Top 7 most beautiful places with fantastic winter landscapes

Where is the most beautiful winter in the world? Top 19 amazing places

Winter is a wonderful time of year that mesmerizes with its stunning landscapes! The snow covering the ground with a fluffy blanket, the blinding sun, the treetops covered with snow-white caps – it is a sight of indescribable beauty, isn’t it? There are many wonderful places in the world where winter is especially beautiful! decided to introduce them to you.

Where is the most beautiful winter in the world? Top 19 amazing places

1. Hamni village in Norway

Hamnøy Village in Norway

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Tourists are attracted by the stunning beauty of the Arctic archipelago! The Lofoten Islands are world famous for their enchanting nature and picturesque, cozy fishing villages. From early September to mid-April in this area you can watch a fascinating spectacle – northern lights.

On the island of Hamnøy in Norway is a small fishing village, which attracts travelers, artists and photographers for its incredibly beautiful scenery. Especially impressive is the wild and untouched nature looks in the winter season! Tiny fishermen’s huts on the background of mighty rocks, steep, snow-covered shores of the Norwegian Sea, amaze the eyes of travelers from around the world! Once in the village of Hamney, the tourist is sure to love the winter!

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2. Amusement Park “Land of Moomin-trolls” in Finland

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Amusement Park “Moomin-trolls Land” is located in Naantali (this is the south-west coast of Finland “), a distance of sixteen kilometers from the city of Turku and about one hundred and eighty kilometers from Helsinki. Mumi-World is surrounded on all sides by picturesque nature. In the middle of the forest is the house of Mumi-Trolls.

Theme park is open in winter from February 16 to 24. In the cold season, it is incredibly beautiful! In the park children learn to walk on snowshoes, go skiing, skating and ice skating, sleigh rides in a dog sled and even horseback riding. Visitors to the fairy tale valley are entertained by the songs of the mummy trolls and its other inhabitants. In the famous amusement park, you can rent sleds and necessary ski equipment completely free of charge. Kids go down the slide and have a blast!

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3. Santa Claus Village in Lapland

Santa Claus Village in Lapland

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Incredibly beautiful in winter in the village of Santa Claus (Joelupuki), spread out on the mysterious Arctic Circle in Lapland. The world famous amusement park, is located in northern Finland, seven kilometers from the center of Rovaniemi. Village is considered a place of residence, the residence of Santa Claus and is one of the most visited tourist places. Here you can see not only Santa Claus, get acquainted with his life and work, but also meet his helpers and fairy elves! Entrance to the village is free.

A visit to Santa’s residence will give you a truly fabulous pleasure! In this area you can see snowy expanses with no end in sight, feel the frosty breath of the unapproachable northern region! From the beginning of December to the end of March, the “Ice World of Snowmen” is open in the village. Here you can go on a tubing ride, visit an ice bar, stay overnight in a snowy room, and book a dog or reindeer sled ride.

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4. Channon River in Ireland

Channon River in Ireland

Photo taken from: Among the breathtakingly beautiful places in the world is the longest river in Ireland and all the British Isles – Channon. Its length is three hundred and sixty-eight kilometers. The river originates in the Kilcaf Mountains and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Its tributaries are the Brosna and Sac rivers.

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On its way, the water artery forms numerous lakes – Loch Derg, Loch Allen, Loch Ree and others. Shannon is especially transformed with the onset of winter, striking the imagination with a riot of colors – blue, white, blue. In this area you can take great pictures and unforgettable vacations!

Where to stay: Hotels in Ireland

5. Lake Bled in Slovenia

Lake Bled in Slovenia

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Lake Bled, a lake of glacial origin, is located in the Julian Alps (Slovenia) near Mount Triglav. In wintertime it looks simply fabulous! The natural landmark is a symbol of the country. The lake is located a short distance from the Brnik airport. The lake is characterized by an elongated shape, covers an area of one hundred and forty-five hectares and is situated at an altitude of four hundred and seventy-five meters above sea level.

The lake is 2.1 km long and 1.4 km wide. The lake is surrounded on all sides by mountains, generously powdered with snow. The water in the lake freezes only in very cold winters. In the middle of the lake you can see a small island, which gives this area a special charm! On it the church of the Assumption of Mary was built, there is a “bell of wishes”. Nearby Lake Bled, on a high rock, there is an ancient medieval castle. The lake is ten kilometers from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. In winter you can go sledging and skiing, skating on frozen water, or visit an ice rink with artificial ice.

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6. Tadami River in Japan

 Tadami River in Japan

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On Honshu Island (in Japan) the full-flowing, winding Tadami River flows. It is surrounded by majestic hills with dense forests, abundantly covered, in the cold season, with snow. On the river you can see the railway bridge, which fits perfectly into the winter landscape. On it the trains run through the windows of which tourists admire the fabulously beautiful panorama.

Where to stay: Hotels in Japan.

7. Canada’s Banff National Park

Banff National Park in Canada

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Canada’s oldest national park = Banff, established in 1885, stretches in the Rocky Mountains, a hundred ten to one hundred and eighty kilometers from the city of Calgary, if you follow the western direction. It covers an area of 6,641 sq. km. The mountainous terrain is rich in numerous glaciers and ice fields. Dense, coniferous forests grow here. Canada’s Banff National Park is especially fascinating in winter! Tourists will love the stunningly beautiful alpine scenery!

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8. Valle Martello in Italy

Valle Martello in Italy

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Valle Martello is a beautiful valley located in the province of Italy Bolzano. It originates in the village of Laches. The length of the valley is thirty kilometers. In the north it is adjacent to the river Adige. The winter in this area is simply amazing! It is worth a tourist to visit here at least once in a lifetime!

Where to stay:

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  • hotels in Bolzano welcome tourists

9. The mountain pass of the Col de la Tourne in Switzerland

The Col de la Tourne mountain pass in Switzerland

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There is a place in the world that fascinates travelers and photographers in winter with magical, incredibly beautiful scenery! This is the Col de la Tourne Pass in Switzerland (the Jura mountain system). This area stretches at an altitude of one thousand one hundred and seventy meters above sea level. It is worth seeing with his own eyes!

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10. Lake Peyto in Canada

Lake Peyto in Canada

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Peyto is a world-famous, incredibly beautiful lake located in Canada, in the Banff National Park. Its stunning scenery can be admired for hours! Lake Peyto is fed by meltwater from a glacier, is 2.8 kilometers long and 800 meters wide, and covers an area of 140 hectares. The lake is characterized by its bizarre shape, resembling the head of a big wolf.

The natural wonder is spread out in the mountains, at an altitude of one thousand eight hundred and sixty meters above the sea. It is surrounded by rocky peaks. Local nature is especially fascinating in winter! This area is beloved by photographers and tourists from all over the world.

Where to Stay: Hotels in Canada welcome visitors.

11. The Alcazar Castle in Segovia, Spain

Alcázar Castle in Segovia, Spain

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Tourists will enjoy visiting the romantic palace and fortress of Alcázar, which stands on a rock in the historic part of Segovia, at the confluence of the Eresma and Clamores rivers. It was once the residence of the royal family. Alcázar Castle and its surroundings are incredibly beautiful in the winter season!

Where to stay:

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12. the boreal forests in Norway

 Boreal Forests in Norway

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Travelers will not leave indifferent winter, coniferous and coniferous-leaved, virgin boreal forests of Norway, covered with snow! The sight is truly magical! If you want to find yourself in a real fairy tale, go to the wonderful Norway!

Where to stay: Hotels in Norway

13. Halstatt in Austria

 Halstatt in Austria

Photo taken from:

A famous old town in the Austrian Alps Hallstatt is very popular among tourists from all over the world. The tiny village is nestled between the cliffs and Lake Hallstatt. In this area you can see a narrow coastline. The local scenery is so impressive that one wants to return here again! The settlement is particularly charming in winter!

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14. Manitoba in Canada

Manitoba, Canada

Photo taken from:

Another excellent place on the planet is the Canadian province of Manitoba, located in a region called the Canadian Prairies, in the central part of the state. The province is predominantly flat, famous for its picturesque lakes. There are more than one hundred and ten thousand of them.

Among them are Manitoba, Winnipegosis, and Winnipeg. In the northeast, the province is washed by the Hudson Strait. Its highest point is Mount Boldi (eight hundred and thirty-two meters above the sea). The lowest point in the region is the shoreline of Hudson Bay. In winter the area is breathtaking!

Where to stay:

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15. The Dolomites in Italy

The Dolomites in Italy

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The Dolomite Alps in Italy hypnotize tourists with their extraordinary, dazzling beauty. The cliffs are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They look stunning in winter! The “heart” of Dolomite is the picturesque resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo. If you go to the town from Venice by car, you can see charming landscapes of hills and mountains with a variety of colors.

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Where to stay: Hotels in Italy

16. Bavaria in Germany

Bavaria in Germany

Photo taken at:

Bavaria is located in the central part of Europe, is the largest administrative unit of the sixteen states of Germany. The magnificent nature of the region attracts travelers from all corners of the globe. Nuremberg and Ingolstadt, Bayreuth and Augsburg, Regensburg, Munich and other marvelous German cities are situated on the territory of Bavaria. Bavaria is incredibly attractive in the winter season!

Where to stay:

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17. Campina National Park in Italy

Campina National Park in Italy

Photo taken at:

Italy has a vast territory under state protection. There are a total of twenty-three stunningly beautiful parks in the country, among which the well-kept, national park of Campina should be highlighted. The nature of the Apennine peninsula in winter is incredibly beautiful, attracting the attention of photographers, travelers, artists!

Where to stay: Hotels in Italy

18. Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Photo taken at:

The “trademark” of Croatia is National Park “Plitvice Lakes” situated in the north of the country on the area of 29482 hectares. Here you can contemplate the incredibly beautiful nature – clear lakes of natural origin, magical waterfalls, mysterious caves, dense beech and coniferous forests. In winter, visiting the park, tourists will find themselves in a magical and mysterious world of nature!

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19. the Alps in France

The Alps in France

Photo taken from:

If you want to enjoy stunning, winter scenery, go to the French Alps, which are part of the Western Alps. They stretch for three hundred and thirty kilometers, occupy an area of 210 thousand square / km, are at an altitude of four thousand eight hundred and ten meters above sea level. Mountains in France are divided into Southern and Northern Alps.

The highest point is the mountain range of Mont Blanc. The Northern French Alps are incredibly beautiful in the cold season! Here you can see the glaciers and coniferous forests, snow-covered alpine and subalpine meadows.

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Every tourist dreams to find himself in a winter fairy tale! Travel around the world, enjoy the magical beauty of the scenery and have a new, vivid experience! Book a suitable hotel before your trip!

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Fairytale winter: 30 the most picturesque snow-covered cities from around the world

Fabled winter: 30 of the world's most beautiful snow-covered cities

These are the most cozy and picturesque of the coldest and snow-covered cities from around the world. A trip to such a place is guaranteed to transport you to a winter fairy tale.

1. Rothenburg am Tauber, Germany

Rothenburg an der Tauber, Germany

An incredibly well-preserved medieval town that transforms into something fabulous every winter.

2. Mt Buller, Australia

Mt Buller, Australia

Mt Buller is one of the few places in Australia where you can actually see snowfall. This beautiful mountain area is popular with cyclists, skiers, snowboarders and tourists.

3. el Chalten, Argentina

El Chalten, Argentina 3

El Chalten, Argentina 4

Photo by: Grant and Jen

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Surrounded by mountain trails, the town of El Chalten is especially popular with travelers throughout the summer. In winter it is rather deserted, only experienced travelers wander these parts in the cold.

4. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

Photo by Sarah and Todd Sisson

The town of Queenstown stands next to beautiful Lake Wakatipu. It offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains, including the Remarkables.

5. Naarden, Netherlands

Naarden, Netherlands

Photo by Monique Mulder

Naarden is a town built inside a star-shaped fort, surrounded by fortress walls and a moat. In winter, the canal encircling the city freezes over.

6. Bled, Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia

Surrounded by picturesque mountains, the town of Bled was founded in 1004 and was considered so beautiful that the Holy Roman Emperor granted it to Bishop Brixen. In the center of the lake of the same name, bordering the town, stands a castle. The current population ranges around 5,000 people. Bled is one of the most beautiful resorts in the region.

7. Gries Fjord, Canada

Gries Fjord, Canada

Photo by: Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

A great place for eco-tourism and those wishing to escape civilization. In a village with a population of less than a hundred and fifty people there are 104 days of darkness in the winter. The nearest settlement is 320 km away. Gries Fjord has long been the northernmost community in Canada.

8. Stramberk, Czech Republic

Stramberk, Czech Republic

Photo by: Jancehlarik

Stramberk rises with magnificent medieval towers on the slope of a wooded mountain. In the beautiful wooden houses, locals and travelers keep warm during the cold months.

9. Shirakawa-go, Japan

Shirakawa-go, Japan

Photo by: Miyamoto

The small village of Shirakawa-go is known for its incredibly steep house roofs, which are constructed in the traditional way to ensure resistance to the world’s most imposing snowfalls.

10. Damuls, Austria

Damuls, Austria

Photo by: ewitsoe

Damuls receives more than nine meters of snowfall each year, making it one of the snowiest places in Europe and a popular destination for winter enthusiasts.

11. Serfaus, Austria

Serfaus, Austria

Photo by: Michael Adamek

This picturesque area was inhabited back in the Bronze Age and was mostly used as pasture. Nowadays the area is popular with winter sports enthusiasts who stop in town on their way to the Serfaus-Fis-Ladis ski resort.

12. Marlow, England.

Marlow, England

Photo by: Lumenoid

Marlow lies on the River Thames. It has its own special contemplative atmosphere, despite the fact that it is only 48 kilometers from bustling London.

13. Vyborg, Russia

Vyborg, Russia

Photo by: EGRA

Vyborg is located on the border between Russia and Finland and is surrounded by the Saimaa Canal, which freezes in winter. The tower of the Vyborg Castle offers a panoramic view of the entire city in its snow-covered beauty.

14. Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg, Germany

The magnificent center of the city of Bamberg is listed as a World Heritage Site. The first settlement here dates back to 902 AD. It is a remarkably well-preserved medieval town with cobblestone streets that are a pleasure to walk through in winter.

15. Halstatt (Halstatt), Austria

Halstatt, Austria

This is one of the oldest settlements in Austria, founded to exploit the vast reserves of salt in the spectacular mountains that surround the town. In the 1300s, miners built the world’s first process pipeline from 13,000 hollowed-out trees. Through it the dissolved salt was supplied to Ebensee.

16. Siglufjordur, Iceland

Siglufjordur, Iceland 17

Photo by: juniper_pea

Siglufjordur, Iceland 18

The small fishing town of Siglufjordur sits along a narrow fjord surrounded by giant mountains. This amazing place remained inaccessible by land until a long tunnel was dug into the rock in the 1940s.

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17. Loket, Czech Republic

Loket, Czech Republic

Photo by: ewitsoe

The name of the town means “elbow” in Czech. The city center is dominated by the 12th century castle of the same name, which together with the city is surrounded on three sides by the Ohře River.

18. Funes, Italy

Funes, Italy

Photo by: ewitsoe

Funes lies surrounded by the Italian Alps, every winter covered by a layer of white sparkling snow.

19. Reine, Norway

Reine, Norway

Photo by: James Bardman-Woodend

Reine is a quaint fishing village on the beautiful Arctic island of Moskenesøy. The port is inhabited by 329 people. Reine is the most beautiful village in all of Norway, and it is especially picturesque in winter.

20. Calitri, Italy

Calitri, Italy

Photo by Diusepp Di Maio

Calitri lies in the picturesque hills of Campania. The town, with its maze of historic houses and cobblestone streets, looks even more interesting after the snowfall.

21. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Photo by: Herbert Stachelberger

Zermatt, Switzerland 1

Zermatt is located in a picturesque valley at an altitude of over 1500 m in the shadow of the high peaks of Switzerland. At times the roofs of the houses are indistinguishable in the snow.

22. Qaqortoq, Greenland

Qaqortoq, Greenland

Photo by: Joel Tettamanti

The Sakkak culture was first settled here some 4,300 years ago. The modern town is famous for its colorful houses that contrast brightly against the white snow.

23. Chichillan, France

Chichillon, France

Photo by: Erwann Farmand

Chichillien lies in the shadow of the breathtaking Aiguille mountain, which rises more than 2,000 meters. This place offers an amazing view of the French Predalpes.

24. Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge is a sleepy country town in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. The small houses of this ski resort stand out brightly in the landscape, especially in winter. Climbing to the summits offers incredible panoramic views of the town below.

25. Illokkortoormiit / Ittoqqortoormiit (aka Ittokkortoormiit or Skorsbisunn), Greenland

Ittoqqortoormiit (aka Ittokkortoormiit or Skorsbisunn), Greenland

Photo by: Krissy

Getting to this secluded town is not easy. First you have to catch a flight that runs once a week from Iceland’s capital to Greenland, and then take a helicopter to this small, colorful settlement that lies at the mouth of the largest fjord in the world.

26. Langwies, Switzerland

Langwies, Switzerland

Photo by: ehutphoto

This small town of a few hundred inhabitants is located on the edge of the vast Langwith Valley. A train ride overlooking the valley and a hike among the snow-covered trees leave an unforgettable experience.

27. Jablonec (Jablonec nad Nisou), Czech Republic

Jablonec (Jablonec nad Nisou), Czech Republic

Photo by: onlysame1

The name translates roughly as: “Apple Orchard on the banks of the Neisse River”. This town of extraordinary beauty was founded in 1356, and in the 18th century it became famous for the elaborately crafted costume jewelry made by local jewelers.

28. Jamnik, Slovenia

Jamnik, Slovenia

Photo by Simon Benedisic

Jamnik lies on the slopes of the Jelovica Plateau. The local church rises on a hill with a spectacular view of the Julian Alps.

29. San Marino

San Marino

San Marino is a very small republic of only 61 square kilometers located among the beautiful landscapes of Northern Italy. The state was founded in 301 AD and is considered one of the oldest sovereign and constitutional republics in the world.

30. Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg, Switzerland 31

Photo by: Svetlana Perich

Engelberg, Switzerland 32

Engelberg is a resort town and a real mountain legend surrounded by the Alps on one side and four lakes with crystal clear waters on the other.

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