Top 5 countries for autumn vacations.

Where to rest abroad in autumn 2022: where to go to the sea

Where to go abroad in the fall

Planning a vacation abroad in autumn 2022, want to know what countries are open and where it is comfortable to rest at sea? We have prepared for you information about the climatic conditions and rules of entry into countries that are open to Russian tourists.

The article is adjusted in light of the Western sanctions imposed on Russia. Russian airlines continue to fly abroad, but the number of their flights is reduced. Package tours based on flights of foreign airlines are also available. Destinations for which air service has been suspended, we have marked as “temporarily unavailable”.


By the way, vacationing in the fall in many countries is considered the best. Here are a few reasons why it is so:

  • Where there is a high season in summer, in the fall there are significantly fewer people;
  • In countries where the fall velvet season, it is not so hot and it is possible to comfortably visit the excursions;
  • Harvests are ripe, there are a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • In tropical countries the rainy season ends, and before the high season, you can save a lot of money on tours.

This fall you have a pretty decent choice of destinations. You will find options for every taste and wallet. By the way, if you take advantage of last minute offers from tour operators, you can save well.

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Where to fly to vacation in the fall of 2022 – without a visa

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Until mid-autumn in the resorts of Turkey holds a truly summer weather. We can say that it is even more comfortable – not so hot. And the people at this time is much less, due to the lack of families with children, schoolchildren.

Autumn vacations by the sea in Turkey

Since second half of October and up to the end of autumn it is possible to continue to bathe. True, not all days will be sunny, it starts to rain periodically. The average air temperature in Antalya in September is +31 ° C, water +26 ° C. In October the air temperature is +27 °C, water +24 °C; in November the air and water are +21 °C (what temperature is considered comfortable for swimming).

Our hit picks for the best hotels in Turkey:

all new hotels in Turkey – beautiful, stylish, instagrammable, with good reviews; hotels in Turkey with heated pools and water parks – perfect options for late fall.

Turkey is interesting not only beach activities, but also interesting excursions. Autumn is more suitable than ever for walking and sightseeing. The history of old Antalya, the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the ruins of ancient cities (we recommend a trip to Fazelis and Termessos) and natural monuments.

Read the full list of excursions in Turkey and book them online you can through a special service, the coolest excursions we book here

Holiday in Turkey

Entry into Turkey is free, tests and certificates are no longer required. Read more about the current rules of entry into Turkey in a separate article.


Autumn in Egypt is probably the best time of the year. In September, the grueling summer heat subsides, but it is still quite hot. October and November are the best months for a comfortable holiday. The air is about +30 ° C, the water +27 ° C.

Holidays at Sea in Egypt in Autumn

Keep in mind that in November the price for a vacation begins to grow. European resorts close their season, and many tourists in search of a comfortable beach holiday opt for Egypt.

Entry requirements have been simplified, tests and certificates of vaccination are no longer required. To learn the latest news about charters to Egypt, as well as to read all the conditions of entry, click here.

We’ve done a comparative overview of Egypt’s resorts – be sure to check it out before you book your trip.

Top 10 Most Interesting Museums in Ireland: Part 2

In September in the UAE as well as in summer it is very hot (up to +40 °C), but from October to November is the most wonderful time for a vacation. The average air temperature in October is +34 ° C, in November +30 ° C. The water temperature in October +31 ° C, in November +28 ° C.

Autumn Holiday at Sea in the UAE

Photo by Oliver Sjöström / unsplash

At this time, you can plan not only a beach holiday, but also a sightseeing holiday – go on a jeep safari through the desert and visit the luxury oasis city of Dubai.

A selection of the best hotels in Dubai for a beach holiday

You must take a PCR test 72 hours before entering the UAE. Vaccinated with Sputnik V, you do not need to take the test.

The velvet season in Cyprus is excellent in September as well as in October. The air temperature during this period ranges from +30 ° C to +25 ° C. The water temperature is +24 ° C in September and +21 ° C in October. In November, the sea is already cool and the average air temperature is +21 ° C, for swimming is no longer comfortable.

Autumn Holidays in Cyprus

Photo by Miriam Eh / unsplash

Autumn in Cyprus is a perfect time to see the sights, of which there are many. If you want to be closer to the local antiquities, choose Pafos and Limassol. The nightlife lovers will prefer Ayia Napa. And for tourists with children Protaras is recommended with its quiet pace of life and wonderful beaches.

Tests to visit the country are no longer required, but you need a visa – read the full current conditions of entry.


Thailand’s rainy season, which continues all summer long, ends in September. The first month of fall is considered the off-season. It rains mostly at night and does not interfere with beach vacation. The average air temperature is +31 C and sea temperature is +26 C. In October, there is even less rain and the resorts begin to fill with tourists. In November the rainy season finally ends, the weather becomes more comfortable for recreation.

Fall Thailand

To enter Thailand a test or certificate of vaccination is still required. The current requirements can be found on a separate page.


Summer is the rainy season in the Maldives, but the rains recede in the fall. Although the temperature does not change (air is always around +30 °C, water +28 °C), the fall months have their own peculiarities.

In September, it still rains, there are no strong storms, but the wind and waves in the ocean are still there (surfers must love it). Around the latter 20s of September, the ocean begins to calm down.

Fall Holidays in Maldives

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky / unsplash

In October the weather is already mostly clear. November is considered the first month of the dry season, which affects the price of recreation. So if you want to save money, you should take a tour on the paradise islands in the first two months of autumn.

To get to the Maldives, surrender PCR-test is not required now, but it is obligatory to fill out a questionnaire (for more information on entry conditions for Russian tourists here).


In Seychelles all year round the temperature is about +30 ° C, and water +25 ° C. On the islands, summer is considered dry and the most comfortable time of year for vacation. In the fall, from September to November, there is a gradual increase in humidity. Therefore, to vacation in the Seychelles is better to choose September or October.

Autumn Holidays in the Seychelles

Photo by Vitalii Ustymenko / unsplash

When entering the island country, control requires a negative result of PCR test done 72 hours in advance.


In early September in Abkhazia, there may be occasional rains and wind, after which comes comfortable weather for recreation. Velvet season in Abkhazia lasts until mid-October. The average September air temperature is 23°C and the water temperature is 26°C.

In the second half of October it is already uncomfortable to swim. In November it is absolutely cold, the average air temperature is +14 ° C.

Autumn Holiday at the sea in Abkhazia

Autumn in Abkhazia is time for fresh fruit. Be sure to go to the market and buy local tangerines, as well as persimmons, figs and grapes. In autumn, especially beautiful is the pearl of Abkhazia – the mountain lake Ritsa.

It is not necessary to pass tests. Read more about the existing rules of entry to Abkhazia in our article.

There are not many modern hotels in Abkhazia. You can find the best of them on a separate page.

10 places to visit in Dubai, UAE

Tunisia (temporarily unavailable)

It is better to travel to Tunisia by sea in the first half of Autumn. At this time there is a velvet season. The air temperature in September on average +30 ° C, the sea temperature +25 ° C.

From mid-October, there is more rainfall and the sea is cooler. November for a beach holiday in Tunisia is better not to consider, the average air temperature drops to +20 ° C.

Holidays in Tunisia

Resorts of Tunisia attract lovers of medical spa procedures. Many five-star hotels have spa complexes with thalassotherapy (recovery by the gifts of the sea).

All tourists arriving in Tunisia should be tested for coronavirus 72 hours before boarding the plane. You can read the latest travel news and detailed rules for entering Tunisia in a separate article.

Albania (temporarily unavailable)

Another country where you can go without tests and vaccinations.

Tourist flow from Russia to this destination is not yet so massive. But with the closure of most European borders, Albania finds its own tourist. The azure sea with beautiful clean beaches and the local color is exactly what you need to fly there.

Holidays at Sea in Albania

If we talk only about beach holidays in Albania, then of all autumn months you can swim well, perhaps only in September. The average air temperature in this month is +27 ° C, water +24 ° C. In October, the air temperature is already + 21 ° C, and in November, +16 ° C.

Mexico (temporarily unavailable)

You can swim in the resorts of Mexico all year round. Air and water temperatures do not change much during the year. The level of humidity and precipitation have a more significant impact on comfort.

Holidays by the sea in autumn in Mexico

Photo by Spencer Watson / unsplash

The peculiarity of autumn is that the rainy season ends at this time. Around the second half of October, the likelihood of hurricanes and downpours decreases significantly, and in November the dry “tourist season” opens. The average air temperature in November at the most popular resort of Cancun in +29 ° C, water temperature +28 ° C.

Mexico does not require tourists to pass tests, you can fly without certificates. Read more about entering the country in a separate article.

Holidays in Mexico Chichen Itza

Photo by Marv Watson / unsplash

When in Mexico, be sure to see the ruins of the Mayan settlement in Tulum and the ancient city of Chichen Itza.

Dominican Republic (temporarily unavailable)

September in the Dominican Republic is mixed, this time is humid, hot, and there is a chance of hurricanes. In October, the weather begins to normalize, and in November there is the opening of the tourist season. The average air temperature in November is +30 ° C, water +28 ° C.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic attracts tourists with a high level of service in hotels, paradise beaches and a wide choice of entertainments. Night clubs, hiking in the mountains, water extreme and colonial attractions. Learn about the peculiarities of holidays in different resorts in the Dominican Republic can be found here (we have tried to write a very detailed article)!

It is very easy to enter the Dominican Republic, you do not need to pass any tests. For the latest news on the resumption of flights to the Dominican Republic and the current conditions of entry, you can see a separate page.

Cuba (temporarily unavailable)

During the first half of fall, Cuba experiences storms and hurricanes, and also high humidity, which makes high temperatures more difficult to endure. But tour operators take tourists to Liberty Island all year round, and during this period, they simply make tour prices more affordable.

Holidays in Cuba

Photo by Alexander Kunze / unsplash

By November, the humidity and precipitation decrease significantly, it becomes more comfortable. The average air temperature in November is +29 ° C, water + 28 ° C.

The best way to travel to Cuba is by tour. Package tourists enter the country freely, there is no need to pass tests for coronavirus.

Tropical socialism, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Cuba certainly has its own unique flavor, for which many people choose to vacation on the island of Liberty. But if you look at the climatic features of Cuba, they are similar to the Dominican Republic. Can not decide between Cuba or the Dominican Republic ⁉ – read a comparative overview of the two countries.

Where to go for a vacation in autumn 2022 – on a national visa

Bulgaria (temporarily unavailable)

September is the velvet season in Bulgaria. And this is the only autumn month when you can rest comfortably at the sea. The average temperature is +24 ° C, sea +22 ° C.

Killarney National Park - Ireland's scariest nature reserve

This is the time of the harvest, the young wine and probably the best month for a holiday in Bulgaria. Low prices for all inclusive packages, short flight, easy to get a visa, friendly staff – all this attracts most tourists from Russia.

Holidays at Sea in Bulgaria

Photo Vladimir Haltakov / unsplash

Arriving in Bulgaria should be tested for coronavirus 72 hours before crossing the border. The latest travel news, current entry regulations and visa issues can be found on a separate page.

Croatia (temporarily unavailable)

It is possible to swim in Croatia until mid-October, but it is better to plan a vacation in September. At this time comes the velvet season. The average air temperature is +24 ° C, water +23 ° C.

The azure sea with clean beautiful beaches, pine trees and rocks. Croatia is a very picturesque country and in the European style not cheap.

Holidays at sea in Croatia in autumn

Photo by Spencer Davis / unsplash

In order to visit Croatia, you must present a negative result of the test performed 72 hours before arrival. It is also necessary to obtain a national visa. You can read about all rules of entry to Croatia and visa processing time here.

Where can I fly in autumn 2022 – on the Schengen

Greece (temporarily unavailable)

Greece is the only Schengen country that grants visas for Russian tourists and hosts visitors.

Holidays in Greece Crete

Photo by Elena Dimaki / unsplash

In September in Greece the summer weather continues – the average temperature is +30 ° C, water +24 ° C. By the end of the month the temperature is 25°C (68°F) and the water is 20°C (68°F). In October, it is best to choose the southern islands, such as Crete, Rhodes or Kos.

In November, it rains a lot and the water temperature is not comfortable enough +18 ° C.

Holidays at sea in Greece Rhodes

Photo Vladimir Haltakov / unsplash

In autumn it’s time to rent a car and go sightseeing in the island, touch the remains of ancient civilization and learn more about Greek traditions.

All tourists need to pass the tests. One should be done 72 hours before departure and another one free of charge is done upon arrival. The latest news and detailed conditions for entry into Greece can be read in a separate article.


At the request of Rospotrebnadzor, all citizens arriving from abroad must fill out a questionnaire on the portal of the State Service. This way you will be given a QR-code, which must be shown when boarding the return flight. After you return home, you must undergo a PCR test within 3 days and upload the result to the portal no later than the 4th day. Vaccinated patients and those who have had an illness are exempt from this test.

Planning to fly somewhere all-inclusive and can’t decide where to go❓ We wrote a special article describing the peculiarities of all-inclusive in different countries. We also made a selection of the best hotels for each destination.

Write in the comments which country you’ve chosen for your vacation this fall! We’re wondering

Where to go to the sea in September

Vacation ideas for September. Find out where to find the best vacations and where there are cheap tickets and tours right now.

Here’s what a beach vacation in September is good for:

  • The sea is still very warm,
  • The sun is still very warm, and there is no heat,
  • Prices are lower than summer and a half or two times,
  • free beaches.


Useful Links

These services and our articles will help you travel cheaply even in 2022. Take note!

    and Level.Travel – search favorable tours – here you can book a hotel with any Russian card

Where to have a rest on the sea in September


The queen of budget vacations – Turkey. It has always been, and in 2022 it is especially relevant. This is where you should go for a good and at the same time inexpensive vacation by the sea in September.

There are direct flights and charter flights, and tours are sold from many cities in Russia. We accept “MIR” cards. Tour “all inclusive” for a week at the five with good reviews will cost from 110 thousand for two – in today’s realities is not expensive.

Tours from 80,000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From ₽30,000 round trip for one person Find tickets →
Hotels from 1 500 ₽ Find hotel →


The cheapest vacation abroad by the sea in September 2022.

Planes from many cities fly to Adler airport, tickets are inexpensive, tours are on sale. In the country work cards “MIR” and you can pay in rubles. Cheap tours involve rest in guest houses with the most spartan conditions. A trip to a decent hotel or boarding house will cost 2-3 times more.

Monuments of Florence, Italy
Tours from 20 000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From 5,500 ₽ for one round trip Find tickets →
Hotels From 1,000 ₽ Find hotel →


One of the top destinations of the season. The absence of direct flights does not scare anyone, so the Russians in 2022 are actively flying here on vacation. You can fly to Vladikavkaz or somewhere else, or you can get there for half or three times as cheap by car. At the links you will find all the relevant information.

There are tours on sale in Georgia. The prices for tours to the sea are quite adequate, but the flight will involve a connection.

Tours From 70 000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From ₽30,000 round trip for one person Find tickets →
Hotels from ₽3,000 Find hotel →

An expensive country is given away for cheap. Why so? Because it’s one of the few countries, where from Russia still fly, and from different cities, the main thing is to have time to buy them in advance, because the demand is great. So in September here you can have a vacation quite inexpensive and without hassle.

Tours from 80,000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From ₽30,000 round trip for one person Find tickets →
Hotels from 2,000 ₽ Find hotel →


Yes, Thailand is with us again, though without direct flights for now. But they finally simplified the conditions of entry. You have to fly with a connection in the Emirates or Qatar. There are tours on sale with these connecting flights. The prices are more or less humane if you buy in advance.

Tours from 130,000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From ₽40,000 round trip for one person Find tickets →
Hotels from 600 ₽ Find hotel →

Sri Lanka

If political upheaval and a severe economic crisis seem like the right seasoning for your vacation, then fly to Ceylon in September 2022. There are no direct flights yet, but there are connecting flights, tours are also on sale – everything costs moderate money.

Tours From 100,000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From 35,000 ₽ for one round trip Find tickets →
Hotels from 1 500 ₽ Find hotel →


Another place to go for an inexpensive vacation in September 2022. Yes, yes, you heard that right: just considering how much money and hassle a vacation in, say, Greece or Montenegro now requires, the Maldives seems like quite a budget option.

There are direct Aeroflot flights, but it will be cheaper to fly on Arab carriers with a connection in the Emirates or Qatar. There are also tours on sale. If you want to save money, read how to get a cheap vacation in the Maldives – I told about our experience on the paradise beaches for $ 700 for two people for 10 days.

Tours From 140 000 ₽ for two persons Find Tours →
Tickets From 45,000 ₽ round trip for one person Find tickets →
Hotels from ₽3,000 Find hotel →


Tours are on sale, charters and direct scheduled flights to Cairo, Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada, but it is cheaper to fly to the resorts with a connection in the capital. Prices are not what they used to be, but tolerable. But keep in mind that an all-inclusive trip to a good five will cost at least 30-40% more than the cheapest tour.

Tours From 100,000 ₽ for two people Find Tours →
Tickets From 35,000 ₽ for one round trip Find tickets →
Hotels from 2 500 ₽ Find hotel →

Where to go in September

Let’s see where to find the most pleasant vacation spots with warm sea in September.


Turkey is always a win-win: mountains, warm sea, great beaches, good hotels and service, lots of attractions, delicious food. We have vacationed in Turkey five times, and on the last trip rented a car, drove half the country for a month and saw what a great country it is.

For a beach holiday in September is suitable for any resort. Look for the warmest sea in Belek, Side, Kemer, Antalya and Alanya – the water is heated to +29 ° C. In Bodrum, Kusadasi and Marmaris the water is a couple of degrees cooler. However, the coolest beaches and a European atmosphere you will find exactly in the resorts of the Aegean Sea. Learn more about rest in September in Turkey and read where to rest.

What to do. Enjoy the sea and the beautiful beaches, eat fruits and Turkish sweets, go on a few cool excursions, or better rent a car and make a great car trip on an interesting route. See the ruins of ancient cities, the beauty and scale of which would be the envy of even Greece, and make sure to go to Cappadocia – it’s just another planet.

The mysteries of the icon of Italy, the Tower of Pisa

Turkey – it’s a magnificent sea … fantastic Cappadocia … and a rich antique heritage.

Black Sea

These are the resorts of the Krasnodar region, the Crimea, Abkhazia, and Georgia – take your pick. We often go to the Black Sea in September, because it is the best time to vacation there: the heat subsides, but the sea is still warm for bathing, prices are noticeably lower, and the crowds disperse (especially towards the end of the month). Rest in any of these places in September can be very inexpensive and pleasant, and it is not difficult to get there.

By reservation By yourself
Tours in Sochi → Tickets to Sochi →
Tours in Crimea → Tickets to Crimea →
Tours in Abkhazia → Tickets to Abkhazia (Sochi) →
Tours in Georgia → Tickets to Georgia →

Sea in GelendzhikExcellent wild beach “Sosnovka” in Gelendzhik with amazingly clear water. Holiday in GeorgiaGeorgia is also interesting because besides the sea you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains. However, this also applies to the Crimea, and Sochi, and Abkhazia. For maximum enjoyment, I recommend renting a car and arrange a real trip. We always do just that.

Mediterranean Sea

September is the best month of the year to vacation at the Mediterranean resorts in Europe. In July and August it is unbearably hot and too many tourists, and prices again are too high. But with the coming of autumn everything changes for the better – it’s worth taking advantage of this. At every opportunity, we go on vacation in Italy, Spain, Greece or Cyprus with great pleasure. All these countries – a fantastic combination of ancient architecture, delicious food, beautiful nature, warm sea and a beneficial Mediterranean climate.

Also for an excellent holiday by the sea in September, you can safely go to Montenegro and Albania – the beaches and the sea there are excellent, plus allowed to enter without a visa.

By reservation By yourself
Tours in Italy → Tickets to Italy →
Tours in Spain → Tickets to Spain →
Tours in Greece → Tickets to Greece →
Tours in Cyprus → Tickets to Cyprus →
Tours in Montenegro → Tickets to Montenegro →
Tickets to Albania →

Matala Beach in CreteFor a serene vacation in September, it’s worth going to some Greek island. This is a photo from our trip to Crete. Cheap trip to ItalyItaly is beauty at every turn. This is where I first went abroad and have been coming back again and again ever since. The photo shows me in Venice 12 years ago.


I highly recommend to all romantics to go to the stunning Azores. I went there in September and was absolutely delighted: Atlantic waters are still warm enough for swimming, it’s very fresh, all the islands are buried in greenery and hydrangeas, and the amazing volcanic landscapes can make your head spin. Also there are very cheap by European standards and generally a real paradise!

The landscapes of the Azores are beautiful. Beaches with black volcanic sand in the Azores. The island of San Miguel.


In September, the hellish heat recedes, and the resorts of Tunisia, Israel and Morocco become comfortable. I especially recommend Morocco – an amazing country! Honestly, the resorts there are weak, but it is insanely beautiful and very colorful. We traveled through the country for a month and a half in August and September: at first we were dying of heat, but with the advent of autumn was much more pleasant. Visit Chefchaouen, Marrakech, Essaouira, Legzira – all very different, but equally charming and interesting.

In the resorts of Egypt and the UAE in September, in my opinion, it is still too hot: October and November would be better.

By reservation By yourself
Tours in Tunisia → Tickets to Tunisia →
Tours in Israel → Tickets to Israel →
Tours in Morocco → Tickets to Morocco →
Tours in Egypt → Online tickets to Egypt →
Tours in UAE → Tickets to the UAE →

Beach holidays in MoroccoFor my taste, the Moroccan beach of Legzira is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Where to go in September without a visa

Here I will list only more or less suitable for a beach holiday in September without a visa. In 2022 Russians do not need a visa to visit these countries:

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