Top 27 sights of Pereslavl-Zalessky – description and photos

Attractions of Pereslavl-Zalessky.

When traveling along the Golden Ring of Russia, tourists are sure to get acquainted with Pereslavl-Zalessky and what this distinctive ancient Russian town is famous for. What to see in Pereslavl-Zalessky for a tourist is our top selection of places of interest.

Pereslavl-Zalessky sights

What to see in Pereslavl-Zalessky in 1 day

The town, which recently celebrated its 850th anniversary, is notable for the beauty of quiet streets with white-stone walls of monasteries and golden cupolas of old Russian churches, surprising with its natural beauty, gives its guests a feeling of peace and grace.

The main sights of Pereslavl-Zalessky are concentrated in the historical part of the town.

Pereslavl Kremlin

During 8 centuries the town was being built and developed around the Kremlin – the main fortification construction founded by Jury Dolgoruky. The fortress was repeatedly destroyed by enemy raids and rebuilt again up to the XVIII century. Later the fortifications were torn down due to their uselessness. A part of buildings of the Novodevichy Sretensky Monastery and the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral are well preserved from the Kremlin complex of structures to this day. Nowadays these historical religious buildings belong to the Pereslavl-Zalessky State Historical and Architectural Art Reserve.

Address: Red Square, 56.

The nearest transport stops: “Prosecutor’s Office”, “Post”. Visiting time: from 9 am till 6 pm.

Red Square

This place is a witness of a long history of Pereslavl-Zalessky. From the XII century the square was a place where townspeople gathered at veche at the call of a bell strengthened on the oak pillars. On the perimeter of the square between temples there were princely chambers and “the court yard of the Great Sovereign” where in May, 1220 Alexander Nevskiy was born. From the Red square the 21-year-old commander in 1241 set off to the famous battle with German knights.

Today, Red Square is part of the Historical and Architectural Art Reserve. It is a lawn with paths leading to historical sites. It is surrounded by protective earth ramparts. The ramparts are 2.5 km long and about 10 m high. Behind the Transfiguration Cathedral there are stairs leading to the observation deck.

Address: Red Square, 56.

The nearest bus stops are: “Prosecutor’s Office”, “Post”. Visiting time: free.

Cathedral of the Transfiguration

While walking along the Red Square, you should definitely visit the ancient cathedral – the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. It was built in the XII century during the reign of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. In this temple Alexander Nevskiy was baptized. Nowadays the cathedral doesn’t work according to its destination, being a branch of a local lore museum. Only organized tourists with guides are allowed inside the structure, which was restored in 2015, by appointment.

Address: Red Square, 1A.

The nearest transport stops: “Prosecutor’s Office”, “Post”. Visiting time: from 9 am to 5 pm.

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Monument to Alexander Nevsky

Opposite the Church of the Transfiguration there is a memorial to the famous native of the ancient city. The beautiful monument organically complements the architectural ensemble of Red Square. The monument was inaugurated in 1958. In the spiritualized image of the Russian prince, inquisitive tourists will recognize the features of the hero of the Soviet film “Alexander Nevsky”.

Address: Red Square, 56.

The nearest bus stops are Prosecutor’s Office and Post Office. Visiting time: free.

Cathedral of St. Peter the Metropolitan

The church is located in the historic center of the city. The temple is brick, in white finish, built in atypical hipped architecture. According to legend, the church was built on the site of the massacre of Metropolitan Peter by order of Ivan the Terrible, who considered the church attendant his spiritual mentor. The church is in need of repair work. Services have been suspended for an unspecified time.

Address: Red Square, 6.

The closest stop is “Prosecutor’s Office”.

Goritsky monastery

Famous places of the city are not limited to Red Square. For tourists interested in the history of Russia and paying attention to orthodox culture there is another place to visit in Pereslavl-Zalessky. These are numerous survived monasteries and temples.

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The first iconic sight, where you can and should go, is Goritsky monastery. This is a masterpiece of Russian architecture of the XIV century. It was destroyed during the Tatar raid, but was reborn through the efforts and efforts of Prince Dmitry Donskoy’s wife, Evdokia, who miraculously escaped during the raid. The city honors a tradition established in those distant times – the procession from the walls of the monastery along the river by boat.

As a monastery, the monastery stopped its activities in the middle of the XVIII century. Nowadays the religious building is a part of the Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve. There is an exposition of secular and religious art objects, gathered from closed monasteries and lordly manors.

Address: Museiny per. 4.

The nearest bus stop: “Museum”. Visiting time: from 9 to 18 hours.

Monument to Jury Dolgoruky.

Where else to go when you’re in the former Goritsky monastery? We recommend to go to the bronze monument with the image of Yury Dolgorukiy. The monument at this place was opened in 1963 in honor of the 810th anniversary of the prince’s founding of the city. The Moscow prince is embodied in the form of a bust, is a fragment of the equestrian composition installed in Moscow on Tverskaya Square.

Address: Museiny per. 4.

Nearest transport stops: Museum. Visiting hours: free.

St. Nicholas Convent

Monasteries that are operating nowadays are not less interesting places to visit. St. Nicholas Nunnery dates back to the XIV century, it is closely associated with the name of St. Demetrius of Priluki – the founder of the monastery. Repeatedly it was destroyed by enemies: Tatar raids during the Yoke, in troubled times – by Lithuanians and Poles. After the revolution, part of the religious buildings were blown up and a farm was built on the territory of the monastery, which was nationalized by the Bolsheviks.

In 1994, the ancient monastery was returned to the church. Two nuns and believers breathed life into the abandoned monastery in a few years. A large-scale restoration was carried out, and the number of nuns increased. Nowadays the white-stone monastery with golden cupolas is a place often visited by tourists and pilgrims. The monastery keeps a religious shrine – the ancient cross of Korsun.

Address: 43 Gagarina Street.

The nearest stop: “Sewing Factory”. Visiting time: from 7 am till 8 pm.

Holy Trinity Danilov monastery

Be sure to visit the male monastery in Pereslavl-Zalessky. The age of this historical place is slightly more than 500 years. During the years of Troubles the monastery experienced looting, but quickly revived. During the period of atheism under the Soviets it suffered small losses. After the return of the site to the believers in the 90s of the XX century there were started the restoration works. Careful work of historians and artists preserved the frescos dating from the beginning of the XVII century.

The well of the Monk Daniel with miracle-working water, dug by him during his lifetime, is preserved in the monastery. Today there’s a two-story tower above the well. There are stone gravestones from the XIX-XX centuries on the territory of the monastery.

Address: 7 Lugovaya Street.

The nearest bus stop is Podgornaya. Visiting time: from 7 to 21 hours.

Cathedral of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God

A small working temple, consecrated in 1749. The Cathedral of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God is a bright representative of provincial Russian baroque. The building is distinguished by color contrasts: red walls with white trim and green cupolas of the domes. The temple, which miraculously survived during the Soviet years, has an exhibition of archaeological finds, paintings and photographs in one of its halls in addition to the services. Isn’t it a place worth visiting?

Address: Sovetskaya Street, 12.

The nearest stop is the Prosecutor’s Office. Visiting time: from 8 am to 3 pm. On the days of evening services – until 9 pm.

Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The church with a fascinating history, illuminated in 1789. All the restoration work carried out over 2 centuries, allowed to keep the church as it looked 230 years ago. During the Soviet years, the building was used for its intended purpose and was the only functioning church in the city. The Baroque-style temple has preserved the iconostasis from the 19th century, along with ancient icons and murals on the walls. We venerate the image of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Bogolyubskaya – the main attraction of the temple.

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Address: 13A, Pleshcheevskaya Street.

The nearest bus stop: “Children’s Polyclinic”. Visiting time: from 7 am to 7 pm.

The estate of artist Kardovskii

In Pereslavl-Zalessky there remained famous monuments of Russian architecture. The Kardovskiy Estate demonstrates typical for the Yaroslavl province residential buildings of the XIX-XX centuries. The artist and teacher D. N. Kardovsky inherited this two-storey house before the revolutionary events of 1917. Having returned to his native home in 1941, he lived here the rest of the years. Later the house was transferred to the Academy of Fine Arts.

The first floor is stone, and over the years it has half gone into the ground. The second floor is wooden, its windows are decorated with carved platbands. The courtyard is full of linden trees from the once luxurious garden.

Address: 30 Moskovskaya Street.

The nearest bus stop: “Bus Station”.

Where to go in Pereslavl-Zalessky tourist interesting places

It is impossible to count all the historical attractions in the ancient city. After getting acquainted with popular places visited in Pereslavl-Zalessky, guests are looking for where and what to buy in memory of what they have seen. Travellers with children are interested not only in the main sights, but also in entertainment with a cognitive, cultural bias. We present the city’s famous places for entertainment and shopping.

Berendey’s House

A visit to the fairy tale kingdom of Berendey gives children and adults a vivid impression. Both the house itself, which attracts by its carved and decorated facade, and its inner rooms and chambers are amazing. There are entertaining programs with folk games, contests, dances and songs for visitors. You can also take part in master classes for painting wooden toys.

Address: Uritskogo street, 38.

The nearest stop: “Red Chemist”. Visiting hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 10 to 17 hours.

Museum of Iron Souvenir Shop

The store offers products of folk crafts, craftsmen, including souvenir miniatures in the form of antique irons.

Address: Sovetskaya Street, 11.

The nearest bus stop: “Prosecutor’s Office”. Visiting time: every day from 10 to 18 hours.

Store “Souvenirs”.

There are interesting goods for tourists: books and booklets about Pereslavl-Zalessky, maps-schemes. As memorable gifts you can buy Pereslavl ceramics, Yaroslavl handmade majolica, handmade crafts from birch bark and wood, matryoshkas.

Address: 9, Museiny per.

The nearest transport stops: “Dendrosad”. Visiting time: from 10 am to 5 pm, day off – Monday.

Store “Textile for home”.

Textiles from the factory “Prestige”, Yaroslavl designer felt boots, souvenirs, handmade soft toys.

Address: Kardovskogo str. 23.

The nearest stop: “Prosecutor’s Office. Visiting time: from 9-30 to 18 hours.

Potter’s shop

Handmade ceramic products for sale: clay toys, figurines and whistles, decorative plates and other dishes, lamps made of ceramics.

Address: Sovetskaya ul. 19.

The nearest bus stop: “Prosecutor’s Office. Visiting time: from 10 to 18 hours.

Store Fisch Herberg

The store sells canned fish products of the local brand “Herring Tsarskiy Posol”, famous for its unique technology of preserving the taste and useful properties of fish. Offers handmade handmade products made of ceramics and wood, children’s souvenirs.

Address: Kardovskogo str. 22.

The nearest bus stop: “Prosecutor’s Office”. Visiting hours: from 11 am to 8 pm daily.

Alexander Nevskiy Museum

Near the walls of Grodetsky monastery in 2012 on the map of Pereslavl-Zalessky there appeared a new tourist place. The unique exposition of the artifacts connected with the life of the great town native – Alexander Nevskiy was opened. Prince of Novgorod, Kiev and Vladimir for a long time defined the direction of development of Ancient Russia. He managed to come to terms with the Mongol-Tatar khan and save the Russian lands from the destructive onslaught of European knights.

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Address: 9, Museiny per.

The nearest bus stop: “Dendrosad”. Visiting hours: daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

Manor Botik of Peter I

4 kilometers from Pereslavl-Zalessky on Lake Plescheevo tourists plunge into the Peter’s era. In these surroundings young Russian emperor together with his associates learnt the basics of navigation and shipbuilding. In the museum complex you can see a sailing boat “Fortuna” – the saved ship from the famous “Potechnaya” flotilla of Peter the Great.

Address: Veskovo village, Petra I str.

The nearest bus stop: “Veskovo”. Visiting time: every day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Museum of wit and slyness

Do you want to see a non-pouring mug, a cane that transforms into a stool, original devices for chopping nuts, and many other unusual things for everyday life? Visit the exhibitions devoted to different tools and devices from Russian craftsmen, followers of the legendary Levsha.

Address: Sovetskaya ul. 14B.

The nearest bus stop: “Prosecutor’s Office”. Visiting time: from 10 to 17 hours.

Museum of an iron

An old merchant’s house with a filigree decorated facade invites visitors to get acquainted with the history of the appearance and development of an important and useful in everyday life device – the iron. On the shelves of the exhibition are represented rarities of different purposes and heating methods: from the ancient, heated in the oven, to steam, gas and electric.

Address: Sovetskaya Street, 11.

The nearest bus stop: “Prosecutor’s Office”. Visiting time: every day from 10 to 18 hours.

Pereslavl Railway Museum

Here you can see a large unique collection of locomotives and related railway facilities. Ancient steam locomotives on a local narrow gauge carried peat from the Bludovo bog at the end of the XIX and beginning of the XX centuries. Tourists are invited to take a ride on the cart, and visit the reconstructed office of the station master of those times.

Address: Talitsy, Leskhoznaya ul. 1.

The nearest bus stop: “Talitsy”. Visiting time: from 10 am till 5 pm, days off – Monday and Tuesday.

Beautiful places of Pereslavl-Zalessky worth visiting

Museums of Pereslavl-Zalessky is a separate page of the list of places worth visiting. Themes of what to look at in the expositions are different: about historical personalities of the town, folk art, technical achievements, ingenuity and cunning of ancestors.


The dendrological garden named after S. F. Kharitonov is an interesting object for cognitive rest. The plant world is divided into 8 climatic zones: from Siberia, the Far East, China and Japan to Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Crimea and Western Europe. In each cluster there are plants typical of these regions. The park has asphalt paths and bridges over the ponds.

The youngest visitors are offered a walk along the “Path of Fairy Tales”, where on the way there are sculptures of characters from favorite works.

Address: 1B Zhuravleva Street.

The nearest stop: “Arboretum”. Visiting time: every day from 10 am to 6 pm.

Lake Plescheyevo

The town is rich in natural beauties and memorable places. What do locals recommend to visit in Pereslavl-Zalessk? Lake Pleshcheyevo is one of these places. It is not just a body of water, but a national park on the outskirts of the city, occupying an area of 24 thousand hectares. The far shores of the lake are covered with forest vegetation. There are more than 800 species of plants and wild animals.

The lake is ancient, formed more than 30 thousand years ago by a receding glacier. The amazingly beautiful water mirror covers an area of about 51 sq. km. On the shores of the lake nest cranes, ducks, herons, gulls and other birds. Tours to the lake are organized.

Address: forest park “Lake Plescheevo”.

Visiting time: free.

The Sin-Kamen

An amazing sacred stone of pagans of the ancient settlement Kleshchina was thrown into the lake by the monks of the Boris and Gleb monastery at the end of the XVIII century. It is possible to look at the cult relic having arrived with the excursion or having got on your own to the northeast coast of the lake Pleshcheevo. This boulder of gray quartz weighing 12 tons has an amazing property: after each rain it becomes blue.

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Address: north-eastern shore of Lake Pleshcheevo.

Visiting time: free.

Russian park

It is a park with a historical and entertaining orientation, like a time machine, transporting visitors back a century and a half to the entourage of the Russian hinterland of the XIX-XX centuries. It is divided into 5 thematic alleys, introducing visitors to different household items: carved platbands, wood paintings, samples of fonts of ancient printers and chroniclers. There is an alley of fairy tales, a kind of Promenade Architecture, Cossack yard, a restaurant of Russian cuisine, where you can have a tasty snack.

Address: 158 Moskovskaya Street.

The nearest bus stop: “Bus Station”. Visiting time: every day from 9 am to 7 pm.

The sights of Pereslavl Zalessky

Plescheevo lake Blue stone Museum of steam engines Alexander Nevskiy’s church Monument to Alexander Nevskiy Museum of an iron Goritsky monastery Berendey’s house

The site contains sights of Pereslavl-Zalessky – photos, description and tips for travelers. The list is compiled on the basis of popular guidebooks and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you can find answers to questions: what to see in Pereslavl Zalessky, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places of Pereslavl Zalessky.

Lake Plescheyevo

Lake Plescheyevo (photo)

Lake Plescheyevo with an area of about 51 square kilometers is located in the southwest of the Yaroslavl region of Russia. The lake is thought to be about 30,000 years old.

The maximum length of the lake is over 9 kilometers, the maximum width is over 6 kilometers, and the depth is up to 25 meters. The semicircular shape of the lake has flat and marshy shores. The lake freezes in November. The Trubezh River flows into the lake, and flows out the Veksa River.

On the shores of the lake live swans, white-tailed eagles, ospreys, ducks, herons, gulls and other birds. Inside the lake live about 16 species of fish, among which the most valuable are bream, perch, vendace (included in the Red Book), pike, duck, there are also loaches, ruffs, crucians, gudgeons, secuchs and other fish.

On the shore of the lake is a pumping station, which provides water for the entire Pereslavl-Zalessky. Among the places of interest on the shore is the Blue stone weighing 12 tons and Nikitsky monastery.

Coordinates : 56.77267000,38.77624500

Blue Stone

Blue stone (photo)

Blue Stone is one of the few ritual objects that have survived since the pagan Rus. The stone is called Blue because its color after rain changes from gray to blue. The stone itself is 3 meters long, 2.6 meters wide and weighs 12 tons and consists of quartz biotite schist, and is located on the shore of Lake Pleshcheevo.

In pagan times the stone was worshipped by the Meryans and ancient Slavic pagans. The essence and character of the cults performed near the stone in pre-Christian times has not been established yet. Several times the stone was buried, but each time it peeped out almost to the height of a man, and now the stone goes into the ground and its current height is less than to the knee.

Since the stone is a tourist attraction, tourists often spoil it with axes and write on it, which negatively affects the object.

Coordinates: 56.78416600,38.82416600

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Museum of steam locomotives

Museum of steam locomotives (photo)

Museum of steam locomotives in Pereslavl-Zalessky is the only museum in Russia with a rich collection of railway rolling stock of narrow gauge.

The museum is dominated by old machinery, among which there are many automobiles. Here you can see cars, locomotives and other machinery of the XIX – XX centuries.

The museum was opened in 1990 and is unique in that it is a small railroad, where you can feel the connection of machinery with nature, which is especially characteristic of narrow gauge tracks.

The museum often hosts a variety of exhibitions.

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You can visit the museum from May to November every day from 10 to 18 hours.

Coordinates: 56.80264100,38.64775700

In photo mode you can view sights in Pereslavl-Zalessky only by photos.

Alexander Nevskiy church

Alexander Nevskiy church (photo)

The church was constructed in 1740th by Pereslavl merchant and manufacturer F. Ugryumov. The temple was a part of the ensemble of the Bogoroditskiy-Sretenskiy Novodevichiy monastery abolished in XVIII century.

Monument to Alexander Nevsky

Monument to Alexander Nevskiy (photo)

The monument to Alexander Nevskiy: by the sculptor S. Orlov, was established in 1958.

The favourite monument among the tourists.

The monument to the prince Alexander Nevskiy was born in Pereslavl-Zalesskiy. It is considered that it happened on the 30th of May in 1220.

Museum of an iron

Museum of iron (photo)

In 2002 in the center of Pereslavl-Zalessky the Museum of an iron was opened by a private collector Andrey Vorobiev. Its name implies that everything here is devoted to this most ancient household item.

In the museum there are more than 200 irons. All of them were made in Russia, Poland and Germany in the XVII-XX centuries. Some of the exhibits were bought at markets and some were found at dumps.

The exhibits here are the most amazing – there is a miniature iron weighing 10 grams and a 10-kilogram giant. The museum shows cast iron, coal iron, electric iron, kettle irons and much more.

On the first floor of the museum there is a souvenir store.

Coordinates: 56.73479600,38.85273600

Goritsky monastery

Goritsky monastery (photo)

Goritsky monastery is a former male monastery, founded in the early 14th century by Ivan Kalita and abolished in 1744. At present on its territory there is Pereslavl-Zalessky State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve.

The monastery got its name thanks to its location on a hill – “goritsa”.

Shortly before the Tatar invasion in 1382, which destroyed the city and the monastery with it, Grand Princess Evdokia, wife of Dmitry Donskoy, came to the monastery for a pilgrimage, and in 1392 she donated money for the reconstruction of the monastery in memory of her rescue. Since then according to the tradition on the sixth Sunday after Easter in Pereslavl a procession by boats is arranged from Goritsky monastery and mouth of Trubezh to the middle of the lake – on the way of the princess rescue.

The monastery, built in the Moscow Baroque style, is decorated with a low gateway, considered to be a masterpiece of 17th century architecture, above the massive arches of which are placed the graceful figures of two horses, raised on their stags.

Coordinates: 56.72250000,38.82411000

Would you like to know how well you know the sights of Pereslavl Zalessky?

Berendey’s House

Berendey's House (photo)

Berendey’s House is a folklore center, located in the beautiful town of Pereslavl. This place, striving to preserve Russian traditions and crafts, opens its doors to anyone who wishes every day. The wooden painted terem is at once noticeable from the road and beckons with its coziness. The House of King Berendey as if invites its visitors to the fairy tale story.

Every day there are held master classes on painting wooden souvenirs. If you are lazy to paint yourself, you can just buy them here.

But the most colorful event of the center, of course, is the colorful performance with King Berendei. The hero of Zhukovsky’s fairy tale meets his guests at the glade in front of the mansion, and then shows his mansion. Also there’s a tea party with Russian pirozhki. And, of course, round dances with folk songs are not uncommon.

Berendey House folk programs are often broadcasted on national TV channels. Especially popular is the “Maslenitsa” with Berendey.

Especially this institution will interest school age children who have not yet stopped believing in the fairy tale.

Coordinates: 56.74881700,38.86078500

The most popular attractions in Pereslavl-Zalessky with descriptions and photos for all tastes. Choose the best places to visit famous places in Pereslavl Zalessky on our site.

More places of interest of Pereslavl-Zalessky

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