Top 12 legendary hotels in the world

Timeless Values: the world’s great hotels

The experts of The Leading Hotels of the World, and TripAdvisor are unanimous – there are timeless values in the hotel industry. The main experts of the travel-market named for ELLE the best hotels of the world which are the real legends for all times.

Royal Mansour Marrakech

The famous Moroccan palace is considered a space “five” – one of the best hotels in the world is an example of luxury of the highest standard. It is located in the old town – Medina, near the central square, 2 km from the garden of Majorelle. Location in the historic center suits him very well – Arabian tale performed by designers of Royal Mansour is majestic, but creates a feeling of comfort, and the sophistication of every detail leaves no doubt – everything here is absolutely perfect.

Grandiose palace of Marrakech, the Royal Mansour is a story about when you sink into peace, bliss and luxury, when you get tired of wondering how perfect the service can be, and your own microcosm with private lounges, where fountains murmur, is in your heart forever.

Byblos Saint-Tropez

Legendary hotel Byblos is an incredible chronicle of life of European elite: from stars like Brigitte Bardot and Mick Jagger to political leaders and the richest people of the planet. The hotel was opened in Saint-Tropez in 1967 by a native of Lebanon – the country where the eponymous semi-mythical city once existed. Since then and up to now the world has not seen a hotel with a large number of star guests.

Byblos Saint-Tropez is “another luxury”. It’s cozy, chambery, it’s about old money and the elite. Luxury masquerading as asceticism – the buildings adjacent to each other look like provincial houses. But do not be deceived, the food here is the great Alain Ducasse, Sisley brand is responsible for the beauty, the rich and famous spend time in the bar The B, located by the pool in the shade of lemon trees, and the most fashionable nightclub of the world Les Caves Du Roy all summer becomes a haven for those who know the meaning of pleasures.

Ritz Paris

Among all hotels of the world the Paris Ritz is considered to be the most elegant one – a legendary hotel has recently undergone renovation and looks better than ever. All the world’s elite stay here – the main hotel in France with a long history is considered to be a rare example of absolutely impeccable service, the right atmosphere and demonstration of the idea that classics can be very stylish.

The light-colored interior, with lots of space and air, is a major point of admiration for professionals, and the location of the Ritz Paris (on Place Vendôme, 500 meters from the Opera Garnier and the Tuileries Garden) is considered the best in the city. A bit of statistics: the hotel’s score on reaches 9.8, which is a cosmic rating.

Pennsylvania, USA - Land of Fast Rivers and Mountain Ranges

Schloss Elmau

In a secluded Alpine ravine in southern Germany is a 19th-century castle that has now been transformed into a luxury Bavarian luxury hotel. To understand its level, you only need to know that it was the setting for the 47th G7 Summit.

One side of the coin is the incredible beauty of unspoiled alpine nature. The other is the oriental motifs and natural materials in the decoration: ancient stone, hardwood floors, pure silk. Add to this the classical music concerts and the most verified contingent from all over Europe – isn’t this the hotel of your dreams?

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

This is the Maldivian hotel, which has always been the stuff of legends because of its unique formats: a villa with a transparent floor, under which sharks swim; the world’s first underwater restaurant Ithaa, under the glass archway where thousands of tourists have taken pictures, and now underwater rooms – no hotel paradise islands Maldives can boast of such.

Underwater residence will be called Muraka, which means “coral” in the local language – the happy guests will be able to enjoy the views of the sea depths directly from their own villa. It is designed in such a way as to fit neatly into the island reef. In this case, the opportunity to enjoy the “land” beauty of the Maldives is also – a two-tiered design allows you to move from the underwater to the surface, connected by a spiral staircase. In short, it is no accident Conradd Maldives Rangali Island is called a “six-star” hotel.

By the way, by local standards, this hotel is considered huge: it occupies two islands connected by a bridge – on the first there are all the beach villas, and on the second – only those that are built above water. Usually in the Maldives, the concept of “1 hotel = 1 island” and a very limited choice of entertainment. But not in “Konrad” – just restaurants, bars and cafes here a great many: Indian cuisine, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, wine cellar, cocktail bars, etc. In addition, the hotel team has created a unique Conrad 1/3/5 guide, which helps to organize your time at the resort: the program covers local culture, history, gastronomy, sleep and sea adventures.

Hassler Roma.

“The great beauty” of the city of Rome is not possible without its main hotel – luxurious, majestic, whose every detail testifies to a grand historical past. Hotel Hassler Roma is the jewel in the crown of the most beautiful city in the world and it is emblematic that it is at the top of the Spanish Steps: its rooms have incredible panoramic views over the rooftops of Rome.

The best ancient Roman sights in Italy

As befits a great hotel, Hassler is perfect in everything – impeccable service, the best locale, high cuisine. By the way, the main gastronomic restaurant of the city Imàgo is located on the 7th floor of the hotel – it is one of the most famous restaurants awarded with a Michelin star.

Metropole Monte-Carlo

Just 100 meters (!) from the Casino Square, the location of Monaco’s main hotel is familiar to every fan of the Côte d’Azur. Luxury as it is, the Metropole is considered to be the absolute embodiment of the idea of how a legend differs from an ordinary 5-star hotel.

Everything here is about the big names. Judge for yourself. The hotel rooms are decorated by interior designer Jacques Garcia, the chef is the great Michelin winner Joël Robuchon, the space near the pool is designed by Karl Lagerfeld and the spa is the responsibility of Givenchy. Its architecture is magnificent – without a doubt, it’s the most beautiful building in the city.

Beverly Wilshire

The famous hotel from the movie Pretty Woman with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts has become almost a separate character in the most famous cinematic love story. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, on Rodeo Drive (the same boutique street where Vivienne was at first denied access by arrogant staff), the hotel is the embodiment of American values – luxury does not argue with comfort, classics look modern, and the main restaurant serves the best steaks and wine in the city. And yes – this hotel is managed by the Four Seasons Beverly Hills, and that’s all there is to know about its quality.

Museum Hotel Cappadocia.

The Museum Hotel, the centerpiece of the Cappadocia region, is a unique project: located in an ancient city, it offers luxurious accommodation in “caves,” literally inside a natural cave. In the hotel corridors one can see real antique relics, and the famous hot-water pool on its main ground provides a panoramic view of the main sight – hundreds of balloons floating above the valley every morning. By the way, the Museum is the only one in Turkey to be a member of the international hotel association Relais & Chateaux, which in itself is a sign of quality.

The Strand Yangon

Three-storey building of this legendary hotel in Myanmar is a real masterpiece of the Victorian era – it is considered a national monument for a reason. The hotel amazingly recreated the atmosphere of the past – marble floors, rattan furniture, lots of wood. Spacious suites in cream colors are recognized by many interior magazines of the world as absolutely aesthetically pleasing, and the hotel’s location is the best in the region: just 20 minutes walk from the Chinatown, Pagoda Soule and Bogek Aung San market.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

One of the most famous hotels in the world – the famous Dubai Sail – has kept its mark for many years. One of the most luxurious hotels in the world doesn’t reduce the degree of luxury: guests are met at the airport by Rolls-Royce or helicopter, all rooms are two-storied, every guest is provided with concierge service and full-size Hermes beauty products, including women and men scents are complimentary.

Luxor - the ancient capital of Egypt and its main attractions

Burj Al Arab is the hotel about scale, scope, Arabian luxury and man’s triumph over the nature: the hotel is built on an artificial island and the huge panoramic windows from floor to ceiling offer fantastic view over the Persian Gulf. The hotel restaurants and bars are considered to be the classics of UAE genre: the Golden Bar on the 25th floor serves the most incredible designer cocktails, and in the legendary restaurant Nathan Outlo dinners take place in front of a giant aquarium.

Tatiana Romanova, marketing and PR manager of The Leading Hotels of the World Ltd. in Russia, Ukraine and CIS

“It’s hard not to agree with the authoritative opinion of team. Since Hassler Roma opened its doors in 1893 overlooking the roofs of the Eternal City, the Spanish Steps and the splendid 16th century Trinita dei Monti church, the hotel has cemented its position as one of the symbols of the Italian capital. Today this most photographed hotel in Rome celebrates its 125th anniversary and presents a completely renovated entrance area, the San Petro Presidential Suite and new Junior Suites.

The outstanding Ritz Paris is not just a hotel, but a historical heritage. Haute cuisine by Chef Nicolas Sal, unique cocktails in the Hemingway Bar, and exceptional beauty treatments at the world’s only Chanel au Ritz Paris Spa – already worth a separate trip to Paris.

The Leading Hotels of the World celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. Now we unite more than 380 best five-star hotels of the world, among which there are really great hotels: the symbol of Cote d’Azur, hotel Le Negresco, medieval Ashford Castle in Ireland, Swiss resort and recreational complex Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, the world famous Bellagio Towers in Las Vegas.

Expensive Lobby: 8 Legendary Hotels of the World

If museums collect historical objects, the hotels are interesting because of the history that was created exactly within their walls. We tell you about the legendary hotels of the world, where great people created and died, where aristocrats hid from the war, where films were shot and where robberies took place. If you decide to stay in one of them, please tell us about your impressions.

One of New York City’s most famous hotels originally operated as a cooperative house. It was built in 1884 and only became a hotel in 1905.

“The Chelsea Hotel is famous for its iconic guests: it was here that Jack Kerouac created the main hobo’s guidebook “On the Road” in three weeks, Bob Dylan worked in Room 211 continuously in the 60s, Leonard Cohen wrote the song “Chelsea Hotel № 2” about spending the night here with Janis Joplin, in Room 100 Nancy died – Sid Vicious’s girlfriend, and Andy Warhol made a film about the local residents – “Girls of the Chelsea”.

Holidays in Morocco

In 2011, the Chelsea closed for repairs, but some guests still live there – they have leases.

The hotel was built at the beginning of the last century, when high society was in fashion to hold balls and celebrations in luxury hotels, and not only in houses or country estates. The richest people sold their winter palaces and moved to the Adlon rooms, only to soak up the vibrations of life pulsating there. The hotel burned down in 1945 and wasn’t rebuilt until 1997.

Not only are episodes of movies periodically filmed in this building, but it itself became the main setting for the mini-series Hotel Adlon: The Family Saga.

And in 2002 Michael Jackson stayed here and scared the fans by almost throwing his child off the balcony.

Perhaps this hotel is best known for the fact that Sergei Yesenin died in his room 5 in 1925. His acquaintance, who saw the poet among the last, recalls his words on the eve of his death: “Sergei Alexandrovich began to complain that in this “lousy” hotel does not even have ink, and he had to write this morning in blood. We are talking about the last poem by Yesenin – “Goodbye, my friend, goodbye”, which he wrote in the “Angleterre”.

Now it is no longer the building that was built in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but a qualitative reconstruction (in the 1980s the hotel was demolished).

In the 18th century it was an aristocratic mansion, in the 19th century it was the bankers’ office, and only at the beginning of the 20th century this luxurious building has been turned into a hotel. And it was the first in the world where each room had its own bathroom.

The most expensive hotel rooms are named after famous guests who stayed in them. For example, to spend a night in the room “Marcel Proust” costs at least € 3000, in “Charlie Chaplin” – € 3800, in “Francis Scott Fitzgerald” – € 7000, in “Coco Chanel” (who lived here for 30 years and died here) – € 18000. Of course, most of the dates are already booked.

“Hangover in Vegas”, “2012”, “Twenty-One”, “Once Upon a Time in Vegas”, “Ocean’s 11 Friends” and “Ocean’s 13 Friends” are just some of the films in which the famous hotel appears.

Summer Trip to Andorra

In the movies, the Bellagio is constantly being destroyed and robbed, but in real life there are no shootouts and violent crime. True, this year a group of men in piggyback masks tried to rob a jewelry store, located in the hotel. And in 2010, a man wearing a motorcycle helmet still managed to steal a bag of chips worth $1.5 million from the local casino. But he did not take into account the fact that they can only be cashed in the casino Bellagio. He also framed his father, the city judge.

This hotel was built as early as 1812, and it was not so imposing right away, but grew by adding neighboring buildings. In 1860 Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, stayed here to meet Britain’s Queen Victoria – and the Claridge’s reputation has remained high ever since.

After World War I the hotel became especially lucrative because aristocrats who had lost their real estate in London began to stay there. And during World War II the hotel was a haven for the royal families of Greece, Norway and Yugoslavia. Even Winston Churchill stayed here during those turbulent times. Later the British royal family also stayed here, which gave rise to the name of the hotel “Buckingham Palace Annex”.

Another fun fact: King Hassan II of Morocco loved to travel with his mattress, but he was so smitten with the item at Claridge’s that he ordered 24 identical mattresses for his palace.

Incidentally, it was at this hotel that Kate Moss celebrated her thirtieth birthday in 2004.

This colonial-style building was a 10-bed bungalow back in 1887. And it was built by four Armenian brothers named Sarkis. Until the 1930s, they forbade Asians to live in their hotel. In 1899 the Raffles’ main building got its present look and almost hundred years later, in 1987, the hotel officially became a National Monument of Singapore. Each room is decorated with carpets and antique furniture, yet they have all the modern conveniences.

Ernest Hemingway and Alfred Hitchcock stayed here, and Rudyard Kipling is said to have written The Jungle Book in one of its rooms.

British journalist and author Ian Fleming made the place a cult one. He first found himself here during World War II, when he was sent to study submarines in the Caribbean. It allowed him not only to learn insider information, but also to fall in love with this piece of land. After the war ended, he returned to Jamaica, built a house there and named it after that very operation, GoldenEye. And in 1952, he wrote the first James Bond novel here.

Affluent fans of the saga can stay at Fleming’s villa, which itself is like an island within an island: it has a private beach, gardens, swimming pool and attendants.

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