Top 5 cheap vacation spots

Top 5 cheap vacation spots

Experienced travelers know that you don’t have to have millions in your pocket for the best trip of your life. It is enough to save a small amount and go on the road, because the main thing in vacation – not the money spent, but the emotions received.


Sunny Egypt welcomes even the most poor travelers. The country offers a lot of opportunities for those whose budget is quite limited. Tourists with a small amount in your pocket can safely be content with countless city beaches, free sights and ancient Egyptian architecture, for viewing which you do not need to pay. In addition, in Egypt, the experienced tourist will find a lot of opportunities to save on the basic needs of the traveler.

Transport For the poor tourist public transportation, friendly locals who are willing to take hitchhikers, and cheap subway in large cities will be a real salvation. If you come on vacation in a large group, you can rent a car with a personal driver for all for less than 1000 rubles.

The price of housing in Egypt varies depending on the season; the lowest prices occur in summer. Trying hard, you can find a hotel room for even 500 rubles. Booking in advance will also help to save a decent amount.

Meals Since the purpose of the trip is still a vacation, it is still worth splurging and allocate a small amount of the total budget for a couple of visits to local establishments. For the remaining funds it is recommended to buy products from supermarkets. It is also worth a look at the markets, where local Egyptians are always happy to haggle with tourists.

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A true paradise on earth – Indonesia – is ideal for travelers with limited budgets. The main reason to visit this wonderful country are its natural riches and primitive culture. In Indonesia, everyone can become richer spiritually without becoming significantly poorer financially.

Scotland is a beautiful state that is part of the united kingdom

Transportation High cab prices encourage less affluent tourists to rent vehicles. Renting a bicycle saves a traveler hours in endless traffic jams.

Lodging Low accommodation in Indonesia implies significant limitations in comfort, so it is recommended to save up a little and rent a room in one of the hotels. The cheapest season is considered the period from January to March.

Eating in Indonesia to find a place with good food and low prices is not difficult. During the day it is worth stopping by the market and haggling with the locals to try the wild fruits.

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Cambodia’s unique culture, reflected in the local sites and architecture, is accessible to the tourist with any income. The main costs in this ancient country will be lodging and food, as free entertainment awaits travelers at every turn. Just step outside the hotel room – and ahead stretches a whole unexplored universe.

Since cabs are relatively expensive in Cambodia, the most economical option is to rent a vehicle. By renting a local tuk-tuk for the whole day, a tourist can easily explore the entire city.

Lodging undemanding tourists can save money and stay right in the hostel for 33 rubles. However, for those who like comfort in Kabmoja there are attractive offers, such as inexpensive hotels for 700 rubles per night.

Food The salvation in Cambodia will be street food, high in quality and low in cost. The good news for gourmet tourists will be that it is not only cheap and tasty, but also quite diverse.

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Not wealthy tourists who prefer to spend their vacations closer to the homeland can opt for Poland. The list of advantages, in addition to low prices, include a similar mentality and language. But behind these superficial similarities, Poland hides many fascinating differences that all travellers, regardless of how much money they have in their pockets, will have to discover.

A little-known cave hidden in Lower Silesia

Transportation Polish public transportation will please even the most frugal traveler. Bus and streetcar prices are so low that you can afford to go anywhere you want on a budget.

Accommodation Price of Polish hotels is much lower than in Europe and of equal quality. Going to Poland, do not stop at once at the choice of the hostel. First you need to get acquainted with all options, because among them there may be an inexpensive hotel with 2 to 3 stars.

Meals Local cuisine will be a real pleasure for a poor tourist, because for a minimum amount of money in Poland you can eat for the whole day. If you have a strong desire, you can splurge a little and visit the institution of your choice.

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Amazing Panama combines low prices and modern cities. This country will suit those tourists who love comfort and megacities, but do not want to spend too much on vacation. Panama Canal, countless beaches, endless high-rises – the main attractions of Panama are free and available to every traveler.

Transportation Choosing to vacation in one of Panama’s main cities, a tourist can save significantly on transportation. You can get around all the main sights on foot, and for longer trips, you can use public transportation.

Housing Most economical and also convenient solution for housing in Panama are hostels and small hotels. Service of such facilities is as good as luxury hotels, but the price policy is more accessible to the average tourist.

The best way to save on food in Panama are outdoor cafes where locals like to spend time. Unlike trendy restaurants, establishments “for their own” do not inflate the price tag, but also do not underestimate the quality of food served. Lovers of fun and a little drinking should also pay attention to bars for locals.

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