Top 13 unforgettable things to do in Santa Rosa, USA

Best 10 things to do and see in Santa Rosa

Top 10 things to do and see in Santa Rosa

Best 10 things to do and see in Santa Rosa

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The Santa Rosa Hotel is located in the North Bay of California, surrounded by the rolling hills of wine country. There are many different activities and unique events that make it one of a kind. Surrounded by state parks, Santa Rosa attracts nature lovers, and the diverse culture attracts art and history buffs. There’s always something new to see in Santa Rosa.


Jump to Safari.

In the middle of Sonoma County’s beautiful vineyards is Safari West, a little slice of Africa. The owners, Nancy and Peter Lang, opened their park in 1993 to promote wildlife conservation through educational safaris, breeding programs and wildlife research. The more than 400-acre property features more than 900 exotic animals and offers year-round tours and overnight stays. Safari West is one of six private facilities for accreditation by the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Safari West, 3115 Porter Creek Rd, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 579 2551


© Giles Douglas / Flickr

Take a walk

Santa Rosa offers hiking trails for more hikers looking for a challenge and families looking for an easy hike for kids. Here are Jack London Historical Park, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, Annadel State Park and many others that offer views of everything from vineyards to lakes to beautiful surrounding towns. The city of San Francisco can also be seen at certain vantage points on clear days. They are popular places for mountain biking and horseback riding, and most are also good for dogs as long as the dogs are tethered.

Jack London Historical Park, 2400 London Ranch Rd, Glen Ellen, Calif.

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, 2605 Adobe Canyon Rd, Kenwood, CA, USA

Annadel State Park, 6201 Channel Drive, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Visit many wineries

Santa Rosa offers about 300 vineyards and wineries to visit. Because there are so many wineries in the area, most offer a quick visit, and there is an annual barrel tasting on the first two weekends in March. There are even some that offer free tastings year-round. It’s easy to spend an entire day – or even a full weekend – exploring the many wineries and beautiful vineyards that Santa Rosa has to offer.

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Get a bird’s eye view

Get a different view of Santa Rosa by taking a hot air balloon ride. The vineyards and hills look even more beautiful from the sky, and hot air balloons are a peaceful way to experience Sonoma County. There’s Up & Away Ballooning, which has offered ballooning for nearly 18 years, and Ballooning Over Sonoma, which also offers a “Romance Flight.” Both tours offer views of not only Santa Rosa, but Sonoma County as a whole.

Up & Away Ballooning, 2200 Airport Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 836 0171

Balloon over Sonoma, 109 Wikiup Meadows Dr, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 293 7760


Stop the Brewery.

Sonoma County has a long history with beer and hoppin’ and was once known for having the best land for hop yards. There are several other breweries in Santa Rosa: Russian River Brewing Company, known for its Pliny Star and Pliny the Younger, available only in February; Third Street Aleworks, where you can get a beer sample on tap for $4; and Fogbelt Brewing Company, which offers all-day Wednesdays.

Russian River Brewing Company, 725 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 545 2337

Third Street Aleworks, 610 3rd St, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 523 3060

Fogbelt Brewing Company, 1305 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 978 3400

Buy tickets to Wells Fargo Center

The Wells Fargo Center is an old church that was purchased by a group of business owners and people in the community and turned into a non-profit arts center. It is among the top 100 art centers in the world. Wells Fargo Centers has hosted everything from Don Giovanni performances to Trace Adkins and George Lopez shows. Most of the performances for 2016 are already lined up, and tickets are available for purchase online and at the box office.

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Wells Fargo Arts Center, 50 Mark West Spring Road, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 546 3600

Visit the Pacific Coast Air Museum

The Pacific Coast Air Museum is a non-profit organization that has been working to acquire, restore and safely operate historic aircraft since 1989. It offers a museum to help educate people about airplane history and hosts events such as air shows and the “Santa Fly-in,” held in December, in which Santa flies a helicopter. If you want to be in an airplane, you can plan a local North Coast tour that flies over the Sonoma County landscape.

Pacific Coast Air Museum, Air Museum, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 575 7900

North Coast Air, 5010 Flightline Dr, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 542 8687


Learn about the area’s rich history

Santa Rosa is home to historic landmarks, including the Luther Burbank home and gardens and the Charles M. Schultz Museum and Research Center. Luther Burbank was a world-renowned horticulturist who introduced Shasta-Daisy. The Charles M. Schultz Museum displays its famous Peanuts cartoons, and you can learn about the art of cartooning by learning about Schultz’s impact on Sonoma County.

Luther Burbank Home & Gardens, 204 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 524 5445

Charles M. Schultz Museum and Research Center, 2301 Hardy Lane, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 579 4452

Spend the Day at the Historic Railroad Plaza

Historic Railroad Plaza is located in the heart of downtown Santa Rosa. The buildings in and around the square have been restored and preserved to serve as a reminder of the railroad’s impact on Santa Rosa. The square is home to a variety of restaurants, stores, hotels and the West End Farmers Market, which is open from mid-March through mid-December. It’s also a hot spot for antique shoppers and offers free rides around the area during the holiday season.

Historic Railroad Plaza, 135 4th Street, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 568 0743

Skate at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena

The Redwood Empire Ice Arena, also known as Home Ice Snoopy’s, has been open for more than 40 years and is one of Santa Rosa’s premier skating locations. Charles M. Schultz built it in 1969 because of his love of skating and hockey, and it was a favorite spot of his until his death in 2000. The arena also has a Warm Puppy. Located in local Redwoods, it offers a public rink daily for families year-round.

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Snoopy’s Home Ice, 1667 West Steele Lane, Santa Rosa, CA, USA +1 707 546 7147

Author: Anna McCaffrey

Anna was born in New Jersey but grew up in the Bay Area, and she grew up between the two coasts. As she got to know both states, she developed a love of reading and a strong addiction to coffee. She currently attends Sonoma State University, where she teaches an English degree, and she spends her free time hiking with her dogs and making sure she knows every spot in the Bay Area.

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Walk around Venice Beach and Santa Monica in Los Angeles

Start with drinks at the rooftop bar at the Erwin Hotel, then stroll the waterfront, throw a few dollars at a street performer you like, check out a couple of stores in search of medical marijuana, then head to the Santa Monica Pier and take a ride on the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel in the evening.

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Take a surf lesson in San Diego

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Get lost in Redwood National Park

The park is located in California, just north of San Francisco. It is known for its ancient sequoias, which are one of the tallest and most massive species on Earth. If you haven’t posted a photo of yourself hugging a giant tree on social media after your visit, consider that you haven’t been there!

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See a rodeo in Wyoming

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Photo: 12

Walk between the bookshelves at Powell’s Books

Powell’s Books in Portland is the world’s largest new and used bookstore. Founded in 1971, it occupies an entire block with millions of books on the shelves. And while you’re in Portland, check out breweries like Hopworks or Breakside and try the local doughnuts.

Photo: by PROKenny Louie/Flickr

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Puerto Rico is home to three bioluminescent bodies of water: Mosquito Bay, La Parguera and Laguna Grande. At night, their waters glow a soft blue and green color. This is due to the presence of millions of single-celled organisms, dinoflagellates, in the water. In Puerto Rico, the concentration of the latter is particularly high. They say that sometimes the glow is so bright you can even read a book.

Photo: shutterstock 14

Marvel at the northern lights in Alaska

There’s certainly good beer and waffles in Juneau, but when it comes to the northern lights, it’s time to head to Fairbanks, a small town in central Alaska. Most importantly, do it from November through April, when it’s dark all the time.

Photo: by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr 15

Watch volcanoes erupt in Hawaii

Volcanoes in Hawaii certainly don’t erupt every day, but you’re sure to see streams of red-hot lava: there are 5 active volcanoes in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island!

Photo: shutterstock

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