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10 places worth seeing in Foros


Foros is an amazing settlement in the Crimea, located on the southern tip of the peninsula. It is the sunniest place on Crimean coast with marvelous nature, marvelous beaches, and crystal clear sea water. Here the time goes on especially slowly, there is peace and quiet, everything breathes with peace and bliss.

Attractions Foros are unique and inimitable. This was appreciated by many famous and creative personalities who came to the village not only to rest and improve their health, but also to admire the marvelous beauty. And today’s tourists have something to see in Foros, where to go on a fascinating tour, where to relax for good for body and soul.

Foros Park

Foros Park

Foros Park.

Foros Park is the main attraction of the village of the same name, a remarkable monument of landscape architecture, and ‘a botanical wonder’ of the Crimean coast. The park was founded by general Rajewski in the early 19th century. At the end of the century, the land was bought by Kuznetsov, an enterprising merchant and tea trader. Due to the professionals’ efforts, one of the most picturesque Crimean parks was created on the bare space in a short period of time.

Now there are over 200 species of plants in the Foros Park, including plenty of exotic ones brought in from different parts of the world. All park territory spreads over 70 hectares and is divided into three zones.

The upper one – the forest, whimsical bushes of trees and bushes.

Middle – walking, so-called “paradise corner” with ponds, flower gardens, fountains, equipped with paths, pavilions and bridges. The lower – coastal, descending to the sea, with a memorial to the soldiers fallen in World War II. There is an estate of Kuznetsov, the founder of the park.

Address: Foros Park, Foros descent.

Kuznetsov Palace

Kuznetsov Palace

Palace of Kuznetsov.

Kuznetsov Palace is an architectural monument of the 19th century, located in the picturesque Foros Park. The palace was built in 1889 by order of the merchant Kuznetsov, the project was designed by architect Billiang. The two-storey stone building was designed in classical style with its simple shapes and straight and strict lines. The decor consists of high windows and small balconies. The interior, in contrast to the exterior, is characterized by wealth and luxury. Its parquet floor, natural oak doors, marble stairs, and fireplaces are still here.

Once upon a time, the mansion was visited by famous people, such as writers Chekhov and Gorky, composer Rachmaninov, singer Chaliapin, and painter Clover. In memory of staying in a hospitable home landscapist left a small collection of his paintings, which have been preserved to this day. The integrity of the landscapes contributed to the method of attachment of paintings – canvases were glued directly to the wet plaster in special recesses in the wall.

Now there is a museum in the mansion, the expositions of which tell about the life of the former owner of the building and the founder of the park Kuznetsov, the sanatorium library and the assembly hall.

GPS coordinates: 44.3896966488689, 33.78439434007479.

Church of the Resurrection

Church of the Resurrection

Church of the Resurrection.

The Church of Resurrection is a cultural and historical landmark of Foros, a symbol of the southern Crimea. Located on a steep cliff over 400 meters above the sea, the church seems to float in the clouds. It is not just the temple’s unusual location that makes it special, its exterior and interior decoration are also unique. Finishing was made by Italian masters of Antonio Salviatty school, painted the iconostasis known Russian artists.

Local merchant Kuznetsov initiated the construction of the temple, a religious building was erected in a short time and consecrated in 1892. As for the reasons for such a gesture of the industrialist, there are two versions. According to one, the church was built in memory of the attempt on the emperor Alexander II and his miraculous rescue. According to the second, more utilitarian, the local tea magnate simply bought off the tsar with the temple because he “entered his territory”: tea business in the 19th century was the prerogative of the monarch’s family only.

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After the events of October, the church stood empty, and everything of value was stolen. During the WWII the walls of the church were used as a shelter for the frontier guard. The church was attacked by the Germans more than once and suffered a lot. It took a long time to restore the church building from 1987 to 2004, but as a result the marvelous mosaics and wall paintings have been restored.

Address: Church of the Resurrection, Foros.

The best tours on Cape Foros:

Devil’s Stairs (Shaitan-Merdven)

Devil's Stairs (Shaitan-Merdven)

Devil’s Stairs (Shaitan-Merdven).

Devil’s Staircase is a picturesque mountain pass with a zigzag path of the same name. The pass has a second name – Shaitan-Merdven, which means “Devil’s Ladder” in Crimean Tatar. Indeed, the stone giant ledges of the trail in some places resemble a ladder, but the “steps” on it are exclusively of natural origin.

Despite its short length of just over 1 km, the trail is “rich” in surprises. In such a short stretch, there are 40 turns, some up to 160°, and after each zigzag a new and magical view of the surroundings opens up. On the way you meet the remains of a medieval fortress and there are two WWII memorials. It is noteworthy that the Devil’s Staircase was very popular among writers. At different times Zhukovsky, Griboedov, Pushkin, Garin-Mikhailovsky and Brusov visited the pass.

Address: Shaitan-Merdven, Sevastopol.

The beach “Silent Bay

The beach “Tikhaya Bay”.

A small and cozy bay with a short shoreline and a pier in the center – the beach “Silent Bay”. The beach lives up to its name. It is always quiet and windless – located in a low bay is reliably protected by mountain peaks from wind gusts, it is always quiet and not crowded, even in the most tourist season – in the bay is limited commercial activity, there are no many cafes and market stalls, which scares away many tourists.

Nevertheless, the beach is equipped with sun awnings, you can rent sun beds and umbrellas. The varied composition of the coastline from fine sand to large pebbles allows everyone to choose a “natural sun lounger” to his taste.

GPS coordinates: 44.395819 33.799884.

Temple of the Sun, “Crimean Stonehenge

Temple of the Sun, “Crimean Stonehenge”.

The Temple of the Sun is a mysterious, magical attraction of the Crimea, a sacred place, a place of power and energy. High (from 8 to 10 m) boulders border a flat, wide stone, called the altar. On one side there is a chaotic piling of stones, on the other side there is a perfect construction with the precisely adjusted arrangement of the central and peripheral boulders. The surrounding stones all incline at an angle of 60° to the central stone, and the first sunrays at dawn fall exactly on the altar stone.

It is still not known exactly when the mysterious structure appeared, what is the origin of the mystical temple, natural or man-made. There is a version (unpopular) that alien intervention was involved. The Temple of the Sun, in addition to the generally accepted, has several other names. Crimean Stonehenge – because of the similarity to the British mystical structure, Stone Flower – because of some visual resemblance to a living flower (petals and pith), Nine Monks – by the number of stones, the Dragon’s Teeth – because of the semi-circle of protruding boulders.

According to legend, if you climb the central stone altar and make a wish, you can confidently expect it to come true. Dreaming with pure thoughts and an open heart of love and kindness is the most important thing.

Address: Temple of the Sun, Yuzhnoberezhnoe shosse, Sevastopol.

Central beach

Central beach

Central beach.

The central beach of Foros is the main resort, the center of the lazy and carefree pastime of tourists, day and night. The coastline is cut by perpendicular breakwaters, dividing the territory into isolated beaches. There are five beaches – two general and three sanatorium. Everywhere the bottom is pebbly, with a mixture of large stones. But the sanatorium beaches are equipped with sun awnings, installed deck chairs, laid comfortable wooden paths.

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In the center of the beach is equipped with a diving center, swimming pools for kids, entertainment and attractions for children and adults. Market booths, rental shops, cafes and restaurants are located along the beach, open 24 hours a day.

GPS coordinates: 44.39467022923019, 33.8061359556785.

Pink Beach

Pink Beach

Pink Beach.

Pink Beach is a picturesque and compact (20×70 meters) beach in Foros. The beach got its name from the color of pebbles, which fill the coastal line during the modernization of coastal resorts and boarding houses – falling on the surf line the sunlight “extracts” a delicate, pale pink glow-reflections.

The beach is well-equipped, it is equipped with sun tents, changing rooms, showers. You can rent a deck chair and umbrella. There is a comfortable ramp from the land to the sea, which makes the beach especially attractive for families with small children.

GPS coordinates: 44.39604192332994, 33.80806229695085.

Brigantina beach

Brigantina beach

Brigantina beach.

Brigantina is a beach near the Foro Park, on the shore of which you can go down from the shady park alleys along numerous intricate paths and lanes. The approaches to the sea are both quite arranged, asphalted, and natural, with “natural” steps.

The coastal strip seems to be transported into the recent past – one can feel the post-Soviet spirit in everything. About this eloquently speak the concreted coastal platforms, far-going in the sea piers, painted railings of passages, unpretentious names of public catering points. Thus on the face striving to the organization of rest on “higher class”: there are changing rooms, showers, there is a rent of sun beds and tents, on affinity set of trading benches, cafe and bars.

GPS coordinates: 44.3884949955336, 33.78241910339931.

Gagarina Park

Gagarin Park

Gagarin Park.

The Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Recreation Park is a nice landmark of Foros, a cozy and comfortable place to relax. Overgrown with trees a small square crossed by well-groomed alleys, on comfortable benches in the shade of foliage pleasant to take a breath and escape from the hustle and bustle of the day. There is a bust of the first cosmonaut in a picturesque park.

Many Russian cities have streets, boulevards, parks and squares named after Gagarin. But unlike all other towns, Foros can boast that Yuri Gagarin really rested on its delightful coast after his first, difficult and dangerous flight. Old residents of the village personally communicated with the first man in space, as evidenced by his autographs and joint photos.

16 interesting sights of Foros

Attractions in Foros

Foros has long been a deserted part of Crimea, covered with bushes and trees. In the 19th century, land began to actively buy up the rich subjects of the Russian Empire. Now Foros is a picturesque town for a quiet and relaxing vacation. Entertainment complexes are not available here, but there are many interesting sights. In this article, I’ll tell you where you should definitely go and show interesting places on the map.

What to see in Foros on your own?

If you come there for the first time in my life, then on all the excursions is better to go with a guide or tour guide. This will not only enjoy the beautiful scenery and architecture, but also expand your horizons with new knowledge.

Both lovers of seclusion and loud companies will find a place for themselves in Foros.

Foros will find a place and lovers of solitude and noisy companies

For example, you can visit the Laspi Bay, the beaches, the Baidar Valley on your own, especially if you have a car. But travel through the canyons, tracts, cave towns is better to perform with experienced guides. You can go to Miskhor and Alupka by bus.

Where to go in winter

There are a lot of attractions in the vicinity can be seen regardless of the time of year. For example, the house of Count Kuznetsov, or the park adjacent to the house, or the same Foros church. But such as the Skelka Cave or the Temple of the Sun is better to visit in the dry season.

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Foros offers the following organized tours today. A trip to the Uzundzha Canyon, the dolphinarium in Laspi Bay, the Skelka Cave, a trip to the wineries, the “Drunken Grove” in Foros Park and many others.

Cold beach

Relatively wild beach without attractions, deckchairs, umbrellas and other attributes of civilization. There is only a wooden awning all by itself. Going here you should stock up on drinks and food. The name comes from the fact that the water here is colder than in other parts of the Black Sea near the coast. There is a simple explanation – here there are as many as three cold springs flowing into the sea.

Beach Derevyashka

In any resort area on the coast has always been nudist beaches. Near Foros this beach is “Derevyashka”. To get to him, you need to take a walk through the Foros Park, passing it through to the asphalted highway. And from there there are several descents. For descents no one particularly watching, so they are washed away by rain and very steep. The beach is considered wild, so there are a lot of tents in the bathing season.

The beach “Silent Bay

One of the few beaches in Foros, which is sparsely populated compared to the others, even in the peak bathing season. This is because the village council imposed restrictions on entrepreneurial activity in this place. So it is worth stocking up on food and water to visit the beach. Well and to reach it will have to spend more time than to other beaches. Pebbles on the beach are fine, the coast is quiet and clean. The sea bottom is steep enough and the bay is deep. Therefore, there is even a pier.

Devil’s Stairs

Mountain pass near Foros in ancient times served as communication between the southern coast and the mountain cave settlements. Stairs, as such, are not here. The way is quite simple and though Shartan-Merdven is only 1 km long, the way up will take not less than 30 minutes. You can get there both with a tour and on your own. Take the Sevastopol-Yalta highway and get off at the Oliva stop. According to the signs, you will pass the boarding house and get to the Old Road to Yalta. From there, you begin the ascent to the top.

Temple of the Sun

From the turn to the Laspi Bay, you will reach the Temple of the Sun. It is a formation of many tons of stones, the location resembling the sun. It is considered the most mysterious and mystical place of power. It is beloved by adherents of esoteric teachings and yoga for pilgrimage. It is believed that the temple can grant wishes. There is also a legend that only people with pure thoughts can easily overcome the path to the temple. Those who carry evil within them will encounter great difficulties along the way. The researchers of the “Anenerbe” believed that a place of power was located here to control and influence events throughout the world. Research was attempted here. The purposes of the research are still classified to this day, and the research teams simply disappeared.

Gorbachev’s Dacha

There are also places of interest that tourists with all the desire to visit can not. For example, in Foros it is Gorbachev’s dacha. It is 2 kilometers away from the Foros. The place for the construction was chosen by the wife of the Secretary General. Worse place in all respects could not be invented. First of all, this place is very difficult to guard the territory, as the area is open on all sides. And because of seismological factors and constant landslides, the place is generally unsuitable for any construction. Plants were brought here, because the slope was poor in vegetation. The dacha is surrounded by a high multi-meter fence. Inside, there was a separate communication center and even a “nuclear” room, in addition to expensive decorations. Although a luxurious apartment should attract the attention of the powers that be, it was used by Leonid Kuchma only. The cottage is considered to be a place with “bad energy”.

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Laspi Pass and viewing platform

The pass is located on the road from Sevastopol to Yalta. It is the first and the highest point that actually starts the southern coast of Crimea. From the observation deck you can admire the view of Batiliman and Laspinskaya bay. A visit to the observation deck is included in the tour to Yalta. There are parking lots, restrooms, cafes, and even a motel near the observation deck. There is a wide range of souvenirs from Crimea. You can get there either by taking a tour or by taking public transportation to the stop “Laspi Pass”.

Laspi Bay

Just 800 meters from the pass there is a bay with the same name. It is a very beautiful and warm place on the southern coast of Crimea. Despite its name, the water in the bay is crystal clear. Due to the fact that even in winter it never drops below 15 degrees Celsius, the neighborhood can be admired all year round. Thanks to its beautiful scenery and clear waters Laspi lit up in such films as Amphibian Man, Savages, and Until First Blood.

Bay and Natural boundary Batiliman

The cove is famous for its water. It is considered one of the cleanest on the coast. This is due to strong currents that are three to four times a day updates the water area of the bay. The tract grows plants, many of which are 1000 years old. Many of them are included in the Red Book. This is one of the favorite places of divers and climbers. The walls of the tract is almost sheer, and the ascent to the mountains that surround this place is quite difficult.

Canyon Uzunji.

Named by the river of the same name, Uzundzha, which comes from Ai-Petri and flows into Chernorechenskaya water reservoir. Journey through the canyon is interesting enough if you wear the right outfit – at least comfortable shoes and clothes, and warm paita in your backpack. There is no car route along the river, all 11 km will have to be overcome on foot. The river is very shallow, so in the dry summer can dry up completely. To appreciate all the beauty of the mountain river, it is better to come here in the spring. Although, to see what was hidden under water, to explore the bed is also an interesting thing to do.

Baidar Valley

The valley is located in the southeastern direction from Sevastopol. It is considered the most picturesque in the Crimea. It lies in a valley and connects Foros and Laspi. Along the valley flows the Black River and there are two reservoirs – Chernorechenskoye and Goncharinskoe. Relief and vegetation in some way reminiscent of Switzerland, but in miniature. The valley is a source of underground fresh water, which is very important for the peninsula. Today is a nature reserve, many animals and plants are included in the red book. A Roman road ran through the valley, the remains of which are still preserved today. It was used mainly in winter and autumn, when shipping became impossible for Roman and other commercial vessels. From Foros to the valley you can get through Baydarskie Gates.

Baydar Gate

The Baydar Gate pass is the first thing you see on your way from the South Coast to Sevastopol. The gates were built in 1848. This event coincided with the opening of the road Sevastopol – Yalta. In appearance, the arch of the gate somewhat resembles the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. On the roof is an observation deck, from which you can admire the surroundings and take beautiful pictures. The beauty of the pass was marked even by the Empress Catherine II, and after the construction of “front door” from the valley to the South Coast, it came here A. Mickiewicz, L. Ukrainka, Mayakovsky and others. During the war the pass was a strategic point, which could not be held in spite of all the efforts made. Although for one day the detachment of Terletsky managed to deter the troops of Hitler’s Germany, while the main troops retreated to Sevastopol.

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Skelskaya Cave

The cave is located in the lower reaches of the Uzundzha River. It appeared as a result of a break in the earth’s crust, and natural factors have perfected it to its present form. Water seeps through the limestone, which formed a whole palace of stalactites and stalagmites. Due to the formation of stalagmites, five halls were formed, which can be visited by anyone. Each hall has its own name, which is not random and reflects the presence of bizarre figures in each of the rooms. The names are the Knight’s Hall, the Organ Hall, the Fireplace Hall, the Dolphin Hall and the Hall of Ghosts. Entrance to the cave is allowed only with an escort, because the descent into such earthly cavities associated with certain dangers, and not all tourists are experienced climbers or diggers. Pleasantly pleased with the fact – to the cave is a road, which can be used to get to the entrance.

House of Count Kuznetsov

A wealthy tea entrepreneur was one of the first to buy land in the Crimea near Foros. He had weak lungs and moving to the Crimea was to improve his health. He chose a place that was perfect for his building. On the adjoining territory he had laid out a park, into which he had brought many unique and rare plants. Despite the size of the mansion, it was built in just a few years. The exterior decoration blended perfectly with the design of the park. The interior decoration was unparalleled. The collection of panels could be envied by the Tretyakov Gallery. By the way, all the paintings were glued to the walls. This mishandling saved their existence during the war and the looting of the estate. Nowadays Kuznetsov’s house is located on the territory of the sanatorium. The entrance is free, so anyone can admire it. You can get to the site from Yalta and Sevastopol. Get off at the Forosky Descent stop.

Foros Park

The inspirer and creator was the same tea magnate Kuznetsov. In the 19th century he was engaged in improvement and landscaping of the territory around his mansion. In the park are collected a variety of plants, cascade of ponds and waterfalls just fascinating. You can walk around it all day long during the entire vacation. For those who like to relax on the beach, right out of the park down the alley you can go down to the landscaped beach. The park can be divided into two parts. The first – Paradise, is landscaped for hiking. The second is a forest of trees, which number more than a hundred years. There is a sad curiosity with the park. By order of Stalin, after the American president visited the park, all the cypresses were cut down. For Americans, cypresses are cemetery trees.

Foros Church

It is considered one of the main attractions of the Crimea and is located at an altitude of 412 meters above sea level. It is visible from the highway Sevastopol-Yalta and overhangs it. The church is active, so every Sunday services are held, every day you can observe the wedding or baptism. The church was built by the same magnate Kuznetsov. There are two versions of the reasons for the construction of the church. First says that it was built in honor of the miraculous rescue of Emperor Alexander III and his family during the train crash. The second is more banal. Kuznetsov was a tea magnate, and the royal family had a monopoly on the tea trade at the time. This is a kind of payoff for breaking the monopoly. In any case, the temple was frequently visited by the royal family.

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