Top 10 most haunted and spooky forests in the world. Part 2

Top 25: The scariest places on the planet, where only a few would dare to go

There are some places where even the bravest and most hardened people will not want to go. Places of bloody tragedies, murders, supernatural phenomena or simply very creepy incidents that give chills even to the most desperate.

If you are one of those people who has a strange fascination with visiting haunted houses and creepy places, then you will definitely enjoy this post! This list compiles 25 of the scariest places that exist on our planet, and faint-hearted people should avoid them at all costs!

From the terrifying “Suicide Forest” in Japan and the haunted Lip Castle in Ireland to the creepy voodoo market in Togo and the dreaded Italian catacombs (with mummies dressed as if they were alive), all the places on today’s list are like a nightmare dream!

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

25. Hashima Island, Japan Once home to over 5,000 people, Hashima Island is now an abandoned and spooky place nearly 19 kilometers from Nagasaki City in southern Japan.

The island was used as a mining operation, but after coal mining ended, all the inhabitants soon left the place, leaving it at the mercy of nature.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

24. Lake Natron, Tanzania Located in northern Tanzania, Lake Natron is famous for its extremely high salt content, extremely high alkalinity, and killer temperatures of up to 60°C.

There are only a few animal species that have managed to adapt to this harsh environment, but if any other animal touches the water, it will burn its skin and kill it. Then deposits of carbon dioxide will immortalize the body, turning it into a veritable mummy.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

23. Catacombs of Paris, France

They are called the “Empire of the Dead”. Catacombs of Paris are some of the largest and most terrible catacombs in the world. With a total length of nearly 200 kilometers, they contain, according to some estimates, the remains of nearly 6 million people.

Over the years, many people have been lost and died in this extremely complex and extensive system of tunnels and caves.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

22. Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland Located near the city of Auschwitz in southern Poland, the Nazi concentration camp is the site of the deaths of at least 1.1 million people (mostly Jews).

Living conditions at the camp were extremely brutal and many of those who did not die in the gas chambers died from starvation, forced labor, infectious diseases, execution, or inhumane medical experiments.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

21. Museum Vrolik, Netherlands Located in Amsterdam, on the campus of the University of Amsterdam, the Vrolik Museum is one of the creepiest and scariest museums in the world.

Named after Willem Vrolik, the Dutch anatomist and pathologist, the museum houses various human anatomical anomalies in the form of bones, skulls, embryos and other body parts and plaster models showing various aspects of embryology, pathology and anatomy. Numerous examples of birth defects and medical anomalies collected over more than a century are preserved here.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

20. Beelitz Sanatorium, Germany Located in the town of Beelitz, Brandenburg, in eastern Germany, the Beelitz Sanatorium was once the place where Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was treated.

New York Botanical Gardens

Today this large healing complex of 60 buildings is in a derelict and dilapidated state. The dilapidated hospital with its graffiti-decorated walls evokes a stirringly eerie, post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

19. Hill of Crosses, Lithuania About 12 kilometers north of the city of Siauliai in northern Lithuania, the Hill of Crosses is a unique Catholic pilgrimage site notable for its many crosses, crucifixes, statues of the Virgin Mary and stuffed animals.

The exact origin of the tradition of placing crosses on the hill is unknown, but it is believed that there are at least 250,000 crosses on the Hill of Crosses at present.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

18. “Suicide Forest, Japan Officially called Aokigahara, the Suicide Forest grows at the foot of Mount Fujiyama in Japan. Historically associated with demons from Japanese mythology, the forest has such a dense arrangement of trees that it literally blocks the wind, making it an exceptionally quiet and eerie place.

Despite numerous signs urging people to reconsider their intentions, the forest – for whatever reason – has become a popular place for suicides. According to statistics, about 100 suicides are committed here every year.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

17. Chauchilla Cemetery, Peru Located 30 kilometers south of the city of Nazca in southwestern Peru, Chauchilla Cemetery is an ancient cemetery containing the remains of mummified pre-Hispanic people and archaeological artifacts.

Thanks to the exceptionally dry climate of the Peruvian desert, the unprotected corpses, dressed in embroidered cotton clothing, are remarkably well preserved.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

16. Leap Castle, Ireland Considered one of the most haunted castles in the world, Leap Castle has an unusually bloody history.

This 13th century castle was the site of a brutal fratricide murder and many people were also imprisoned and executed here. Therefore, the castle is said to be visited by many spirits of the dead, including a violent supernatural entity known as “Elemental” (“It”), most recognizable by the accompanying smell of rotting flesh and sulfur.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

15. Freeman Ranch, Texas, United States Freeman Ranch is an area of just over 14 km² of land located between the towns of San Marcos and Wimberley in Central Texas.

The active ranch is devoted to various areas of research, including forensic anthropology. Human remains are left there to rot in order to study decomposition.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

14. Prypiat, Ukraine Located in northern Ukraine, Prypiat is the town where the Chernobyl accident occurred in April 1986. The accident, known as the worst nuclear power plant accident in human history, killed 31 people, but long-term effects such as cancer and physical disfigurement are still evident today.

Estimates vary widely, but some say the tragedy affected millions of people.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

13. The Stanley Hotel, Colorado, USA One of the world’s most famous haunted hotels, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, inspired Stephen King to write the cult bestseller The Shining.

While staying at the hotel, King lived in room 217, but the greatest ghost activity was said to be in room 478.

The hotel is supposedly haunted by the spirit of Flora Stanley, the owner’s wife, who liked to play the piano late at night. Her ghost is said to be seen very clearly.

Sacred Water Beach in Spain

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

12: Tuol Sleng, Cambodia The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh is on the site of a former school that was converted by the Khmer Rouge into the infamous Security Prison 21.

Between 1975 and 1979 up to 20,000 people were imprisoned, tortured and killed here.

This gloomy museum attracts hundreds of tourists every day and houses pictures of prisoners, skulls and torture tools.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

Island of the Dolls, Mexico Located on Lake Teshuilo not far from Mexico City, Isla de los Dolls is the most spooky place in all of Mexico.

Legend has it that the island’s only resident, Don Julian Santana, found the body of a drowned girl in a canal. Haunted by her spirit, Santana began collecting dolls for her and continued to do so for many years until he drowned in the same waters.

Today, hundreds of creepy, mutilated dolls with severed limbs and severed heads “decorate” this island.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

10. “Door to Hell, Turkmenistan Also known as the “Fire Crater” or “Darwaza Crater,” Door to Hell is a natural gas field near the village of Darwaza. A sinkhole formed at the site of an underground cavern in 1971, turning into a gas crater.

Hoping it would only burn for a few days, geologists set fire to the gas to prevent the methane from spreading, but the crater has been burning continuously ever since.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

9. Snake Island, Brazil For those suffering from ophidiophobia (pathological fear of snakes), Snake Island is definitely the scariest place on Earth.

Located just off the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, this small 44.5-hectare island is home to more than 4,000 snakes, including venomous species that can “melt human flesh.”

According to some reports, you can find a snake in every square meter here.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

8. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic Located in central Bohemia, the Sedlec Ossuary is a small Roman Catholic chapel located under the Cemetery Church of All Saints.

The chapel is known for containing the skeletons of nearly 70,000 people whose remains have been artistically hung as decorations and furniture for the chapel. Because of its uniquely frightening interior and atmosphere, this creepy place has appeared in several horror movies.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

7. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky, United States Formerly a treatment center for tuberculosis patients in the early 20th century, Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky, is considered one of the scariest and most haunted places in the United States.

Within the walls of this sanitarium 63,000 people have died. Many of the deaths are due to improper medical treatment or immoral experiments. The shadows and screams of ghosts can be seen and heard throughout the building.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

6. Catacombs of the Capuchins, Italy Located in the Sicilian city of Palermo in southern Italy, the Catacombs of the Capuchins are unique burial catacombs known for the fact that human remains are displayed like museum exhibits, dressed and mounted in normal lifetime human poses.

Holding some 8,000 corpses and 1,252 mummies within its walls, the catacombs have become a popular tourist attraction.

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Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

5. Oradour-sur-Glane, France Located in west-central France, Oradour-sur-Glane is a small village that was the site of a horrific massacre carried out by the Nazis during World War II after rumors surfaced that a German officer had been captured.

As collective punishment, the villagers were gathered in the main square, and hundreds of people, including women and children, were killed by a horrific machine-gun burst.

Today the site serves as a museum and permanent memorial to keep the atrocities that occurred during the German occupation of France in mind.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

4. Akodessewa Fetish Market, Togo Located in the capital city of Lome, Togo, Akodessewa Fetish Market is the largest amulet and voodoo market in the world.

One of the creepiest places in Africa, the market offers everything from leopard heads and human skulls to voodoo priests who bless, create amulets or predict the future and medicine that cures illnesses.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

3. Bran Castle, Romania One of the most terrifying castles in the world, Bran Castle is said to have once been the residence of Vlad III, the brutal Romanian ruler better known as Vlad Dracula or Vlad Tepes.

Infamous for impaling his enemies, he inspired Bram Stoker to write his famous Gothic horror novel, Dracula. However, the castle has another spooky element: in one of the castle’s chapels is a golden casket containing the heart of Queen Mary.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

2. Kolmanskop, Namibia Once a thriving diamond mining center, Kolmanskop is now a ghost town located in the Namib Desert in southern Namibia.

Top 25: The most terrifying places on the planet, where only a few dare to go

After World War I, when the supply of diamonds dried up, the town began to decline until it was finally abandoned in 1954. Over time, nature took its toll and the desert took the town from man, creating one of the most sinister places in Africa. 1. Kabayan Mummy Caves, Philippines Discovered in Kabayan in Benguet province, Kabayan Mummy Caves are natural caves that contain the Fire Mummies.

Dating back to 2000 BC, they are some of the best preserved mummies in the world. Mummification began shortly after the death of a person whose stomach was digested with a very salty drink. The corpse was then washed, placed in front of the fire in a seated position and dried.

11 of our planet’s forests that can be creepy even during the day

Everyone loves to sit in the woods by the fire and listen to scary stories. Of course, with the cozy crackle of logs, delicious tea and laughter, these tales do not seem scary. But there are forests in the world that can give you creepy even during the day…

It is best not to wander into these forests alone, for they are not well known. Each one has its own, dark history associated with it. You can feel it in the atmosphere that reigns in a realm full of trees and mystery.

11 Epping Forest, Essex, England

Today Epping Forest is a popular attraction for tourists and locals, but a couple of centuries ago it was the perfect place for outlaws. Outlaw Dick Turpin hid here from the authorities in the early 1700s. After 1960, dozens of skeletons of murdered men were discovered in Epping Forest. That’s why there’s a bad reputation around these mighty and ancient trees – rumor has it that they’re haunted.

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10 Elfin Forest, California

Although the name of this place sounds like it’s from a Tolkien book, this forest is actually located in California, San Diego County. According to ancient legend, gypsies used to live here, but they were driven out by locals in the 19th century. Those who refused to leave the forest, they killed, so the gypsies cursed the place and all the surrounding land. Now impressionable travelers see the ghost of a woman in white and a spirit on a black horse on the trails.

9 Dow Hill Forest, India

This forest is one of the creepiest places in India. It is popular because of the Dow Hill Victoria School for Boys. It is closed from December to March, and the flow of tourists increases during these months. Several murders are rumored to have occurred in this forest, and the ghost of a headless child can be found on the trails. Footsteps are heard in the deserted school, and the path between the building and the forest is called the road of death.

8 Aokigahara Forest, Japan

This forest is the second most popular place for suicides. Also known as the “sea of trees” or “blue tree plain,” Aokigahara has a long history – the forest was originally thought to be home to Japanese demons and spirits. In the 19th century, children and the elderly who could not be fed were taken here. Gradually Aokigahara became a favorite place for suicides – only in 2010 there were 54 deaths registered here. At this point, authorities are doing a lot to prevent suicides in the forest.

7 Devils Tramping Cround, North Carolina

This clearing is a favorite spot with those who wish to negotiate with the devil himself. Legend has it that the devil dances every night in a 12-foot clearing near Greensboro. Those who wish to make a bargain with him must leave their prized possession in the circle and build a fire. In the morning, one may see the answer – if the thing is thrown out of the clearing, the unclean powers did not accept the sacrifice. Those brave enough to stay the night saw red eyes and other demonic manifestations.

6 The Black Forest, Germany

The Black Forest in Germany is the most popular place among fans of mysticism. After all, the Grimm brothers’ and Wilhelm Hauff’s fairy tales originate here. The action of the fairy tale “Cold Heart” takes place just in this gloomy place. It is not surprising that such masters of the pen were inspired here, because the atmosphere of the Black Forest is directly transported to a fantasy world. The Black Forest is full of ancient myths about a king who kidnapped women, hiding werewolves, and headless horsemen.

5 Pine Barrens Forest, New Jersey

Once this place was densely populated, with flourishing paper mills and sawmills. But then city dwellers left the area for a more lucrative location, leaving behind ghost towns. Now the pine heath is home to the famous Jersey Devil, a creepy creature with wings covered in fur. According to legend, he is the thirteenth child of Deborah Leeds, who gave birth to him in 1735. After he was born, he covered himself with feathers, killed his 12 brothers and sisters, and escaped into the woods.

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4 Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

This forest has become famous relatively recently – in 1968, a photographer took a picture here with flying UFO. Immediately the fame of the Hoia-Baciu spread among fans of anomalies, and they flocked there from all over the world. Soon this forest was nicknamed the Bermuda Triangle of Romania – it is rumored that there is a portal place here. People allegedly disappear in it and do not appear again. It is worth noting that thousands of travelers have quietly passed through this forest and did not disappear. True, they have noted increased anxiety and nausea.

3 Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Massachusetts

There is an area in the northeastern United States that has been dubbed the “Bridgewater Triangle.” There are many legends of ghosts, UFOs, and even Bigfoot associated with it. Freetown’s bad history is thought to have begun when settlers bought the land from the Wampanoag tribe. Along with the land, they received sacred burial grounds, for which the settlement was cursed. Dozens of tourists have disappeared in these places, and no remains or any trace of them have been found. Since the 1970s, Freetown has been the site of Satanic cult rituals, and recently poltergeists have been frequently sighted there.

2 Dering Woods, UK

Commonly referred to as “The Screaming Woods,” this forest is perfect for a mystical walk. Nearby is the village of Packley, which made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the highest number of ghosts. Screams, whispers and footsteps can be heard here, and there are several legends associated with it. According to one version, in the 18th century, the villagers caught and killed a criminal, and now his ghost roams the neighborhood. According to another version, 20 people were found here in 1948, who were killed in a massacre.

1 Black Bamboo Hollow, Heizhu, China

This valley is recognized as one of the most anomalous zones of the planet, despite the fact that no research has been conducted here. And there is no desire to do so, because more than 200 people have already disappeared in the Hollow. In the summer of 1950, 100 people disappeared in it, the situation was repeated in 1962, and in 1966, the expedition of cartographers disappeared. But tourists still rush to this area, where people literally fell under the ground – no bodies were found.

These mysterious places on the planet are not for those with a weak nervous system. But the brave ones can take a chance and personally check if the rumors about these mystical forests are true!

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