Top 8 exotic holiday destinations for December

10 beneficial resorts for a vacation in warm countries in the winter

For all who have already had enough of cold weather and who are starting to choose a place for a winter vacation, tripmydream has prepared TOP resorts that will please not only the warmth, but also affordable prices.

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Phuket, Thailand

Thailand has long gained fame as one of the world’s most rewarding places to vacation in the winter, and Phuket – the best of its resorts. Rest here and families with children, and youth companies, and fans of exotic or all kinds of water sports. And not insignificantly, that all this variety is quite and inexpensive.

Holidays in Phuket

The average budget stay at the resort for two in Phuket – from € 450 for a week (food + accommodation). A normal lunch or breakfast at a cafe will cost from €2-4, public transport is available for €1-4, rent a moped from €60 (for a week). As for leisure, you can take a surfing or diving lesson from €35, and from €20 to go to various spa treatments.

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Yes, there is one important nuance, fly to Thailand – But if you take care of it beforehand, you can find very good bargains.

Accommodation: 3* – from €15, 5* – from €100 (double room).

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Everyone who has ever been on a winter vacation in Sri Lanka Everyone, who has ever vacationed in winter in Sri Lanka, says that the resorts of the island – “it’s a good combination of price and quality”. You can see this for yourself if you go to Hikkaduwa One of the most popular resorts in the world.

Hikkaduwa Beach

The average budget stay for two people in Hikkaduwa island – from €500 per week (food + accommodation). The resort has a large selection of budget hostels, and 2-3* hotels, and cheap apartments at reasonable prices and good service. Prices for food, of course, will depend on whether you eat in tourist spots or not. Inexpensive cafes for locals you can have a good meal with the local cuisine for €1-4, the restaurants, of course, will be more expensive – from €3-10. But the most economical option – buy products at local markets and cook yourself, because it’s not only economical, but also very interesting.

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Experienced divers know that Hikkaduwa and its coral reefs – one of the best resorts in the world for diving. On the coast of a popular resort you can find a lot of sunken ships, where also organize “underwater excursions”. The cost of such trips – from €45.

Accommodation: 3* from €30, 5* from €120 (double room).

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Phu Quoc is the largest island Vietnam and therefore the most popular resort. In its arsenal, in addition to the usual good beach areas and centers for seaside recreation, the island is famous for its incredible natural sights and ancient shrines.

Phukuok Island

Fukuok will be affordable for many travelers, because the prices here are among the cheapest of all Asian destinations. Accommodation in 3* hotels or modest apartments will cost from €95 per week, although you can find cheaper. Prices for food will be pleasantly pleasant as well, because you can buy a good meal in a cafe from €1-3 and rent a bike for €5-10 per day. The average budget stay for two people on the island of Phukuoc – from € 350 for a week (food + accommodation).

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