Top 7 surprising places in Montenegro

Top 7 places to see in Montenegro

You should spend your vacation in such a way that it will be remembered for the entire year and the pleasant impressions will warm your soul during the everyday work. To bring this idea to life, it is important to properly plan and spend your vacation, preferably in another country. Montenegro is perfect, its democratic prices, attractive scenery and a European level of service spurred to buy a ticket for a vacation.

We assure you, the top 7 most interesting places of Montenegro will surprise and delight you no less than the 7 Wonders of the World, but to get to them is much easier. You can book an excursion at a hotel or a local guide with a group, or go to the sights by car, thereby not limiting yourself in anything. Onward to new experiences!

Old Town in Budva

Parts of old buildings are in every major city in Montenegro, but it is Budva boasts the most popular and beautiful old town, which immediately plunges into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, gives warmth and comfort. Many people buy tours to Montenegro at during the high season – from June to September. This is an ideal time not only for beach holidays, but also to visit the old fortress of St. Mary, which operates a museum. During high season its doors are open from 8 am to 9 pm all weekends.

Boko-Kotor Bay

This bay is considered to be one of the most beautiful in all of Europe, so you should explore it from land and water. You can find options for excursions for all tastes and budgets – from inexpensive group sightseeing by boat, to individual walks on the Boca on a yacht all day. In addition to the boat tour, it’s a must to drive along the bay along a narrow, winding road. Half-ruined palaces and churches are a good addition to the photo album of the best trip to Montenegro.

Durmitor and Biogradska Gora National Parks

One can’t do without natural sights. The idea of creating national parks has brought peace and tranquility to the natural areas with their landscape, topography, flora and fauna. Man can only observe it and admire the beauty and perfection of nature. It is noteworthy that Durmitor Park and Biogradska Gora are adjacent to the valley of the Tara River. So you can safely book a rafting trip on the river and at the same time admire these amazing objects.

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Porto Montenegro in Tivat

Chic yacht marina can also claim to be a must-see place in Montenegro. Of course this area of the resort is considered the most expensive, so not many can afford accommodation here, but a tour or a chic gastronomic evening with a glass of refreshing wine – just. The experience depends on whether you can choose the right tour, it should include a flight, insurance, transportation, accommodation and, preferably, meals.

Tara Canyon

The second largest canyon in the world, after the one located in the States, and since it is really difficult and expensive to get to the U.S., the opportunity to admire the Tara Canyon in Montenegro is definitely worthwhile. Rafting tour is ideal for the extreme and lovers of outdoor activities. In front of you will open landscapes that will be remembered for a lifetime. And if extreme is not your thing – don’t worry, you can admire the beauty of the canyon from the bridge Djurdjevica.

Ostrog Monastery

This significant religious shrine attracts not only pilgrims, but also tourists from all over the world. The Ostrog monastery arose on the place of the natural cave right in the steep cliff in the middle of the XVII century. Staying here is said to be able to clear your mind and help you find peace of mind, but just to admire the beauty of the local nature is also a good solution.

Oyster farms near Perast

Well, we conclude our selection of TOP-7 must-see places to visit in Montenegro with an unusual place for real gourmets. To see how they grow oysters and taste the most popular varieties with a glass of wine you can in the suburbs of Perast, in the village Kamenari. Small oysters are 1,5 €, big ones are 2 € apiece. Raw mussels are 2€ a kilo.

The more you see, the richer and more interesting your trip to Montenegro will be. If you can afford it, you can take 10 days or more.

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9 places of Montenegro, which will change the idea of the country

Among the unusual places of Montenegro are several cities, amazing caves, lakes, islands and mountain ranges. This list includes several towns, some of which are now considered ghost towns. Such places can be visited by asking a good guide who knows the way. These amazing sites are not included in standard tours.

During a trip to Montenegro it is worth visiting at least some of the places described here. Many tourists, having visited the country, are limited to the popular attractions. The most unusual places of Montenegro completely change the idea of the country. Even if you think you know Montenegro well, visit it again. And don’t miss your opportunity to get a glimpse of the wonder.

Among the unusual places in Montenegro are caves, mountains, cities, and lakes. In the whole world is difficult to find such a cluster of interesting places and objects. These places are not advertised, they can be shown by Open Balkans guide on request of tourists.

The Ancient Castle of Duklja

Ancient Town of Duklja

The ruins of the ancient city of Duklja are known only to some tourists who have explored the country in depth. Earlier the settlement was called Diocletia, it was mentioned in the works of Ptolemy. The famous city in antiquity was inhabited by 8-12 thousand people. There were luxurious gardens, marble baths and beautiful buildings. Over time, the buildings collapsed and the gardens lost their grandeur. Today, the best preserved are only baths, which are a striking example of ancient architecture. During the tour the tourists will be shown the most interesting buildings in the old city and told interesting stories about the castle.

Danilovgrad: the failed capital

Danilovgrad: failed capital

In 1869, Montenegro suddenly began to build a new capital. The ruler of that time, Petar Negosh, ordered the construction of a new city. The capital at that time was the city of Cetinje, which was already too small for the center of Montenegro. In the new settlement many houses were put up for the settlers, some even managed to move from Cetinje. Danilovgrad, as the city was then called, did not become the capital, and today 5 thousand people live here. By the way, it is located very close to Podgorica – 20 km from the latter. During the visit to the failed capital, travelers will learn the reasons why it was not possible to make a new capital in this place and what advantages Podgorica had.

Caves and everything you need to know about them

The highest of the peaks Bobotov Cook

The highest of the peaks

Tourists are not usually taken to Bobot Kuk, a mountain 2,500 meters high, which is considered one of the highest peaks in the country. However, it is really worth a visit. Especially those who like to conquer the heights and view the space to the mountain top. Before the tourists who climb to the top will open the whole Montenegro. It is important to remember that the mountain has a bad reputation: many brave climbers broke off trying to conquer it. It is desirable to climb, having experience, equipment and training. Otherwise, it is worth abandoning the idea. The mountain top can also be seen from below.

The Pearl of speleology

Most tourists visit the park Durmitor, but few know about the cave of the same name. It is located at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level. The length of the cave – only 100 meters, its entrance is usually always covered with a layer of snow. If you do not know where the entrance is, you can not find it by yourself. It is better not to come here alone, it is recommended to have partners and equipment. The entrance is steep and slippery, it will be extremely difficult to get back inside. Inside you can see the beautiful ice sculptures that were formed here over time. It is possible to look at the cave from the side, if there are no helpers.

Black Lake Montenegro

Tourists learn about the Black Lake from the guides who lead tours toward Durmitor and the canyons. The water is characterized by crystal clear and cold water. The lake is glacial, in the summer it is divided into two parts by a strip. You can swim here, the cold water does not cause discomfort. In fact, the water here is turquoise, and black it becomes when you look from above. For example, if you look at the reservoir from the top of Bobotov Cook, it is clear that there is something at the bottom. It is algae, which is what gives the lake its black hue.

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Megapolis in Montenegro

Megapolis in Montenegro

Montenegro has its own largest city, and it has nothing to do with the old or new capital of the country. Moreover, it has nothing to do with the major tourist centers. Plevlja today is a place where more than 30 thousand people live. The area was inhabited a long time ago. Even in the Bronze Age the first settlers appeared here. Then the Illyrians and later the Romans settled here. Plevlja became Dalmatia – the commercial, cultural, religious center of Rome. The guide will tell you about local finds, excavations, and the development of Dalmatia to the present day.

Grmogur: An Island and a Fortress

Grmogur: island and fortress

The island of Grmogur was used by the Turks as a defensive point, they even built a fortress here. The object was used in the XIX century, today it stands unnecessarily. In the second half of the XIX century Montenegrins managed to recapture the fortress from the Turks and used it as a prison. Many terrible stories about that time tell about the prison Montenegrins themselves. Some of these stories for tourists are told by the guide. Even today, some residents of the country do not sail close to the island, because they are afraid.

The ghost town in Montenegro

The ghost town in Montenegro

There are ghost towns even in seemingly small countries like Montenegro. The local dead town of Svac is located 20 km from the resort of Ulcinj. There are no tourists here, because they are simply not taken here. At the same time, the area remains picturesque: a clear lake, the remains of old houses and churches. If we talk briefly about the settlement, it was an Illyrian city. It was first mentioned in the IV century – it’s quite old. In the XII century Svach reached the peak of development as a trading post. However, in the process of conquest by the Serbs, the town was left without support. It’s a long and interesting story, which tourists will enjoy while visiting these places. The guide knows all the details and can give several reasons for the destruction of Svac.

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Prokletje - on the border of the country

Prokletier – on the border of the country

The mountain massif Prokletije separates Montenegro and Albania. Most tourists do not come here and do not know that in Prokletje is the highest mountain in the country – Jezerza. Its height is more than 2600 meters. It surpasses Bobotov Cook. But in Montenegro, this mountain is not considered the highest city in the country, because it is located on the border. Together with this symbols of Montenegro are Lovcen and Bobotov Cook.

Visiting at least part of the attractions, you will look at the country in a different way. You will realize that it hides many amazing treasures. You will never be able to forget the beauties you have seen.

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