Top 10 unremarkable sights

10 unremarkable places that pass off as legendary

Every working person has a vacation at least once a year. But what kind of vacation that doesn’t include travel, the beach and the sea? Someone prefers to have a good vacation and see as many places with history as possible. But do the attractions offered by the guides really have a rich history? Maybe it’s just a commercial move? Below you can check out a list of fake attractions.

The House of Columbus There are at least 10 places that are brazenly lied about that are where the “Columbus House” is real. Most of them are in cities in Italy and Spain. They are: Genoa; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; Savona; Cogoleto. Even England and France call themselves the birthplace of Columbus. Imposters! In fact, the most historic place where Columbus actually lived is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This is where he lived for a time at the age of 41. Where was the home of the odious traveler, is not known to this day.

Stone Circle Stonehenge Surely all of us have heard of the place with a magical circle of stones, where the Celts performed their rituals. It really was once a supernatural place, but since then the site has undergone many reconstructions, and in 1958 it was finally rebuilt using cement and various modern techniques.

The burial place of Jesus Christ Among the most controversial landmarks is the tomb of Jesus Christ. There are five of them: three in Jerusalem, one in Japan and one in India. Each tomb has its own story.

The coldest place There is a special kind of tourist who likes to freeze. Have you heard of the Pole of Cold? It is located in Yakutia’s Oymyakon. The lowest temperature recorded here is 71.2 oC below zero. The place, of course, is interesting, but it can not be attributed to the historical sites.

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This place is situated at the place where Romeo and Juliet met. The place from Shakespeare’s play has never existed. However, in Verona there is Juliet’s house where crowds of tourists gather every day.

Loch Ness Lake and its monster Everyone has heard of the Loch Ness Monster and has even seen pictures of it on the internet. Interest in this mythical creature is fueled by various tales and gossip from locals. It is a senseless attraction! You will not be able to see the monster here, and the beauty of nature is not distinguished by the place.

What are you dreaming, the cruiser Aurora Fake sights don’t even need to look abroad – we have them too. This is the famous cruiser Aurora, or rather what is left of it. In the exhibit is only the market place and the radio room from the real cruiser, the rest of the ship is brand new.

Chinese Wall The Great Wall of China! Only ruined bricks are left of the original wall, and what is shown to tourists is a reconstructed version of the Great Wall.

Sleepy Hollow Many have seen the famous Tim Burton movie. Did you know that the town of the same name in America is a fake? The mayor, to bring back the flow of money, changed the name of the town and it worked. And the movie was shot in England, in case you were wondering.

Shangri-La on Chinese soil Shangri-La is a fictional country from a novel. However, in 2001, one Chinese county was renamed and began to attract tourists there.

If you want to spend your vacation with benefit and leave pleasant memories, prepare carefully for your trip and make a list of attractions in advance, so as not to lose money and time on the trip. Have a great vacation!

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The 10 hardest-to-reach sights in the world

Even when the borders open, getting to some places on our planet will still be difficult. And here are the hardest to reach.

1. Ennedi Plateau, Chad

Where is it: look at the map.

The Republic of Chad is not the most touristy place in itself, and the Ennedi Plateau, one of the main natural wonders of the country, is reached by a rare traveler. On the bizarre rocks and stone arches in the early twentieth century were found petroglyphs, which are up to 3000 years old. You can reach the plateau only in an organized group under the guidance of an experienced guide. The road is bad: on some sites, cars move at a speed of 20 km per hour. If you take the route from N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, it will take four days to cover a distance of 800 km by jeep.

2. The Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

Where is it: look at the map.

Another natural attraction in Africa, which desperate tourists dream about. Danakil receives only 100-200 mm of rainfall per year (less than a typical glass), and the soil temperature here reaches 70 ° C. The desert is the hottest place on Earth – the Danakil Depression: on a normal winter morning the temperature here is 37 ° C, and in summer the thermometer will show all 63 ° C. You should plan your trip for the period from December to February, when it is cooler than during the rest of the year.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Where is it: look at the map.

According to scientists, the level of radiation in Chernobyl is no longer prohibitive, but you will not be able to walk around the exclusion zone on your own: you will need a special permit. Pripyat (the town most affected by the Chernobyl accident) – the setting for a movie about the post-apocalypse: time here seems to have frozen in 1986, when the city’s population was evacuated. Abandoned houses, schools, kindergartens, and parks look both beguiling and frightening.

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4. Oymyakon, Russia

Where is it: look at the map.

Oymyakon is a Yakut village, where the absolute temperature minimum was registered: minus 67,7 °С. Here is the pole of cold. Oymyakon is not remarkable for anything else. Except for nature: there flows the Indigirka river, rich in fish, and there is a very picturesque and complicated federal highway “Kolyma”, connecting Yakutsk and Magadan.

5. “Death Path, China.

Where is it: look at the map.

“Trail of Death” is the name of the trekking route on Huashan Mountain, located in central China. The trail literally hangs above the abyss at a height of more than two kilometers, there is no railing or fence. But tourists there are provided with insurance, and the quality of the boards on the route is regularly checked. On Mount Huashan you can see a beautiful sunrise, but in the morning the number of hikers on the Trail of Death reaches its maximum.

6. Illokkortoormiut, Greenland

Where is it: look at the map.

Getting to this town is as difficult as saying its name: it is one of the most inaccessible places in Greenland. You can get there by plane from Iceland (twice a week) and then by helicopter or boat. If the invigorating climate doesn’t bother you, you can spend your vacation there in a colored cabin surrounded by rugged Nordic landscapes that look like footage from “Lord of the Rings.” Introverts will appreciate it!

7. Manpupuner, Russia

Where is it: look at the map.

The mysterious Manpupunyor pillars are located in the Komi Republic. This unique natural monument is included in the list of Russian wonders. There are still legends about the seven stone idols that resemble frozen giants. Fans of trekking and long hikes can get here from the village of Yaksha by boat up the river, then walk. The easiest (but expensive) way to see this amazing place is a helicopter tour.

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8. La Rinconada, Peru

Where is it: look at the map.

La Rinconada is the highest settlement in the world: it is located at 5100 meters above sea level, on the border of Peru and Bolivia. The air here is thin, the climate is harsh with frosts at night and the environmental situation is bad because of the gold mines. Most of the population are gold miners who do hard labor every day. The only reason to visit La Rincon is for the beautiful scenery and the “I’ve been to the highest town in the world” check-mark. Getting to La Rinconada is extremely difficult: have to climb for a few days on the only road that leads to the town, a narrow, very steep and winding.

9. Easter Island, Chile

Where is it: look at the map.

There are 887 giant statues on Easter Island, whose origin and purpose are still a mystery. The island is separated from the Chilean mainland by 3,514 km. The flight from Santiago to the local airport takes five hours. An alternative is a yacht or a ship. In any case, the trip is not simple and budget will not be, but the bonus of the famous statues you get the warm sun and great beaches.

10. Tristan da Cunha, UK

Where is it: look at the map.

Tristan da Cunha archipelago is not in the neighbourhood of London, but in the southern hemisphere. But legally it belongs to the territory of the UK. There is no airport, so you can reach it only by sea – from the coast of South Africa, which is 2800 km away. On the largest island, lives only 300 people, but there are unique animals and insects, which are of great interest to scientists and inquisitive tourists. For example, the smallest flightless bird on the planet, the Tristan shepherd, the size of a little more than a sparrow.

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