Top 5 exotic vacation destinations by the end of 2021

Sicily, Malta, Tenerife, Cuba or Madeira? Top 5 exotic destinations in 2021

Sicily, Malta, Tenerife, Cuba or Madeira? Top 5 exotic destinations in 2021

Water sports, plenty of monuments to visit, or walks through the long streets are just some of the outdoor activities that await guests in Sicily, Malta, Madeira, Cuba, and Tenerife. Make your vacation the best memory and take a trip to sunny countries that will give you a lot of impressions!


If you don’t know where to go in 2021, we highly recommend a vacation to Sicily! It’s the perfect place for both sunbathing and sightseeing – everyone will find something to their liking. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Etna from every hotel.

Sicily is best explored on your own. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea attracts like a magnet with its unique landscapes, clear sea and impressive architectural monuments. No wonder it is called the island of the sun – the climate is very comfortable for recreation. Sicily is famous for its beautiful beaches, which every year attracts tourists who are thirsty for the sun. Cloudless skies and high temperatures are the strong points of the island.

Lovers of sightseeing will be pleased by the fact that in Sicily there are many cities with sacred buildings, ancient Roman ruins and apartment buildings in the Baroque style. Travelers who prefer an active vacation can take advantage of mountain tourism. Anyone who has been to Sicily once will want to return here.


Malta offers impressive landscapes and architectural masterpieces that are worth capturing in photos. This island city-state is surrounded on all sides by picturesque views. One of the highlights of the tour to Malta is the oldest fishing village of Marsashlock, where you can find fishermen and traditional luzzu boats.

The main attraction that most tourists rush to see is considered the Blue Grotto. It consists of a group of caves in the southwestern part of the island, carved into the rocky cliffs by sea waves. These underground wonders are visited by special boats.

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Also don’t miss Valletta with its beautiful Barracca Gardens and St. John’s Cathedral and Gozo with its fabulous beaches. Another attraction in Malta is the Blue Lagoon, which is the strait between the island of Comino and the rocky island of Cominotto. Visitors are attracted by the paradisiacal views. The water in this place of unusual turquoise color seems crystal clear.


Portugal’s Madeira, thanks to its mild climate and lush vegetation, is deservedly called the “island of eternal spring”. No wonder that every year it is visited by so many tourists. Here is one of the highest rocks in Europe – Cabo Girao. Also worth mentioning are the pristine forests, listed by UNESCO. Madeira is a place not only for those who sunbathe, but also for those who want to spend an energetic vacation.


Callao Salvaje is the ideal place for people dreaming of an active vacation. The island has access to the sea for swimming, diving and surfing. Hiking and biking along the coast or in the mountains is also a great idea. Thanks to organized cruises, you can spend a day on the water all day. Fun-seekers will be in paradise, as Tenerife offers excellent conditions for water sports and car rides. For those looking for peace and relaxation, the island has more to offer. The sandy coastline and picturesque landscapes are soothing and relaxing. According to tourists, the most beautiful beaches are Playa de Troy, Playa del Duque and Playa de la Pinta.


Cuba, the largest of the Caribbean islands, is located south of Florida. The island is famous for its sandy beaches, cigars, sugar cane plantations, and magnificent colonial-era monuments. Havana, the island’s capital, beckons with colorful scenery, Latin music everywhere, and hot Cubans dancing. Lovers of water sports and diving should visit the most famous beach of Cuba – Varadero. Beach recreation is better spent on the wonderful Playa Guardalavaca, covered with white sand. If you have some free time, go to the Valle de Viñales, where giant rocks grow out of the red earth. The view is spectacular!

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