Top 10 most beautiful beaches in Cyprus

Rating of the best beaches in Cyprus

Ranking of the best beaches in Cyprus Where to start planning your holiday in Cyprus and why you should definitely visit the best beaches in Cyprus – in our article Luxury beaches and clean sea are the pride of Cyprus, certified by independent European expertise. Every year Cyprus confirms the title of the country with the cleanest beaches in Europe: some 70 beaches on the island are entitled to use the blue flag symbolizing a guarantee of clean and safe water on the beach. We have selected 10 famous beaches in different parts of Cyprus that both tourists and locals love to visit. However, we are sure that every Cypriot lover is sure to find a place that resonates in his soul because of its special atmosphere or personal emotions. It may not be in any guidebook. Explore the island on your own and we’ll tell you where to start. 1. Makronissos. The beach is located in the main resort of the island, Ayia Napa. It is Ayia Napa, where the most famous beaches of Cyprus are concentrated. Real estate in Ayia Napa is one of the most expensive on the island. Makronissos is famous for its wide coastline with warm white sand and beautiful sea, in a word, nature has created a perfect picture of the island. 2. Nissi Beach. This is the center of beach recreation and entertainment of Ayia Napa, and perhaps the entire island. There is a maximum concentration of recreational activities and services for tourists with a large variety of restaurants, bars and discos. The beach is ideal for those who love crowded places, dating, fun and partying. 3. Konnos Bay Beach. This beach is located in the bay between Protaras and Ayia Napa. The road to the beach is through the trees, and at different points of this path you will have stunning scenic views of the sea. In other words, nature has tried to make here all the conditions for a holiday on the coast. 4. Kermia (Limnara) Beach. Another beach, located in a bay, which is protected from the waves by artificial rock embankments. In addition to the beautiful combination of turquoise water, golden sand and stone reefs, the beach has access to Cape Greco National Park. 5. Fig Tree Bay. An amazingly beautiful sandy beach in Protaras, famous for the ancient fig trees growing on the coast. Protaras is just 6 km northwest of the famous resort of Ayia Napa. The beach is famous for the transparency of the water, which is perfect for exploring the underwater world. 6. Finikoudes Beach. A clean and well maintained beach is located on the main street of Larnaca, so in addition to relaxing and swimming it is also a place for entertainment, as the street is the main city venue for any festivities and events. 7. Coral Bay. The main beach around Paphos. This is the west coast of the island. The landmark is the village of Peyia, which is famous not only for the beach. Among other attractions, here is a popular tourist attraction Avakas Gorge. Gentle and sandy shore makes this beach a great place for a holiday with children, so it is very crowded during the season. What to do children in Cyprus, in addition to swimming we have told in our blog. 8. Kourion. This is one of the most famous beaches in the vicinity of Limassol. Nearby is a famous archaeological park, which bears the same name. This beach is preferred by lovers of active recreation, as the wind and waves are suitable for kiting, windsurfing and other extreme sports. 9. Aphrodite’s Rock. Aphrodite’s Cove is, without a doubt, the legendary place on the island.

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