk, the guides can ask any question about the city.

Day Trips from Paris

We’ve compiled a list of day trips that can be taken from Paris, either on your own or with a private tour.

1. Monet’s Gardens and Estate in Giverny

Claude Monet was one of the founders of Impressionism, a movement of painting where nature was treated with particular reverence. There is no better way to understand this movement than by visiting Monet’s estate in Giverny. The famous artist made the village his home after passing through these parts by train. Here he began growing thousands of different types of plants and then began to paint the gardens that had grown. Soon other artists began coming to the village.

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The gardens and estate of Monet are in the province of Normandy, 76 km from Paris. The museum and garden are open to the public annually from April 1 to November 1.

2. Beaches of Normandy

Etretat, Normandy

From Paris it is worth a trip to the white cliffs of Etretta

A trip to Etretta is one of the most popular day trips from Paris. The day of June 6, 1944 is known as “D-Day,” when hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers landed on the coast of France. It is believed that this event was one of the major turning points of the war. In addition to walking around these sites, travelers can also visit the cemeteries where those who died that day found their rest.

However, the wonders of Normandy do not end with military history. This French province is a Klondike for foodies. Here you can taste the freshest oysters, king prawns, crabs and other seafood. For those who like it hot, we recommend cider (for ladies) and Calvados (for men). And, of course, no visit to Normandy is not without tasting French cheeses, because this is the homeland of Camembert.

After a hearty lunch ahead a lot of interesting things: the charming Honfleur and luxury resorts on the shores of the Channel, Deauville and Trouville. A reasonable question arises: how can we cover all this in one day?

Alternatively, an 8-hour group excursion, All the Beauty of Normandy. It is good because the departure from Paris and return transportation are included in the price, and in Honfleur is offered to try Calvados, Normandy oysters and other delicacies. The program of the trip is rich, it is worth preparing for a long hike.

3. Fontainebleau Palace

The best tours from Paris: Fontainebleau

Best tours from Paris: Fontainebleau

In this place everyone can learn the history of France in a deeper way. Located 40 kilometers from Paris in the former royal forest, the palace dates back to the 12th century. Due to its luxury Fontainebleau was loved by the monarchs for century after century, until the French Revolution and the palace was sold. Upon becoming emperor, Napoleon began the process of restoring the palace. In addition to enjoying the riches and beauty of the place, visitors can take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the palace gardens or go high into the air in a hot air balloon.

The trip to Fontainebleau on Tripster is led by our favorite guide in Paris, Alexandra (many readers either already know her personally or through frequent recommendations). The “Fontainebleau – Dazzling Palace” trip lasts 7 hours and includes a tour of the palace interiors, park and surroundings.

4. Reims and Champagne

A day trip to Reims and Champagne from Paris

Excursions from Paris: The delicious Champagne!

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Reims is a city that appeals to all kinds of tastes, but it is particularly good for gourmets and lovers of fine champagne. The city is a 45-minute train ride from Paris and is located in the heart of the Champagne region, famous for its 319 vineyards that churn out over 321 million bottles of wine a year. But food and wine are just bait – the city’s cathedral, considered the equivalent of Westminster Abbey in England, will make the strongest impression. Note that some of Rheims Cathedral’s stained glass windows were created by Marc Chagall.

5. Castles in the Loire Valley

Where to go from Paris: Chateau de Chenonceau, Loire Valley

Where else to go from Paris: blossoming Chenonceau

About two hours south of Paris (one hour by train) is the Loire Valley, a region known for its picturesque vineyards and villages. The main attraction of the valley is the large number of castles scattered across the green hills. From large country estates to defensive fortresses and luxurious palaces, these castles were built for the French aristocracy.

The most famous of the castles are Chambord, Amboise, Rivaux, Chinon and, of course, the “ladies’ castle” of Chenonceau. In one day is recommended to visit no more than two or three castles. Otherwise, this excursion from Paris ceases to be a one-day tour, and probably requires an overnight stay.

6. Disneyland in Paris

Disneyland Paris: How to get there, sights, attractions and tours

Disneyland is another one-day excursion from Paris.

The second Disney theme park to open outside the U.S. will be of interest to people traveling with children. Originally known as EuroDisneyland, Disneyland Paris offers the same theme areas, restaurants and hotels found in American parks. The place is visited by 12 million people a year, making the theme park in Paris the most visited tourist attraction in Europe.

Disneyland Paris is located 30 km from the city, in the town of Marne-la-Vallée. Getting to it is easiest by suburban train RER from Gare de Lyon.

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7. Chartres Cathedral

Day Trips from Paris: Chartres and the Cathedral of Chartres

A day trip to Chartres to see Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral, with its intricately decorated spires, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. And it is true, you only need to see its openwork architecture once to fall in love forever. The original building was made in the IX century. After 200 years, the original temple burned down, and then it was rebuilt. The shroud, which is considered to have been worn by the Virgin Mary, is stored in the cathedral. Pilgrims from all over the world come to Chartres to pay homage to these relics. In addition to the architecture, visitors are greeted by fascinating rosette stained glass windows.

There is a trip from Paris “messages from the Middle Ages,” which includes a visit to the temple, an underground crypt, the city park, built around the cathedral, and Chartres itself, the narrow streets which consist entirely of half-timbered houses. Leads it Victoria – the only Russian-speaking guide, who received accreditation (key) in Chartres Cathedral!

The way from Paris to Chartres by train usually takes just over an hour. The town is small, you can walk from the station. But to explore the cathedral, its history and the streets of the “city of stained glass” on your own.

8. Palace of Versailles

Versailles is the best tour from Paris!

Versailles is the best excursion from Paris!

Versailles embodies everything that people usually think of palaces: luxury, luxury and luxury again! The complex began its existence in the XVII century. It was conceived as a hunting chateau, but suddenly grew into the most luxurious residence of the royal family. Closest association with Versailles is that of Louis XIV – king-sun, who France is obliged to have the palace, and Queen Marie-Antoinette, who thoroughly enjoyed the heritage of her ancestors.

Sculptures, masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, the Mirror Gallery and a delightful garden with fountains and labyrinths will take a full day to see. To get to Versailles from Paris is possible in an hour by RER C. End station is Gare de Versailles Chantiers . Take the train at Gare d’Austerlitz (Austerlitz station). But you can in any other place, as long as you find the orange line on the metro map.

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If you already like Tripster, we recommend two routes: a 5-hour sightseeing tour of Versailles and the park from Julia and Versailles Magnificent 4 hours from Laura. True, in the case of this palace, the choice of excursions is huge – there is something (and who – maybe you already have guides-favorites) to choose from.

9. Chateau Malmaison

Where to go from Paris: Chateau de Malmaison

Where to go from Paris: Chateau Malmaison

There is an amazing place about 20 km from Paris, which is called the family residence of Josephine Bogarne and Napoleon Bonaparte. If you are partial to this period in French history, don’t spare one for a visit to the manor where Josephine grew plantations of the famous roses. The first empress of France bought and arranged this house while she was still married, then received it after her divorce and lived out her days there. After her death, Napoleon mentioned Malmaison as the only place in his life where he was truly happy.

To finally convince you that this excursion from Paris is worthy of attention, we note that the place is for connoisseurs. In general tourist circles it is known rather little. You can get to Malmaison by bus 258 from La Défense (this is both the metro and bus station). The end point is Le Château, from it about 300 meters to the castle.

10. Abbey Hotel Vaux de Cernet

There is another place hidden from the eyes of tourists – the Abbey of Vaud de Cerne. We have to confess that we learned about it only thanks to a trip on Tripster from Anna’s guide. The service positions it as one of the “unusual”, that is, not as hyped as Versailles, Fontainebleau or Disneyland. It is a 100% romantic place, beloved by lovers, newlyweds… and the Rothschilds. The latter owe the restoration of the 12th-century abbey to the latter: the facades, the park, the lawns and the interiors are in excellent condition. Moreover, one of the most luxurious hotels in France was opened on the base of Vaux de Cernet. But it is still interesting to walk around the territory.

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If you do not want to book a tour, you can go to the abbey on your own (branch RER B – Saint-Remy-les-Chevreuse). But if you want, your guide will meet you at the exit of the train and take you by car to the complex.

Is it worth planning all the excursions from Paris described in the article? And how much time will it take for the whole program? It will take a lot of time (at least 3 weeks), if not to sacrifice a tour of the city. Not everyone likes all 10 options. Some people prefer castles, some – Disneyland.

Versailles: how to get from Paris by train (RER) / bus

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View of Mont Saint-Michel (France)

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