Top 5 best ski resorts

Russian ski resorts presents to you the best ski resorts in Russia. Our rating includes all the most important things: what conditions are created for recreation, what prices are offered for the season 2022-2023 and where to stay.


This ski resort is located in the Kemerovo region, on the slopes of Mount Zelenaya. The complex is well developed and equipped, the snow here is always dry and lush, so it does not stick to the skis, and the slopes perfectly maintain their shape. The temperature during the skiing season stays between -10 … -15°C.

How to get there: first to Kemerovo, Novosibirsk or Novokuznetsk, then by bus to Tashtagol (from 3 to 14 hours), then back to Sheregesh (20 minutes).

When the season: from mid-November to late May.

For whom this resort: both for beginners, and for skilled.

Trails and elevators: 15 tracks with a total length of 37 kilometers. There are 4 levels of complexity, the maximum vertical drop is 650 meters. Experienced skiers ski at the top, the sections are the most difficult. Closer to the bottom it becomes easier. If you are a master of downhill skiing, there are slopes with an incline up to 45 degrees. There are 20 lifts (gondola, rope tow lifts, and chairlifts) working at the resort.

Ski pass: from 1500 rubles per day.

Equipment rent: from 400 rubles for a ski set for 4 hours.


This resort is located in the Altai region, here you can relax against the backdrop of mountains covered with beautiful trees. The sun shines often and there is almost no wind, so it is comfortable to ski here, despite the fact that in winter the air temperature reaches -20 ° C. The thickness of the snow cover is 1.5 meters. Conditions for skiing are good, and skiing competitions are often held at the resort.

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How to get there: by train or plane to Novosibirsk or Barnaul (or by train to Biysk), and then by direct bus to Belokurikha.

When is the season: the end of November – the beginning of April.

For whom this resort: for everyone who loves alpine skiing in Russia.

Slopes and elevators: there are 6 equipped slopes, and the total length of the slopes is about 8 kilometers. The longest slope is 2.5 kilometers, and the elevation difference is 550 meters. The slope Zerkova is suitable for those who love hard slopes. If you don’t ski very well, go to Blagodat, which is a simpler slope. If you want to have a rest with your family, “Altai-West” is the best place to go, its height difference is only 150 meters. Belokurikha has 5 ski elevators.

Ski pass: from 1 000 rubles per day.

Equipment rent: you can rent a ski set from 350 rubles per hour.

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Kirovsk – on the high lines in the rating of ski resorts of Russia. Kirovsk is located in the Murmansk region, so you can ski here almost all year round. In early December the polar night begins here, so guests of the resort not only ski, but also enjoy the northern lights and the picturesque scenery of the Khibiny Mountains.

How to get there: first take a plane or a train to Apatity, then take a shuttle bus to the resort.

When is the season: from December till May, but there is snow on the peaks even in summer.

For whom is this resort: for beginners and professionals.

Slopes and elevators: the ski resort “Bolshoi Vudyavr” has 24 equipped slopes, which in total stretch for 25 kilometers. The altitude difference is 650 meters. Most of the slopes here are mostly of medium complexity. There is also a training slope for beginners. There are 8 elevators at Bolshoi Vudyavr.

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The Kukisvumchorr complex has 6 ski runs of various complexity (total length 10 kilometers) and 4 elevators.

Ski pass: from 1500 rubles per day.

Equipment rent: skiing set with boots and poles costs from 550 rubles per hour at Bolshoy Vudyavr and from 600 rubles at Kukisvumchorr.

Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana is located near Sochi, not far from the Black Sea coast, which makes it quite easy to get here. The complex was involved in the 2014 Winter Olympics, so the infrastructure here is at a high level. Local resorts are Krasnaya Polyana, Rosa Khutor and Gazprom (Laura and Alpika). In addition to skiing, the resorts offer bars, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as beautiful places to see.

How to get there: take a plane or train to Sochi, then change to the train Sochi – Krasnaya Polyana. You can also take a car from Sochi or Adler to Krasnaya Polyana.

When the season: from mid-December to mid-April.

For whom this resort is suitable: both for experienced skiers and for beginners.

Slopes and elevators: the largest complex is Rosa Khutor, which has 40 slopes of all difficulties (including freeride sections). Gazprom complex offers 35 trails of any level of complexity. “Krasnaya Polyana is suitable for beginners and pros (32 tracks at 30 km), it has freeride facilities. The biggest number of elevators on Rosa Khutor – 30. There are 13 lifts at Krasnaya Polyana and 14 at GAZPROM.

Ski pass: there is a single ski pass at Krasnaya Polyana resorts, the prices depend on the date and start from 3200 rubles per day.

Rent of equipment: is available both in the villages, and directly on the slopes. The average price for a set for 1 day – 1400 rubles.


Located in Karachay-Cherkessia, on the slopes of the Caucasus. Dombai glade is incredibly beautiful, and in addition to skiing here you can admire the panoramas of the neighboring mountains, forests and gorges. In the list of Russian mountain skiing resorts Dombai has a good reputation: it is actively developing, Russian and international competitions are held there.

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How to get there: by plane to Mineralnye Vody, or by train to Minvody, Cherkessk, Nalchik or Nevinnomyssk. Then take a bus from these towns to Dombaj.

When is the season? From the end of November to early April.

Who is the resort for: both for professionals and beginners.

Slopes and elevators: 5 main slopes (and a total of 12), a total length of about 25 kilometers. There are gentle and straight slopes for beginner skiers, for those who are more daring there are more difficult slopes, and for professionals there are slopes with sharp turns and steep drops in elevation. There are 15 elevators that take people to the top of the mountain.

Ski pass: starting at 1800 rubles per day on a new complex of lifts.

Equipment rental: a set of skis, sticks and boots costs from 400 rubles per hour.

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Beloretsk ski resort is located in Bashkortostan. Slopes for skiing are equipped on Mount Mratkino, which is one of the highest in the Southern Urals. There is a lot of snow here, the air is clean and the elevation differences are small. The ski slopes are surrounded by a beautiful pine forest.

How to get there: by plane or train to Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk or Ufa, then by bus to Beloretsk.

When is the season: December to April.

For whom is this resort: for beginners and advanced riders.

Slopes: the total length of 8 local slopes is about 8 kilometers, the altitude difference up to 300 meters. The easiest one is for skiing with children, its length is 200 meters. The most difficult part is the giant slalom track with the length of 1400 meters. There are 4 elevators at the resort, both rope tow lifts and chairlifts. The tracks have good illumination, the snow is thick and can be leveled out if needed. There are 4 elevators at the resort.

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Ski pass: starting from 1200 rubles per day.

Equipment rental: skis cost 650 rubles per day, boots – 750 rubles, a set – 1300 rubles.


In the Perm region is a beautiful and snowy resort Gubakha. Here, in the southern part of the Northern Urals, a variety of trails are arranged for anyone who likes to ski.

How to get there: by any kind of transport to Solikamsk or Perm, then by train or bus to Gubakha.

When the season: from the beginning of December to the middle of April.

For whom is this resort: for all fans of skiing holidays, including the fans of the difficult slopes.

Slopes and elevators: 18 slopes, which in total stretch for about 18 kilometers. The maximum altitude difference is 300 meters, the longest slope is 2600 meters. There are tracks of any complexity, including slalom, giant slalom, downhill and freeride. There are 8 ski elevators for tourists.

Ski pass: from 1100 rubles per day, there are discounts when buying through the official website of the resort.

Equipment Rental: skiing set of skis, boots and poles costs from 800 rubles a day.


Khvalynsk is located in Saratov region. The ski resort is situated on the Privolzhskaya upland, at its highest point (379 metres above sea level). This area is notable for its relict pine forests, clean air and beautiful scenery.

How to get there: by any transport to Saratov and then by bus to Khvalynsk. You may also take a train to Syzran, Balakovo or Vozrozhdenie railway stations and then by car to Khvalynsk.

When the season starts in mid-December and ends in late March.

For whom is this resort: for fans of ski rest with a different level of training.

Slopes and elevators: 3 slopes of varying complexity – for both experienced and beginners. Total length is 3 kilometers, and level difference is 180 meters. The longest track is 1.2 km long. There is artificial snowing, there are conditions for evening skiing. There are 3 rope tow elevators.

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Ski pass: from 1600 rubles per day.

Renting of ski equipment: skiing kit costs from 800 rubles per day.

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Baikalsk (Sobolinaya mountain).

Mountain ski resort “Sobolinaya mountain” is located in the Irkutsk region, near the town of Baikalsk. Here you can enjoy the view of the mountains and Lake Baikal at the same time. It is a very beautiful place with clean air and mild and snowy winters.

How to get there: Baikalsk is most convenient to get to from Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. In both cases, you can get to Baikalsk by minibus cab.

When is the season: mid November – end of April.

For whom is this resort: both for skilled skiers and for beginners in this business.

Slopes and elevators: The resort has 18 slopes of all levels of complexity (total length of about 15 km). The longest slope is 2100 meters, and there are also a lot of short sections. The maximum height difference is 450 meters. There are 6 ski elevators. The resort is equipped with artificial snowing and lighting systems.

Ski pass: from 1100 rubles per day.

Equipment rental: a set of skis and boots costs from 500 rubles per day.

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