Top 10 the most beautiful places in the world to see the sunrise

10 places to see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets

The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets are traditionally in winter and summer. Watching the extraordinary colors of the sky and the bizarre shapes of clouds is best in one of the listed places.

Cape Promthep, Phuket Island. Phuket

Cape Promthep is the southernmost point of the Thai island of Phuket. At the top of the hill there is an observation deck with the same name, which overlooks Nai Harn Beach and the islets scattered in the sea. Every evening, hundreds of Phuket residents come here for the incredible spectacle of the setting sun. Red disk sinks in the smooth surface of the sea, which is occasionally disturbed by passing yachts and boats, the clouds take on a magical peach hue.

Promthep is a very beautiful and romantic place: some take pictures against the sunset, others sit in an embrace, others just enjoy the beautiful view. Admission to the observation deck is free.

Viewpoint at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Since its construction the Marina Bay Hotel has become a trademark of Singapore, thanks to its bold architecture and rooftop pool. In addition, from the observation deck of the hotel you can see the stunning beauty of the sunset: the rays of the red-hot sun fade, illuminating urban landscape of the Asian metropolis, slowly light up the skyline of skyscrapers sink in a bright red haze.

You can watch the sunset from the pool, as a hotel guest, or from the observation deck, which can be climbed by any tourist for 20 Singapore dollars.

“The Emperor’s Throne, Corfu Island. Corfu

Not far from Corfu town is the village of Pelekas, near which from the top of one of the hills there is a unique view of the sea, mountains and the island itself. In the evening, people come here to watch the sunset and the last rays of the setting sun, drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, an unforgettable experience.

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The observation deck is called the “Emperor’s Throne” because in the early twentieth century German Kaiser Wilhelm spent the summer months on the island of Corfu, and came to the site in the evenings to watch the sunset, where he had his throne installed for his convenience.

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor is the ancient capital of Cambodia. The temple city, which sprawls over 20 square kilometers and was home to about a million people during the height of the Khmer culture, now attracts tourists from all over the world. Besides viewing the temple complexes, ruins and pagodas, people come here to meet one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world. By 4 am hundreds of people come to the walls of Angkor to watch the sunrise. For about $ 11 you can take a balloon ride into the sky to a height of 200 meters to get an even better view of the horizon and the temples against the background of the pinking sky.

Volcano Teide, Is. Tenerife

One of the most dramatic and inspiring sunrises you can experience while vacationing in Spain on Tenerife. The volcano Teide is more than 3,700 meters above sea level, where the purity of the air and transparency of the atmosphere allows you to see a truly stunning birth of a new day. The way the first rays of the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean is an unforgettable sight.

In travel agencies in Tenerife, you can buy a tour, which will include an ascent to the top of the volcano and overnight stay on it, meeting the dawn and walk through the national park. Sleeping on the volcano, you can see the magnificent starry sky, because not for nothing there is an astronomical observatory. Night and dawn in Tenerife will definitely stay in your memory for a long time.

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Watching the sunrises and sunsets in Tenerife, you can not only from the top of the volcano, but vice versa: the views on Teide are no less spectacular.

Empire State Building, New York.

See the difference between daytime and nighttime New York if you come to the observation deck or take a seat in one of the restaurants of the majestic Empire State Building an hour before sunset. On a clear day, it offers gorgeous views of the city, suburbs, and bay. Even if you can’t see the actual disk of the sun from behind the skyscrapers, you’ll be struck by the color of the sky and the peculiar shapes of the clouds, illuminated by the setting sun and painted any color from pink to blood-red.

Reflections of the setting sky in glass windows of buildings create a special magic. New Yorkers, who are always in a hurry, don’t always notice how beautiful the sunset can be in their city.

Boracay Island, Philippines

The Philippines is said to have the most beautiful sunsets on the planet. This is due to special conditions in the atmosphere: huge air masses that gather over the water surface and create bizarre optical effects, patterns, sometimes even rainbows.

The beauty and uniqueness of Philippine sunsets is difficult to capture with photos or videos. Residents of the islands, including the most popular tourist island of Boracay, every night enjoy this fabulous spectacle. Many of them even make it their ritual to watch sunsets every day on the beach in a hammock or on a beach chair with a glass of tropical cocktail.


Karelia is a wonderful place to meet the sunrises and sunsets: here the harsh, northern nature is combined with silence, tranquility and serenity. There are thousands of places to meet a new day: Zaonezhye, Priladozhye, Petrozavodsk suburbs, lake shores – the main thing is to choose what you like.

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You can also rent a cottage or house for a week or all summer. Then you will be able to enjoy a quiet, unhurried sunrise every day, sitting on the rocks among the grass, covered with dew, or a mysterious sunset, accompanied by birdsong. Photographers will get a chance to take beautiful photos and artists will get a chance to capture the beauty of the moment with a brush.

Grand Canyon, USA

Meet the sunrise at one of the famous natural landmarks of the world and the United States – the Grand Canyon – you can buy a tour at one of the local travel agencies. About an hour before sunrise tourists are picked up from their hotels and taken to one of the many observation decks, where the most interesting part begins: the majestic faults, ledges, crevices begin to emerge from the dawn haze, and you get the feeling of being on another planet.

At dawn, the Canyon’s strangeness and grandeur makes one think about man’s place and role in the natural world. There are usually few people at this time – photographers who have come to catch a good shot, artists working alone, and tourists who have decided to meet the new day here. The main tour groups do not arrive until 10 am; only sightseeing buses are allowed to get here, and private transport is not permitted.

Sapphire Lookout, Istanbul

“Sapphire is the tallest building in Istanbul and all of Turkey. It is 261 meters tall and has an observation deck on the roof, offering views of Istanbul, the Prince’s Islands and the Bosphorus Strait. In addition, on this observation deck it is good to watch the sunset, which is truly beautiful here: the setting sun illuminates the spires of the minarets and domes of the mosques, lights of the city are lit below, screaming seagulls fly by.

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You can visit “Sapphire” from 10 am to 10 pm, and while waiting for the sunset have a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, located on the observation deck and enjoy the views of the city. In addition to the Sapphire, you can watch the sunset from one of the ferries that ply the Bosphorus.

Ten best places on earth to watch the sunrise

Ten Best Places on Earth to Meet the Dawn

Sail across the sacred waters in India’s holiest and oldest city, and greet the new day with dawn. At this time of day, the river turns orange and is touched by the first rays of the sun, painting the Ganges in delicate colors.

Dawn at Machu Picchu

Dawn at Machu Picchu

Sleeping in a sleeping bag somewhere near the top of Machu Picchu Peak, gather your strength early in the morning and climb up to the peak to start a new day. Your effort will be worth it, because it is so beautiful to start a new day in this wonderful place.

Balloon over Cappadocia

A hot air balloon over Cappadocia

Famous for its irreal scenery, flying over Cappadocia is the best way to start the day. You’re sure to feel an excited tingle along your spine because of the mesmerizing dawn. At this time, the sky is filled with brightly colored balloons.

At Cadillac Mountain, USA.

At Cadillac Mountain, USA

This is the best place in America to catch the first rays of the sun – Arcadia National Park.The best time of year is fall and winter, but spring and summer are also excellent!

Summer Dawn at Stonehenge

Summer sunrise at Stonehenge

Every year at this location, the sun’s rays are compared to the structure of Stonehenge, and this stunning sight attracts a large crowd. People gather once a year, on the longest day of the year, to watch the stunning spectacle.

On the Amazon River.

On the Amazon River

Wet dark surrounded by torches, the journey at dawn on the Amazon River is mesmerizing. At this time, the water in the river is as calm as ever, its color changing as the first rays of the sun appear. The sun rises from beneath the dark silhouettes of the trees that surround the Amazon’s shoreline. Like a mirror, the river reflects yellow, orange, pink, and purple colors.

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Top of Africa, Kilimanjaro

The peak of Africa, Kilimanjaro

At the summit of Kilimanjaro, the cold, wind, and midnight darkness are intense, but as the first rays of sunlight appear, none of this matters because the view from Africa’s highest peak at sunrise is breathtaking. The panoramic view of the borderless East African Rift, which is illuminated at dawn, is from the summit.

Sunrise from space

Sunrise from outer space

This is probably the best place to meet the sun, but it is also one of the most difficult ways, and not the cheapest. The ticket price is $250,000. But still, while this “space tourism” is not so real, but someday it will become more accessible to all comers.

Dawn at Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

Dawn in Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

The huge crater of the dormant volcano Haleakala tempts sun lovers and romantics eager to see a magnificent sunrise. You have to arrive here at 3:00. It does not look tempting, but a lot of people arrive who wish to watch the arrival of a new day from this very spot.

Sunrise in Uluru

Sunrise in Uluru

This popular place is a symbol of Australia among tourists. It is also known for its magnificent dawn as the dark gray sky mixes with purple, green, and blues, and this large mountain emerges from the darkness. A riot of color skips across the expansive sandstone surface before the harsh and bright daylight colors it bright orange.

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