Top 10 places to visit in the US

Top 10 must-see cities to visit in the USA

Did you know that the U.S. is a country where every second inhabitant of the planet travels? Hundreds of thousands of tourists annually travel across the vast expanses of the country, visiting cities and towns. And there really is something to see and be amazed at. When planning your trip to the United States, take a look at the cities that we think are must-see. So we present you the top 10 American cities worthy of attention.


New York City, NY.

New York City, New York

This is truly a tourist paradise, and many of its attractions have become legendary. New York City (NY) is the heart of all America, the center of luxury and global business, the trendy city where you can’t sleep 24 hours a day, the city that bursts with excitement and gives you a good mood. As soon as you get to New York, you feel like you’ve been here before and seen it all: the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and colorful riverfront, Manhattan, stunning Grand Central Station, the magnificent Museum Mile with its famous museums, enormous Central Park, the Empire State Building’s crazy skyscraper, and of course, the most unusual street in the world – Broadway. And it’s not déjà vu. You’ve really seen it all. In the movies.

San Francisco, Calif.

San Francisco, California.

“The City of a Thousand Lights” (as the song sings) with wacky locals, freethinkers and consummate inventors who for years now have never wanted to come down to earth from the clouds. San Francisco, CA will charm even the most fastidious traveler with its quaint restaurants with maestro chefs, parrots perched atop trees and funny wandering poets who always answer you with rhyming lines. It is a city of legend, a symbol of the American West, a “rookery” of gold diggers. The city with one of the largest suspension bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge. In general, a crazy city that is worthy of your attention and megabytes of digital camera.

Chicago, IL.

The city that sits on the Michigan River, and which can rightly be called the “second” in America Chicago (Chicago, Illinois), a city of skyscrapers, famous buildings that were built in the 1920s by the best architects in the country, and beautiful green parks. Chicago is also called the “Windy City”. The winds do blow hard here, and the gusts are made stronger by the sheer number of skyscrapers. People in Chicago are always in a hurry, whether they’re going to a conference or another sale at an ultra-modern fashionable store. It’s a bustling city that gets even more hectic in the evening and at night. Thousands of restaurants and clubs welcome their visitors with live jazz music and great food. It’s a city with the stigma of Al Capone’s Prohibition days, a city of crime-ridden neighborhoods where gangsters once operated and the Mafia thrived.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

A unique city in the United States, with a rich history and traditions that are still preserved by the local population, the magnificent architecture of the old neighborhoods. New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana), or New Orleans, was once a colony of the Spanish and then the French. That’s why people speak half-English and half-French. Many people associate it with the Mardi Gras festival, during which there are many costume parades. New Orleans is the cradle of jazz, the birthplace of Louis Armstrong. It was in the Storyville area that the first chords of blues and reggae were first played by street musicians in brass bands. And let’s not forget the famous Creole cuisine with its delicious bénées and gumbo, étouffée and jambalaya. And we also remember it as the city that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina…

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

A huge city with perpetual traffic and smog – Los Angeles, CA. Many people are disappointed after visiting there. But how can the City of Angels be disappointing? Yes, it’s a hustle and bustle, a kaleidoscope of culture, cuisine and high society, with magnificent museums and luxurious villas that cost a pretty penny. Here you can easily meet a movie star, if not in a restaurant, then in a chic boutique, and always in an expensive convertible car. Santa Monica with its flamboyant clubs and night parties and Hollywood with its Beverly Hills and Movie Stars Walk of Fame. LA is snow-white beaches with azure bays and fabulously expensive Malibu real estate. And, of course, a favorite entertainment destination for adults and children – Disneyland amusement park and fairy tale characters.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The complete antipode of LA is Las Vegas, Nevada, or as it is called here “Sin City”. Every traveler, who comes to the USA, dreams to come and spin roulette or play a game of poker in one of the casinos in Las Vegas, hit the jackpot playing “one-armed bandit” at least for a day. Or simply have a good time in the city’s most elite establishment. Only in Las Vegas in one evening you can become a millionaire or a pauper. And most importantly, you won’t find hours anywhere in the city: don’t fill your head with time and devote yourself to entertainment!

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Boston, MA

Boston, Massachusetts

Why has Boston (Boston, Massachusetts) been one of the top 10 most visited cities in America for so many years? It’s a city with a storied history and many interesting museums and local art galleries, neighboring Harvard, Cambridge and MIT. And on top of that, you can see a real live performance at every intersection. Boston’s neighborhoods are colorful, with a very special atmosphere. Downtown is a tourist mecca and the business side of town. In Black Bay you encounter luxury and wealth at every turn. Beacon Hill is the old neighborhood with its original brick houses and gas lanterns. But if you want to be in Chinatown, visit one of the largest Chinatowns in the United States. It was the sabotage of the Boston Tea Party – that started the American War of Independence in 1773.

Miami, FL.

Miami (Miami, Florida) is the capital of beach and cruise business, a sunny city that fills the hearts of its guests only with positive emotions. Miami is 40 km of beachfront with prestigious hotels and expensive (and not so expensive) restaurants, with luxury yachts and fashionable stores. The standard scheme for tourists here is “beach-room-restaurant-club”. If you get tired of the pattern, head to Art Deco, a nightlife hotspot with an atmospheric oceanfront location on Ocean Drive. But if that’s not enough, take a cruise to the Caribbean and Bahamas, straight from Miami, on a fancy liner or private ship (if you have more money in your wallet).

Washington, DC

Washington, Columbia

Many tourists who have been to Washington, DC, complain that the city is boring. Perhaps they are right, because after all this is the capital of one of the largest states in the world, a city where officials and businessmen live and where important decisions are made and where the fate of many people is decided. Here is the residence of the President of the United States – the White House, and the place where the U.S. Congress sits – the Capitol. Washington is home to the Pentagon and the FBI building. There are many state museums, art galleries, and a zoo that you can visit for free. In the heart of the city is the National Mall, an open area with museums and memorials featuring art from around the world. And you won’t see anywhere else in the world as clean as the city’s subway: people ride there in suits and white shirts and polished boots. The business capital, as it were.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

You know where it’s summer 365 days a year in the U.S.? It’s in Honolulu, Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Many people compare Honolulu to the “American Apple.” But it’s not. Although the city has as many skyscrapers as New York City. It is a great place to relax with pristine golden beaches, where you can see hundreds of surfers and luxury private yachts on the crests of the ocean waves. And tourists, as an extreme, are offered a cage dive into the ocean to sharks. Near Honolulu is the main U.S. Navy base Pearl Harbor, better known for its tragic history and the events of 1941, when more than 2,000 troops were killed after the Japanese bombing, prompting the U.S. to participate in World War II. But if you still want to see real Hawaiian life and comprehend the Polynesian culture, you should definitely go to the island villages, see the folk dances of the islanders, learn about their everyday life, learn to weave flower wreaths and make national souvenirs.

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Top 10 places to visit in the US

Crossing the ocean and visiting another continent is worth doing at least once in your life. The United States of America, thanks to its enormous size, is the fourth largest country in the world, after Russia, Canada, and China. The state of 50 states attracts its contrasts, from different panoramas to a variety of attractions. The 10 best places in the USA for tourists, given in this article, will help you decide on the route.

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1. Nature Parks

The American landscape is a large number of natural wonders. For example, the impressive Grand Canyon in Colorado, as well as many national parks: Yellowstone, Yosemite Park, Grizzly Bear.

If you love mother nature, sightseeing, and sports, then visiting at least one of these incredible creations of the American continent should definitely be on your wish list!

Top 10 Places to Tourist in the USA - Picture 2

Grand Canyon in Colorado 1. Natural Parks

2. Walking in New York City

You could say of New York City, “The city that never sleeps.” It is a must-see in the United States. Here you can find everything: art, museums, exhibitions, fashion, music, stores, etc. In New York, you will feel like the main actor of your own movie.

Top 10 Places to Tourist Destination - Picture 3

2. Walking in New York City

3. Journey on Route 66

A trip through the United States is another experience that is a must-have. It will help you enjoy breathtaking views of American reality. And also find in the backcountry: mythical cafes, restaurants, and motels that will teleport you to a classic movie.

Route 66 is one of the most famous roads in the world. It starts in Chicago, where you can rent a car (such as a Mustang or Cadillac) and travel across the country until you reach Los Angeles.

10 Best Places to Explore in the United States - Photo 4

3. Travel on Route 66.

4. What happens in Las Vegas stays there forever

“Sin City” is worth a visit because the eccentricity of Las Vegas makes it a unique place in the world. You can feel the glamour by staying in one of its impressive casino hotels. For example, the Venetian, which has a replica of Piazza San Marco inside and canals with gondolas. Alternatively, you can bet a few tokens on roulette, Black Jack or slot machines and cross your fingers for luck.

You will either love Las Vegas or hate it, because it leaves no one indifferent. Las Vegas is certainly one of the best places to visit in the USA!

10 best places to visit in the United States - Photo 5

4. What happens in Las Vegas stays there forever

5. San Francisco is a Stylish City

San Francisco is a city that is easy to fall in love with and a little different from other typical American cities. A visit to Chinatown, the popular Lombard Street, a ride on the famous cable cars are just some of the important places not to be missed in this city.

The magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, where you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views as well as seeing the Alcatraz prison will make your stay in San Francisco even more memorable!

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10 best places to visit in USA - Photo 6

5. San Francisco – The City in Style

6. The Food Experience.

Americans are the kings of street, junk food. In this country you can find several Guinness World Records. For example, the world’s largest hot dog or ice cream, 60 layers in a sandwich.

There are many restaurants in the United States where you can compete in eating. The point of the competition is to eat a lot of food in a short time. If you are a true foodie and want to see how far you can go for a free meal, we recommend giving it a try. The main thing is not to overindulge in eating too much food!

10 best places to visit in USA - Photo 7

6. The Food Experience.

7. The Embrace of Hollywood Stars.

The Walk of Fame, the Dolby Theater (formerly known as the Kodak Theater), palm trees, and the classic “Hollywood” sign looking out over the city from above are just some of the elements that make Hollywood worth a visit. Walk the streets of the Walk of Fame to touch the hand, foot of your favorite actor, singer.

10 best places to visit in USA - Photo 8

7. Embrace the stars of Hollywood.

8. Theme park, dive into childhood

In the United States of America, there are all great theme parks. The Disney Factory has 4 theme parks and 2 water parks located around the country.

There are also theme parks at Universal Studios. The most famous of which are located in California and Orlando. There you can enjoy breathtaking rides, and visit the filming of popular movies and TV series.

10 best places to visit in the United States - Photo 9

8. Theme park, dip into your childhood.

9. Live sporting events

Popcorn, hot dogs, lots of screaming and excitement. Where are we? At any sporting event in the United States, of course! There’s plenty to choose from: basketball, baseball, hockey, American soccer…

Attending a sporting event is another unforgettable experience: the atmosphere, the lighting, the singing of the national anthem, the sports cheerleaders, turn any simple game into a real show!

10 best places to visit in USA - Photo 10

American Football 9. Live sport broadcasts

10. The White House

A visit to the capital cannot be excluded from the list of the best places in the United States. The White House in Washington witnesses many key episodes of American history.

A tour of the White House, a visit to the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument make this visit to Washington a must.

Top 10 Places to Tourist in the USA - Photo 11

10. The White House

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