Top 25 Izhevsk sights – descriptions and photos

26 main sights of Izhevsk

Izhevsk is called the Ural St. Petersburg and the arms capital of Russia. The city was founded as a factory settlement at an industrial enterprise, today it is on the list of the largest settlements of the country. For a long time, Izhevsk has been perceived as a place of little interest, where apart from factory buildings and gray residential neighborhoods there is nothing else to see. However, the city can boast not only the production of excellent quality weapons – there are interesting places, monuments, museums and theaters.

In the 2000s, the city began to transform: squares and streets were reconstructed, new cultural sites were built, parks were remodeled and public areas were improved. Today, visitors to Izhevsk can appreciate all the efforts of the city authorities, walking along the well-groomed streets and squares.

What to see and where to go in Izhevsk?

The most interesting and beautiful places to walk. Photos and a brief description.

Saint Michael’s Cathedral

The history of St. Michael’s Cathedral is similar to the fate of many churches that did not survive the persecution of religion during the Soviet regime. The building was built in 1907. After the Revolution, the authorities adapted it as a local history museum, but in 1937 it was still demolished. Ruins of once majestic cathedral “decorated” Izhevsk until the beginning of 2000s. In 2007, the city administration decided to rebuild the church, which was consecrated by Patriarch Alexis II.

St. Michael's Cathedral.

Embankment of the architect Dudin

The Izhevsky pond shores were shaped in XVIII century, but the equipped embankment appeared only in 1970-80s. After the work on the site was completed and opened, it was named in honor of the first architect of Izhevsk S. E. Dudin. Most of the promenade is located in the central part of the city. In 2010, the embankment was reconstructed, after which it became one of the most popular places for citizens.

The promenade of the architect Dudin.

Central Square

Izhevsk Central Square was shaped in the second half of XX century. It is surrounded by administrative offices, in the middle there is a cascade of fountains of quite impressive size, which are backlit and accompanied by music. The size of the square allows for the organization of concerts, large-scale public events, political rallies and parades.

Central Square.

Karlout Square

The square is located in the historic center of the city. It used to be called “Artillery Square” in honor of the armories and arsenals located there. Active building of the area began in the 1920s during the Soviet era. Over the years monuments were erected, alleys were paved and lawns were planted. In 1967, the square was adorned by the Monument of Fighting and Labor Glory, depicting a resolute soldier with a banner in his hands.

Karloutskaya Square.

Monument “Friendship of Peoples

The monument was erected in 1972 in honor of the 400th anniversary of Udmurtia joining Russia. It is a 46-meter stele of two parts lined with stainless steel. The metal plates are covered with reliefs depicting the working life of workers and peasants. In 2008 the monument was reconstructed and evening illumination was added, at the same time the surroundings were ennobled.

The main building of the armory

The ensemble of industrial architecture buildings, built in the first half of the 19th century. The Izhevsk Weapons Factory was founded by order of Alexander I. It was built under the supervision of engineer A. F. Deryabin. The main entrance is decorated with a number of columns; the roof is topped with a high spire that crowns the round tower. At the moment the building is in a poor condition, despite the fact that it is a cultural heritage site.

The main building of the armory.

General’s House

This 19th century manor house was built in the Empire style. It was built for temporary stay of directors of the armory, who had the rank of general, that is why the building was called “Generals’ house”. Nowadays the mansion houses the Izhevsk Museum, where in addition to the exposition devoted to the history of the city, you can attend interesting thematic lectures.

The General's House.

Water Tower

The industrial building from the beginning of the 20th century is the oldest waterworks facility in the city. It is made of red bricks and has a Gothic appearance, which is not typical for water towers. For decades it was used for rock-climbing training, but by 2008 it was in disrepair and became dangerous to climb.

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Water tower.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The cathedral is a monument of church architecture. It was built in the first half of the XIX century in the classical style by the project of A.D. Zakharov and S. Е. Dudin. After it was looted and closed in 1930s the building was used as a cinema. In 1990 it was given to the Russian Orthodox Church and restored. Today the cathedral is an outstanding example of austere Russian classicism, distinguished by its solemnity of form.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Opera and Ballet Theater of the Udmurt Republic

The Udmurtian opera scene is a young institution, it was established in 1993. Musical performances used to take place on the stages of dramatic theaters. The Opera House was built in 1984. It is a construction in the styles of Soviet constructivism and monumentalism, executed in strict geometric forms. The roof is topped with sculptures – musical instruments.

Theater of Opera and Ballet of the Udmurt Republic.

Russian Drama Theater of Udmurtia

The theater made its debut in 1935. The audience enthusiastically greeted the first production of The Aristocrats, which broke into a long standing ovation. The historic building was destroyed by fire in 1941, and after the Second World War the stage moved to a new location and almost was reborn from scratch, renewing the program and presenting new performances.

Russian Drama Theater of Udmurtia.

National Theater of the Udmurt Republic

One of the central places in the cultural life of the Udmurt Republic is occupied by the National Theater, established in the 1930s. As the name suggests, the main place in the repertoire is given to the works of national authors, but often classical productions are also given here (some of them are in Udmurt language with simultaneous Russian translation).

National Theatre of Udmurtia.

M. T. Kalashnikov Museum

The museum complex was opened in 2004. This event was timed to the 85th anniversary of the arms designer M. T. Kalashnikov. The exposition is devoted to the history of arms production in the city and the personality of Kalashnikov. The halls are represented different types of weapons – both historical and modern. The museum has a shooting gallery, where everyone can try out the samples in action.

Museum named after Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Izhevsk Kozhushkov’s Motomuseum

Museum of motorcycles and motorcycle equipment. It is based on the private collection of Artem and Pavel Kozhushkov, which contains unique samples of motorcycles produced by Izhevsk Motor Works, for example, the running gear Izh-49 in the authentic set. The exposition is divided into four thematic sections: “For Front and Home Front”, “People’s Motorcycles”, “Sport”, “Not Just Motorcycles”.


Museum named after Kuzebay Gerd

Since the 1970s, the exposition is located in the arsenal building. It is devoted to the history of Udmurtia and the culture of its peoples. Among the permanent exhibitions are “History of the region”, “Fair”, “Udmurts”, “Industry and Cities”. There are over 200 thousand exhibits in the museum funds, which form archeological, natural, ethnographic, numismatic and art collections.

Museum named after Kuzebay Gerd.

Izhmash plant museum

It is believed that the museum was founded in the first half (according to other sources – in the middle) of the XIX century. In 1887 the exposition moved to the building of the main building of the armory. During the Civil war the collection was looted. It took more than 30 years to restore it. Since 1975 it is placed in the building of the money-box, which is the oldest stone construction in Izhevsk, built in the 1810s.

Museum of Izhmash plant.

Museum of Fine Arts

The museum opened its doors to visitors in 1980. Its collection is a collection of paintings by Russian and Udmurt artists, as well as decorative and applied displays, products of folk craftsmen, icons, sculptures and graphic drawings. In addition to permanent exhibitions, guests can visit temporary ones. The museum has a research library and restoration workshops.

Museum of Fine Arts.

Monument to A. F. Deryabin

A.F. Deryabin is the founder of the Izhevsk weapon factory. Thanks to him this branch of industry got a powerful impetus. The monument in honor of the prominent figure and engineer was established in 1907 in front of the entrance to the main building of the enterprise. The sculpture is a bronze bust of Deryabin on a high stone pedestal with a commemorative plaque.

Monument to A.F. Deryabin.

Monument to the Izhevsk Gunsmiths

The sculptural group was established in 2007 next to the Izhevsk pond in front of the Museum of Izhmash factory. The composition consists of figures of 2 respectable men wearing caftans and cylinders, caftanschiks (in tsarist times these people were considered the best gunsmiths). The prototypes were real factory workers, whose images were created with the help of old photographs.

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Monument to the Izhevsk gunsmiths.

Monument to the crocodile

A modern sculpture from 2005, representing a crocodile in full dress: tails, top hat and bow tie. The cast-iron reptile sits imposingly on a bench, with its leg up and its satisfied face thrown back. The monument is in the postmodern style. It was conceived as a future city symbol, intended to humanize the faceless, in the opinion of many people, image of Izhevsk.

Monument to crocodile.

Little Izhik is a mascot and a symbol of the city. It represents a boy, dressed in a caftan of the city gunsmiths. The idea to create the sculpture belonged to the children’s association “Yunost”. To create the figure all over the city organized the collection of iron keys. In a short time people had brought 180 kilograms of material, after that Izhik was cast in the steel workshop of JSC “Izhstal”.


The State Circus of Udmurtia

The circus is located in a modern building, built in 2003, designed by a Moscow architect. In addition to its original appearance, it has a good technical equipment, which allows organizing spectacular performances. The auditorium can seat 1,800 people. Recognized stars of the Russian circus art often perform in the arena.

State Circus of Udmurtia.

Izhevsk Zoo

Izhevsk Zoo is a young institution founded in 2008 on the initiative of the head of the republic. It was built taking into account the fact that animals should live in close to natural conditions – in spacious enclosures, not in closed cages. Tigers, walruses, bears, wolves, monkeys, rare birds and fur-bearing animals live in the zoo. The collection of animals is constantly being expanded.

Izhevsk zoo.

Museum-reserve Ludorvai

Architectural and ethnographic complex located in the territory of the village of the same name. It consists of 21 buildings, which include two estates, village houses and outbuildings. In the territory of the museum-reserve you can learn more about the culture of the Udmurt people, taste dishes of national cuisine or take part in folklore events.

Kirov Culture Park

Public park, organized in the 1930s by workers of Izhevsk plants. Throughout the Soviet and post-Soviet periods it continued to develop as a recreational area. In 2008, a zoo was opened on its territory. Residents like to walk along the alleys, ride bicycles on special paths, in winter to arrange skiing races or visit the skating rink.

Kirov Park of Culture.

Gorky Summer Garden

The garden is located on the shore of the Izhevsk pond. Its history began in the middle of the 19th century. Until 1917 only residents and guests of the General’s House could walk here, after the Revolution everyone was allowed here. The first attraction appeared in the park in the 1940s (they were wooden swings). There is a monument to M. Gorky and a classic rotunda in the garden.

Summer garden named after Gorky.

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Izhevsk sights

Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurt Republic is rightly called a cultural center. In the city and its surroundings are the main attractions of this region of Russia. Going here for a holiday, you must visit the Nechkinsky Reserve, a monument to the crocodile, the Central Square and other interesting tourist attractions.

Izhevsk sights

What to see in Izhevsk in 1 day

Izhevsk combines the original traditions of Udmurtia, historical places, modern monuments and buildings. All of them are concentrated in the central part of the city, where every tourist should visit.

Central Square

Large rectangular square, stretching from Pushkinskaya St. to Marx St. It has many important monuments, such as a government building, a cinema, the Central Department Store, and a theater. In summer the square has a backlit singing fountain, and in winter – the city skating rink. Concerts are often held. In walking distance from the square are popular tourist spots of Izhevsk.

Address: Central Square, Karl Marx street, Oktyabrsky district.

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How to get there: the Central Square stop on bus lines 19, 26, 28, 39 and trolleybuses 1, 4, 7. From the railway station take streetcars 1, 9 (Central Department Store stop).

Saint Michael’s Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel is a monumental red-brick structure in the center of the city. The temple was founded in the early 20th century on the site of an ancient church, but was completely destroyed in the prewar period. It was possible to reconstruct the cathedral only in 2004-2007. It is about 70 meters high, so the monument of modern architecture can be seen from different points of the city.

Address: 222 Karl Marx str., Oktyabrsky district.

Opening hours: every day from 7:00 to 19:30.

How to get there: by foot from the Central Square along Marks Street. From the railway station by streetcars 1, 9 (stop “Church”).

Monument to the Izhevsk Gunsmiths

Weapons are the main thing for which Izhevsk is famous all over Russia. Therefore memorable places of the city are largely related to its production. Monument to gunsmiths is dedicated to craftsmen who create guns and cannons. Cast in bronze gunsmiths are a collective image. They are depicted in typical 19th century garb. Next to them are listed the names of all the famous designers. The area around the monument is a walking and recreational zone.

Address: Oruzheynikov square, Sverdlov street, 32.

How to get there: take buses 8, 12, 15, 34 to the bus stop “Tsentr”, then go on foot.

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Main building of the Armory

The building of the early 19th century is the first industrial building with several floors. The complex allowed to make weapons in one place, performing different stages of production inside one large room. After the fire it is in emergency condition. The preserved facade is the only thing that can be seen in this architectural monument.

Address: Prospekt Deryabin, 3, Leninsky district.

Working hours: During the reconstruction, the facade can be seen round the clock.

Getting there: From the train station take streetcar 9 to the bus stop “Centr”, then walk. Take buses 8, 12, 15, 34 to the stop “Zavodoupravlenie”.

Monument of Friendship of Peoples

The monument is dedicated to the reunification of Russia and Udmurtia. The height of the stele is 46 meters. It is located in open area, panoramic view of the pond. From the monument you can go down stylized stairs to the embankment.

Address: Friendship Square.

How to get there: take buses 36, 56, trolleybuses 6, 9 to the stop “DK Aksion”. From the railway station take streetcar 1 to the stop “Central Department Store”.

Karlout Square

One of the places in Izhevsk associated with historical events. Revolutionary uprisings took place here, and today the eternal flame burns. At the same time, the green square is a favorite vacation spot for townspeople in summer. Solemn events and concerts are organized there.

Address: Karlutskaya square, Industrial district.

How to get there: take buses 12, 22, 27 and trolleybuses 2, 14 to the stop “Radioplant”.

Monument to the crocodile

Crocodile is something that a tourist must see in Izhevsk. It appeared in 2005 and depicts an unusual figure in a cylinder. The reptile is an unofficial symbol of the city and a tribute to memory. It was believed that the participants of revolutionary movements – factory workers, dressed in typical green uniform, resemble crocodiles.

Address: Communarov street, 231 (intersection with Sovetskaya street).

How to get there: take bus 10 to the stop “Svetlana store”, streetcars 2, 3, 4, 5 to the stop “Zenit Bank”, then go on foot.

Monument to Pushkin

The monument was opened near the walls of the main state university of Udmurtia in 2003. In June, on the days of the great poet’s memory, themed literary evenings are held here. The monument is a place where philologists of Izhevsk meet.

Address: Universitetskaya ul. 1, building 7.

How to get there: Take buses 12, 22 27 to the “University” stop.

Mikhailovskaya Column

The monument was established in 2007 on the place of the similar column, devoted to prince Mikhail Pavlovich, chief of Izhevsk armory and brother of Nicholas I. The original was destroyed during the revolution. There is a picturesque park around the monument.

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Address: Mikhailovskaya square, Central district.

How to get there: by buses 8, 12, 34 to the bus stop Centr, buses 26, 27 to the bus stop “Alexander Nevsky’s Cathedral”, then on foot.


Interesting places of Izhevsk are connected with the embankment of the architect Dudin. A beautiful view of the Izh River opens from the observation deck of Rotunda – the original architectural structure on the bank of the reservoir.

Address: Millionnaya Street, 2, Tsentralny District.

How to get there: by buses 8, 12, 34 to the stop “Tsentr”, buses 36, 56 to the stop “Letny Sad”, then on foot.

Sun Clock

There are not only famous monuments in Izhevsk. A new art object is located on the Dudin embankment. In sunny weather you can try to determine the time by a large dial. Near the clock offers a picturesque view of the river.

Address: Dudin Embankment, 4 Millionnaya Street, Central district.

How to get there: Take buses #36 and 56 to the bus stop “Letny Sad” and then go on foot.

The mascot sculpture is about 1.5 meters high, it was made up by children’s movement of Izhevsk. It depicts a boy, whose clothes and attributes reflect the traditions and history of the city. Citizens and tourists love to take pictures here.

Address: Street Karla Marksa, 244.

How to get there: take streetcars 1, 4, 10 to the stop “Central Department Store” and then walk.

Monument to Zvezdochka dog.

There is a sculpture of the doggy cosmonaut Zvezdochka who made a successful flight to the space in 1961 before the legendary start of Yuri Gagarin. The capsule with Zvezdochka landed not far from Izhevsk, the dog was brought to the city for research.

Address: 34, Molodezhnaya street.

How to get there: by buses 27, 29, trolleybuses 2, 10 to the stop “Molodezhnaya Ulitsa”, then on foot.


There are several mosques in Izhevsk. The main one is in central part of the city. It is monument of modern architecture made with consideration of all traditions.

Address: 186, Karla Marksa street.

Working schedule: every day from 7:00 to 19:00, a break from 13:30 to 14:30.

How to get there: by buses 27, 29, trolleybuses 2, 10 to the stop “Molodezhnaya Ulitsa”, then on foot.

Church of Kazan icon of Mother of God

The church was opened in 2001. There are services in Russian and in Udmurt language. There is a parish school and a library.

Address: 220 Karla Marks Street, Oktyabrsky district.

Mode of work: daily from 7:00 to 19:00.

How to get there: from the railway station by streetcar 1, 9 (stop Church).

Where to go in Izhevsk tourist interesting places

What to visit in Izhevsk entertainment lovers? Famous places of culture and recreation can be found for all tastes for both children and adults.

Eco Market

Concentration of farm products (vegetables, fruit, dairy products) from all over Udmurtia. The concept of the market implies ecological packaging and laconic design of the premises. The room is designed in a single modern style.

Address: 152 Azina Street.

Working hours: from 09:00 to 21:00 daily.

How to get there: take streetcar 5 to the stop “Southern Market”.


Places worth visiting in the main zoological park of Udmurtia: monuments to wolf and sea seal, aviaries with Himalayan and polar bears, monkey country, contact zoo and stables.

Working hours: from 09:00 to 18:00 daily.

How to get there: take streetcars 1, 4, 7, 10 to the stop “Zoo”.

Ludorvai Reserve

The architectural and ethnographic complex contains famous places of Udmurtia, showing the beauty of nature and originality of the people. The farmsteads of Udmurts, Russian Ilyinka, monuments of wooden architecture – that’s what is worth seeing in the reserve. Lovers of entertainment can become participants of thematic quests, days of traditional culture and national festivals.

Address: Ludorvai village, Zavyalovsky district. Administration: 13 Pastukhova Street.

Mode of work: Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00.

How to get there: by car in the direction of the village of Pirogovo. By buses 309, 543 from the bus station of Izhevsk.

Kalashnikov museum

In the complex small arms of different types and times of production are exhibited. Part of the exposition is devoted to the famous designer.

Address: 19 Borodin Street, Oktyabrsky district.

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Working schedule: Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm, a break is from 1.30 pm to 2 pm.

How to get there: from the railway station by streetcars 1, 9 (Central Department Store stop).

Puppet theater

Opened in 1935. The repertoire includes performances for children of preschool age and adolescents from 12 years old. There is a thematic theater cafe.

Address: 9, Lomonosova Street.

Working schedule: Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:00, on weekends from 09:00 to 14:00.

How to get there: bus 19 to the stop “Lenin Street”.

Opera and Ballet Theater

The theater was founded in 1931 and the repertoire has changed many times. Today ballets and operas to the music of P.I. Tchaikovsky are predominant. In the lobby there is an exposition devoted to the formation of theatrical activity in Udmurtia.

Address: 221 Pushkinskaya Street.

Working hours: every day from 10 am till 6 pm, performances according to the schedule.

How to get there: from the railway station take streetcars 1, 9 (Central Department Store stop), buses 19, 26, 28 (Central Square stop).

Udmurt Philharmonic Society

The main musical institution of Udmurtia, which is worth a visit. Here you can hear classical music in live performance. There is an annual thematic festival devoted to Tchaikovsky.

Address: 245 Pushkinskaya Street.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 19:00, concerts according to schedule.

How to get there: take buses 19, 26, 28, 281 (Philharmonic stop).

Kuzebay Gerd Museum

Kuzma Chaynikov, or Kuzebay Gerd, was an Udmurt poet and public figure. He was the first director of the Ethnographic Museum of Izhevsk, which today is named after him. The historical sites of the area are collected here.

Address: 287 Kommunarov Street.

Working schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 10:00 till 18:00, Thursday from 13:00 till 21:00.

How to get there: by buses 12, 22, 27 and trolleybuses 2, 14 (bus stop “GPZ”).

Museum of Fine Arts

Lovers of classical painting and contemporary art have a lot to see in this museum. There are works by local artists and works of art from the Soviet period. Exhibitions of works of contemporaries are regularly held.

Address: 128 Kirov Street.

Working schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00, Thursday from 10:00 to 20:00, Saturday from 12:00 to 20:00.

How to get there: take bus 52 to the stop “Pushkinskaya Street.

Beautiful places of Izhevsk worth visiting

The historical sites and famous cultural monuments are closely located in the central part of Izhevsk.

Water Tower

The tower is part of Izhevsk’s first water system, created in the early 20th century. There is an exhibition center “Museum of Water”, where demonstrations, literary readings and creative evenings are held. On an irregular basis excursion groups are created to climb up to the dome of the tower. In summer, there are competitions in rock climbing.

Address: 4 Borodin Street, Oktyabrsky district.

Mode: The area around the tower – around the clock, guided tours – according to a separate schedule.

How to get there: from the railway station take streetcars 1, 9 (Central Department Store stop), buses 19, 26, 28 (Central Square stop), then walk.

Nechkinsky Reserve

The main attraction of the natural heritage of Izhevsk is the National Reserve of Nechkinsky. Here eco-trails are organized and infrastructure is created. You can visit the park in one day or stay in a guest house or tent. The museum of the white-tailed eagle, the trail “Sidorovy hory” and Novya larch – these are the places, where you should go first of all. It is necessary to get a special permit to enter the reserve.

Address: 1 Kostovatovskaya Street, Novy village. Issuance of passes for visiting: Nechkino village, 13 Naberezhnaya Street.

Mode of operation: issuance of passes from Monday to Friday from 9 to 17 (the break 12 to 13), visit – at the time specified on the pass.

How to get there: from Izhevsk bus station to Nechkino, Doksha or Golyany by bus 318, sightseeing bus or cab.

Summer garden

Summer, or General’s garden – one of the first large parks of Izhevsk. Earlier here was a manor of an honorable rank, where Alexander I was a guest. Today in the picturesque garden are organized recreation areas, attractions for children and adults, a Ferris wheel.

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