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Kajaani Airport Petkeljarvi National Park Riisitunturi National Park Maarianvara Ski Resort Lussitupa Lodge Rokua National Park Kajaani Art Museum

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Kajaani Airport

Kajani Airport (photo)

Kajaani is an ancient city founded in the middle of the seventeenth century near the fortress of the same name. The two-story stone castle has long served as a state prison, and its ruins still attract tourists to Kajaani. Not far from Kajaani is the Vuokatti ski resort.

Kajaani Airport was opened in 1956. Today it carries almost eighty thousand people annually. The length of the airport runway is two and a half kilometers. Regular flights connect Kajaani with Helsinki, in addition, in the season the airport receives flights from Tallinn and Moscow.

The airport is located near the village of Paltaniemi, about eight kilometers from Kajaani.

Bus services from the airport to the city and the Vuokatti resort are provided by Kattilinjat. You can also order a cab or rent a car.

Coordinates: 64.28419300,27.67567300

Petkeljärvi National Park

Petkeljarvi National Park (photo)

One of the most scenic parks in Finland, is the Petkeljärvi National Park. This jewel beckons tourists with the beauty of its lakes and sandy ridges. The park area was formed 10,000 years ago, at the end of the Ice Age, formed from under the ice and melt water.

National Park Petkeljarvi, is considered a very popular place for walks, to see its attractions, you need to allocate a whole day. Beautiful view that takes your breath away, opens up from the tops of the glistening in the sun water, numerous lakes, and every day it is visited by so many people, the routes in the park are constructed so that you can fully enjoy the scenery, and nature.

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Part of the mountain range of the national park, are mountain ranges, stretching from Lake Coitere to the border with Russia. They are of low height, but quite steep, some of them can be steep. On the territory of the park, a lot of forests, here you can find very old species of trees. There is a huge pine forest, the trees here are more than a hundred and fifty years old. There are many hollows on the pines, in which live, tits, woodpeckers, flycatchers. In summer, the silence of the park is broken by the cries of the black-headed dive, on the trails there are trunks of trees that were eaten by beavers. The park is also home to huge animals such as moose, bear, wolf, but they avoid meeting with visitors in every possible way.

Lake Petraniemi, because of its sandy soil, has clear, crystalline water. You can swim in the lake, sunbathe on the shore and enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the park, hear birds sing and watch loons dive into the lake for fish. At the tourist center, you can rent a kayak or a boat and take a water trip through the lakes of the park. For hiking, the best option is the 6.5-kilometer circular trail in the park, “Kuikan Kierros”, named after the loons. In addition to forests, there are meadows in the park, they are heavily marshy and are preserved as a landscape of the park.

A feature of the park are the traces of the war between Finland and the Soviet Union in the 1939-1940s, these are the trenches and shelters, so visitors can feel the spirit of history, the country.

At the moment, Petkeljärvi Park is the best place for hikers and lovers of quiet nature. National Park . Petkeljarvi National Park and Patvinsuo Park, which is located next to it, belongs to the North Karelia National Park, and is part of UNESCO.

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Coordinates: 62.58290900,31.17178900

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Riisitunturi National Park

Riisitunturi National Park (photo)

Paradise place for hikers is Riisitunturi National Park, located in southern Finland, near the town of Posio. The park covers 77 square kilometers and was established in 1982. The park is located in a mountainous area, there are also many bogs, especially on the slope. Presents, the best landscape above Kitkaj&#228 rvet lake and forest, colorful hills on the peaks, and the scenery of the park, is breathtaking.

The Riisittunturi Trail (29 km) is the most suitable trail for hiking, lasting several days, the best option for hikers. You can find campfire sites and lodges along the trails, where you can stay overnight. The most popular destinations lead to the Carhincuerros Trail in Oulanca National Park with beautiful scenery. The park offers hiking in both winter and summer.

For lovers of skiing, Riisitunturi offers great opportunities, organizing hikes and walks on the snowy hills, with beautiful winter scenery. An exceptional view has, the upper part of the park, which is impossible to forget, are its hanging bogs and slender spruces. There are also many small lakes in the region. Forests and hills grow in all seasons. Through the park, wild reindeer, owned by local shepherds, walk around with their ears branded.

Riisitunturi is a year-round destination for tourists, has great views and diversity in all seasons.

In winter, there is an opportunity to admire the sunset, as it rises low above the horizon, so the dawn smoothly passes into the sunset. In spring, when the day gets longer and it gets a little warmer, there is still snow. In summer, when the sun does not go below the horizon, Arctic flowers bloom. In late summer and autumn in the park, grows a lot of mushrooms and berries, which can be collected. In the fall, the plants growing on the hills, the first frosts get a unique coloring.

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Coordinates: 66.22052400,28.45009800

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Maarianwara Ski Resort

Maarianvara ski resort (photo)

Maarianvaara is a ski resort, which is located in the municipality of Kaavi, in central Finland. It is one of the youngest and most prestigious ski resorts in Finland. It is popular with family vacationers. On the slopes of Maarianvaara is good to learn how to ski, even for children. Here you can have a great vacation in a friendly group of young people, due to the democratic prices of skiing and accommodation.

Ski resort is small, but, nevertheless, there are 7 ski slopes. The biggest height difference in the resort is 140 meters. The longest descent is about 1050 meters long. The famous Tahko ski resort is about an hour’s drive from Maarianvaara. In addition to mountain skiing, you can also ski on the flat. There is an excellent skiing track that has been specially laid for this purpose.

You can also enjoy snowmobiling and winter fishing. There is a ski school for beginners and equipment rental. In the evenings you can relax in the cozy restaurants and taste the delicious local cuisine. Outside the resort, 50 km from Maarianvaara, there is Fontanella Waterpark in Siilinjärvi, where you can swim and then visit a real Finnish sauna.

Coordinates: 62.85758300,28.92599000

Lussitupa Cabin

Lussitupa cabin (photo)

In the center of Kajaani it is interesting to visit the ruins of an ancient castle and the nearby Lussitupa (‘Lussitupa’) cabin.

This small wooden building was built in 1880 for the lock keeper who oversaw the transport of tar through the canal and the operation of the lock. The lodge is a one-story gray structure.

Today, the well preserved building is often used for historical exhibitions and permanent exhibitions, and in July you can watch the lock in action.

Coordinates: 64.22943400,27.73174500

Rokua National Park

Rokua national park (photo)

A big attraction in Finland, is the Rokua National Park. It is located in Northern Finland, about 200 km south of the Arctic Circle between the cities of Oulu and Kajaani. The area covers 1300 square kilometers along the Oulu river to Lake Oulu. Rokua Park is a unique combination of geology, nature and culture. The characteristic features of the area are the landforms formed during the ice melt at the end of the glacial age 10,000 years ago. Sand dunes inspired by the winds, overgrown with pine forests, pine and lichen clad heaths, holes and small ponds filled with crystal clear water.

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For an area of character, a long winter, the area is covered with snow and ice, this is the best time to go skiing and explore the incomparable beauty of the snowy landscape . Hiking trails are excellent in early spring, about 70 kilometers of trails for cross-country skiing are open. In the summer there are about 50 kilometers of hiking trails, ideal for camping, you can ride a bike. Within the park there are hotels to stay in, private lodges.

Rokua National Park, has a great variety of natural and cultural attractions. Here, you can make a 22-kilometer hike, which runs along the Emperor’s Path. Spend a day in the forest, and relax at Rokua Spa. The hiking area includes numerous islands on the western side of Lake Oulujärvi. In autumn, you can pick mushrooms, cranberries and lingonberries in Rokua Park.

Attracts to the park, its unique nature, clean environment for tourists, there is an opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet . There is a wide range of opportunities for recreation and leisure on the banks of the river Oulujoki. There is a cafe, a small souvenir store, and a sauna.

Coordinates: 64.33220000,26.30360000

Kajaani Art Museum

Kajaani Art Museum (photo)

Kajaani Art Museum was opened in April 1993. The museum exhibition is located in a former police station designed by architect Eino Pitkänen.

Two floors together provide about 300 m2 of wall space for the exhibits. The four well-lit exhibition rooms vary in size and shape, creating a variety of options for displaying artwork. Each year the Art Museum organizes about five temporary exhibitions of foreign and Finnish art. An interesting fact is that the old police cell has been preserved in its original form and can also be used to house exhibitions.

When the museum opened in 1993, it took on the responsibility of independently acquiring works of art. Currently, its collection includes 760 works by 100 different artists. The main focus is on works by Finnish artists from the 1980s-90s. These include works by such artists as Juhana Blomsted, Karolus Enkel, Tapio Junno and others. Over the past few years the collection has been enriched mainly by donations for the development of art in the Kainuu region.

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The museum defines as one of its main goals the presentation of art education to a wide audience as well as the presentation of a comprehensive picture of art.

Coordinates : 64.22676200,27.72751100

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