Top 7 best places to travel in December

7 best places in the world to travel in December

7 best places in the world to travel in December

December is upon us, and it seems to us to be the best month of the year: a festive mood begins to hang in the air, sullen wet streets are covered with snow and dressed up in lights, bright store windows promise real happiness and childlike joy to everyone who is ready to cross their threshold, people sink into a pleasant pre-New Year rush. In general, the best time for a comfortable, measured journey with a visit to Christmas fairs and long, lazy benches in cozy cafes is not to be found. And if sparkling Christmas trees and mulled wine leave you indifferent, we have a couple of beach and ski travel options for the coming December. We’ve thought of all of them, see for yourself!

St. Moritz, Switzerland.

7 best places in the world to travel in December

If you’re not used to saving money on vacations, Europe’s most glamorous ski resort, St. Moritz, where legendary celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and George Clooney have vacationed and continue to do so, is just right for you.

Miami, USA

7 best places in the world to travel in December

Bright sun, palm trees, ocean and a Christmas pop-up fair on the beach – that’s December in Miami.

Christmas cities: Vienna, Budapest, Prague

7 best places in the world to travel in December

Vienna can rightfully claim to be not just the Austrian capital, but the capital of Christmas. After all, the most fabulous Christmas fairs are held here. However, if the Viennese magic for you is already over, consider a trip to other old European cities, which are fully surrendered to the power of Christmas spirit.

Kennebunkport, USA

7 best places in the world to travel in December

This tiny New England town is famous for its Christmas celebrations, the unique decorating of the streets and the main Christmas tree, and the fact that even the Bush family comes here to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

St. Kitts and Nevis

7 best places in the world to travel in December

Hurricanes Maria and Irma, alas, were merciless to most of the Caribbean islands this year. Nevertheless, for the island nations of the region, tourism is an essential element of the economy. So the countries left unscathed are waiting for travelers with hot, open arms.

Volcano of fantasy-collections of the Paris Museum

Santiago, Chile

7 best places in the world to travel in December

Tourists often overlook the capital of Chile, distracted by more popular South American destinations like Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires, and for good reason! Santiago is a very clean, tidy and comfortable city to stay in, especially in December!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7 best places in the world to travel in December

In December, the wonderful Rio even surpasses itself. The celebration of life reaches incredible proportions with the accompaniment of live music in the heat of the sun. On New Year’s Eve, more than 2 million people come to the famous Copacabana Beach to take part in the iconic Reveillon Party.

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Top 7 best places to travel in December

December is the last month of the holidays for most travelers, and there are plenty of places that fully embrace the magic of the season. We’re talking fully decorated hotel rooms, millions of twinkling lights and Christmas fairs taken straight from the pages of a fairy tale. Of course, not everyone is having fun during the colder months. For those of you who prefer sunshine to snow, we can offer a few warm-weather vacation options. So, whether you prefer to combine your trip with mulled wine or Mai Tai, here are the seven best places to travel in December.

No. 1: Salzburg, Austria

Top 7 best places to travel in December - Photo 2

No. 1: Salzburg, Austria

Germany usually gets the most attention when it comes to Christmas markets, but neighboring Austria can be just as festive and charming, especially in the city of Salzburg. Not surprisingly, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town, which served as the backdrop for “The Sound of Music,” also fills its famous Christkindlmarkt market with songs. The roots of which go back to the 15th century. Singing at the market and traditional brass instrument music are as much a part of the festivities as mulled wine and fireplaces with decorations and fuzzy socks. We’re crazy about bauernkrapfen (fried pastries), too. The market gets extra perks for being just steps away from the Goldener Hirsch Hotel, one of the oldest luxury hotels in the world and the perfect place to warm up between outdoor shopping.

Lithuania. The grand past.

2nd place: Paris, France

Top 7 best places to travel in December - Photo 3

2nd place: Paris, France

Paris shines particularly bright during the holiday season, from the lights on the Champs-Elysées to the storefronts that rival museum art installations. This time of year is an especially great time to plan a trip. Stay at one of the new hotels – the Kimpton St Honor or the Cheval Blanc Paris, housed in a 1928 Art Deco building – or choose one of the city’s famous hotels. For a special vacation experience, book a seat at a “Paris on Vacation” event. Or book a group trip that includes an evening tour of the city with Christmas lights, a private tour of the Louvre, a Buche de Noel (yule log) cooking class and French afternoon tea at one of the city’s best palace hotels.

3rd place: Belize.

Just off the Caribbean coast from the Yucatan, where most tourism falls, lies Belize. Over the past few years it has gone from a hiker’s paradise to a luxury destination. Besides world-class reefs for diving and Mayan ruins to explore, the country is known for its conservation efforts, especially when it comes to protecting ocean life. Many hotels and resorts have joined the eco-action.

Top 7 best places to travel in December - Photo 4

No. 3: Belize.

For example, the Turneffe Island Resort, which is doing all it can to support the Antilles manatee population on nearby Turneffe Atoll. Guests can get a chance to see the giants by staying on the resort’s private 14-acre island. The Matachica Resort Spa offers not only an enjoyable stay for adults on the white sandy beach, but also interactive workshops to learn more about Belize’s Barrier Reef. As well as scuba diving tours and helicopter tours.

4th Place: Charleston

If you want to immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere but don’t like the cold weather, Charleston is the perfect place for you. Holiday attractions include the annual Festival of Lights, featuring some two million twinkling lights and Holiday Swing, a concert of reimagined Christmas carols, courtesy of the Charleston Jazz Orchestra. There’s no shortage of great hotels in town, but some noteworthy hotels do the incredible to make this a memorable vacation.

French cuisine: description, typical dishes, recipes, features

Top 7 best places to travel in Dec - Photo 5

No. 4: Charleston.

The French Quarter Inn, decorates its lobby with a 15-foot Christmas tree and treats you to free gingerbread in the rotunda, and the Sleigh Bell Suite has even more holiday amenities: a bar with cocktails right in your room, freshly baked cookies served by the fireplace, holiday movie screenings and a special reading of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Santa himself. And a personal butler assigned to each guest will help decorate your room with personalized Christmas decorations, as well as bring any treats and drinks you request.

5th Place: Miami.

Many people head to Miami in early December for Art Basel Miami Beach, a brilliant gathering that seduces both the fashion and art worlds. The artists who participate in the shows are all over the place from New York to Zimbabwe. Bal Harbour Shops is hosting an exhibition of “sound sculptures,” where a new high-tech sound system will play carefully selected music. There are many reasons to visit Miami. In addition to the Art Basel mentioned, there are excellent hotels waiting for you. For example, the St. Regis Bal Harbor Resort is a thriving high-end hotel .

Top 7 best places to travel in Dec - Photo 6

5th place: Miami.

The place itself is for art, with geometric metal walls and massive sculptures hanging from the lobby ceiling. Other luxurious amenities, such as personal butlers and a gourmet burger bar, make it the perfect place to celebrate a special event. For a more beachy (but equally luxurious) vacation, head to the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, about 15 miles from South Beach. Its ocean views and tequila restaurant are gorgeous any time of year, but this December you’ll be treated to plenty of holiday perks, like eggnog in the lobby and a mint pedicure at the spa.

No. 6: British Virgin Islands

Consisting of more than 60 tropical islands, the British Virgin Islands are the epitome of a Caribbean vacation with white sandy beaches and lush rainforests, not to mention some of the best hotels in the entire region. Richard Branson’s Necker Island is perhaps the most famous resort, recently redeveloped with an emphasis on sustainability.

Brussels - the heart of Brabant, Belgium

Top 7 best places to travel in Dec - Photo 7

6th place: British Virgin Islands.

New wind turbines join the existing solar farm, so the resort runs on 90% renewable energy. Even the staff uniforms are made from recycled plastic. New villas can be rented on Virgin Gorda Island that are perfect for families – think multiple bedrooms, private pools and Jacuzzis, and fully equipped outdoor kitchens. Or book a stay at the Bitter End Yacht Club, which is just about to open after renovations. Additions to the 64-acre resort include a new beach bar, water sports center, retail boutique and the first overwater bungalows in the British Virgin Islands.

7th Place: Antarctica

Top 7 best places to travel in December - Photo 8

7th place: Antarctica

Antarctica is a unique place. You can book an expedition here. There is truly a great reason to come here in December: the total solar eclipse, which will pass over the icy waters of Antarctica on December 4 for a full two minutes . Although an expedition of this magnitude requires a lot of advance planning, several cruise companies, still offer a program for such trips. Best of all, go directly to the Sea of Watt, the only place on Earth where the eclipse is 100% visible. Guests can enjoy the eclipse on their way to South Georgia Island – the balconies in each room guarantee a great view. You can also enjoy Zodiac tours and polar diving on the Antarctic Peninsula.

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