Top 25 Gelendzhik attractions – description and photos

The 25 best sights Gelendzhik

Gelendzhik is considered one of the best resorts on the Black Sea coast. Firstly, it is very well located on the shores of a picturesque bay with a unique microclimate, comparable in its characteristics with the Mediterranean. Secondly, a large number of fairly good beaches makes the city attractive to beach lovers. Therefore, such an honorary title he received not by chance.

Around Gelendzhik mountain slopes are covered with dense vegetation, here and there scattered vineyards, and in the vicinity are numerous resort villages. Adherents of active tourism, too, where to turn, because the local hiking trails are considered some of the most scenic within a radius of 100 km.

What to see and where to go in Gelendzhik?

The most interesting and beautiful places to walk. Photos and a brief description.

Gelendzhik Bay

A bay in the north-east of the Black Sea, since ancient times it has been used for trade and strategic purposes. Due to the shape of the bay and the natural conditions, inside it there is a rare type of climate for Russia – dry subtropical. In 1900 the first sanatorium opened here, and since then the development of tourism has been increasing. Natural and artificial beaches occupy two-thirds of the bay.

Gelendzhik Bay.

The waterfront of Gelendzhik

It is believed that all roads in the city will lead you to the town’s embankment. It stretches along the Gelendzhik Bay from Tolstoy Cape to Tonky Cape and has a horseshoe shape. Some sources indicate that this promenade is the longest in the world, it stretches for as much as 14 km. But still, the main infrastructure and attractions are located on the site, not exceeding 3 km.

Gelendzhik embankment.

Beaches Gelendzhik

City beaches are located along the entire Gelendzhik Bay. By category they are divided into wild, at boarding houses and recreation centers, and city – just a few dozen places where you can swim and sunbathe. By structure – on pebble, rocky (practically without convenient entrance to water) and sandy-pebble. The city is often called one big beach, as their total number is approaching 150.

Beaches Gelendzhik.

Safari Park .

An amusement park and open-air zoo. It contains animals that once suffered from human cruelty and came to this place for rehabilitation. The very first inhabitants were animals taken from street photographers. Today the park is home to lions, bears, monkeys, wild boars, tigers, leopard, cougar, and wild birds. Visitors can go to the local maritime museum, arboretum and terrarium.

Safari Park.

Olympus Park.

A year-round tourist complex at the foot of the Markotkh Ridge with rides, hiking trails, restaurants, exhibitions, entertainment venues and its own mini-zoo. In the season in “Olympus” concerts are held in the evenings and guests are entertained by animators. The park has several viewing areas, where you can admire the picturesque panorama of the surrounding areas of the Gelendzhik Bay.

Cableways to Safari Park and Park “Olympus”

The safari park and the park “Olympus” take tourists by cable cars. They are separate attractions in their own right. Tickets for the ride are usually sold together with admission tickets to the entertainment areas. During the trip, tourists admire the mesmerizing mountain views (the views from the ropeway to Safari Park are more picturesque). During the season, transportation systems operate until late at night.

Old Park in Kabardinka

The village of Kabardinka is part of the municipal territory of Gelendzhik and is a popular resort on a par with the city. It has its own interesting sights, the main of which is perhaps the Old Park – a picturesque landscape garden. According to the idea of the creator, it is divided into thematic zones: in one place visitors will see ancient temples and statues, in another – rotundas and fountains of the 19th century, in the third – the heritage of the Soviet era, in the fourth – exotic plants.

Old Park in Kabardinka.

Lermontovsky Boulevard

The alley is one of the most beautiful parts of the embankment. It stretches from Sadovaya Street to the White House Hotel. The boulevard is generously decorated with flower beds, decorated with fountains and sculptures. There are a large number of porches and restaurants. At the beginning of the street is a monument to M. Lermontov in 1956. The poet is depicted full-length in a military uniform. In 1998 the monument was restored.

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Lermontovsky Boulevard.

Water parks Gelendzhik

There are four water parks in the city and surrounding area: “Dolphin”, “Begemot” and “Golden Bay” – the largest water amusement complex in Russia plus a small “Coconut Paradise” in Arkhipo-Osipovka. If in the “Golden Bay” there are always a lot of people, but in a more modest-sized “Behemoth” there is a chance not to stand in a long line on the slide, thereby spending more time on entertainment.

Water parks Gelendzhik.

Gelendzhik Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium is an obligatory item of the program for tourists coming to Gelendzhik. A variety of shows with the dolphin-aphalins, seals, white whales and walruses attract hundreds of visitors. Sometimes dolphins are involved in the performances, which brings children to indescribable delight. During the season, there are several shows a day and the hall is always full.

Gelendzhik Dolphinarium.

Ocean Park Aquarium

The Aquarium is situated in the center of the resort area by the seafront. Aquariums with river and sea inhabitants are situated on the area of 400 square meters. The area is divided into three rooms: freshwater and ocean fish, fauna of coral reefs, and marine predators. Here you can see sharks, piranhas, starfish, octopuses, lobsters, stingrays and many other inhabitants of the abyss. You can even book a tour if you wish.

White Horse Gallery.

An art gallery dedicated to contemporary art. The peculiarity of its collection is that all paintings are made of garbage. These works were made by children from dozens of cities in Russia and Ukraine as part of the environmental festival in 2014. The museum offers master classes for participants of all ages to make art objects from recyclable materials.

Museum of local history

With a history of over 100 years, the museum is the main exhibition hall of the city. The complex consists of three branches: the main branch, the street exhibition and the estate of the Korolenko family. The exhibition reflects the history of the indigenous peoples of the Western Caucasus from ancient times and tells about the events of the Caucasian wars and World War II. There are also ethnographic and natural science collections.

Historical Museum.

V. G. Korolenko House Museum

The museum is located about 20 km from Gelendzhik on the farm Dzhankhot. The estate is an architectural monument of the early 20th century. Inside there is a collection devoted to the life and work of the writer and publicist V.G. Korolenko. G. Korolenko. In this house Vladimir Galaktionovich lived during his visits to the Black Sea coast. Here he created many of his works. The museum was opened in 1964.

House Museum V. Korolenko.

Holy Ascension Cathedral

The first temple appeared in Gelendzhik in the 1840s, it was built of wood and after a few years burned down. It was restored in 1864, but the stone building appeared only in 1909. The cathedral escaped destruction, although it was repeatedly closed and misused. In the 1990s, the building was returned to the faithful, after which the restoration began. Today the Holy Ascension Cathedral is the cathedral of Gelendzhik.

Holy Ascension Cathedral.

Sculpture “White Bride”

The elegant monument stands on the Gelendzhik seafront and is a true decoration of the urban space. It was installed in 2010 in honor of the opening of the bathing season. It is believed that “Gelendzhik” is translated from the Turkic language as “White bride,” so this image was chosen for the future symbol of the city. Today the monument is one of the most recognizable sights of the resort.

“Assol and Scarlet Sails”.

Composition on the familiar to everyone plot from the works of Alexander Grin appeared on the embankment in 2010 – 2011. It depicts a small ship with scarlet sails in the middle of a flowerbed and a bronze figure of Assolie. The attraction has immediately become popular among residents and guests, who enjoy taking pictures here.

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The fountain “Hearts in Love

It is a sculptural composition from 2007, depicting the ancient legend of lovers, which is reminiscent of the theme of “Scarlet Sails”. The fountain consists of figures of a girl and a boy hugging each other, standing on a round stone pedestal in the middle of a small reservoir of water. It is believed that if you throw a coin into the water, you’ll marry well, so the attraction is very popular among young women.

Spring “Natasha”

This spring is located on the outskirts of Gelendzhik in Mikhailovsky Pass. The stream of water pours out of a jug, which supports the girl, and then flows into the stone reservoir. The entire composition is framed with wide arch that harmoniously complements the appearance of the sculptural group. Many legends are connected with the spring, some of them invented by tourists themselves after visiting this place.

The trunk lighthouse of Gelendzhik

One of the oldest lighthouses on the Black Sea coast. It was built in the late 19th century and survived the Great Patriotic War. Today the building is considered an architectural monument. It is noteworthy that the structure is still working properly, although it is more than 100 years old. Not a single detail has been replaced except for the kerosene lamp. The height of the structure is 13 meters.

Trunk lighthouse Gelendzhik.

Gelendzhik Dolmens

Dolmens are ancient ritual structures, the purpose of which is not fully disclosed. Perhaps they were burial or religious buildings. Gelendzhik dolmens are about 5 thousand years old, which makes them older than some Egyptian pyramids. Many tourists come to Gelendzhik just for the sake of these formations, to touch the ancient secrets and visit the “place of power”. Total in the Caucasus, there are about 150 dolmens.

Dolmens Gelendzhik.

Waterfalls on the Zhane River

Water streams are located in a valley near the village of Vozrozhdenie. This place is considered one of the most picturesque routes on the Black Sea coast. Two groups of cascades are located at some distance from each other, they are separated by 3.5 km. Tourists and locals swim in the crystal clear water, have picnics on the glades and just enjoy the beauty of pristine nature.

Waterfalls on the river Zhane.

“Blue Abyss.

Autocamping is located in a pine grove 15 minutes walk from the beach between Divnomorskoye and Dzhankhot. It is a quiet and peaceful place on the high coast for a wild holiday in nature. During the season “Blue Abyss” is visited by a huge number of holidaymakers, so the stay here can hardly be called secluded. The camping is paid, and you can use the showers, toilets and sinks. The nearest settlement is several tens of kilometers away.

Dzhankhotskaya pine forest

Pitsundsky pine is a relict tree, which is listed in the Red Book of Russia. This plant is a typical representative of the Mediterranean flora, but unfortunately it is gradually disappearing. On the Black Sea coast near Dzhankhot there is a fairly large grove of 950 hectares, where this species grows. The forest has not only aesthetic but also soil protection and scientific importance.

Dzhankhotsky pine pine forest.

Sail Rock

Natural Monument on the Black Sea, which is located 17 km from Gelendzhik. It is a flat rock of sandstone 25 meters in height and 20 meters in length. The outlines of the formation looks like a sail, for which it got its name. At a height of about 2.5 meters there is a small hole, the origin of which is not clear. Some sources indicate that it was penetrated during the Caucasian War.

Rock Sail.

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Beautiful places in Gelendzhik

Beautiful places in Gelendzhik: 25 beautiful places to visit. This article describes the most popular and best places that tourists visit on vacation in the resort town: amusement parks, water parks, monuments, fountains, sculptures, museums and excursions.

White Bride Sculpture

White Bride Sculpture

The White Bride Sculpture was installed in 2010 on the Central Square of Gelendzhik. It was opened during the new holiday season on the holiday “Gelendzhik smiling sun”. The sculptors of art workshop of St. Petersburg became the creators of the work. The sculpture of the white bride is made of bronze and coated with a special white mortar. The two-meter high sculpture allows you to admire it from afar, even from the sea. In translation from the Turkic word “Gelendzhik” means “white bride”, so the sculpture can safely be called a symbol of the city.

Beautiful places in Gelendzhik: embankment

Embankment in Gelendzhik

The waterfront in Gelendzhik is one of the main attractions of the city. Its length is 14 km, and it completely encircles Gelendzhik Bay from Tolstoy to Tonky Cape. Gelendzhik waterfront continues to grow. Its pedestrian zone covers 8300 meters. The busiest part of the embankment is the central. It stretches from the water park “Begemot” to the Lermontov Boulevard. This part of the embankment has a huge number of monuments, compositions of flowers, fountains, restaurants and bars with different kinds of menus.

Music Fountain

Music Fountain

The opening of the musical fountain on the Lermontov Boulevard took place on November 4, 2012. It is made of solid granite that was brought specially from China, and the fountain was built according to the Italian technology. It is the first fountain of this kind in the Krasnodar region. The fountain has four bowls, the diameter of the lower one is 12 meters. It is programmed for a special “performance” – water and light are overflowing to different music. Singing musical fountain in Gelendzhik – it is an attractive place of the resort, gathering around guests and residents of the city. Music Fountain is one of the most beautiful places in Gelendzhik.

Beautiful places on excursions in Gelendzhik

Excursion to Pshadsky Waterfalls from Gelendzhik

Pshad Waterfalls

Pshad waterfalls are the largest waterfalls in the Gelendzhik area. In the mountains near the mouth, a tributary of the Pshady River forms many waterfalls and waterfalls. To visit these natural sites is better to be prepared by cars with a professional guide. During the jeeping tourists will see: the spring Natasha, Chapel of Sergei Radonezhsky, the village of dolmens, steep cliffs, ancient forest, as well as visit a cafe in the mountains. Jeeping to Pshadsky waterfalls – it is a storm of emotions and a stream of incredible adventures.

Health Park

Health Park.

Exclusive route to Pshadsky waterfalls with a visit to a unique recreational park. We offer a family itinerary without jolting and extreme, which is perfect for both adults and children. The health park is represented by an area surrounded by mountains with a picturesque lake. In the park you can take mud volcanic baths, immerse yourself in a barrel of wine, order a massage, lie in the pool with fish Garra Rufa. Tourists will also visit the village of dolmens and a scenic waterfall.


Quadro tours .

A unique opportunity for tourists Gelendzhik ride on quad bikes, and make a fascinating journey through the picturesque places in the village. Divnomorskoye. The choice of tourists developed several routes of varying degrees of complexity. The most convenient is that even without special skills cope with both adults and adolescents. You can book an excursion on quad bikes from Gelendzhik or Divnomorskoye. Driving along the mountain river, picturesque cliffs, swimming in the river, viewing views of the sea – all this in one excursion on quad bikes.

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Diving in the Gelendzhik Sea

Diving at sea

Diving in Gelendzhik is one of the most exciting and exciting excursions. Everyone can dive in the Black Sea, accompanied by an experienced instructor and get acquainted with the local flora and fauna. Underwater tourists will feed fish from their hands, see sunken anchors, rock formations, grottos and caves.

Take a parachute flight

Parachute flight

For extreme lovers, the resort has an incredible attraction – parasailing (flying under the canopy of a parachute behind a moving boat). The maximum height of the parachute can reach 150 meters. The entire procedure of flight is absolutely safe, as the takeoff and landing is carried out from a special platform on the boat. From a bird’s-eye view, tourists will see the panorama of Gelendzhik Bay, mountains, vineyards, as well as picturesque rocky coast.

Horse rides

Horse rides

For those who are tired of city life and the eternal traffic jams, offered a terrific opportunity to ride on horseback on a mountain range along the vineyards overlooking the bay of Tsemesskaya. The route is held in two stages with a stop and rest at a spring where you can drink mountain water and feed the horse from the hand. On the way back you can enjoy stunning views of the bay and the open Black Sea.

Boat trips

Sea voyages on a yacht

We offer a fascinating excursion of the resort – sea walks on a yacht in Gelendzhik. During the trip, tourists will see a panoramic view of the Gelendzhik Bay, mountains, lighthouse, steep cliffs, the boundless Black Sea. In the open sea you can swim, and if you are lucky you can meet the dolphins. Every morning at 8:00 am there is a trip to the sea fishing.

Excursion to the rock Sail in Gelendzhik

Rock Sail

Rock Sail – a 35-meter flat (about one meter) vertical rock, consisting of sandstone. It is located perpendicular to the shore and is separated from the mountains by a gap. This place looks impressive, as one edge of the rock is completely in the water. In the stone, at a height of 2 meters, there is a through window, which is shrouded in stories and legends.

White Cliffs

White Rocks

Excursion to the White Cliffs in Gelendzhik – it is a fascinating walk on a pirate ship in the open sea. During the trip tourists will see an overview of the Gelendzhik Bay, mountains, lighthouse, Cape Thick and Thin, as well as landscapes of the open sea. When approaching the White Rocks it is offered to swim in the open sea on their background. A children’s animation program, “Pirates,” is on board.

Top places to visit in Gelendzhik

Excursion to the old park in Gelendzhik

“Old Park”.

In the village of Kabardinka there is a unique thematic recreation park “Old Park”. On its territory there are architectural structures of different eras and peoples, so you can find structures of ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, Japan, the Caucasus. Also in the park grow rare flowers and trees, which are included in the Red Book.

Beautiful places in Gelendzhik: Olympus Park

Olympus Park

Park Olimp is a two-level park, located both at the foot of the Markotkhsky Range and at its top. At the foot of the mountain is a small pond with ducks, a contact zoo, poultry farm. On the second level of the park will take tourists to a cable car from the height of which opens spectacular views of the mountains, sea, city and nearby settlements. Having risen to the top, visitors are offered a ride on the highest observation wheel in Gelendzhik.

Safari Park

Safari park

It is a huge two-level zoo where you can observe animals in a landscape environment, which is close to their natural conditions. Safari Park” is located in Gelendzhik at the foot of the Markotkhsky Ridge and on its peak, to which you can get by cable-chairway. In the park there is a diver’s museum, an arboretum, an exhibition of butterflies, a cave with a variety of minerals, as well as an alley of discoverers of new countries and continents.

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Water parks in Gelendzhik

Water Park Begemot

Waterpark “Begemot

Begemot” water park in Gelendzhik is the second largest water park in the resort. On an area of 1.6 hectares there are three large swimming pools, 17 water slides, children’s complex with a shallow pool and small safe slides. There is a café and a bar.

Water Park Golden Bay

Golden Bay Water Park

Golden Bay Water Park was opened in 2004. To this day he holds the title of the largest open water park in Russia. It is included in the top 5 best amusement parks in Europe. The area of 15 hectares includes 17 swimming pools of different depths, 69 water slides, 49 slides, 10 water rides. For children there are several separate complexes with slides, swings and trampolines.

Monuments in Gelendzhik

Beautiful places in Gelendzhik: The Cat Scientist

Cat scientist

The sculpture-monument The Cat Scientist was built in 2008 in order to create a cultural atmosphere on the seafront of the town. The idea was taken from the Pushkin’s poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. You can see that the oak tree, under which the cat is located, is surrounded by a large and powerful chain, and a mermaid can be seen on the branches of the tree. The cat has a book in its paw, which symbolizes wisdom in this sculpture. There is a belief that before an important exam or test, the cat needs to rub its nose and paw.

Arc of Love

Arch of Love

Arch of Love is an architectural monument. The snow-white composition was erected back in the Soviet Union, and in modern times it was called “Arch of Love”. This sculpture has eight columns of 7 meters in height, which are fastened at the top with an arc, symbolizing a seagull. This object is located on Lermontovsky Boulevard near the singing fountain, the intersection of Revolutionary and Sadovaya Streets. Near the sculpture is the hotel “Primorye”.

Monument “Soldier-winner”.

Monument “Soldier-winner”. The monument was established in 1949 in honor of the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. The sculptor of the monument is M. Tsvetkov. After the restoration of the monument the eternal flame was lit, which burns to this day. In 2008 not far from the monument “Soldier-Winner” the monument “To the Heroes of undeclared wars” was erected. The monument is dedicated to the soldiers of Gelendzhik, who had not returned from Afghanistan, Nagorno-Karabakh, Tajikistan and other hotspots.

Monument to Lermontov

Monument to Mikhail Lermontov

The monument is dedicated to the poet, who, according to Gelendzhik residents, was passing through the city-resort. Mikhail Lermontov liked very much the nature of the Caucasus, and it is reflected in many of his works. The monument was made of copper and bronze alloy in 1991, but it was not erected until 1998. The monument is located near the hotel “Primorye” and symbolizes the beginning of the Lermontov Boulevard.

Assol and Scarlet Sails

Assol and Scarlet Sails

Everything started prosaically. One day in a store window the writer saw a ship with red sails. His imagination began to work. The idea began to come to life. As much as five years Alexander Grin was working on the story. In the end he admitted that he understood a simple truth: we create miracles ourselves. On the shore of Gelendzhik Bay is a small ship with crimson sails, and not far away Assol waiting for him. The sculpture was installed in 2010.

Korolenko`s dacha

Korolenko’s Dacha

In 1898 the writer V. Korolenko came to Dzhankhot for the first time to choose a place for building a cottage. According to his drawings and drafts at the foot of the mountain St. Nina in a picturesque forest gorge was built a cozy two-story cottage, where the writer came in the summer for a few months. In 1964 the writer’s memorial and literary museum was opened here, and now it is an architectural and natural complex “Korolenko’s Family Homestead”.

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