Top 5 adventures in the Malaysian Langkawi archipelago

What to see on Langkawi – Top 10 Sights

Langkawi is a small island in Malaysia, which attracts, above all, picturesque nature, but you can also see museums, temples, parks. The island is notable for its good roads, accessible transport interchanges, with clear signposts everywhere. Langkawi’s attractions are located all around the island, so it is best to rent a car or bike to visit and see them. There is no need to buy tours from agencies, you can see the most interesting places of Langkawi in Malaysia on your own.

Langkawi, Malaysia

In order not to waste time, before your trip make a list of Langkawi (Malaysia) attractions, to see them, as a rule, you will need 2-3 days. We offer an overview of the places that attract tourists.

Langkawi Attractions

1. The cable car and Sky Bridge (Heavenly Bridge).

The Langkawi Cableway

This landmark is iconic for Langkawi and should be on your must-see list. The Sky Bridge often graces guidebooks as it is considered by locals to be a symbol of the island, just like the eagle. At 125 meters long, the landmark is among the longest suspension bridges in the world, and its construction was not easy. All the elements of the bridge had to be lifted to the top of the mountain by helicopter and then mounted in the right position.

You can get to Heavenly Bridge on your own by cable car. It carries passengers in closed cabins. The first stop is located in the East Village, tourists climb to the top of Mat Cincang. From here you can see the entire archipelago, and in sunny weather it is easy to see the shores of Thailand. The cable car covers a distance of 2 km. From the cable car to the bridge there is a curved path.

Sky Bridge

You can pay 16 ringgit (the cost of visiting the bridge is included) and reach the bridge on the Sky Glide, a glass booth that rides on rails. With a track length of 94 meters, the SkyGlide booth can hold up to 12 passengers (up to 1,050 kg) per ride. The cabin’s journey from the top station to the SkyBridge takes less than 2 minutes. The SkyGlide ticket is sold separately from the standard SkyCab ticket. The ticket can only be purchased at the SkyGlide ticket office at the upper station.

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A visit to the Sky Bridge costs 6 ringgit, in case you choose to go up on foot rather than on Sky Glide. It is best to arrive in the morning, the closer to lunch, the more people there will be.

The cable car is regularly closed for maintenance, see for exact dates. Cost (ringgit):

  • standard stall fare – 78;
  • Children’s ticket (under 12 years) – 58.

The road carries passengers every day from 9-30 to 19-00.

2. Kilim Geo Park Nature Reserve

A karst nature reserve located in northeastern Langkawi, it is interesting to see the natural caves that have been formed over millions of years.

Kilim Geo Park Nature Reserve

The attraction on the map of Langkawi covers an area of 100 square kilometers, with many lagoons, comfortable beaches, as well as small islets. Tourists start the tourist route along the Kilim River. Its one bank is densely covered with vegetation – mangrove forests dominate, and on the other bank limestone cliffs rise. The forests are home to monkeys, squirrels, monitor lizards and crocodiles. The river is home to over 40 species of fish, otters and even dolphins.

Nature Caves at Kilim Geo Park

Interesting fact! As part of a guided tour, you can see the farms where the fish are bred and the cave. If you rent a boat yourself, it will be cheaper than buying a tour.

Experienced tourists recommend taking a camera with a good lens and be sure to stock up on light snacks.

  • The cost of boat tours is from 350 to 550 MYR.
  • Open: from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Website:

3. 3D Art Museum.

3D Art Museum

There are similar museums in many countries, but travelers note that the attraction on Langkawi in Malaysia is the most interesting. This museum is the second largest in the world and the largest in Malaysia, with an area of 2 thousand square meters. The museum has more than a hundred objects with optical illusions on various topics.

Good to know! If you bought a combo ticket for the cable car, the entrance to the museum will be free for you.

An optical illusion in a 3D art museum

The main feature – the museum is clean, you can walk barefoot and sit on the floor, which is very relevant if you want not only to see the objects, but also to take original photographs. It is best to visit the museum closer to closing time, when there are the least number of visitors.

  • The price of an adult ticket is 38 MYR, children’s ticket is 28.
  • Opening hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  • Website:
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4. Telaga Tujuh Falls

Another name of the attraction is “Seven Wells”. The popular place is located in the western part of Langkawi. Streams of water fall freely from the Mat Cincang slope, on their way there are seven escarpments that form seven lakes communicating with each other. The lake water is fresh and pleasant to wash your face with after a difficult climb.

At the foot of Telaga Tujuh waterfall

To reach the waterfall on your own, you must climb 638 steps. From the waterfall you can go higher by an eco-trail to a height of about 700 meters. The total time of ascent is about 2.5-3 hours, so you will need good physical preparation. You do not need special skills and experience as a mountaineer.

Good to know! The best time to see the waterfall is the first half of fall. In hot weather, streams dry up and only small streams flow down from the rocks. However, you should note that the route is more difficult to follow in the fall.

Telaga Tujuh waterfall

To see the Langkawi attraction on your own, it is easiest to come to the East Village or Pantai Kok beach. Entrance for tourists is free.

5. Wildlife Park

This attraction used to be called Bird Paradise and is sure to excite adults and children alike. There are 150 species of birds that can be fed, stroked and touched.

Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise

Important to know! You can buy birdseed at the entrance for 6 MYR.

Birds in Bird Paradise

All the tourist paths are comfortable and covered with awnings, so you can walk in the park in any weather. In addition, there are regular animal shows, you can feed parrots, giant fish and even a crocodile. If you plan to visit the attraction on your own, check the exact schedule on the park’s website.

  • Location: Jalan Ayer Hangat Street, Kampung Belanga Pecah.
  • You can see the attraction every day from 8-30 to 18-30.
  • Tickets are sold only until 6pm. Cost: full price 45 MYR, children (under 12) 28 MYR.
  • Website:
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6. Eagle Square.

Another revered landmark of the island in Malaysia, the main symbol of Langkawi, the eagle, is located here. The statue is 12 meters high and every tourist is sure to be photographed next to the proud bird. Within walking distance there is Langkawi Legend Park, working souvenir stores and shopping malls.

Eagle Statue in Langkawi Square

Good to know! Located next to the pier in Kuah town.

7. Night Market

Langkawi Night Market

If you don’t know what to see in Langkawi to experience the local culture, visit the night market. These outlets are common in Malaysia. They open at about five or six p.m. and trade continues until 10 p.m. As a rule, by this time all the goods are sold out. The main range – the national dishes of Malaysian cuisine. Local villagers come to the night markets and offer fresh fruit and vegetables, a wide choice of meat dishes – mini kebabs, chicken with various sauces. As a side dish, you can buy traditional noodles, and for dessert – Malay sweets and drinks.

Good to know! Depending on the day of the week, night markets open in different parts of Langkawi. All outlets are far away from tourist spots and hotels.

Street food at Langkawi Night Market

Despite the distance from the main tourist routes, the night markets are often visited by travelers, because only here you can see and taste the national dishes in the original execution. Be sure to try the treats in bamboo stems or wrapped in banana leaves. Another feature of the Langkawi Island attraction is the ridiculous prices. All food costs from 1 to 6 MYR.

Interesting fact! If you want to cook the dish yourself, be sure to ask the vendor for the set of ingredients and cooking techniques. Malaysians are happy to share their culinary secrets.

Durian at Langkawi Night Market

In addition to the delicious and unusual dishes at the night markets, you can see the inner, national colors – simple village families, children and older families, choosing one of the most popular fruits – durian. All the colors of the national dress are found in the market. If you are wary of walking through the night market on their own, buy a guided tour, in which a Russian-speaking guide will lead you through the most famous outlets and answer all questions. The cost of such a tour varies from $30 to $60, depending on the location of the hotel and the duration of the tour.

Important to know! If you want to visit the night market by yourself, you need to pick the most modest and simple clothes.

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8. Snorkeling in Pulau Payar Marine Park

Pulau Payar Marine Park

Another interesting place on the list of what to see in Langkawi on your own is Pulau Payar Marine Park. The attraction is located 30 km from Langkawi. It is a small island located on the way to another popular Malaysian Penang. Its length is 1.5 km and width is only 100 m. The marine park also includes several small islets near Pulau Payar.

In terms of tourism infrastructure Pulau Payar is not interesting for a long vacation. They come here for snorkeling and diving. Tourists are also offered tours of the protected area.

Interesting fact! Pulau Payar is the best place for snorkeling in Langkawi.

It takes 45 minutes to get from Langkawi to the park, best taken by speed boat at Kuah Marina. The park is famous for the clearest water, plenty of corals and a variety of marine life. There are crayfish, crabs, perches, sharks, shrimp, lobsters, groupers.

Important to know! For breaking off a branch of coral on Langkawi there is a penalty of imprisonment.

Snorkeling at Pulau Payar Marine Park

The best time to visit the marine park is from February to October. There are no hotels, so people come here only for snorkeling and diving. There is a tourist center where you can get all the information you need.

What you need to know:

  • there are many crabs and lampreys in the sand on the shore;
  • Tourists are offered to feed sharks;
  • Do not go deep into the island on your own;
  • to explore the depths of the sea, it is best to rent a boat with a transparent bottom.

There are showers for travelers, sun loungers and a restaurant on the shore. The cost of an adult ticket is 5 MYR, for children the ticket price is 50% less.

Before going to the marine park, you should study the weather forecast, because during strong winds, the water becomes turbid and it is impossible to see the sea beauty. Also, it is necessary to provide – there is no fresh water on Poalu Pajar, it is better to take it with you. During the high season, the number of travelers here increases sharply.

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It is best to buy a guided tour for a day, the price for one person with snorkeling equipment – 180-230 MYR, for diving 320-380 MYR.

9. Temple Wat Koh Wanararm

Rock Carved Goddess Statue

This is one of the most interesting Buddhist temples in Langkawi. The main feature is the statue of the goddess, which is carved in the rock of marble. It is noteworthy that the statue is constantly being improved, because the temple is built on donations, but there are few Buddhists in this part of Malaysia.

Of great interest is the area surrounding the temple, it is decorated with a park, ponds, bridges, pavilions. There are eight stupas that symbolize different spiritual states. People come here to enjoy the peace and quiet, because the temple was built far from the road. The walk takes from one hour. The entrance is free.

Wat Koh Wanararm Temple

The temple is located two kilometers from the settlement of Kuah in Malaysia. Getting there on your own is most comfortable by cab or by renting a car. It is easy to navigate by signs. One is on Jalan Ayer Hangat Street. There is free parking next to the temple where cars are left.

The prices in the article are for May 2021.

Attractions of Langkawi are diverse and colorful, which is why tourists from all over the world come here every year to see flamingos, ride elephants, walk to a waterfall and a cave. It is also a great place to relax with children.

Langkawi sights are marked on a map in Russian.

Video: extensive review of Langkawi and its attractions, interesting facts about the island and useful travel tips.

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