Top 10 Most Beautiful Towns in South Carolina, USA

10 Most Beautiful Towns in South Carolina

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in South Carolina

10 Most Beautiful Towns in South Carolina

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In a state with so much to offer, we had a hard time narrowing it down to 10 cities. However, here they are, and they have all the beach and barbecue properties you might want. If mountains are more your thing, South Carolina has them, too. And thanks to the climate, you can really go at any time of year. The only question that remains is where to start.


As the second oldest city in South Carolina, Beaufort, unsurprisingly, abounds with historic sites and beautifully beautiful buildings. It was founded in 1711 by British colonists, preceded only by Charleston. Beaufort’s countless attractions include a beautiful waterfront, a buzzing cultural scene that includes numerous festivals throughout the year, and plenty of activities for those interested in using the water for sport – in fact, it’s even been named the seventh best waterfront adventure city by National Geographic. When you go to Beaufort, you should make sure you have plenty of time to really take advantage of all that this beautiful city has to offer.



Built by the Civil War in the late 1860s, McClellanville has a surprising number of historic buildings considering how small it is. Best known now as a fishing and shrimping village, it was once the site of several plantations in the New Zealand South, and you can still visit them today. They and several other buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Given the industry that generates most of McClellansville’s income, you can be sure that the fish and shrimp you’ll eat here are as absolutely fresh as can be.


Edisto Island

Edisto Island is the perfect place to experience the quiet, slow-moving beauty of the South Carolina coast. Settled for centuries by Native American tribes, some of whom still reside in the area, and then by European colonists, Edisto Island will allow you to relax and embrace the same spirit that has fascinated all kinds of people throughout its history. Before slavery was abolished, a community of African slaves lived here and developed its own distinctive Creole Gullah language, traditions, and history, which will be of interest to anyone who wants to see a lesser known part of American history.



Founded in 1670, Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina and was one of the largest in the country until the mid-19th century. So it should come as no surprise that the city’s historic sites are one of the main attractions for tourists, but there are many more. They also have a great waterfront, lots of delicious restaurants, great nightlife and some of the best hospitality in America to boot. For culture lovers, come in late spring to witness the Spoleto USA Festival, one of the largest performing arts festivals in the world. Don’t miss the local Low Country cuisine, which has influences from English and French cuisine to the cuisine of the slaves who were once here.

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Greenville has one of the fastest growing economies and populations in the state, but its charming downtown and numerous natural and cultural attractions also make the list. Located in the Appalachian foothills, the area is wooded and hilly, and Falls Park on Reedy is the perfect place to enjoy the scenery. For architecture buffs, Greenville is home to one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s latest creations, and the recently restored downtown is a great place to explore. The West End Historic District, which used to be a complex of abandoned warehouses, is now a great example of how much the city has thrived in recent times.


Hilton Head Island.

The Hilton Head, one of South Carolina’s most popular tourist destinations, has everything from absolutely gorgeous beaches to delicious restaurants and exciting cultural offerings. The coastal ecosystem also has plenty of wildlife, some of which you might be lucky enough to see – or if you want to make sure you do, check out their Cultural Discovery Museum. Their annual events run the gamut from golf tournaments to chili cook-offs, not forgetting the Dove City Festival of Lights at Christmas. Sure, it’s great in the summer, but you’ll actually fall in love with Hilton Head whenever you want.



Another of South Carolina’s oldest cities, Georgetown is now one of the state’s most important ports. Though disputed, some historians say it was the site of the first attempt at colonization in North America, a Spanish colony that failed after its founding in 1526. It has another historical connection to Spain, as a group of Sephardic Spanish Jews sneaked there after the Inquisition. The best places to enjoy the beauty of Georgetown are the streets of downtown, the area around the waterfront, or any of the streets where thriving live oaks create peaceful, shady lanes.


Mount Pleasant.

Another waterfront town, Mount Pleasant is surrounded by the green marshes typical of the area. Mount Pleasant will be of particular interest to people with an interest in military or naval history, as it is the resting place of several U.S. Navy ships. There are numerous parks where you can go to enjoy the natural beauty – just make sure you bring your sunscreen and spray! Since it was also settled by Europeans long before 1700, the National Register of Historic Places also has many buildings for those who want to take a trip through American history.

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Aiken was founded in the 19th century and quickly became a popular place for wealthy people from up north to spend the winter. One of its legacies is the horse industry, which is an important part of Aiken’s character, and there are many barns, races and polo tournaments in the area. Even if you’re not going to race on the jumps or witness a race, you’ll enjoy the cute downtown and the hills surrounding the town. Aiken, near the South Carolina-Georgia border, is one of the state’s real hidden gems, and you won’t want to miss it.



Clemson is perhaps first and foremost known for the university located here, which shares the city’s name, but that’s not its only draw. The campus and small suburban area in the center of town has many fine local businesses and beautiful buildings, giving you plenty of opportunities to stop for refreshments on a walk around the neighborhood. Nearby natural features also add to Clemson’s appeal, including the South Carolina Botanical Gardens, the Blue Ridge Mountains and Lake Hartwell, a giant reservoir that has beaches and numerous boating activities for all to enjoy. Clemson University is very famous for its athletic success – see if you can get a ticket to a soccer, basketball or baseball game when you’re in the area.

All about vacationing in South Carolina

South Carolina is otherwise known as the sunshine state, located in southwestern America near the Atlantic Ocean. It is washed by the warm Gulf Stream, making it one of the warmest states. South Carolina has been listed as one of the most visited places in America by tourists. They come for the striking colonial architecture, miles of sandy beaches, and the beautiful nature. Almost the entire coastline of South Carolina is swimmable, and there are well-equipped beaches along nearly all of it. One such long swath of well-appointed beach stretches over 100 kilometers in length.

About vacationing in South Carolina, the sights and activities, we will tell in this article.

The motto of this state, and indeed the daily reality is – always smiling people and beautiful places.

The capital of South Carolina is Columbia City. It is quite a large and developed metropolis with interesting architecture and historical sites. Other metropolitan areas include the cities of Spartanberg, Charleston, and Rock Hill.

Weather conditions

This state is special in that it almost never snows, and the temperature rarely falls below + 10 degrees. Even during the winter months, it’s rare for the thermometer to drop below +2 degrees. Precipitation, on the other hand, is almost always hail.

How to get there

The way to South Carolina is through the major transit airports on the American east coast. There are airports in New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Charlotte. From these you can safely transfer to other planes to the state capital, Columbia. It is also possible to take buses to the cities of South Carolina. New York’s famous Silver Star train passes through the state bound for Miami. There are direct flights to these two cities from Russia. South Carolina on a map:

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If you want to stay in South Carolina for a few days, you must take care of your accommodation. The best option is to rent a room at a local hotel or motel. Thankfully South Carolina is one of the tourist centers of the United States, so the choice of hotels is huge. You can stay at a regular hotel, a five-star resort, or a special resort. Here’s a sampling of the most popular hotels in South Carolina:

  • Belmond Charleston Place;
  • French Quarter Inn;
  • Hyatt House Charleston;
  • The Sanctuary Hotel at Kiawah Island Golf Resort;
  • Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island;
  • Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort;
  • Zero George Street;
  • Market Pavilion Hotel;
  • Anchorage 1770 Inn;
  • Marriott’s SurfWatch.

Attractions and Natural Landmarks of South Carolina


The state’s main advantage lies in its boundless beaches, which lure vacationers to these lands every year. South Carolina’s coastline is a single beach area with flour-white sands and crystal clear water. The state’s coastline is divided into numerous beaches.

The coastline of the Grand Strand runs through South Carolina. This large strip of beaches is very popular with tourists. About 14 million people a year come here. Some of them come here because of the well-developed entertainment industry. The most popular town is Myrtle Beach. There are many family recreational parks and large entertainment centers.

Myrtle Beach is very popular with the civilian public for its ideal climate and quality services. And also the fact that there are more than 40 ideal golf courses.

There are plenty of entertainment venues and family-friendly places to enjoy the southern sun in addition to the luxurious beaches.

Charleston .

Charleston is a must-see for excursion lovers. It is one of the oldest cities in America. If you want to experience Industrial Revolution America, you are welcome to Charleston. After all, Charleston is the center of America’s colonial architecture. All thanks to the fact that this city was the first colony-settlement of the British in South Carolina. Accordingly, it has retained its former look and charm, especially in architecture.

The historic part of Charleston is rich in architectural landmarks from that era. And the surviving homesteads of local planters have been turned into historical museums. And one of the oldest museums in the United States is also located right here in Charleston.

The place to start is the Visitor Information Center. Here you will be shown and told about the main tourist routes, attractions, and give special maps for tourists.

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In addition, guests of the city is recommended to get acquainted with the French Quarter. Here is where most of the city’s art galleries. Although the French have not lived here for a long time, and the founders of the city were British colonists, still this part of town is called the French Quarter and is the oldest part of Charleston. Exploring the city includes a visit to Fort Sumter, symbol of the city. This place has a dignified and honorable importance, because it was here where the Civil War was held.

Charleston is especially famous for its famous Arthur Ravenel Bridge. This is the longest suspension bridge in the United States. It is 471 meters long and connects the main part of the city with the suburb, which is located near the ocean shore.

There is also one of the most interesting military memorial museums in the world. Its main exhibit is the aircraft carrier Yorktown. Tourists have full access to all the cabins and compartments of the aircraft carrier, you can look at all the interesting parts of this huge ship. And on the upper deck of the aircraft carrier is an exhibition of deck aviation equipment. Even though all the offensive armament from the planes and helicopters has been removed, the sight is still very impressive.

Congaree National Park

For nature lovers, you can go to Congaree National Park. It is located on the east coast near the city, about 30 km. By car it is less than an hour away. The park is dominated by predominantly relict forests through which winding rivers wind their way. The national park is unique in that it has preserved a variety of fauna.

Among the animals can be found bear, lynx, coyote, alligator. Also interesting is the fact that the area is swampy, so the park has a whole system of wooden bridges connected together. It makes it very easy to move around the park. Since there are a lot of rivers running through the park, the administration allows everyone to rent kayaks, canoes or boats. You can also go camping here.

Other interesting sites

The Russell Mansion is another great South Carolina landmark. It is famous for its creative unsupported staircase. The neoclassical style of the structure is so beautiful it takes your breath away!

Columbia is the state capital and a very large city that is home to about 130,000 people. The city in particular is popular because it keeps a good piece of American history. After all, it was here that the first skirmish that started the civil war between the North and the South took place. The big military action took place on the grounds of Forts Johnson and Suter. Today, these are major historical museums.

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You can also visit the Riverbanks Zoo, which is home to animals in conditions as close to natural as possible. Scientists here do a lot of interesting research. One of which is an attempt to record the voices of giraffes. Earlier they were considered mute animals. Previously, local zoologists and their colleagues from Asheborough were able to prove the existence of complex verbal communication between giraffes.


When you come to South Carolina, be sure to visit the Lazy Goat Mediterranean restaurant. It is worth noting that it is known worldwide for its exquisite cuisine. The dishes here are prepared for all tastes. Therefore, this restaurant can satisfy even the most capricious gourmet. But one of the most popular dishes are oysters in sour milk sauce and frozen hot chocolate. You will surely love it.

What to bring?

When traveling South Carolina, be sure to buy souvenirs for your family and friends. For those who love alcoholic beverages, choose American whiskey. After all, they haven’t tasted anything like it yet. For those who love sweets, a great gift will be an authentic peanut butter.

Natural Starbucks coffee will also be a good surprise for your loved ones.

In addition, you can buy a large number of figurines and magnets that are sure to remind you of a wonderful vacation.


South Carolina is a great place to shop and buy. We have listed for you the most popular supermarkets and malls in this state:

  • Citadel Mall;
  • Haywood Mall;
  • Market Common Myrtle Beach mall;
  • Tanger Outlets;
  • Northwoods Mall;
  • Valentina’s Pottery;
  • Mr. K’s Used Books.

South Carolina and its prices

There are a variety of accommodation options in South Carolina. So, if you stay in a two-star hotel, you have to pay $60-80 dollars per night. Rent a room at a 3-star hotel is about $120-150 per night. Meals in America tend to be full of fast food. A serving of fries, a hamburger and a drink will cost about $8. A good meal at a middle-class restaurant will cost about $60 per person.

Security and communications

Cell phone service in the area is very good. Interruptions or lack of network is a rarity. Using the services of European or Russian operators will be little inferior to local operators. Although, of course, you can buy a SIM card of the American operator.

The crime rate in South Carolina is about average compared to the steel states of America. Although statistically, it is about one of the top ten safe states.

South Carolina is a great place to vacation and explore the beauty of America. A little more of the state’s beauty is in the video:

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