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Top 20 places to see in Arkhyz in 2022

There is beautiful nature, great opportunities for tourism development, delicious local cuisine, its own customs. In 2016, Arkhyz won the “Best Young Ski Resort in Russia” award “Sports Industry Leaders”. In 2018, the resort won the national award in the field of physical culture and sports. The resort is young, it opened in December 2013, and has already managed to receive more than 1.5 million tourists from all over Russia.

What is Arkhyz famous for?

Ski Resort arkhyz

For 365 days a year tourists from all over the world come to Arkhyz, because it is here where every guest of the settlement can find a vacation to his/her liking: getting adrenaline on the ski slopes, enjoying natural landscapes, going on eco-tours, visiting dendroparks, swimming in Lake Love and even doing mountain climbing.

Arkhyz – the land of a thousand lakes, which will delight holidaymakers with its diverse infrastructure, comfortable hotel complexes and hotels, equipped with trails of different levels of complexity. And, of course, the mass of natural, historical and cultural attractions.

How to get to Arkhez

You can plot a car route to Arkhyz on .


The resort “Arkhyz” is located in the Zelenchuksky district of the Karachaevo-Cherkessian Republic, 210 km from the airport of Mineralnye Vody. The nearest railway station is in Cherkessk, 120 km from the resort.

You can reach the resort from central Russia by plane or train. From the cities of the North Caucasus Federal District you can get to the Arkhyz resort by bus. You can also come to the resort by your car or by cab.

On the territory of the resort guests can use the parking lots in the t/d “Romantic” and t/d “Lunnaya Polyana”.

Official website of the Arkhyz resort

Resort website –

On the site you can buy ski passes, book a hotel at the resort, or book accommodation in the village of Arkhyz, choose a restaurant. You can watch live what’s happening on the slopes through the resort’s webcams. The resort phone number is 8-800-100-555-9. The call is free in Russia.

Skiing season at the Arkhyz resort lasts from early December to April.

The resort enjoys such high popularity due to its excellent climate. The settlement is located at the bottom of a basin, which protects it from the piercing winds. In summer the air heats up to +20 degrees, and in winter the temperature usually does not fall below -10 degrees. These are ideal conditions for recreation.

Arkhyz village

arkhyz village

The views around are astonishing for tourists, but not for locals, who haven’t looked up for a long time, got used to it. Here everywhere the years that hide behind the dense spruce forests.

Not far from the village of Arkhyz there is a ski resort with the same name. The mountains here are beautiful and the views are mesmerizing. Let’s take a walk around the village and see how people live.

arkhyz village

The village of Arkhyz is an ordinary village with half-destroyed houses and plots of land. There are stores with homemade hot drinks and baked goods. This is what Krasnaya Polyana lacks, but Arkhyz has plenty of it. There are livestock walks in the village at random. There is no glamour and glitter here, but the color is preserved, you can see the true way of life of the local population.

arkhyz village

Wooded mountains, fresh air, year-round recreation, majestic and mighty slopes – all this is the famous Arkhyz. Cultural and historical monuments, sights and nature reserves – that is what attracts tourists from all over Russia. Until Arkhyz is as popular as Krasnaya Polyana resort, it is worth coming here and enjoying the unity with nature.

Sightseeing guide for Arkhyz

Ski resort Arkhyz is located in close proximity to Dombai, but they are two completely opposite resorts. There is no dense construction here, so the settlement seems more “wild” and sparsely populated. But that is what adds romanticism to the resort.

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Ski Resort arkhyz

Most of the sights of Arkhyz are natural reserves, lakes, mountain ranges, peaks. Tour guides single out several key sights, a visit to which is mandatory for every tourist.

Sofia Waterfalls

Sophia waterfalls arkhyz

Getting to the waterfalls is not difficult, but you will have to overcome the Sofia saddle. During the trip there are incredible views of the river flowing down the gorge, the Uzhum ridge, dotted with its waterfalls.

Sofia waterfalls are beautiful all year round. In summer and autumn, they gain their strength, rushing down to the ground with powerful jets of water. In winter they become silent, and completely freeze with the onset of frost. Huge blocks of ice under the sunlight glisten with all the colors of the rainbow, striking their beauty.

Alanian settlement

Alan settlement site arkhyz

Arkhyz is an open-air museum. On the territory of the settlement there is a unique Alan settlement site, a complex of Christian temples, pagan structures, and ruins of the vanished city of Magas.

The museum is open for tourists from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 18:00. Entry fee is from 60 to 100 rubles.

Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

This is the largest station for observing the Universe in Russia. It is located at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level. In the observatory is installed the most powerful telescope.

Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences arkhyz

Guides organize tours to the science town by prior arrangement. Tickets cost from 100 rubles. If tourists visit the observatory in clear weather, the tuned telescope can see the planets: Saturn, Jupiter, and explore the craters of the moon.

Lake Seven Colors.

Seven-Summer Lake arkhyz

One of the most incredible lakes, not only in Russia but also in the world. The uniqueness of the lake is that the water in the mountain lake under the sunlight glistens with seven colors. This iridescent glow is due to the minerals deposited at the bottom of the lake, as well as the surrounding landscape.

Map of the Arkhyz ski resort

Map of the southern slope of the Arkhyz resort. Taken from the resort official site. Download a map of the southern slope Map of the northern slope of the Arkhyz resort. Map of the north slope downloaded from official site of the resort

Cableways at Arkhyz

A ride on a cable car is a unique opportunity to see the beauty of mountains and nature of Arkhyz from above. The elevators work all year round, but their maximum capacity is observed in winter, when people take the funiculars up to the mountain slopes.

Arkhyz ski resort

There are 4 ropeway routes with chairlifts and gondola elevators at Arkhyz. Toll booths are open on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays until 10 p.m. local time. The ski slopes are illuminated.

Arkhyz ski resort

Cable car operation schedule

The cable cars start at 8:30 and end at 16:00. Last time you can go up at 16:00 and go down at 16:30. Evening skiing is available on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays from 18:00 to 21:45. The ticket office is open from 8:30 to 16:00 , on evening skiing days from 18:00 to 21:30. For more information on cable cars, please call 8-800-100-555-9 or visit the resort’s website.

Arkhyz skiing slopes

In 2021, there are 8 slopes in the northern sector for tourists, and 6 more in the southern sector, which are scheduled to open this season. They are located on two sides of the slopes: northern and southern. All slopes are equipped with modern snow machines, which allow skiing and snowboarding even when the temperature is above zero. All slopes are equipped with snow producing machines. Snow guns are turned on at freezing temperatures.

ski slopes of arkhyz

The maximum height at the Arkhyz ski resort is 2504 meters above sea level. The altitude difference at the resort is 1815 meters. The total length of the ski slopes is more than 24 km. There are “green” slopes for beginners, “blue” slopes for more experienced skiers, and red slopes for professionals. For those, who like adrenaline, there are “black” slopes. The tracks in Arkhyz are mostly wide, with comfortable ramps.

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Prices of the slopes are as follows

Elevators allow you to enjoy the local beauty from high up. The cost of a cable car ride for adults is 800 rubles. Guests of the resort over the age of 75 can go for free, as well as children under 5 years old. Children ticket price (under 13 years) is 400 rubles.

Prices for ski passes

A single day pass during the high season costs 2,200 roubles for adults and 1,450 roubles for children. During the low season the prices are 1700 rubles for children and adults over 13 years old and 1100 rubles for children from 5 to 13 years old.

The resort also offers subscriptions – if you buy a ski pass for the whole season, the cost for adults is 33,000 rubles, for children – 21,450 rubles.

If you buy tickets to the ski lift through the online store on the website, the customer gets 5% discount on the ski pass (1 day).

The Arkhyz ski resort is not just a resort. This is a real mountain “country” where life rages. Interweaving of nature and civilization amenities, incredible beauty of landscapes and impregnable cliffs, rich flora and diverse fauna – all this is waiting for everyone who decides to visit this place in winter and summer.

Hotels in the resort Arkhyz

arkhyz hotels

Guest houses Basecamp near the village of Arkhyz

You can find 163 accommodation options in Arkhyz on Bookings:

  • 66 guest houses;
  • 44 hotels;
  • 16 vacation homes;
  • 12 apartment/flat options;
  • 9 chalet options;
  • several options for villas, cottages and country houses.

More information about hotels in the resort Arkhyz can be seen on the website.

How much does it cost to train with an instructor?

On weekdays to study with an instructor in Arkhyz costs 2,500 rubles for a 2-hour session, on holidays and weekends – 3,500 rubles. Of course, if you don’t know how to ski, we recommend training with an instructor, it will significantly brighten up your vacation in the mountains. The cost of instructors at the resort Arkhyz is low, compared to the cost of training in Krasnaya Polyana is almost 2 times lower.

There is a children’s club at the resort. The cost for a 2-hour session on weekdays will cost 2000 rubles, weekends and holidays is 2600 rubles.

All rates of the resort on the official website of the resort Arkhyz.

Ski rentals

arkhyz rent arkhyz rent arkhyz rent

There are more than 2,000 ski and snowboard sets in rentals at the Arkhyz resort, which are located in 2 official rental centers. As everywhere else, there are private rentals at the Arkhyz resort. There are rentals in the villages Romantika and Lunnaya Polyana. Thanks to the overall system of rentals, guests of the resort can rent equipment at one rentals, and without bothering to rent it out at another. The rentals also provide ski service. The cost of a set of equipment in the basic season – 1800 rubles per day. You can find all the rental rates and ski service on the resort’s website.

19 Arkhyz’s best sights, recommended to visit

Arkhyz sights

The many natural and man-made sights of Arkhyz have been attracting tourists here for decades. There is a lot to do and see in this village and its surroundings.

For both adult travelers and children the most famous village of Karachay-Cherkessia has prepared a whole bouquet of pleasant surprises.

The stone statue “Warrior-Turk

The stone statue “Warrior-Turk

A stone statue of about 3 m high located on the territory of the Nizhnearkhyzskoye settlement. The image of the medieval warrior is a menhir (a simple megalith, i.e. a construction or sculpture made of large boulders of stone), carved entirely from a piece of rock. His facial features are distinctly oriental.

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There were many such warriors on this territory, guarding the peace of the Alanian kingdom. The one that greets visitors today is not local, it was brought from the Stavropol Territory, but it bears a clear resemblance to the ancient Alanian.

Address: on the territory of the Arkhyz settlement; GPS: 43.68469, 41.47332

Working mode: till 18:00

Barite Waterfall

Barite waterfall

Barite Waterfall

A stunning waterfall in the mountains of Karachay-Cherkessia. The powerful, cold shower of water falls from a height of 30 metres.

You can rise to the waterfall only on foot. The route is not complicated even for a beginner, but it is quite long. It passes through a barite gully (barite is a mineral that was extracted here in Soviet times and later used for whitewash and paper production).

Address: 2.9 km from the village of Arkhyz; GPS: 43.58935, 41.27938

BTA Telescope

BTA telescope

BTA Telescope

The biggest telescope on the territory of Eurasia is located high in the mountains. Its diameter is 6 meters. The telescope was built during the Soviet times, but it is still working efficiently today.

The staff of the observatory conducts tours, during which they talk about the planets, the stars, the discoveries made with the telescope.

It is not possible to look through the lens, but tourists are allowed to click some of the switches on the control panel. If you want you can go on a night tour and take part in observations of the starry sky.

Address: Zelenchuksky district, Zelenchuk village, Nizhny Novgorod region. Address: Zelenchukskaya village, Nizhni Arkhez; GPS: 43.64674, 41.44064

Working schedule: from 9 am till 3 pm

Arkhyz sights in one day

Arkhyz observation deck and Alan Tower

Viewpoint on the Arkhyz and Alan Tower

Arkhyz observation deck and Alan Tower

Karcha-Tebe mountain gives those who are brave enough to climb up to take a look at the mountainous expanse and the lowlands.

While climbing, one should be careful: there are some steep places, so one should not go up alone. There are ruins of a fortress built by the Alans on the site. The history says that the people who lived there were Karchis, who were the “ancestors” of Alans.

Address: Arkhyz village; GPS: 43.56949, 41.27693

Museum of Historical and Cultural Heritage and Nizhnearkhyzskoye settlement

Museum of Historical and Cultural Heritage and Nizhnearkhysskoye settlement

Museum of Historical and Cultural Heritage and Nizhnearkhyzskoye settlement

A part of the complex is in Nizhny Arkheyz, and a part is in the village of Zelenchukskaya. These are artifacts belonging to the ancient culture of the Alans, who once occupied the harsh mountainous region of modern Karachaevo-Cherkessia.

Genuine antiquities (horse harness, dishes, jewelry, makeup brushes) and perfectly preserved early Christian temples will present themselves to an inquisitive tourist.

Address: Nizhny Arkhyz village, part of Zelenchukskaya village; GPS: 43.64697, 41.43996

Working schedule: Monday-Friday. 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Zelenchuk North church

The northern temple of Zelenchuk

Zelenchuk North church

At a time when these places were part of the Silk Road and a wealthy city flourished, this religious building was a cathedral.

The temple was built roughly in the X-XI centuries and was of great importance to Alani Christians. It is interesting that paganism for a long time co-existed with Christian religion: traces of a pagan temple and magnificent early Christian burials (evidently belonging to noble families) have been found nearby.

Address: on the territory of Arkhyzskoe settlement; GPS: 43.69172, 41.48677

Working mode: till 18:00

Middle Zelenchuk church

Middle Zelenchuk church

Middle Zelenchuk church

Part of a complex of three temples of Arkhyz. Tourists are free to go inside and study the typical structure of an early Christian shrine.

The church is similar to the North Church, but it is smaller in size and has been reconstructed several times, so the layout has changed. The Alans held their daily worship services here.

Address: In the territory of Arkhyz settlement; GPS: 43.68571, 41.47774

Working mode: till 18:00

Southern Zelenchuk church

Southern Zelenchuk Church

Southern Zelenchuk church

The biggest of the three X century cultic buildings that have withstood the storms of the past centuries. Supposedly the most ancient of them. Today the church is open, services are held there, and it is the oldest orthodox temple in Russia.

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Address: On the territory of Arkhyzskoe settlement; GPS: 43.6844, 41.47527

Working mode: till 18:00

Arkhyz ski resort

The Arkhyz ski resort

Arkhyz ski resort

The resort is a modern ski resort, located high above sea level in Karachaevo-Circassia.

The resort is open all year round. In winter, tourists practice passing simple and difficult slopes (8 of them are laid out in total), in summer they can ride the ropes, arrange trekking, and train their flexibility and endurance in the rope park. In autumn, guests of the resort gather berries and improve their health in SPA-salons.

Address: Zelenchuksky district, Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Gornaya st. 1, Arkhyz; GPS: 43.54319, 41.18146

Mode of operation: depends on the season

The Face of Christ

The Face of Christ

The Face of Christ

Not so long ago behind the village of Arkhyz, one of the most mysterious finds of great historical value was discovered. This is a large face of Christ, made on the rock by an unknown artist.

The iconographic image was created using three colors: brown, yellow and dark red. It became known in 1999, according to one version it was found by scientists, according to another – three brothers, local residents.

Researchers argue about the origin of the drawing: according to the legend, the face is not made by man, but historians are inclined to believe that it was created by a man (presumably in the 10th century).

The reason for its good preservation is the natural shelter from wind and rain. You can go up to the countenance by a special staircase to examine it closely and learn about the circumstances of its discovery.

Address: Nizhny Arkhyz, Mitseshta Mountain slope; GPS: 43.68761, 41.4702

What else to see in Arkhyz

Fedoseyev Pass

Fedoseyev Pass

Fedoseyev Pass

One of the uncomplicated, suitable for all hiking mountain routes. After climbing the “Milky Way” cable car in the mountains, tourists begin the ascent, which takes no more than 4 hours.

The pass, named after the geodesist and writer G. Fedoseyev, allows you to see the beauty of Karachay-Cherkessia from a bird’s eye view. Donnik Peak is especially interesting – it is a wonderful observation deck.

Address: Arkhyz Resort; GPS: 43.58768, 41.18663

Teberda National Park

Teberda National Park

Teberda National Park

The park includes high mountains and lowlands densely covered with greenery. On top of the cliffs you can see snow caps never melting, a little lower are crystal clear ice lakes and magnificent waterfalls.

The park has many routes, designed for tourists of varying degrees of fitness, for example, “Chuchursky waterfall” with a walk through the fir forest and climbing the rope, “Alibek Gorge” with access to a wonderful lake, where sometimes you can see the aurochs coming to drink water.

Address: 1 Baduksky Lane, Teberda; GPS: 43.44384, 41.73813

Mode: The best season to visit in June and October

Lake Seven Colors.

Lake Semitsvetnoye

Lake Seven Colors.

The valley of the Big Dukka River hides a real diamond – the lake, the water of which shimmers with all colors of the rainbow.

In order to see the Lake of Seven Colors you need to climb up to a height of 2.5 meters. The shades of the lake vary from purple and red to white. The reason for such variety of colors is different minerals at the bottom.

Address: 18 km from the village of Arkhyz; GPS: 43.48774, 41.0762

The best season to visit: June-October, there is no sense to go in winter because it is covered with ice, there are no flowers

Love Lake

Lake of Love

Love Lake

Mountain lake of unusual shape – when viewed from above it seems like a heart.

The lake is a part of the Teberda reserve. It is worth a look because in addition to the unusual shape the lake attracts with a bright turquoise color. Swimming is not recommended: the water is very cold at any time.

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It is believed that couples in love who have visited the lake find happiness for life, because this body of water is the once-hot heart of a local girl, which has cooled down over many centuries.

The legendary beauty tore her heart out of her chest and threw it at the feet of a giant, not wanting to be captured by him.

Address: Karachay-Cherkessia, Arkhyz village; GPS: 43.53678, 41.33816

The best season to visit: June-October

Sofia lakes and waterfalls

Sophia Lakes and waterfalls

Sofia lakes and waterfalls

Karachay-Cherkessia is home to a number of beautiful lakes and cold waterfalls that drop their waters from cliffs.

Sophia Lakes are named after the name of the mountain slope Sophia. The water in them is crystal clear, but it never gets warmer than +12 0 C. You can walk to Sofia Lake on foot. You can reach the lakes on foot from the tract Glacier Farm, and the way takes 4 hours. Nearby there are waterfalls.

Address: Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Arkhyz village; GPS: 43.45219, 41.22908

Things to do in Arkhyz

Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Riding skills can be trained at the resort “Arkhyz”. Horseback riding tours along various trails (to the Barite Caves, Church Glade, Seven Crown Lake and the Lake of Love, etc.) are offered for those who are already able to ride.

Some routes take several hours, some provide overnight stay in tents.

Address: Arkhyz village, Arkhyz ski resort

When is it possible to ski: during daylight hours




Rafting on the mountain rivers of Karachay-Cherkessia is an activity available in the summertime.

During the rafting tourists have the opportunity to pass rapids, river rifts and overflows. It is mandatory for all participants to be equipped with wetsuits, helmets, instructors. The instructor will accompany the group during the whole trip.

Address: Club “Black Pearl”, Khubiev St., 1d, Arkhyz

When is it possible to ski: during daylight hours

Rope roads of Arkhyz

Arkhyz ropeways

Rope roads of Arkhyz

Riding ropeways is one of the points on the program of every traveler in Arkhyz. There are a lot of ropeways, and the upper stations are located at the altitude of 2500 meters.

For those who are afraid of heights, the escalators are suitable (they resemble the escalator in the subway).

For others will be interesting to ride the indoor gondolas and open chairlift-type ropeways. Warm clothes are necessary: it’s easy to get cold even in the hottest summertime when traveling in the open air in the mountains.

Address: Arkhyz village, Arkhyz ski resort

Camping on the Taulu glade

Taulu glade

Taulu glade

Those who want to fully experience the local flavour stop at the glade. There is an equipped recreation center with electricity and comfortable rooms. You can pitch your own tent here.

From Taulu glade you can start walking to glacier lakes, to Alanian settlement, to waterfalls and gorges. There is also a spontaneous market, which sells food, including local delicacies, souvenirs, wool products.

Arkhyz is worth coming here for a vacation. You will be guaranteed a powerful reset, excitement and maybe even a new outlook on life. And children will get a lot of pleasant emotions.

Address: behind the village of Arkhyz (6 km)

May be interesting

Curious facts about Arkhyz

There is the largest astrophysical observatory in Russia in Arkhyz.
According to the latest census, the population of Arkhyz is 500 people.
Almost the entire population of the village works in tourism and forestry.

Sights of Arkhyz on the map

Frequently Asked Sights

The stone statue “Warrior-Turk”, the Barite Waterfall, the Viewpoint on the Arkhyz and the Alan Tower, the Museum of Historical and Cultural Heritage and the Lower Arkhyz ancient settlement, the mountain ski resort “Arkhyz”, the Teberda National Park.

Barite Waterfall, The Face of Christ, Fedoseyev Pass, Teberda National Park, Lake Semitsvetnoe, Lake of Love, Sofia Lakes and Waterfalls

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