Top 5 Family-friendly Activities in Dubai

Top 5 Family-friendly Activities in Dubai

The UAE pays great attention to the tourism industry, and Dubai is literally created for leisure. The city is located right in the middle of the desert, so most activities are held indoors, where there is a lot of air conditioning. In the summer the temperature can reach 45 degrees Celsius!

There are so many activities for the whole family in Dubai that there are not enough fingers on both hands to list them all. However, there are the most popular activities, especially loved by visitors and locals alike.

Balloon Adventures Emirates

It is said that viewing an area from a high vantage point is the best way to comprehend all its beauty and scope. If you have flown over the vast expanse of Dubai once you can see for yourself. In a smoothly floating hot air balloon you can admire an amazing view of the desert and enjoy a beautiful sunrise from a bird’s eye view. The balloon flies over hilly red dunes, camel and date farms, and green oases. It is impossible to forget such vivid impressions.

Top 5 Dubai activities for the whole family - Photo 2

Balloon Adventures Emirates

This is an ideal adventure for the whole family, as long as the children are 6 years old and above. The balloon takes off at sunrise so you must arrive early and watch the colors of the desert landscape change as the sun rises from the ground.

The ride lasts 4 hours including an hour of hot air ballooning, takeoff and landing. Complimentary transfers are also available from any hotel as long as the clients are guests of those hotels. Clients who do not require shuttle service from their hotel are advised to gather at the meeting point in town.

Balloon Adventures Emirates is a company with extensive experience, so vacationers are guaranteed to have a great day. It owns two of the largest and most modern balloons in the world, with a total capacity of up to 72 passengers at a time, which allows for excursions for large groups.

Wild Wadi

If a beach holiday by the sea is a bit boring, you can add a little active entertainment and pay attention to the water park Wild Wadi. Entertainment complex is conveniently located opposite the famous skyscraper Burj al Arab . Here you can relax on the sun beds under the shade of the pool umbrellas and artificial lagoons, or take a breeze ride on the thrilling rides and test your surfing skills.

Top 5 Dubai activities for the whole family - Photo 3

Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi rides are available for all ages. Thrill seekers will love the Jumeirah Sceirah water slide. The visitor sits in the capsule, waits to launch and in a second flies down the steep slide of 32 meters at a speed of 80 km / h! Equally impressive are the Master Blasters, a ride powered by powerful jet engines and the Burj Surj, an attraction featuring two tracks and a pair of enormous bowls where visitors ride on tubing.

The park is dedicated to Juha, a legendary character of Arab folklore. The ride at Juha’s Journey is a leisurely ride down a 360-meter slope, and there is also a children’s area, Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon, where families with children can relax.

Creek Park.

“Creek Park” in English means “River Park” and as the name implies, Creek Park is located right by a creek in the Umm Hurayr area. The area boasts a beautiful view of Dubai’s clear skyline overlooking the creek bank and it is worth noting that Creek Park is noticeably different from other parks in Dubai as it is one of the oldest and largest urban recreation areas .

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Creek Park.

BBQ grills are located in designated areas under the sprawling branches of tall trees that act as a natural green canopy. It is not forbidden to bring your own grill and there is no additional charge for space. There are plenty of activities for adults and children at Creek Park, including cable car rides across the creek to and from the Maktoum Bridge, bike rentals, mini-train rides through the area, and children’s playgrounds. The park is very popular with families on weekends and evenings.

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Additional facilities at the park include assistance for people with disabilities, a prayer room, and ample parking that stretches the length of the park. You can also grab a bite to eat at a local cafe if you don’t feel like barbecuing.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is a unique indoor ski and entertainment park located right in the Moll of the Emirates Mall in Dubai. Sky Dubai offers skiing and snowboarding facilities for children and adults, beginners and advanced winter sports. There is no need to bring your own kit, just purchase a Slope Pass for visitors and use all the necessary equipment for skiing which includes warm clothes, special boots, snowboards, skis, helmet etc.

Top 5 Family Activities in Dubai - Photo 5

Ski Dubai

The size of ski slopes – 85 meters high by 80 meters wide. All year round slides are covered with real snow! There are five different slopes of varying length and complexity: the longest slope is 400 meters, in addition, there is a freestyle zone. To get to the top of the mountain there is no need to climb the stairs. As in a real ski resort, the park is equipped with a chairlift with a capacity of up to 4 people, a tow elevator and a belt elevator.

After active entertainment is likely to get hungry, so in the area operates cafe St Moritz and Avalanche Caf (Avalanche Caf), where you can eat a hearty meal and at the same time watching the kids skiing.


Aquaventure Park is for those who love action and fun! This large family waterpark is located at the Jumeirah Palm Resort within the Atlantis of the Palm Hotel in Dubai. At this 42-acre water park, one of the most popular attractions is the Ziggurat, a pyramid-shaped tower that houses the Leap of Faith. Vacationers whistle down the water slide from the height of a nine-story building in just a few seconds and rush through the underwater transparent tunnels. The Shark Attack slide takes riders through twisting transparent tunnels beneath the waters of the lagoon, where real sharks and many other sea creatures swim alongside.

Top 5 Family Activities in Dubai - Photo 6

To relax a little, you can go to a 700-meter private beach and lounge on comfortable deck chairs, and then play beach volleyball (the area is equipped with comfortable courts separate from the rest). Children will love spending time in Splashers, which has water cannons, rope bridges, slides and other structures.

Dubai in the UAE is a great place for a family vacation and a safe trip with kids. Exotic cuisine and traditional oriental culture, combined with modern luxury shopping malls, amusement parks and interesting attractions, attracts new vacationers every year.

Holidays in Dubai with kids: 10 amusement parks and more

Where can I go in Dubai with children? Top 10 grand amusement parks, water parks and other unusual places to show a child.


Gorgeous, bright, multifaceted Dubai is the perfect place for an active family vacation. Here you don’t need to think about what to occupy and entertain your child: there are plenty of opportunities to organize leisure time and have fun together.

In the UAE’s largest metropolis and the surrounding area there are theme parks and water parks, children’s and family entertainment centers. There are many more places to go with children in Dubai than stated in the title of the article. But in the end, selected 10 of the brightest, ideal for the first acquaintance.

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The best excursions in Dubai.

Itineraries from locals on Tripster are an unusual way to explore the city. You can start with a sightseeing tour of Dubai. To see the sparkling skyscrapers, panoramic sites and beaches will be interesting even to a child. And then be sure to set aside a day and take a 10-hour tour of the amusement park “Ferrari World”.

Where to go with children in Dubai

1. Dubai Parks and Resorts

Sheikh Zayed Rd, Opposite Palm Jabel Ali, Dubai

The grandiose Dubai Parks and Resorts adventure park complex is built on the western edge of the city – in the Jebel Ali Harbour area. It covers an area of 285 hectares. It is possible to reach the entertainment complex with a transfer. Firstly Dubai Metro on the red line to Ibn Battuta (fare from 4 AED), then take the bus DPR-1 – travel 5 AED, pay by card NOL. Where to visit and what you can not miss in one of the main places where holidaymakers go to Dubai with children:

[list style=»check»] [li]На территории DPR есть классический Legoland из шести интерактивных тематических зон. С детскими аттракционами и игровыми площадками, атмосферой восточного города и выставкой «Минилэнд».[/li] [li]Рядом с «Леголендом» расположен парк водных приключений — Legoland Water Park . Он тоже оформлен в LEGO-стиле и ориентирован на детей до 12 лет. Аттракционы, в основном, спокойные — «адреналиновых» горок здесь нет.[/li] [li]В зоне DPR работает еще два развлекательных парка. Один из них, Motiongate Dubai , выполнен в голливудской тематике. А другой — Bollywood Parks , целиком посвящен индийскому Болливуду. Побывать интересно в обоих.[/li] [li]На берегу искусственного канала, соединяющего тематические парки Dubai Parks and Resorts, находится пешеходная прогулочная зона Riverland Dubai . С ресторанами, кафе и магазинами уже для взрослых.[/li] [/list]

You can visit Legoland and Water Park with a single combo ticket: it costs AED 265.5 (dated) or AED 295 (open-ended).

If you take separate tickets for each park, a visit will cost AED 220 or AED 245 respectively. A trip to Motiongate Dubai costs AED 220.5 or 245 and entry to Bollywood Parks costs AED 175.

Children under the age of 3, upon presentation of supporting documents by parents, are admitted free of charge to all DPR parks and most entertainment centers in Dubai.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Atlantis The Palm – Crescent Rd, Dubai

Going to Dubai with kids: Aquaventure Waterpark

Holidays in Dubai with children: Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Located within the five-star Atlantis Hotel, Aquaventure is considered one of the largest water parks on the planet. The Aquaventure complex includes two towers – Neptune and Poseidon. From their tops begin grandiose descents. Dozens of rides have been installed, there is a children’s Splashers zone, a relaxation zone and its own beach, the longest descent of Aquakonda is 210 meters long. Water mazes, tunnels, spirals, pools and waterfalls are built.

In addition to the water park in the complex opened The Lost Chambers oceanarium. It consists of 20 rooms, 10 aquariums and several contact pools. Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium – where visitors are offered sessions of live communication with sea animals, both upstairs in the pool and in the depths – with scuba diving.

Guests of one of the best hotels in Dubai Atlantis can visit the Aquaventure Waterpark and Lost Chambers Aquarium for free. Some take advantage of this by booking a room for just a night – with luxurious interiors and a standard ocean view – and visit every imaginable attraction.

Aquaventure is accessible by monorail from the Palm Jumeirah Tram stop. A round trip monorail ride costs AED 20. Tickets for the water park only will cost AED 225 or AED 275. The price depends on the height of the visitor: up to 120 cm or higher. For towel and locker rental an extra AED 75 will be charged. A combo ticket package which includes a visit to the water park and the aquarium costs AED 273 for children and AED 336 for adults. It is possible to enter the zone of attractions for free if you pay one of the programs of the dolphinarium (680, 840 or 1525 AED).

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3. Dubai Mall Aquarium

Financial Center Rd, next to Burj Khalifa tower, Dubai

The Dubai Mall Aquarium is an “underwater fairytale”. It’s a luxurious aquarium with an Aquatic Zoo on the territory of Dubai Mall. It set the world’s largest monolithic observation glass – a transparent acrylic plate measuring 33 × 8,5 m. An observation tunnel 48 m long runs through the entire aquarium. Visitors are simultaneously surrounded by 300 sharks and rays. And the oceanarium has a total of 140 varieties of marine life (33,000 specimens). The Underwater Zoo offers exotic amusement: go underwater with sharks in a strong cage or swim across the surface of the pool inhabited by giant fish, in a boat with a transparent viewing bottom.

The mall with the oceanarium is easily accessible by subway on the red line. From Burj Khalifa station walk or take the Metro Link Bridge elevated crossing 828 m by trolleybus. The main aquarium alone is free to view. Admission through the observation tunnel costs AED 120.

The different underwater zoo programs cost from AED 100 to AED 315.

4. Candylicious Shop

Financial Center Rd, next to Burj Khalifa tower, Dubai

Candylicious in Dubai - A must for kids

Candylicious in Dubai – The place to go with kids

Another unusual place to pamper a child in Dubai is the grand sweets store on the territory of the Dubai Mall. Here, on an area of 1,100 m², confectionery products from all over the world are collected – 5,000 items in all, including Russian brands. The interiors are decorated in “caramel and lollipop” style. Advertisements of famous confectionery companies can be seen everywhere. The main art object of the shopping center Candylicious is a 6-meter chocolate tree with leaves made of colored lollipops. The center of attraction for customers is the wall of candy Pick and Mix.

About 250 varieties of candy are poured into transparent containers, all for the same price. The machine packs any candy in a bag in any quantity.

In the store you can watch the preparation of caramel or order a keepsake of a “personalized” chocolate bar. Here you can buy a souvenir from Dubai – candy bars I love Dubai with the UAE flag. Candylicious is located in Dubai Mall, opposite the main aquarium. Open daily, from 10 am to 10 pm.

5. The Green Planet Botanic Garden.

The Green Planet, City Walk – Al Wasl, Dubai

Sloth at The Green Planet in Dubai Piranha in the botanical garden / Photo: TheGreenPlanetDubai

This is Dubai’s botanical garden with a mini zoo. A place that families with children miss in Dubai even more rarely than the oceanarium or Legoland. The Green Planet Nature Museum is open in a futuristic building with transparent radius facades. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a giant artificial tree, almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Its sprawling branches support hundreds of living plants and provide a home for the local fauna. Each level of the tree is a separate ecosystem. Walking around the Green Planet, you can meet sloths, toucans, parrots of all different colors and sizes. Stingrays swim in pools, and bats snooze inside a dark grotto. Bugs, pythons, exotic lizards and frogs live in transparent containers and aviaries. Some of the garden’s inhabitants can be touched and photographed.

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Go by subway to Burj Khalifa. Or take buses 7, 28, 81 and C14 to the stop Petroleum Corporation-1. Green Planet Gardens ticket costs Dhs 99.

6. Children’s City Centre

Creek Park Gate 1, Dubai

The Planetarium at Children City in Dubai

Planetarium at Children’s City Centre

The educational and entertainment center is located within the large coastal park Creek Park. Creek Park itself is also sure to appeal to kids new to Dubai. There are lots of greenery and fountains, amusement rides, and you can meet peacocks and squirrels in the alleys. In the three-storey building of the Children’s City center there are three interactive thematic zones dedicated to science, nature and culture. The Children’s City also has a planetarium with full immersive effects. There are rides, slides and a dry pool for the little ones.

The language barrier does not hinder children’s communication and interaction with the teachers of the center. You can play and learn here with absolutely no extra words.

You can take the C207 bus to Crick Park and Children’s City. Take the metro to Dubai Healthcare City on the green line. Entrance tickets to the educational and recreational center for children 2-15 years old cost 10 AED, for adults it is 15. The entrance fee for families with two children is AED 40.

7. Dubai Garden Miracle.

Al Barsha South 3, Dubai

Dubai Garden Miracle (Dubai, UAE)

What to see in Dubai with kids: Garden Miracle

The Miracle Park of Flowers, which has been compared to the Dutch Köckenhof or the Emirgan in Istanbul, is a magnificent kingdom of flora, an oasis of color in the middle of a sultry desert. It is part of the Dubailand tourist area built along the Emirates Federal Highway. Garden Miracle exhibits 150 million flowers. They are planted not only on lawns, curbs and flower beds: from flowering plants gardeners form bizarre small shapes and topiaries, build arches, houses, castles – the whole streets. Here you can see flower mills, retro cars and even a life-size airliner decorated with hundreds of thousands of white flowers (this installation is listed in the Guinness Book).

Garden Miracle runs from November 15 until mid-May. And the main Garden of Flowers is joined by a cozy Butterfly Garden. 15,000 colorful winged beauties flutter among the flowers under ten indoor domes. In this garden there is a museum of butterflies, an educational space where children can observe the life cycles of insects.

It can be reached by bus 105 from the Emirates Mall subway. Admission is 50 AED for adults and 40 AED for children. A visit to the Butterfly Garden is AED 55 for all.

8. Hub Zero Gaming Club

Al Mustaqbal, City Walk, Phase Two, Dubai

The gaming club is created for those tourists who can’t imagine themselves even on vacation without cybersports and gaming. This is one of those places in Dubai that can be recommended to older children. The family entertainment center is located in the City Walk Shopping Mall. Here you can find high-tech developments of leading game producers: Square Enix, Electronic Arts and Microsoft. You can fight with the enemy on the laser battle platform, take part in the races on the simulator, feel the effect of weightlessness, descend into a virtual underground grotto and watch a 4D movie. There are also real entertainments such as karaoke, billiards and rock climbing wall. There is a food court.

To get to Hub Zero not by cab you have to go to the stop Petroleum Corporation-1 by buses 7, 28, 81 or C14. Admission to the club is free, but the price of a card to pay for games starts at 100 AED. A Mega Pass family pass to Hub Zero with unlimited access to 10 attractions costs AED 165-299.

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Holidays with a child outside Dubai

1. Ferrari World Park

Yas Island – Yas Dr St, Abu Dhabi

Going to Dubai with your kid: Ferrari World

Ferrari World – a dream come true for kids and adults

From Dubai, you can take a trip to the Ferrari theme park. Ferrari World complex is located in Abu Dhabi, and a shuttle bus runs between the two cities. The park is built on Yas Island. Under the huge roof of Ferrari World there are shows and 20 rides. For younger tourists are open driving school Junior, a soft playground with radio-controlled models of “Ferrari”, works 4D-simulator races Speed of Magic. You can take a ride on the fastest pneumatic Formula Rossa roller coaster or Tyre Twist carousel, take a mini-cruise on the artificial channel inside the stylized Ferrari Fiorano engine model.

The Ferrari World theme park group tour costs $100 per person and lasts 10 hours. The price includes admission tickets, shuttle from Dubai and back (which is convenient with small children) and lunch at a children’s restaurant. But there is a minus: only kids under 3 years old go for free.

The shuttle bus to Yas Island is free if you pay in advance to visit one of the amusement parks. A day ticket to Ferrari World costs AED 230 for children and AED 295 for adults. A combo day ticket with a simultaneous visit to Warner Bros. World will cost AED 395 for all.

2. Warner Brothers Park. World

Abu Dhabi – Al Falah Rd, Abu Dhabi

Things to do in Dubai with kids: Warner Bros. World

Entrance to Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi

On a trip to Yas Entertainment Island you can visit the UAE’s newest adventure park dedicated to film and animation. A wonderful world of Hollywood bestsellers and iconic American cartoons opens before you. From the main square of this park open symbolic portals to five worlds – five themed zones. Here you can meet the primitive inhabitants of Bedrock, test yourself in Dynamite Gorge, take a ride in the Scooby Doo mystery van, solve the puzzling mysteries of Gotham and feel like a Metropolis superhero.

Tickets cost AED 230 and AED 295, a “package” tour of the two Yas Island parks will cost AED 395. From Dubai there is a group tour for $100 per person (there are discounts for children). The duration is more than eight hours. So keep in mind that it’s not really suitable for kids under 6-7 years old.


Why do you give references to Getyourguide? Because it is more profitable and reliable to buy e-tickets from official websites! Getyourguide works with most museums, parks, etc. They sell official, fixed price tickets with no extra charges. I use it because I don’t want to register on a hundred of sites, understand the interface and leave an e-mail address, which will be bombarded with lots of spam. Once I went to the botanical garden, and that’s enough. I don’t want to be told for years that The Green Planet is 15% off today!

We won’t have much time in Dubai. If I choose only three places from the list instead of 10, where should I go with my child? The Atlantis Hotel Waterpark and, oddly enough, a trip to Ferrari World and Warner Brothers theme parks. World . They are at the peak of popularity and there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. But in general, it all depends on the age, gender and hobbies of the child. About the latter only you know.

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