Top 10 Pizzerias in Bologna, Italy

Best 10 Restaurants in Bologna, Bologna

Top 10 Restaurants in Bologna, Bologna

Best 10 Restaurants in Bologna, Bologna

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Bologna is just north of downtown Bologna, a thriving Italian city that boasts glazed terracotta houses, charming labyrinthine alleys and narrow streets, and many well-preserved historical monuments. After a full day of careful sightseeing, leave the center of Bologna and head north of the city, where the Bolognina area offers a variety of modern restaurants and trattorias to bring you back to the 21st century. Here are our some of the best places to visit for refueling after exploring the city.


Le Golosità di Nonna Aurora

This charming little trattoria is a favorite among locals and considered a hidden gem among travelers. The chef offers delightful home-style cuisine, and the dining room at this restaurant is a full hearted Italian experience. It’s exactly what comes to mind when picturing a full family feast in a rustic Italian home. Expect a classic Italian menu that offers a selection of cured meats, delicious homemade breads and expert pastas, complete with friendly service in pleasantly broken English.

Address and phone number: 45 Aristotle Fioravanti, +39 0 51 35 79 19


Smoked ham | © Hans / Pixabay

Trattoria di Via Serra

The cuisine at Trattoria di Via Serra certainly prides itself on Bologna’s regional cuisine and high-quality food, and has earned the right to do so. The chef is warm, welcoming and passionately guides his customers through the cooking process in a detailed and unpretentious way. Customers are informed of the inspiration for the dishes, the provenance of artfully fresh produce and the local method of preparation. The dishes are still moderately priced despite the high standards and quality of the ingredients.

Address and phone number: 9 Via Luigi Serra, +39 5 16 31 23 30

Well Made Fioravanti

Unlike the medieval city streets, this restaurant reflects Bologna’s modern status as a modern city. The interior of Well Done Fioravanti is elegant and classy, with large wooden tables, chalkboard and exposed brickwork. The focal point is the large wood, which serves as a dodgy centerpiece. In addition to the chic setting, the food is delicious, with a menu that offers a minimalist variety of gourmet burgers. The specialty is the home of the “Ready Burger,” which is a patty made from a mix of pork and beef braised in beer. It’s a great place for those who get tired of pasta.

Address and phone number: 37 Via Fioravanti, +39 5 10 28 48 23


Gourmet brasserie | © Courtesy of Well Done Fioravanti

Yu Garden

For a complete departure from an authentic Italian lunch, head to Yu Garden. The restaurant is just a stone’s throw away from the Parco del Dopolavoro Ferroviario, which is one of the city’s many green spaces. This restaurant offers its customers a fusion of East Asian cuisines, referring to Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine. Buffet-style service does not detract from the overall experience, as the Oriental cuisine on the menu is colorful and of the freshest quality. The restaurant’s specialty is its sushi, lovingly created and inspired by the owner’s time in Shanghai.

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Address and phone number: 218 Via Stalingrado, +39 5 14 84 37 02

Ristorante Pizzeria Rò Sost

The menu at Ristorante Pizzeria Rò Cocò offers many other Italian dishes to choose from, the mosaic pizza oven located in the center of the restaurant has a rustic charm and its temptation cannot be resisted. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list; the perfect complement to hearty Italian cuisine. As for the interior, the dining is softly lit and the decor consists of mixed furniture, all of which adds to its authentic charm.

Address and phone number: 58 Via Ferrarese, +39 0 51 35 53 62


Portici via Saragozza entro le Mura | © Francobraso / WikiCommons

Trattoria Vecchio Mercato

This typical Italian trattoria takes its name from the local market, which passes within walking distance of the restaurant’s doors. The cuisine offers a feast of local produce and offers dishes with the utmost care and attention to detail. The aesthetics of the food and its elegant presentation are an art form in themselves. The recipes are varied and creative; diners can expect an exciting, modern approach to their old Italian favorites, including gluten-free pizza. Classic Italian breads, such as focaccia, are made and freshly baked, filling the restaurant with the delicious smell of baking dough. Without a doubt, this trattoria is a pleasurable experience for all the senses.

Address and phone number: 49 Via Plero Gobetti, +39 39 38 56 46 48

Grotto Azzura.

This restaurant has an extensive menu that offers a variety of quality seafood dishes inspired by the stunning sea cave on the Amalfi coast, which influenced the restaurant’s name. Fish options include classic Italian style squid and shrimp fried in garlic for a tasty pastry. The kitchen also offers traditional Italian pasta with seafood raisins. Trattoria is the place where customers can find delicious pizzas in the much sought-after neopolitical style, with a thin, crispy and black base.

Address and phone number: 125 Via di Corticella, +39 05 13 58 181


Koko Ristorante Giapponese

Koko Ristorante Giaponese brings originality and modern cuisine to Bologna, specializing in a unique fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine for explosive, robust flavors. In true Oriental style, the restaurant operates on a buffet basis, but it’s perfect for customers looking for a wide selection, which the place has plenty of. Customers can choose their desired type of meat and preferred cuts, and the food is grilled and cooked in front of you, bringing a practical interactive element to the dining room. Although it may not be the best dining experience in Bologna, customers are guaranteed quality, fresh food, efficient service and everything at a reasonable price.

Address and phone number: 119 Via Ferrarese, +39 5 16 31 04 90

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El Greco Ristorante

As the name suggests, this restaurant offers traditional Greek cuisine. The dishes are simple but delicious, with a strong focus on seafood, as well as classic Greek salads and light tzaziki that never lends itself to delivery. To reflect the restaurant’s theme, the decor is inspired by the Greeks, with Corinthian-style columns and wall murals with blue domed buildings synonymous with Greek culture. El Greco should be judged by those looking for an escape from the classic Italian cuisine that is widely found throughout the city.

Address and phone number: 51 Via Nicolò Dall’Arca, +39 0 51 36 96 95


Tsatsiki | © Nikodem Nijaki / WikiCommons


A short walk from Bologna Central Station, this place is a convenient place for a quick lunch or an evening drink. Fermento is a restaurant that doubles as a wine bar with a regional wine source that is fantastic in its quality. In addition to the drink list, customers can enjoy deli style sandwiches made from delicious Italian bread, as well as delicious pastas and soups such as radish and pumpkin soup. The furnishings are modern in design, combined with an exposed brick wall and low pendant lights, providing a cozy atmosphere.

What to eat in Bologna: Emilia-Romagna’s main dishes and good restaurants in Bologna

Bologna is one of the most delicious cities in Italy. After all, everyone’s favorite Parmesan, lasagna, tortellini or prosciutto from Parma are the specialties of Emilia-Romagna, and Bologna is the capital of this region of the country.

In today’s piece, I tell you what you should definitely try during your trip to Bologna, and I also give you the addresses of the right places to go for a tasting, lunch or dinner.


1. MORTADELLA Russians often think that mortadella is the Italian equivalent of our doctor’s sausage. This is completely wrong, although, indeed, in appearance they are very similar. In both cases it is a round sausage with white pieces of fat. But mortadella is made 100% from pork, and it is seasoned with crushed myrtle berries and pepper.

In terms of size, in the case of mortadella, the principle works: the bigger the better. Sometimes in Bologna they make a sausage the size of the famous Lenin log. The name specialita comes from the Latin word mortarium, the name of the ceramic bowls in which the Romans used to grind meat for making sausages. And, yes, mortadella is a sausage with a rich history. Archaeologists believe the people of ancient Rome loved to indulge in it, and the first recorded recipe for mortadella dates back to 1376.

2. Parma prosciutto Well, who hasn’t heard of it! The classic prosciutto crudo from Parma is famous all over the world, and in Bologna succulent dried hams are on the doorstep of every other bar. I see no point in telling about it, but I have to remind you that you should try it in Bologna.

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3. Parmigiano Reggiano was invented in the Middle Ages by Benedictine monks. It happened somewhere between XII and XIII centuries, and since then the recipe of this famous hard cheese hasn’t changed a lot. The work begins on April 1 and ends on November 11.

One kilogram of Parmesan requires about 16 liters of milk, and the cheese ripens, depending on the type, from 12 to 40 months. The older the Parmesan, the higher the price, and the richer the flavor and aroma. The readiness of the product is checked with silver hammers: special people go round the rows with the cheese heads, hit them with hammers and determine by the sound whether the Parmesan is up to the mark or not.

4. If prosciutto from Parma is a delicacy, then culatello is a super delicacy; it’s not without reason that the royal family of Monaco and Giorgio Armani order this ham for their Christmas dinners. Culatello is made from hams of pork that are cured for 36 months.

The precious ham comes in two varieties: black and white. No, in color it is exactly the same, here it all depends on the breed of pigs whose meat is used to produce culatello. White ham is said to have a delicate and mild flavor, while black ham has a wild and rich flavor. And, while in Bologna you can find culatello made from the meat of white pigs everywhere, the black ham is served only in selected places, because it is considered a delicacy of the highest category.


SALUMERIA SIMONI is one of the central places in the city where you should go to buy mortadella, cheeses, prosciutto or culatello. The store has been open since the 1960s, and one look in the store windows can drive a hungry person crazy. Or drool in their mouths. The shop has a bar where you should stop in for an aperitif. Also the owners of the store opened a restaurant Laboratorio Simoni, its main specialty is just ham and cheeses.

Salumeria Simoni’s shop is located at Via Drapperie 5/2a. Address of the Laboratorio Simoni restaurant: Via Pescherie Vecchie 3/B. General phone number: +39 3518801130.

TAMBURINI is another cool shop in the city center that sells the best of everything at once. It has tables at the entrance where you can settle in with a glass of wine and goodies. From noon to 6 p.m. it also serves hot snacks and the store’s wine bar is open from 12 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Address: Via Caprarie, 1 40124, Tel: +39 051 234726


Pasta in Bologna must be handmade. Another of its distinctive features is a rich yellow color. The thing is that the eggs used in making all kinds of pasta have very rich yolk color. And by the way, Italians themselves consider pasta of Emilia-Romagna to be the best in the country. Not without reason chefs from neighboring Tuscany and Rome come here to learn how to make it.

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TAGLIATELLE AL RAGU There’s no such thing as spaghetti bolognese in Italy. The Americans invented the recipe and like all fakes, it’s disgusting compared to the original. If you see it on the menu of a restaurant in Bologna, get out of there as fast as you can. This place is only for tourists and locals avoid it a mile away. The classic pasta in Bologna is tagliatelle with minced meat (tagliatelle al ragu).

It is long and flat, and its name comes from the word for “cut” (tagliare). The tagliatelle is said to have been invented on the occasion of the wedding of Lucrezia Borgia and Alfonso I d’Este, duke of Ferrara – allegedly inspired by the long golden hair of the bride. The pasta is Bologna’s most famous and must be tasted by all without exception.

Tortellini There’s a beautiful legend about this pasta, too. It is said to have been invented by a chef in love and the shape of the tortellini repeats the navel of the girl he was in love with. In the classic homemade version, tortellini are made with chicken or minced meat and served in broth. However, the pasta is even more delicious with tender rabbit meat. Tortellini stuffed with ricotta or pumpkin are also popular in Bologna and these are great options for vegetarians.

The lasagne (LASAGNE AL FORNO) is considered an iconic dish in Bologna and was invented in Naples in the XIV century. By the way, in Bologna lasagna is often eaten not with a knife and fork, but with a spoon. Unusual, but generally convenient.


The name of the pasta can be translated as “hats” and it’s really reminiscent of Alpine shooters’ headdresses. The filling can be ground meat, ricotta or mushrooms, but the best cappelletti are always made with ground capon meat. They are served in broth.


1. Bologna resident Anna Maria, now in her eighth decade, works in the kitchen of Trattoria Annamaria. The pasta here is made simply according to traditional recipes, as they say, like your grandmother’s. Tagliatelle with ragu or porcini mushrooms are unmissable hits on the menu. Address: Via Belle Arti, 17/A, tel: +39 051 266894 2.

2. L’altro? is located in the Mercato delle erbe, Bologna’s vegetable market, and its name can best be translated as “What else? Here you can try the classic types of pasta: lasagne or tagliatelle with meat ragu, and versions with lemon zest or slices of prosciutto. Address: Mercato delle Erbe, Via Ugo Bassi, 23/25, 40121, Tel: +39 351 014 4191

Osteria Broccaindosso is a favorite of Bologna locals. It serves exclusively local seasonal specialties, but the restaurant also has a gluten-free menu. At the end of summer and beginning of autumn the osteria is especially crowded. Locals come here to try pasta with precious porcini mushrooms from Borgorato, the dish costs about 15 euros. Address: Via broccaindosso 7/a 40125, Tel: +39 348 169 8924

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4. Le sfogline is one of the best places to buy handmade pasta and to watch how it is made. But the owner Renate Zappoli and her daughters Daniele and Monica are best at tagliatelle and tortellini filled with meat or ricotta. For years, the Zappoli family has owned a store where Bologna residents come to buy handmade pasta for their homes. Address: Via Belvedere 7, 40121 Bologna BO


The name of this dish often confuses Russians. Many people even joke that cotoletta is a cutlet from a cat. In fact, La cotoletta alla bolognese is not a cutlet at all. And not even schnitzel, which is very similar to cotoletta alla milanese. In Bologna, they do not fry a piece of veal or chicken fillet in breadcrumbs, but in lard melted from lard.

Then the veal or chicken fillet is for some time immersed in the meat broth to make the cotuletta not too dry. Then it is again fried in a deep pan, previously supported on top by a thin piece of prosciutto. But this is not the end! In the last but one step they sprinkle the kotoletta with parmesan, put it in the oven and wait until the cheese melts completely. And just before serving, the dish is sprinkled with white truffle shavings.


Since cotoletta alla bolognese is an ancient dish, the attitude towards it in Bologna is respectful. Every year there is even a competition among restaurants for the best cotoletta in the city. In 2018, the winners were:

1. The family restaurant Diana , which is located in the city center and is considered one of the best in Bologna. The meat dishes here are above the most generous praise. Address: Via Volturno, 5, 40121, phone: +39 051 231302.

Trattoria Bertozzi is a classic Italian trattoria. This place is famous not only for its cotoletta alla bolognese, which is always generously sprinkled with truffles. Tagliatelle with ragu and lamb is also worth ordering here. Address: Via Andrea Costa 84, 40134, phone: +39 051 614 1425

The Oltre Osteria is the third place we recommend to everyone. In fact, it is a restaurant for special occasions, not without reason it was mentioned in the guide for 2019 by the picky Michelin critics. Bologna’s traditional dishes are reinterpreted here in an original way, but they do not forget about the traditions in the creative process. By the way, apart from cottoletta, Oltre also serves amazing tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms from Borgorato. Address: b 1, Via Augusto Majani, 40122, phone +39 051 0066049, take a table on WhatsApp

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