Top 17 diverse countries in the world


Let’s run through the “tops” and learn some interesting and unexpected information about some countries of the world. And if we are interested in something, for the “spines” we will go to the comments and discuss it.

1. The country with the most people behind bars: the United States. When it comes to putting someone in jail, this country is second to none. The U.S. is home to 5% of the world’s population, and it is here that 25% of the world’s prison population is incarcerated: 2.2 million people. For example, look at prisons in California.

2. The country with the fattest citizens: Nauru. 95% of the population of this small island nation is overweight. The reason? Nothing much, they just eat too much and don’t move much. We discussed this country with you – One of the smallest countries in the world

3. The country most likely to be underwater soon:The Maldives. Residents of the Maldives have good reason to fear flooding: due to global warming, the islands are sinking more and more under water every year. Take a look at City in the Ocean.

4. The country with the most time zones: France. If you count all of France’s territories, including overseas territories, you get 12 time zones. The United States has 11 time zones, Russia has 9.

5. The only country in the world with coral roads: Guam. There is no natural sand in Guam, so they make asphalt there using coral and oil. And in fact, it’s an Island, which democracy has bypassed

6. The country with the most lakes: Canada. 60% of the world’s lakes are in Canada: more than 3,000,000 lakes covering 9% of Canadian land. Here they are, Canada’s 1,000 islands.

7. The driest country: Libya. 99% of Libya is covered by desert; in some regions it doesn’t rain for decades. This is how the Great Man-Made River should be.

8. The biggest opium producing country: Afghanistan. An incredible 95% of the world’s opium is produced here. Yes, this is where we see the Afghan triumph of the U.S. drug business

9. The largest producer of oxygen in the world: Russia. About 25% of the world’s forests grow in Siberia, which covers an area larger than the continental U.S., making Russia the world’s most powerful processor of carbon dioxide into valuable oxygen.

10. The country with the least forest: Haiti. The forests in Haiti are almost completely deforested. You can see this even on satellite images: you can tell where Haiti borders the Dominican Republic, where the forests are still growing.

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11. The most non-peaceful country in the world: Somalia. According to the Global Peace Index, Somalia has overtaken Iraq to become the most belligerent country in the world, constantly attacking neighboring countries. Somalis are both in a constant state of war and in a state of continuous revolution. All this is due to the fact that Somalia is the poorest country, where the population does not even have enough to eat. Although many refer to the Piracy in the Gulf of Aden as a cover operation

12. The most educated country in the world: Canada. 50% of that country’s population has at least a high school education. Canada is followed by Israel at 45% and Japan at 44%.

13. The world’s largest city-state: Singapore. There are myths and truths about modern Singapore.

14. The country with the most languages: Papua New Guinea. Although English is the official language in this country, it is actually a pure formality: no more than 2% of the population speaks English here. Papua New Guineans use over 820 different languages, representing 12% of the world’s languages.

15. The country with the most sheep per capita: the Falkland Islands. It has 3,000 people and 500,000 sheep. Not surprisingly, the export of wool generates the main income for the islands. Everyone remembers what the War for the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) ?

16. The least populous country is Mongolia. Mongolia’s population density is 4 people per 1.5 km square. Compare that to Hong Kong’s Mong Kok area, which has the highest population density in the world: 340,000 per the same 1.5 square kilometers.

17. The country with the most tanks: Russia. Russia has 21,000 tanks, with the United States in second place with 16,000 tanks.

18. The country with the youngest population in the world: Niger. About half of Niger’s population is under 15 years old. Since 80% of this country is covered by desert, it seems that the only thing left to do there is to have children.

19. The country with the largest number of citizens who do not live there:Malta. After several economic crises, combined with an increased birth rate, Malta has experienced several waves of emigration, which has led to the fact that there are now more of its citizens living outside Malta than in Malta itself.

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20. The most diverse country in the world: India. In almost every way: cultural, economic, climatic, racial, linguistic, ethnic and religious, India is the most diverse country in the world, or ranked 2nd.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don’t know exist

Some countries, such as France, Italy, the United States and Thailand, are well known around the world, attracting millions of tourists each year. However, impressive sights, unique architectural treasures, breathtaking natural beauty and stunning beaches don’t have to be located in the famous countries that many people know about.

In fact, there are many countries, unknown to most people, that have something to offer their potential visitors. Located on isolated tropical islands, hidden in giant mountains, or simply surrounded by larger and more popular neighbors, these countries are unlikely to ever make it to the tourist brochures and booklets.

Take Liechtenstein, for example. Did you know about the existence of this country? Probably not, but we are more than sure that you will be awed by its majestic mountains, ancient castles and clean environment. There are many countries like this one. From Brunei and Sierra Leone to Moldova and Burkina Faso, learn about 25 unique countries to visit that you didn’t know existed!

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

25. Nauru Located in Micronesia, in the central Pacific Ocean, Nauru is the third smallest country in the world by area, behind only the Vatican and Monaco.

This tiny and underrated country boasts amazing marine life, large colorful reefs, and pristine beaches, making it a great place for summer vacations, snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

24. Liechtenstein The main reason tourists know little about Liechtenstein is because of its location. The small Alpine country is surrounded by Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all of which are popular tourist destinations. Nevertheless, Liechtenstein also has a lot to offer: from the magnificent mountains and historic castles to the beautiful and clean environment.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

23. Kyrgystan

Kyrgyzstan’s history spans over 2,000 years, encompassing a diversity of cultures. This country has an incredibly beautiful and diverse landscape, offering great conditions for hiking, camping, horseback riding, camping, skiing, etc.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

22. Malta With an area of only 122 km², Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world, but this Mediterranean archipelago has a stunningly rich history as it has always been a strategically important place.

Malta boasts a warm climate, beautiful beaches, unique architectural monuments and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

21. Brunei While most people are aware of the existence of an island called Borneo somewhere in Southeast Asia, very few know that it is home to this country.

A former British colony, Brunei is now a modern and developed country with one of the highest GDP and purchasing power parity in the world. In addition, Brunei has beautiful landscapes as well as impressive architecture.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

20. Vanuatu While some of its neighbors, such as Fiji or Papua New Guinea, are known to most travelers, Vanuatu is a little-known but stunningly beautiful country located in the South Pacific.

Home to a quarter of a million people, it boasts superb beaches, crystal-clear, warm water, rich natural beauty, delicious exotic cuisine and interesting cultural traditions.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

19. Georgia Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia has an amazingly diverse landscape that attracts adventurers of all kinds.

This country has majestic mountains (mountaintop Shkhara is the highest point in Georgia at 5068 meters), first-class ski resorts, huge glaciers, complex cave systems, beautiful lakes and much more.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

18. Lesotho While South Africa is a well-known and massively visited country, few people are aware of the existence of this nearby country.

With a population of only 2 million, Lesotho is completely surrounded (and shadowed) by the Republic of South Africa. However, this small African country boasts equally amazing landscapes and rich wildlife.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

17. Andorra Sandwiched between two European giants, Spain and France, Andorra is a dwarf state located in the Pyrenees.

Andorra has both beautiful summer resorts and famous winter resorts, as well as many ski facilities. The country is not a member of the European Union, but has a special relationship with it. Andorra is also known as a low-tax state, so it is often called a “tax heaven.”

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

16. Faroe Islands Officially part of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands are an autonomous region located between the Norwegian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, about halfway between Norway and Iceland.

The environment is one of the cleanest in Europe. The Faroe Islands boast beautiful landscapes, rich cultural traditions and delicious cuisine.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

15. The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, but the region is home to another, lesser known country with a similar name.

Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica) is much smaller than the Dominican Republic, but in terms of natural beauty and picturesque beaches it can easily be compared with its famous competitor. Moreover, Dominica is not as crowded in terms of tourists.

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Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

14. Tajikistan One of the largest countries on this list, Tajikistan is a mountainous country in Central Asia that is landlocked.

The state was hit hard by the civil war of 1992-1997, so the standard of living here is not as high as in some of the other countries on this list, but Tajikistan boasts spectacular scenery that every tourist will surely appreciate.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

13. Moldova Moldova is a landlocked Eastern European country that borders Romania and Ukraine. With a population of about 3 million people, Moldova is one of the least visited countries in Europe, but this may soon change as more and more people are interested in the natural beauty, rich history, unique architecture and wine tours.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

12. Kiribati Kiribati is an island nation in the central Pacific consisting of 33 atolls and reef islands and one raised atoll. One of the lowest-lying countries in the world, Kiribati is predicted to sink significantly in the coming decades, so try to visit soon. The country is rich in marine life, beautiful reefs and gorgeous beaches.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

11. Comoros Located in the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar, the Comoros is a small African country that consists of three main islands and many smaller islands.

A former French colony, the Comoros has a tropical climate, crystal-clear and year-round warm water, and an abundance of wildlife, among which endemic species can be found.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

10. Luxembourg You must be familiar with the term “Benelux,” and of course you know that the first two words (countries) of the acronym are Belgium and the Netherlands. However, the third country, Luxembourg, is a lesser known country.

Luxembourg may be small (it has a population of just over 500,000 people), but it’s filled with amazing architectural masterpieces, museums, galleries, etc.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

9. São Tomé and Principe As the second smallest African country, São Tomé and Principe is a small Portuguese-speaking island nation located off the west coast of equatorial Central Africa.

One of the most stable, democratic and secure countries in Africa, it boasts both gorgeous beaches and mountains and delicious seafood and tropical fruit dishes.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

8. Marshall Islands Another tropical paradise, the Marshall Islands are an island nation located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean. The islands boast spectacular marine life and reefs, making them a great place for diving and snorkeling. A huge part of the Marshall Islands’ waters is recognized as the world’s largest shark refuge.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

7. San Marino Completely surrounded by Italian territory, San Marino is a dwarf state of 61 km² with a population of just over 32,000 people.

Monastery in the Escorial

Despite its diminutive size, San Marino is one of the richest countries in the world. In addition, San Marino claims to be one of the oldest sovereign states and a constitutional republic. Monte Titano Fortress is the most famous landmark of this tiny country.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

6. Bhutan The only country in the world in which the happiness of its inhabitants is officially measured, Bhutan is landlocked, being sandwiched between two Asian giants, China and India.

Because of its location in the Eastern Himalayas, the country can offer excellent conditions for hiking, trekking, mountain climbing and other outdoor sports and activities. Bhutan is also home to several great Buddhist temples.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

5. Sierra Leone Because of the infamous 2014 Ebola virus outbreak, Sierra Leone is no longer as little known as it once was, but it would be unfair to associate this small West African country only with this deadly disease.

Sierra Leone also has a lot to offer, from some of the best beaches in Africa to delicious food and friendly locals.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina Located in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, Bosnia and Herzegovina is less well-known and popular among tourists than its northern neighbor Croatia, but no less beautiful.

The country has many amazing mountain landscapes with excellent conditions for sports such as kayaking, hiking and mountain climbing.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

3. Burkina Faso When it comes to African wildlife and safaris, Burkina Faso is not among the countries that come to mind first. However, this landlocked country in West Africa is home to many large mammals such as elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards, buffalo and others. Burkina Faso has four national parks and several nature reserves.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

2. St. Kitts and Nevis Located in the Caribbean Sea, St. Kitts and Nevis is the smallest sovereign state in the Americas in both area and population.

Home to only 55,000 people, the country is largely covered by dense rainforests that are home to many species of animals and plants. There are also many picturesque beaches in this small Caribbean nation.

Top 25: Unique countries to visit that many people don't know exist

1. Cape Verde Located 620 kilometers off the coast of West Africa, Cape Verde is an island nation spanning an archipelago of 10 large and 8 small islands in the central Atlantic Ocean.

A former colony of Portugal, Cape Verde is among the most developed and wealthy countries in Africa. It has several beautiful beaches and first-class seaside resorts.

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