Top 6 safe countries for women traveling alone

Top 6 safe countries for women traveling alone

Undoubtedly, going to a woman’s vacation alone is scary. And even more so if it is a tour abroad and made for the first time. But numerous experience of travelers who have made solo trips suggests that such trips are no less exciting than traveling in a company.

To touring is not unpleasant excesses, it is recommended from the proposed review of safe countries to choose the one that is more to your liking, and without fear to prepare for the journey. This list includes only those places that are comfortable in every way. The likelihood of getting into trouble in these countries is minimal.


A well-known truth about the Canadians is that they are the most friendly and polite people (which can not be said about their neighbors). This means that Canadian cities like Montreal and Vancouver are considered to be the safest on earth.

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Vancouver, one of the largest cities in Canada, is one of the top 5 most affordable communities in the world. On one side there are mountains with snow-capped peaks and on the other side the sea. This is a paradise for lovers of Indian movies (many such films were filmed here), and for those interested in their culture.

Montreal, Canada’s second largest city, is a bit different. Most of the city is built in the Medieval style ( so called Old Montreal). If you manage to visit the famous fireworks festival, this event will be remembered for its spectacular views for a long time.


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A country which has a status of the safest place in the world . Masses of tourists come here to admire the magnificent natural scenery. This is Geysir that gave its name to all the geysers of the earth, Skaugafoss waterfall, Vik beach, which is covered with black sand, and Lake Miwatn with thermal springs, and much more. Friendly locals will respond to any request of the traveler.

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I want to improve the English, but in England, and the prices are exorbitant, and the weather is not good? Then go to Malta! After all, the second most widely spoken language on the island is English. In addition, this Mediterranean state is famous for its cuisine and architecture, and most importantly – friendly people. And walking down the streets where Napoleon walked, will be very interesting.

Indonesia, Bali

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Indonesia, Bali

Perhaps not all of Indonesia, but Bali is certainly a place that is safe to go on a solo tour. It was in this corner of paradise heroine films “Eat, Pray, Love” finds harmony of soul. If you want something more than visits to temples, then the tourists are at the disposal of climbing a volcano and surfing school. There are so many different interesting things to do on Bali, it will be enough for several vacations.


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It is no secret that the standard of living in this country is very high. But at the same time, the indigenous population are people of poise, calm and happy. And as you know, happy people are not a threat to others. If interested in museums and galleries, it can be enjoyed in Oslo. And for those who want to admire the fjords and northern lights will need to get out of the city.


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Once you are in Cyprus, you find yourself in an atmosphere of warmth and security. Perhaps, this is the reason why tourists like to come here for family vacations with children. Alone is also good – you will have more time. It will be interesting to see, what the knights of Limassol castle dressed in, how tomb of kings look like in Pafos. For the adventurous there is diving training. For the rest – cycling through beautiful places.

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Top 10 safe countries for single women’s travel!

Although many have a desire to travel the world, it is often difficult to make decisions when one wants to go alone. This is especially true for women, for whom the very thought of solo female travel can be terrifying. They have a lot of questions: where am I going, what do I want to see, can I even travel alone, is it safe? Today, let’s talk about the 10 most female traveler-friendly countries where you can feel completely safe. So, the safest countries for women’s travel.


This country is one of the places where it is safe to go for a single woman tourist. On the one hand – it is incredibly safe. According to statistics, Sweden is the 22nd safest country, which is much better than, for example, Italy, Britain, the U.S. and Belgium. Swedes have a strong sense of equality between men and women ( 5 in the whole world result ), and there are far fewer problems with sexual harassment.

Safe countries for women traveling alone

Also, it is quite easy to travel around the country ( public transport is “top notch”) and people are very friendly and fluent in English. There are many hostels in Stockholm and other cities that offer comfort and safety for individual female travelers.

Stockholm would be a great place to start a trip to Sweden. The city has a huge number of amazing museums, including the Vasa Museum, where a 400 year old ship is in great condition. There are also royal palaces, amazing cafes, and great stores. For the adventurous, you can take a dog sled ride through Swedish Lapland, and even see the northern lights. In general, everyone will find something interesting here.

Sweden for Tourists


Lisbon is a great place for solo female travelers. If you are in the center of the city, everything interesting will be literally in walking distance from you. It is safe to walk the city streets at night. And what about the magnificent coastline of southern Portugal, with its almost 150 beaches, where you can have a quiet weekend for your loved one, or party with new friends.

Eindhoven travel guide, Netherlands



Well, to be honest, this country should be number one on your list for solo female travel. There is a lot to see here: the magnificent waterfalls in Java and Lombok, the imposing volcano Bromo in Java, the beautiful rice fields near Ubud, many amazing beaches with unspoiled nature at your service. You can find accommodation within 6 euros.

An excursion to Bromo Volcano or a mountain bike tour through the rice paddies is not only an invaluable experience, but also a great way to meet other travelers.

Indonesia for tourist

Java, Bali or the Lomboks are home to some of the most beautiful beaches. Some are perfect for surfing, deep sea diving or snorkeling. Everywhere there are small bars where you can have a few drinks with new buddies and dance. If you’re a fan of noisy nightclubs, you’re better off choosing Kuta in Bali.


Tbilisi is a beautiful and inexpensive city for tourists, it is easy to navigate. The city has a beautiful historical center, fine restaurants, a botanical garden and much more. For example, you can enjoy the healing hot baths at any time of the day or night, drink real wine, admire the architecture, not only Soviet, but also in the Art Nouveau style.

Tbilisi for tourist


This country is also a safe place for single female travelers and there are a lot of tourists of the fair sex. Japan has a rich culture and history, many beautiful temples, so a trip to this country will be very exciting and memorable.

Japan for tourist


Scotland is a fantastic place to travel. It is also a popular tourist destination where the tourism industry is very developed, which means you will get the most out of your trip. Whether you plan to travel by public transport, rent a car or join a tour group, you will always have the opportunity to see the most beautiful and interesting places. The locals are very friendly.

Places worth visiting at least once in your life

scotland for tourist

United Arab Emirates

If you are wondering where to go alone, then feel free to choose Dubai and Abu – Dhabi. Both of these places are absolutely safe for women. Transportation is cheap, the subway has women’s sections. These two cities are quite liberal to bikinis, so feel free to go to the white beaches.

ooa for the tourist

Here are some of the best places to visit:

  • The Great Mosque ( strict dress code for visitors ).
  • The Corniche.
  • Dubai Downtown.
  • Dubai Marina.
  • Madinat Jumeirah.


An amazing country for safe women’s travels. It has everything for everyone: beautiful beaches in the south and picturesque mountains in the north. It is easy to move around the country by public transport, both in the cities and between them. Spain has a high-speed rail network, as well as an excellent network of tourist buses.

Spain for the tourist

No matter what style of vacation you prefer, Spain is the perfect destination for a solo women’s trip.


Taiwan is a small country, here every tourist feels welcome. There is no “robbery” prices. In the capital Taipei, you can easily navigate through English versions of street signs and subway station names. Beautiful traditional temples can be found all over the country. Foodies can sample a variety of snacks at the night markets, and shoppers will feel right at home in the trendy Ximending district. The sights of Taiwan will appeal to even the most discerning of female tourists.

taiwan for tourist


What makes Canada the perfect destination for a woman’s trip? In a word – everything. To begin with, Canada is one of the safest places in the world. The global database Numbeo (which compares crime rates around the world) rated the country as safe by day and moderately safe at night. Canada is known for its friendly locals. Any traveler will not feel lonely because of the warm welcome.

Ireland is a country of beautiful nature and architecture

Cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Quebec are great for women’s travel. Each city is different: Toronto and Vancouver have unique cultural districts, while Montreal and Quebec remain true to their French roots. Nevertheless, what makes this country especially appealing to tourists is the natural beauty of its mountains, forests and lakes.

Canada for the tourist

Well, in conclusion, I would like to say that Russia, without any doubt, is one of the safest countries for any solo travel.

I wish you a great holiday, vivid impressions and positive emotions!

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