Top 3 countries where meat is the head of everything

Top most meat-eating countries in the world

Meat consumption is about adding meat products to your diet, not just the pure consumption of meat itself. Factors such as culture and religion influence decisions about meat consumption. One of the main factors influencing meat consumption is economic status . People’s income is positively correlated with meat consumption. This fact explains why some of the world’s most developed countries are among the highest meat consumers. In addition, culture affects people’s cuisine, which is why countries like Israel also consume large amounts of meat.

The availability of meat also affects people’s purchasing power and in South American countries where livestock farming flourishes, meat consumption among the population is the highest.

The countries with the highest meat consumption

Australia consumes more meat per year than any other country in the world. Australians consume 205 pounds (93 kg) per person per year.

They get their meat mainly from the Nippon Meat Packers Company, one of the top ten companies in the meat industry.

A food industry conglomerate headquartered in Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan. Founded in 1949, the company is commonly known as Nippon Ham. As a multinational corporation, Nippon Ham operates subsidiaries worldwide, including China and the United States. In addition to its core business of meat packing and other food processing, the company owns the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, Japan’s professional Pacific League baseball team, as well as part of the J-League Cerezo Osaka soccer team.

  • Date of establishment: 1949.
  • Number of employees: 15,118 (March 31, 2011)

The United States of America is a little behind, with 200.6 pounds per person per year. The average chicken weighs 5 pounds, which means U.S. residents consume the equivalent of 40 chickens a year.

The big meat packing industries serving the U.S. are Smithfield Foods, Cargill, Hormel and Tyson.

Israel reports consuming 189.6 pounds of meat per year. The government here actually spends money to promote meat in the diet. As of 2014, they were planning a strategy to lower the cost of meat.

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Argentina is one of the largest producers of beef, as well as one of its largest consumers. According to 2016 reports, Argentines consume 186.7 pounds of meat per person per year. Beef is the main ingredient in many traditional dishes in this country.

Uruguay is next on the list with a meat consumption of 182.8 pounds per year. Surprisingly, Uruguayans eat more beef than Argentines, even though they produce fewer cows and consume less meat overall.

Brazil, the world’s second-largest beef producer, ranks sixth on the list for consumption of 172.2 pounds of meat per year. The largest plant in the meat industry in the world is in Brazil, which is JBS . JBS had revenues of $51.2 billion in 2017.

New Zealand. Its residents consume 162 pounds of meat per person per year. Almost 25% of their meat consumption is lamb.

Chile also relies on meat as the main component of most meals. Residents here consume 159.8 pounds of meat per year. This country imports most of its beef from Argentina.

Canada is ninth on the list of countries with high meat consumption. Meat consumption here has actually declined over the past decade and as of 2017 is 155.4 pounds per person per year. Higher prices and the economic downturn are responsible for this decline.

Malaysia. Its residents eat about 121 pounds per person each year. While typically Pacific regions are at a lower level of meat consumption. In the case of Malaysia, income is not positively related to meat consumption. Although most of the meat consumed is chicken as it is a cheaper option. Malaysia imports meat, usually from Australia.

The impact of meat consumption on the environment

Not only is overconsumption of meat bad for health, but it is also bad for the environment for a variety of reasons. Livestock production requires almost half of all land. This leads to an unsustainable use of water.

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For example, 55% of the water used in the United States is for growing crops that are used to feed animals, followed by meat production.

Runoff from this water pollutes waterways with nitrogen and phosphates. Greenhouse gases produced by animal agriculture account for at least half of all anthropogenic emissions. Methane emissions have a global warming potential that is 86 times greater than carbon dioxide. Evidence is clear that animal consumption is a major cause of the reduction of biodiversity, water pollution, and declining forest cover across the planet that are the causes of global warming.

Meat countries: where the most meat is eaten

Our bodies need protein – about 2 grams per 1 kilogram of weight every day. But there are some people who simply can’t deny themselves a good steak! If you are an avid tourist and meat-eater, check out the list of the top 7 countries where you should go for delicious meat.

  1. Luxembourg – 137 kg per year
  2. USA – 125 kg per year
  3. Australia – 122 kg per year
  4. New Zealand – 115 kg per year
  5. Spain – 112 kg per year
  6. Israel – 105 kg per year
  7. 98 kg per year Canada

meat eat man

Luxembourg – 137 kg per year

That is how much meat each inhabitant of this small country eats, and all because the climate here is cold enough and it is uncomfortable to work without a hearty meal. And neighboring countries offer schnitzels, stew and other meat dishes, which can not fail to please real meat-eaters.

In Luxembourg they eat a lot of meat

USA – 125 kg per year

This is not surprising because the national dish of Americans is barbecue, juicy wings or ribs on the grill with all kinds of sauces. If you come to a traditional party at the locals’ house, they won’t let you go home until you’ve had a juicy steak and a great glass of beer.

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In the U.S. they eat a lot of meat

Australia – 122 kg per year

It may make some people sick but this is the country which consumes the most ostrich meat in the world. These birds are bred here as we have chickens – for meat and eggs. It is interesting that in Australia people used to eat kangaroo, which tastes like beef. But times have changed and now you can try an ostrich steak for pennies at any restaurant in the country.

They eat a lot of meat in Australia.

New Zealand – 115 kg per year

As in neighboring Australia, they breed ostriches, but they still prefer chicken and lamb. One of the local traditional dishes is lamb on the cross – the whole carcass is pickled and roasted over the coals until golden brown, so that all fat is gone and only juicy meat remains. Interestingly, it is served in restaurants, where for a fixed fee you can eat as much lamb as you want.

They eat a lot of meat in New Zealand

Spain – 112 kg per year

Spaniards adore meat, because most local dishes consist of beef or pork, and the traditional jamon – a leg of pork cured in a special way – was invented here. Numerous local cafes and restaurants serve pork and beef with vegetables, rice and simply as a separate dish.

Eat a lot of meat in Spain.

Israel – 105 kg per year

Interestingly, although the country has the lowest pork consumption rate in the world, only 2 kg per person per year, Israel simply adores chicken. Here it is cooked in a dozen different ways, and to make it juicy, it is served in a large number of stewed tomatoes, with the addition of garlic and traditional spices. If you are on holiday, be sure to try the local wings with sauce.

Israel has a lot of meat

98 kg per year Canada

In this country you can’t do without meat in such a severe climate. Soups, stews, barbecues and obligatory everything with a lot of potatoes are the traditional local dishes. However, when ordering something in restaurants in Canada, be prepared for about 15% of the check to be a tip.

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Eating a lot of meat in Canada

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I so think Mongolia didn’t participate in the contest due to the clear advantage

I agree with you 100%.

The Kyrgyz and Kazakhs do not count meat by kilograms but by herds!)

Is Luxembourg a cold climate? Are you serious…

Meat is very useful. It has the whole spectrum of amino acids. But do not eat it often. It puts a strain on the intestines.

Most meat is eaten by wolves, Kazakhs are in second place!

The coolest comment!

In first place are the Uzbeks.

Uzbeks eat meat with meat

Uzbeks don’t eat meat on weekdays at all. They save money for weddings….

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This is heresy. Mixing the soft with the warm.

I don’t dispute the first three (but Luxembourg is questionable!) – Rich people don’t eat a LOT of meat! Lots of meat is eaten by “rich and rich-wealthy people”! Spain is also very questionable! THERE is plenty of MORE delicious food! Australia-Zealand – THEY eat mutton, there are 110 million rams for 40 million people! Lamb THIS is not meat! NO Argentina! – WHERE marble beef is grown! And there are NO BEAUTIFUL Arabs! Apparently THIS confirms my point – Rich people don’t eat a lot of meat! – They have lobsters, lobsters – octopus – sturgeons – salmon, king prawns, oysters – With champagne dry and or “Chablis”! Different kinds of caviar! What’s with all that tough shit? “Meat”? I prefer roast beef to steak, I prefer duck and apples To roast duck and apples! “Beef tongue jellied,” not “ox tenderloin.” There are plenty of tastier foods!

The Kazakhs in the first place – they are related to wolves and their totem is wolf, and some loose Europeans and Uzbeks eat meat with grass, the Kazakhs eat meat and drink meat broth!

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